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Predfoam for Treating Ulcerative Colitis

Another Ulcerative Colitis Story with a Medication Question regarding Predfoam:

I was officially diagnosed last week with proctitis and ulcerative colitis. The surgeon then gave me a prescription for Predfoam and Pentasa. I had used Predfoam twice before which had worked quite well as it helped control the bleeding which is the main problem. The problem now is that Predfoam is currently unavailable here in Ireland due to authorization, don’t ask me why a professor would prescribe something that is currently unavailable but there you go! Anyhow the pharmacy gave me another alternative called Predsol which apparently is the same strength as Predfoam but got a shock when i read the list of side effects that it can cause e.g Depression, muscle deterioration, moonface, suicidal thoughts etc mad i know so i decided against using it as also it would cover a much wider area that is perfectly healthy, while the Predfoam for me goes straight to the area. So if anyone out there knows where i could get the Predfoam I’d really appreciate it! Is it still available in the UK? I am also getting married in four and a half weeks. My parents are currently in The canaries so they might track it down.

Thankfully my UC isn’t very bad so I’m OK at the mo but also need it asap.

Cheers guys!

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6 thoughts on “Predfoam for Treating Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Hi there, I have used predfoam numerous times and actually have an unused box or two around the place (if you want one, you are welcome to it) I have also been given colifoam in the past I was under the impression it was the exact same as predfoam to be honest with you! I also live in Ireland and recently picked up some proctofoam for severe piles and my pharmacist had to order it and she actually said I have every other type of foam bar the one you are looking for. I could ask her if she has predfoam if you like? I am in Cork to be precise. I don’t know where you are but with your impending marriage I am sure you would like to get it ASAP. Let me know, Helen.

  2. Hi, I live in the UK and just picked up a packet of prednisolone enemas. According to the chemist, Predfoam has been discontinued as a brand but it’s still possible to get a 20mg topical foam. The box I have in front of me says it’s made by Essential Generics and it seems to be identical to Predfoam – the only difference is that the canister doesn’t have the word “Predfoam” on it. I don’t know if that’s helpful, but you may well be able to get your hands on a generic version of the drug rather than having to use oral steroids, which, as you say, have a much longer list of potential side-effects.

  3. Hi Helen
    Apologies for the delayed reply, but thank you so much for replying your very good! Thankfully in the meantime I have managed to get my hands on two boxes which apparently was all the surgeon had prescribed for now, I thought he had wanted me on it for longer but it appears it’s just the pentasa. My own Chemist had also ordered me Colifoam but were quite reluctant to give it to me as they said it was’nt as strong as the Predfoam! I hope that this will be the only time he wants me to use it as the general thoughts are that it’s no longer availible! Thanks a mill for offering to ask your pharmacist.

    Mary Jane

    1. Hi Mary Jane, no problem at all! Glad you got sorted! Sorry for the long delay from me too I was in hospital for 10 days so I wasn’t on here. I hope your wedding day is lovely and UC doesn’t trouble you. All the best, Helen. x

  4. Hi I went to my drs yesterday and was given a prescription for predfoam and as the above comment mine is in a box called essential generics. It’s exactly the same. And predfoam had those same side effects on depression etc anyway. I say it’s best to take the side effects are only possibles and only effect some people if you are prone to depression etc. as I too am then you just need to keep a careful eye on you moods and if you notice a difference go and see dr straight away. Difficult to spot sometimes when colitis can make you feel so low anyway.

  5. I recently was given a prescription for asacol supps,I used them for about a week, but then experienced some loss of blood. Being a RN I used this together with predfoam. The asocol at night and the predfoam in the morning and my procto ulcerative colitis has responded very well. Idon’t know whether one is supposed to use these medications together, but the combo has worked for me.
    Hope this is of use to anyone.

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