Pooped From Pooping

Meet Nancy:

I am 50 years old. I was diagnosed with UC back in July of 2011. I had the one colonoscopy that diagnosed me but may need another one if current treatment doesn’t work.

Some More About Me:

I like crafts and country decor. I am from New Jersey and have 2 daughters. My oldest daughter actually found this site for me. I am widowed, however, I do have a wonderful boyfriend who really deals with a lot due to my illness. We loved going to the islands, but we haven’t done that now for 2 years because of the UC. IBD’s run in my family. My grandfather and Mom both have UC. My brother had Crohn’s disease which eventually led into cancer and he passed in 2006. My niece has some kind of IBD and my youngest daughter is developing bowel problems.

Current Symptoms:

Blood and mucus in my stool. I am very fatigued and have frequent accidents. My weight is back up again due to the bloat. I feel like I am on a roller-coaster of emotions.

Nancy’s Colitis Story:

I was diagnosed with UC back in July of 2011. I am allergic to all of the usual medications since they contain sulfites. (Found this out the hard way) Prednisone and daily enemas had put me in remission for about 4 months. My doctor put me on Humira in March of this year along with the prednisone again. After a few months I again went into remission and stayed on the Humira injections every 15 days. After 4 months again I began with the flare-ups.

My symptoms are the usual blood and mucus but my stool is mostly pellets. I am now on Humira every 7 days. I refuse to go back on the prednisone since the side effects get worse every time. Last time I lost clumps of hair, very similar to a chemo patient. My doc also put me back on the enemas daily. I have to give this a few weeks and call him with my results. I have a very supportive family, since many suffer from IBD’s also. However, they respond well to the usual medication. I am very frightened that this latest course of action won’t help.

Another colonoscopy will be ordered if I do not get any better, just to make sure nothing else is going on. I am kinda on the lazy side when it comes to exercise and was wondering if any of you have found exercise beneficial to UC. I am aware of how good it is for you to be healthy, but was curious about the benefits to this disease. As you all will agree, feeling better is our main objective. If exercise is the key I will do it. My oldest daughter had Lymes disease very bad which caused her to have focal seizures. She was on all sorts of medication and decided to exercise on a daily basis. She has become quite a fitness junky, but is off all her meds. Her blood work shows negative for the lymes and she no longer suffers from seizures. She attributes this all to her healthy lifestyle which includes daily exercise. I try not to let UC get the better of me, but truly wonder if my life will ever be normal a gain. This site reassures me that I am not alone. Thank you for listening.

written by Nancy

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5 thoughts on “Pooped From Pooping”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I am off all of the meds too…but because of probiotics. I think they are absolutely crucial in ‘curing’ UC.

    I started a good 50 billion strain probiotic, once per day, and after a week on them I was feeling so good UC symptom-wise (pain subsided, stool firmed up, urgency went away, etc), I decided to go off of the asacol that I had been on for over 13 years straight. The drug was actually making things worse, and I thought it was the UC! Meds and me do not mix well at all I have discovered. My body does not like medications.

    I also exercise…but I’ve been doing it for 25 years, so I can’t say whether it’s made a difference in MY UC. I don’t think so, because I developed UC while I was an avid exerciser. However, having said that, perhaps it will help if you are not already exercising?


  2. Hi Nancy,

    Welcome the club. I started excersizing having the same flare symptons you describe blood, mucus, urgency and terrible bloating. It did not help my uc. I actually had suffered several accidents especially while running and doing jumping jacks etc. But it did help me with my stamina and general energy.

    Best of luck

  3. I’ve been suffering with UC for almost 10yrs now. And working out at the gym almost daily really does help. I look forward to that time to be to myself and reflect on my thoughts. It is a huge part of building strength within my mind and body. And when I haven’t worked out for several days it effects me mentally. If you’ve never been one to exercise now may be a time to start. It will also help you keep your diet on track with UC. After you get those endorphins going and you feel good then you are less likely to want to eat all the bad stuff that isn’t good for our UC gut. Give it a try. Diet also plays a huge part in my flares. I try my best to follow a gluten free diet. And it does work.

  4. Ask your daughter if she also changed her diet? This many of helped also. I am sure changing lifestyle in excercising also brings on a change in diet. I started riding more and changed my diet, but I also play footy and cricket so always been quite active. Only more recently I started the SCD, which I think has helped – Still a long way to go
    Sorry to here about your brother, I instantly thought about my sister who has Chrohns, doing well for 5 years but spoke to her the other day (she is abroad) and she saw a bit of blood for the frst time in 5 years :-(
    Feels like you have relied on the medical industry on advise and treatment. Might be worth seeing a nuritionist in my opinion also and as Bev highlights, supplements and probotics are worth taking

  5. i can exercise while flaring, but not like i can when i don’t flare. i used to be an avid swimmer and runner and both of these are impossible for me to do when flaring. exercise always makes me have to go to the bathroom so i only do it at home. no more gym for me.

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