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Pregnancy and UC Detailed Responses

Question #1:

Getting pregnant was:

I got pregnant as hoped within months of being married and then three times after that within the first year after having each baby while nursing.

Difficulty getting pregnant. One succesful pregnancy and 2 miscarriages.

I wasn’t trying to get pregnant.

I was on birth control and if you have UC and cant keep anything in your system the birth control does not have enough time in your body to do what you want it to do.

Diagnosed with uc in January 2012, after months of symptoms. In March of 2012 after colonoscopy & tons of meds realized i was pregnant

I was diagnosed with UC in my second trimester with my first child, had no prior issues before pregnancy

I had no problem getting pregnant – only ha flare-ups while pregnant.

I had been taking the birth control pill for over 13 years. I was off the pill for 1 month and the next month I got pregnant. At 30 years old and on the pill for such a long duration I thought it might take a little longer.

I had one miscarriage before we had a successful pregnancy with my daughter. I don’t think the miscarriage was related to the UC at all, as my symptoms began to appear for the first time between the miscarriage and the second pregnancy. I had awful symptoms throughout my second pregnancy and yet my daughter was born healthy and problem-free.

Mother of 5, including twins, only 4th child was actually ‘planned’

Seven days! That is quick esp after being told I may not be able to have them
Took 6 months actively trying

I was diagnosed during my 1st trimester (1st time there was blood), but I had other symptoms earlier. From when we started “trying” until I got pregnant took about 9 months.
was not planning on it the first time. but this time around still trying
2 kids both in 3 months of trying
Tried for several years with no joy. Had IVF with ICSI which was unsuccessful. Flared throughout treatment. Got pregnant approx 8 months after IVF naturally
Got pregnant twice within a month or so of “trying”
At the time I fell pregnant I wasn’t having a flare up, I imagine if I was then it may have taken longer as sex is the last thing on my mind during those times.
I was diagnosed with UC after having my first child. After stopping birth control to become pregnant with both children, before being diagnosed and after it took 2 1/2 to 3 months.
Caught first time
Took the same amount of time as my first pregnancy. First pregnancy was before diagnosis. Second was after diagnosis.
Used fertility drugs
I was not trying and failed to use birth control ONCE in 8 years and got pregnant immediately.
I was diagnosed with UC and 5 months later I found out I was pregnant, it was not planned.
I was pregnant within 2 months of stopping birth control pills
Had no problems conceiving
Took over a year to concieve, when it took only 2 months for first child. I was in a slight flare during the time, which probably contributed.
I was told by MANY doctors that I couldn’t get pregnant, and if I could it would be with fertility help only. The problem was, the fertility drugs put me into severe flare ups, so it was a lose lose. The fact that I got pregnant when I did was a complete shock… we feel really lucky.
We decided to try to get pregnant and 2 weeks later, I had a positive pregnancy test
I got pregnant without trying ;-)
Difficult. Both my pregnancies were result of IVF.
We conceived our first child very quickly 1montg of trying!), our 2nd took a little over a year. I had been in remission for 3yrs prior to our first and 6m before conceiving our second.

All of my pregnancies were fast and a surprise
I don’t believe that my UC affected being able to get pregnant.
I dont think having UC made any difference to my fertility.
I had read it would be harder for me to get pregnant, but once we decided to “try” it happened immediately.
I got pregnant within 2 months of trying.
I fell pregnant while on pill ….. Twice!!!! My consultant said if I had been having a flare up I may have passed pill
Getting pregnant was unexpected.
I fell pregnant while on pill ….. Twice!!!! My consultant said if I had been having a flare up I may have passed pill
I had became pregnant quickly both times . I carried my babies for 6 months for the first and 7 months for the second . Both were born to soon and died at birth. I had palcentia perviewa and a incompet cervix..I was in a flair with the first pregnacy doctor felt my baby loss was most likely caused by my ulcerative collitus ..I was on high doses of prednizone during my teens years..the doctors feel it damaged me so that is why I could not carry fullterm . I went on and adopted . I am 45 and have had collitus since – was 12
I was on the pill, but was also on steroids as I was in a flare. I had been on steroids 4/5 times whilst on the pill. But this time it took us by surprise and fell pregnant

Question #2:

BEFORE my pregnancy/pregnancies my Ulcerative Colitis was…  (some people left comments where the previous answers did not work for them..)

Was not diagnosed to have UC but had severe ibs

Was not aware of UC, suffered very mild symptoms of Irratable bowel after eating certain foods but was cope able

Right before my pregnancy was when I first began to notice symptoms.

Didn’t have until my 4th pregnancy – symptoms appeared during that pregnancy.

no blood, problems mainly during menstrual cycles

remission on Salofalk treatment 3g daily dose

Non existent

Just diagnosed

Moderate flare, minor flare, and in remission

Cured due to ileostomy performed 5 years previous to pregnancy.

I was diagnosed during my second pregnance. Looking back now I had symptoms 2 years before after having my first child. So I would say I had mild symptoms. Then during my pregnancy I had a severe flare and was diagnosed with UC

Prednisone was keeping my UC under control

Question #3:

DURING my pregnancy/pregnancies my Ulcerative Colitis was…

became active in the first month. I was switched to a different medicine and was put into remission for the rest of my pregnancy.

I was fine the first trimester and then the UC became severly active starting the 2nd trimester

Within two weeks it had completely gone like I never had it before

actual gotbetter when I was pregnant.Had 4 kids.

blood, baaad cramping, urgency, etc – couldn’t leave the house for a while

2 episodes of active colitis in the first 4 months and then active in a mild flare till delivery

From approx 2 months pregnant until after her birth

In remission during the first 3 months and worsened as I got further along

It’s been a roller coaster. I have had periods of remission and periods of severe flare. I take it day by day.

I was hospitalized for the 1st time.I was diagnosed w/colitis 30 years ago,and I was doing well with it until pregnancy.

I had the operation to remove my colon.

In remission for all of my first pregnancy, in remission until the last trimester for second currently have a mild flare

Question 4:
While I was pregnant, I used colitis medications…

it has been 27 years ago, but i think i took prednisone.

I reduced my medication

I had just started Cimzia and got pregnant in the same week… oops!

No medication necessary after the operation.

I reduced my medication

I continued with the meds I had been on but decided not to take new meds.

Had to add in addition to regular medications

People who had additional comments are below:

I did not have any active colitis symptoms during my first three pregnancies. However, I received antibiotics during each of those pregnancies for one reason or another and since my pregnancies were close together, I think that did a number on the healthy bacteria in my gut leading to a flare 6 weeks after the birth of my third. I was in and out of remission (mostly in) between #3 and #4 and now that I am pregnant with #4, I have had flares every couple of months. I think diet may be contributing (fiber, eating what most people call healthy can/has done a number on me) so I am now very seriously watching my diet not to aggravate my UC. And I am working with my GI, a naturopath/diet specialist, and OB to get me back into remission again now.

Did not realize I had a severe flare. Was just given sickness meds!

My meds didn’t seem to be giving me much relief anyway so why risk harming my baby?

I stopped taking imuran , but kept taking mesasal, which I took till 32 weeks pregnant

I feared it would harm my baby even after the Dr reassured me.

Stopped Humira at 20 weeks, started prednisone at 5 weeks

I was in remission for more than five years.
Started having an attack after a death in the family and turned away from the DR’s because they seem to think that in all cases UC always goes into remission during pregnancy. I got very sick and was extremely depressed by the time I gave birth that I didn’t want to hold my little boy.

had a death in the family when I was 7mnths pregnant with my first born. cause a severe flare up after being in remission for over 5 yrs.

I could only take meds that wouldn’t cross the placental barrier.

Took maintenance meds still. 5 ASA and suppositories/enemas

I continued on Asacol as usual before pregnancy. When I got the flare I continued on Asacol and I was placed on prednisone.

I was experiencing some symptoms before my pregnancy but it wasn’t until I got pregnant that things really got out of control. But since I was in the early stages of pregnancy, my GI would not do a scope to confirm if I had UC or not. Without an official diagnosis, I could not get meds. I finally had a sigmoidscopy during the fourth month of my pregnancy and the diagnosis was confirmed. At that time, I was finally given medication and my symptoms began to subside.

Before 1st pregnancy I been taking Azathioprine, which had to stop, but other meds continued

I started having symptoms of UC one month before I got pregnant, was diagnosed at 9 weeks. Then I was advised to not take meds as long as symptoms remained the same and my hemoglobin was normal.

I was told I was pregnant the same day I got my diagnosis of UC. What a day.Good news
And bad news.But I started sulfasalzine. And started feeling better.

I started taking Lialda in my 2nd trimester, prednisone at a low dose in the 3rd trimester

i was on asacol had to take prednoisone for my flare

Took rectal mesalazine. Refused azathioprine de to breast feeding issues.

I was not taking medication right before my pregnancies

I had been given the ok by my doctor to take my medication. I was only using 500mg Salofalk suppositories at the time.


I stopped medications for colitis about 4 years ago (remicade was the last thing I took) because I knew I wanted to get pregnant in about 4-5 years and I didn’t want it in my system at all!

I had not yet started any medication and chose to hold off until after the birth of my daughter.

I took asacolon through out. I stopped imuran for the first 16 weeks. Also had steroid course

Was told by my GI to keep to the same thing even tho it may harm the baby it would be better than getting into a serve flare. I was on co lazier and azathiroprine

The UC was so severe that I had to go on meds as I was symptom and meds free before.

Once I became pregnant, my slight flare turned into a major flare, and I began a course of prednisone to control it. It worked within 24 hours and I was able to wean off quickly and remained in remission the remainder of my pregnancy and after.

My hubby and I had been trying to get pregnant for years and nothing. Last February-April I tried fertility medication, but all it did was make my colitis flare up to the point where I couldn’t control it any more. I was in a pretty intense flare up from March to November, and we’d tried a few different options to get it under control. In late October I started Cimzia, which is like Humira, but safe in pregnancy. However, the doctor told me to not get pregnant for at least 4 months to give the meds a chance to do their thing. I told him it wouldn’t be a problem (oops)! I took the first dose, and then a few days after the second dose I noticed I was feeling sick and I chatted with my doctor about it… She made me take a pregnancy test (which I thought was silly) but low and behold I was pregnant. According to my calendar, I must have gotten pregnant the day after I started the Cimzia (which my doctor wasn’t thrilled about, but hey). I have continued on the Cimzia ever since.

I stayed on the same dosage of Asacol HD that I was on before I got pregnant

I believe medicines are toxic and do not want to expose my baby to them

We checked if the meds were safe for pregnancy, and they were.The hormones through my body for a loop,and I was desperate.

With my first I reduced my asacol dosage but continued taking it throughout my pregancy. With my second I had stopped taking all medication prior to becoming pregnant and didn’t take any medication until I had a flare.

After Initial diagnosis I was prescribed steroids which helped calm my symptoms, then during the last week/two weeks of my pregnancy I started taking Mezalazine.

Doctor told me to stop

I was worried the medication would affect the baby.

my consultant prescribed steroids, told me it was irrespnsible to get pregnant with uc and that the necessary steroids would mean my child could be born with no renal function, i chose not to take the steroids or any other meds

I was taking 9 asacol pills per day before getting pregnant, I personally don’t like the idea of taking ANY drugs while pregnant so I reduced the number of pills (I didn’t stop completely since my colitis was active and I didn’t know what would be worse for the baby, the meds or the blood loss from my colitis)

I made sure my doctors were aware I wanted to get pregnant and was put on safe meds. I also made sure any detrimental meds were out of my system before trying.

Used Asacol

I used Prednisone throughout my pregnancy once confirming with my OB it was safe for my baby.

I didn’t know what the affect on the baby would be. Although when I start to flare during pregnancy I do take something mild like asacol.

Steroids , azathioprine c loperamide , pentensa sachets and ursodesyolic acid

I was on Lialda. During my pregnancy, I increased my dose of Lialda, and started Rowasa. When that wasn’t helping, the doctor put me on prednisone. I was on that for the majority of my pregnancy, while continuing to take Lialda.

Steroids , azathioprine c loperamide , pentensa sachets and ursodesyolic acid

I was on Apriso (which I had never stopped) but also ended up having to take prednisone as well as vancomycin(for 2 c-diff infections)

I was on steroids prior to becoming pregnant and up untill I was around 8/9 weeks pregnant, I was also on ciclosporin and mezavant XL

Question #5:
It seems that while pregnant, my colitis symptoms..

With three pregnancies I had no symptoms, with my fourth I now am having symptoms, but I believe recent repeated antibiotics may have played a part in the most recent flare.

Was diagnosed during my first pregnancy 2.5 years ago for the first time so my symptoms were extreme

My symptoms went away completely for the first 5 months then they returned so had to go on steroids

the symptoms changed and the pain was more down the side rather than the middle.

This is hard for me to answer as this is when my UC really appeared for the first time. I had some symptoms before the pregnancy, and they did get worse afterward though. I am not sure if this is due to hormones or simply due to the fact that the symptoms went untreated.

up n down

Was up and down, I didn’t have much weight gain as I was quite bad at the start

during both my pregnacies I never had any flare ups, other than being at the end of a flare up during my first couple weeks of pregnacy with child #2.

Seemed a little better first and second trimester (with mild peaks and valleys), but then I started to eat crappier toward the third and they are now worse. (I’m at 31 weeks)

Fluctuate. I had much worse symptoms, and some that are exactly the same. I’m think I’m more sensitive to the flare-ups now because I don’t want to hurt the baby.

Colitis cured.

I was in remission until 32 weeks and had a terrible flare between 32-37 weeks of pregnancy

Great pregnancy. Last couple months UC was a bit active.

got worse just prior to delivery

improved slightly.

Flared during first trimester all 3 times

Question #7:

Were you worried that your unborn child may someday have UC?

I didn’t have symptoms with any of my first 3, so I didn’t think twice about my UC. But now with my fourth, I worry that if I come out of my flare I may pass it on. Although, I flared just after my third and he shows no signs of UC to date, with perfectly formed stools. :-)

When my son was born he was put on PEG so that his bowls would work correctly. He is now 7 years old and is still on PEG ( polyethylene glycol) and still has pain when he has a bowl movement so I always worry.

I still worry about all my 5 children getting UC

My symptoms started as a child, my 4 yr old has digestive problems already so I worried my son would have the same issues.

More worried now as both of my children struggle with bowel movements I.e. very constipated and one has pain with every bowel movement even when it is soft.

My GI doctor told me the percentage was a little higher than the average population to get UC, if one of the parents has UC. I also plan to be very cautious with antibiotics, give my daughter plenty of good bacteria (yogurts) and I won’t let her go on the acne medication I went on as a young teen that tore my stomach a part and was diagnosed with UC shortly after that.

In my case this is a genetic illness that runs in my family so yes it is a concern. Breastfeeding helps to counter the potential of the disease developing one day, and I breastfed my daughter for her first year. During the pregnancy, I was more concerned with whether my increasingly bad symptoms would somehow terminate the pregnancy or malnourish the baby and create health issues for her. Neither of these happened. I was malnourished and very weak as I could hardly eat but the baby got her nutrients from my body regardless. I guess this is why human biology is so impressive and the human race continues to be propagated regardless of illness, wars, poverty, etc.

I didn’t know I had UC when I got pregnant, but now I worry sometimes that my child could get it

I was diagnosed in my 1st trimester, and this was ALL i thought about for weeks after the diagnosis. My mother had colitis too, as did her father (my grandfather). I didn’t know I had it… but I do, and I’m terrified that my child will too.

bc nnoone in my family has it how did i get it ? will my child?

I do worry my children may inherit my condition

I think about it now as I know how hard it is to deal with when an adult, I can’t imagine how it would be for a child going to school.

My husband also has ulcerative colitis. So the genetics are not good. At the same time, I think a lot of things are environmental – I took a lot of antibiotics growing up and he didn’t get it until adulthood, again, after taking a lot of antibiotics. So I think as long as my son eats healthy and we don’t mess with his immune system, hopefully it’s not a huge possibility.

My family has a history of UC, Chrones and Lupas, all autoimmune diseases so I do worry that my children may be at a higher risk.

Because I’ve heard that UC runs in families

My dad has colitis too, so I sometimes worry that my son will get it some day

I am not sure if it is hereditary, so that scares me

And continue to think and worry about it every day.

Having been diagnosed so late into my second pregnancy I didn’t really have time to consider this, although now it is something I do think about occasionally.

My Father had it and died from bowel cancer so I am more concerned with that.

i researched and found that it wasnt confirmed that uc is passed from mother to child so it didnt concern me too much

I know that UC has some genetic factors

It always a concern but not something that I worried about everyday.

Of course I wanted a healthy child, but I know worrying wasn’t good for me, so I did my best for focus on the wonderful things that were happening.

I worry that all my children could one day have UC but I would not refrain from having kids because of it.

I never really thought about the genetics of the disease. I was much younger and just wanted to have children and a happy family. My children are now 25 and 22. They do not have any signs of have colitis.

I think I knew I would have trouble a gut feeling

If its in the Genes, there’s nothing we can do, just hope.

Because I know how difficult daily life can be with uc and I don’t want any of my children to go through it and have uc too

Question #10:

If you have any thoughts on Pregnancy and UC, or anything else related to the topic, feel free to share your thoughts below.

My only thoughts are, that if you are in remission, it is a great time to get pregnant. Just remember to stick with at least a somewhat low fiber diet, so as not to inflame your colon during pregnancy. Also, try to do all they things recommended to help your UC, like reduce stress, and some kind of relaxation, yoga, good sleep, good hydration, etc. I also encourage you to seek a naturopath or dietician for assistance if you do flare during pregnancy or just afterwards, to be sure you and your baby are getting adequate nutrition and to use more natural remedies whenever possible, as a GI doctor may not be as helpful in these areas. And do your best to discourage your OB from giving you antibiotics unless they are truly needed as they will kill off your healthy gut bacteria, which is a first line of defense for you against your colitis.

I was worried because of the meds I was taking at that time – Pentasa 2g per day and Immunoprin (Azathioprine) 150mg per day, in the last trimester I changed the dosage of Immunoprin to 100 because of breastfeeding, after 3 months after the birth my UC got worse and since then it’s up and down (it’s like that for 7 months already), 2 months ago I got back to 150mg of AZA, I got that confirmed by a pediatrician that this dosage it’s still ok even while breastfeeding. It’s still not good, so I’m trying the SCD diet so I have good days and bad days like today :-( but it’s getting better slowly but it is

Being a Mom is such a wonderful thing that it is totally worth feeling like hell for 9 months. if you can be med free while pregnant do it.

My first 2 pregnancies were not affected by UC. Last year, I was hospitalized with major flare and 1 year later I am pregnant again. I did have mild flare symptoms that were responding to mesalamine prior o conceiving and now 6 weeks pregnant still in moderate flare. SCD diet helping , but need to go on prednisone. Currently taking 4.8 g of Asacol, cortenemas and hydrocort suppositories….not helping.

I’m very concerned about how my UC will affect me falling pregnant again as I only take my meds when in severe flare up (not a big fan on lots of medicine)
I’m not on any contraception since having my daughter 1.5years ago, have had many flare ups In-between and still no pregnancy. I’m also scared this time around being on medication in the first trimester should I need this, as I was only diagnosed in my second trimester with my first child so I was already in the safe period of pregnancy.
I’ve done some research and its not clear if you fall pregnant during a flare that this will continue throughout, or if the UC disappears altogether?
I’m very new to UC with little to no info on my condition and little help from my specialist doctor here in Australia.
I just go on with daily life and take the many toilet breaks, blood and I frequent proper bowel motions as normal?

Find yourself a really good obstetrician because the better you feel during your pregnancy and after baby is born the better you will cope and the more you can enjoy being a mother. I did read the most amazing book called SAVE OUR SLEEP by TIZZIE HALL she also has a facebook page. my second and third baby starting sleeping through the night from 3months becaus

My pregnancy colitis symptoms were mild compared to about 6-12 months post partum. After both my children I ended up in a 7-8 month flareup. Did the prednisone with both ( nursed both while on this) and after my second started azathioprine ( couldn’t nurse on this).

I was considered “high risk” during pregnancy and had multiple ultrasounds. Each time the doctor said even though I was in rough shape, the baby was growing beautifully and he didn’t expect anything less than a healthy full-term 7 pounder. Well, that didn’t quite happen. My water unexpectantly broke at 32 weeks 5 days and I had a c-section. She was born 4 pounds and needed to stay in the NICU for 18 days. She is now a very healthy baby. The most amazing thing- my colitis symptoms stopped the day after my daughter was born, I tapered off of the prednisone and am only on Asacol and in remission again.

My UC went into remission, or a quasi-remission, during my second trimester and I remained well until around my baby’s 6-month birthday. There seems to be something that often triggers a flare for UC women around the 6-month postpanatal mark. I’m guessing it must be hormonally connected but I don’t know. If you’re breastfeeding, that’s around the time when you start introducing solids to your child so your hormones will begin to experience a shift as your breastfeed less, as well as for other reasons postpartum. I started flaring again around that time and have been flaring ever since. I thought it was hard to be in a bad flare and be pregnant, but to be in a bad flare and be taking care of a young child is nearly impossible! I really started to go downhill. I recommend making a plan ahead of time to get help with childcare if you start flaring post-birth, so you can nip it in the bud and get your health back in your control as soon as you can. It’s so hard as a new mom to put yourself first but really this is what you have to do in order to get well and be able to fully take care of your child. I don’t want to end on a negative note, so let me say that even though my health was in the pits for a lot of my daughter’s first two years, being a mom has been a joy. It’s a challenge that’s worth every ounce of effort you put into it. And it gives back much more than it takes.

Don’t give up getting pregnant. Sometimes that distraction is enough to keep symptoms at bay. There are happy endorphins in you that I believe help.

UCs affect on pregnancy is totally unpredictable – I had presenting symptoms in one pregnancy and had, relatively, few symptoms in the next pregnancy (which was within the same year…yes, really, 3 kids in 13 months). Hoping UC isn’t keeping anyone from the joys of parenthood!!

I think I was very fortunate indeed to have 5 healthy children, fairly uncomplicated pregancies, and straight forward labours [no epidural anaesthesia] – docs were great and kept close eye on baby progress throughout. I would recommend if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant – ask as many questions as you like from obstetrician but balance this with real feedback from a mother who also has UC

My doctor has been treating his patients with progesterone with great results, before I got pregnant he identified that I was producing no progesterone any more and with progesterone supplements my condition improved out of sight and with the increased progesterone and oestrogen in my pregnancy it went away. Even if it only helps one other person this hormone treatment as a combined approach to uc is a breakthrough ! Please tell others!

I worried for a long time about my baby potentially inheriting UC, and that perhaps I was an irresponsible adult for procreating (Even though I didn’t know I had UC until a month or two later, I knew it was a possibility since it’s in my family). When I found out I had UC, I thought maybe I wouldn’t want to have a 2nd child because of the guilt. But then I realized, I have UC, but I’m still glad to be alive, and I’m glad that I was born. I still have a happy life, and even if my children do turn out to develop UC, they can still live full happy lives, and hopefully won’t be mad at me for bringing them into existence… I’m certainly not mad at my mother for giving me life!

I’d also like to note that after spending half of labor in the bathroom, i went into almost remission the day after the baby was born, and it lasted until about 3 months in, at which point i had a terrible flare and went on prednisone again. The prednisone got things back to normal, and in the 2 months since I got off prednisone, things have held steady in a mild flare (no blood).

Also, because it’s funny – My husband (an immigrant) thought that I took “Pregno-zone” during and after my pregnancy. He found out his error when he googled it one day. He has been a godsend through all of this – both for the humor and for the support!

It’s fantastic that after delivery, when I started brest feeding my child my UC came to remission, now (my child is 1,5 years old) I’m still brest feeding and I’m still in remisson, it’s surprising because I have no remissions before since I was diagnosed UC (only short 1-2 months episodes without bleeding on Salofalk 3 g/daily)


My doctor wasn’t too helpful regarding medication and what I could/couldn’t have. I found I had to do a lot of research myself.

I first started having symptoms after the birth of my first child and wondered if pregnancy could have anything to do with causing UC?

Although my UC was bad through and after pregnancy and I currently have a temporary illeostomy, it hasn’t put me off the idea of having more children.

I think colitis patients as a whole need to think more about managing their own disease. As much as doctors know and medicine has advanced, every case is very different — just as every pregnancy is different. I’ve found that my colitis can be kept in just a mild flare with dietary modifications. I would take the trouble of dietary modifications, which mean I lead a more healthy and nutritionally balanced life, any day over the potential side effects (current and long-term) of biologics, the chemo agents, steroids, anti-inflammatories, or steroids. Instead of saying, “I’m sick, what can my doctor do for me?” UC patients need to more often say, I’m sick, how can I find out my triggers and work with my doctor to find an allopathic plan that gives me a more normal life….. The same is true in pregnancy. If we treat our bodies like shrines while we’re pregnant, why wouldn’t we do the same thing before and after??? The fact is that my colitis was not GREAT during pregnancy, but it was definitely manageable and not worth steroids or other things as long as I was attentive and listened to my body regarding its need for sleep, water, veggies, fiber, etc.

I find in a flare I would be slightly depressed and feeling very down. Having a flare and being pregnant really took its toll on my emotions.
My previous pregnancys were a walk in the park compared to this one, I really struggled with eating and functioning, by my 12 week scan I was 42kilo’s, at 164cm tall that was a huge loss of weight.
I would love to have more children, even just one more, but I am meds dependant and don’t know if my body (or mind) could do it again.

I felt the best during my pregnancy in regards to my UC, no symptoms or issues the whole time. I was on asacol during my pregnancy, I did worry about taking it however you I guess worry even more about having a flare while pregnant. I had a prior pregnancy where I was flaring and had a miscarrage, although the miscarrage was not UC related. Now I am on stronger meds, Remicade, and want to have a second child, so now I am struggling even more and wonder if other women have had pregnancies while on remicade.
Also, although my UC was fine during pregancy, I had the worst flare ever about 4 months after giving birth and it took almost a year to get back to remission. I believe the stress of having a new baby and hormones and everything else…well I ate alot to deal with that, and I think this triggered my flare.

During pregnancy my colitis was very manageable I nearly forgot I had it

Would like to know the statistics of children of uc sufferers developing uc in later life. Myself and my husband both have uc and so as know chances may be higher for the little one. I am solely breastfeeding her and trying to build up her antibodies and immunity response to keep uc away from her!

I didn’t have problems getting pregnant but in maintaining the pregnancies. I had a total of 8 pregnancies. Two were before I was diagnosed. A year before my last pregnancy it was discovered that I have “lupus” antibodies. I had to be on blood thinners.

I do feel that my taking so long to concieve was directly due to my immune system being activated b/c of the flare. If you’re in a flare, I’d recommend getting that under control (if possible) before trying to concieve.

Despite my challenges, I am really grateful to be able to have this experience. My hope is after my baby boy is born in July 2013 I will be able to try Fecal Microbial Transplant and it will be as successful as most of the trials have been, and I can put this disease behind me.

Don’t let UC stop you from having a child. My children are all healthy even with my UC during pregnancy. Just have to stay positive.

I am pregnant with baby #2 and feel fabulous! First time I have had formed poo with no blood since baby #1!

My last child was born just after I turned 41 years old.I think that it was the longevity of my illness (30 years) and my age made the last pregnancy difficult.

Stay on meds while pregnant, no matter how great you may or may not feel. Stay in contact with your GI doctor during pregnancy, even if you are having no symptoms. Be prepared for the worst after delivery because once hormone levels return to “normal” this may result in a flare.

I’m currently 7m pregnant with my second child, every digestive related pregnancy symptom has me worried about my Chron’s. I’m currently experincing a mild flare that I suspect was brought on due to pregnancy caused constipation which has irritated the Chrons. Im excited to have a new addition to my family soon, just trying to make it 8 more weeks as healthy as possible!

It was tough but have three perfect children as a result!

My UC just seemed to get better. much better. i stopped taking birth control about 2 years before i got pregnant and after my 2nd child I decicded to go back on BC thinking that a hormonal balance might be a factor in my remission. But it is had not had the same results. In fact my symptoms have gotten worse with medications not having the desired result that they use to

I was young (30) when I had my son and in a very healthy place on SCD in remission for nearly 3 years. I would not consider doing it again now as I am older and not in as good of health.

I have miscarried many times. My OB put me on Prometrium for the first trimester to help prevent miscarriage. I feel that the medication brought on flares.

I fell ill and was diagnosed with UC after the birth of my first child – it was an all-round particularly stressful time for many reasons (not just because of having a sleepless baby etc) but I often wonder whether my pregnancy triggered something off in my body. I have noticed that if I am in a flare, my symptoms seem worse when I have my period. As I have mentioned above, I also had a flare for the whole of my second pregnancy and for six weeks after the birth. To me, this seems to suggest some sort of hormonal connection – but who knows?! – maybe it was that my eating habits changed during pregnancy. I know that second time around I virtually lived on toast and marmite as that was pretty much all my morning sickness (more accurately all-day sickness) could stomach – maybe this was simply feeding my UC though……? UC is a desperately unfathomable disease – I wish so much that I knew some answers but I believe the way forward is doing these types of surveys and finding some sort of correlation in the answers of the participants. This site is doing a great job – thank you x

Dont let your UC stop you if want to have a child. I have had two pregnancies with UC and my kids turned out just fine. Yes, it was difficult because my flares during pregnancy were bad, but it was worth it. If I was going to do it again I would not take the Asacol while pregnant as it didn’t help my flares anyways. I have done alot of my research since then and now I would use probiotics and diet instead.

The hardest part for me is UC “taking over” my body/decisions. As of now I am taking some meds that my doctor recommends I don’t get pregnant.

Sometimes getting pregnant brings out lost of good in your body and helps you to heal; sometimes it brings on lots of stress and aggravates the colitis…you never know….

Being pregnant was a wonderful experience for me. I strongly recommend having a post delivery plan in place. Moms need to know they may very well not be able to nurse very long due to having to take meds. I strongly advise getting back on any meds post delivery, that you may not have needed while pregnant, so you can stay healthy.
My Dr. Told me sone people’s UC gets better after baby and some get worse. Mine got worse, but I have to wonderful children! They did advise me that if I got pregnant again, it would be life changing for me. My husband and I decided it was best for me to be as healthy as I could and take care of the kids I have.

It is very possible. Would suggest being in remission. The hormones during pregnancy always reduced my symptoms. Be prepared for severe issues after birth.

It’s weird and Doctors of course don’t give much thought to the correlation but my UC symptoms started after my first child was born. UC was diagnosed about a year later. I suffered with UC (hospital stays, missing work etc) for 6 years and then got pregnant (not planned because I was so sick)with my second babe and after she was born all my UC symptoms cleared and I was finally able to wean off of Pred. It’s been 4 years and I am still Pred free!

All in all I had a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby that was full term & I exclusively breastfed my baby for a year all the while on Colazal a 5ASA.

If your in remission when you get pregnant you usually stay in remission. Except for the occasional mild flare and morning sickness.

I think it is okay to have children and colitis at the same time. You do have to understand, raising children even once they become adults is very stressful. Not a good combination for us uc moms. I love my children and would do it again. Make sure you have a lot of support from you mate. It is possible.

Found a GI Dr Yen in Chicago that somewhat specializes in pregnant women with colitis

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