Post 2nd Surgery Update!


My name is Curtis and I was diagnosed with UC in January 2011 and had to have my colon removed in February 2011.

How am I Recovering From Colon Surgery:

So 3 weeks post my second surgery and things are great! This recovery has been a thousand times better than the first surgery because I was in WAY better shape going into this surgery. The first surgery, I weighed about 118 pounds going into it and was basically on my deathbed, and for the second surgery I was going into it at a healthy 150 pounds! I was able to get up and walk around on day 2 after surgery and I only went uphill from there. I left the hospital on the following Monday (surgery was on a Weds) and the only reason was because there aren’t any doctors around on Saturday or Sunday so I wasn’t able to be released earlier even though i was ready to leave. Just 2 weeks after my surgery I went to a concert at the Birch Aquarium down here in beautiful La Jolla. Talk about a cool place to have a concert! Birch Aquarium VenueMy girlfriend and I saw Donovan Frankenreiter and it was AMAZING! He’s a surfer/musician and he’s just a super good and talented guy. I was able to get his autograph and get a picture with him after the show which was awesome too.  Donovan FrankenreiterAnyway, I finally got my staples removed from my incisions this past Tuesday Colon Surgeryand it feels SO much better!!!

I feel more free now, haha. Still enjoying all of the good food out there with no problems at all which is super awesome!

My last surgery will be sometime in August and I’m starting to get nervous about how that recovery will be like. I’m looking forward to being bag free but also not looking forward to having to go to the bathroom again, haha. I might miss my bag though, we’ll see, I’ll probably get over it soon. I have about a month and a half left and will have to enjoy as much of summer as I can! Looking forward to the horse races in Del Mar and my birthday is in the end of July so it’ll be good to have that before my last surgery too so I will be able to enjoy it. So far so good for me though!

I’m actually working with this clothing company, and am in talks with the CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America) in doing a collaboration of custom shirts, tanks and sweatshirts where 20% of all sales of those items will be donated to the CCFA!

I’ll keep everyone posted on that because it will be a cool way for people to support friends or family or yourself who has the disease while also donating to find a cure in the process! I think it could be a big step if it works out so stay tuned for that!






Curtis’s Story like all the others here were submitted in the Colitis Venting Area.  Feel free to share your story their too.  You can do that right here.

4 thoughts on “Post 2nd Surgery Update!”

  1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    Thank you for posting updates on your progress with each phase. Very nice to read that maybe it isn’t as terrifying as it sounds.

  2. Keep going! You are a strong guy. You should think about writing a book to help others through UC!

    Also, did you do any praying, meditation to get you through?
    Just wondering.

    Best wishes.

  3. Congrats, Curtis! I had my first surgery last week and, so far, all is well. For those interested, I started a blog about my experience to serve as a resource to others considering surgery. You can access it at I found this site and various other UC blogs extremely helpful as I dealt with this disease and contemplated my decision to have surgery and really want to return the favor for others.

    Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

  4. wow, the incision(s) are SOOOO much smaller than they used to be! I had the same surgeries done 16 yrs ago and was cut from my sternum (breast bone, sorry I became a nurse after going thru all of my hospitalizations) to my pubic bone TWICE (the first & second surgery, I was so ill they had to split my surgeries into 3 so I had a better shot of “making it”, which I did!! LOL)…keep up the great attitude and spirits, it’ll carry you far, it has for me!! :)

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