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Pins and Needles with Prednisone


My sister has Ulcerative Colitis and I am trying to find out info on her behalf. Her gastroenterologist seems to be very old school and not interested in diet.

Some more about my sister:

My sister has 3 kids, is mid thirties and we are from Dublin Ireland. She has also been diagnosed recently as being celiac.

Pins and Needles with Prednisone

Hi There, Thanks for this web site, My sister has UC for over a year now, and has not responded to treatment (various drugs including prednisone) and has had pins and needles with prednisone. Her doctor says there is no link between the two and he also says that diet isn’t a factor in the illness – I consider this to be be preposterous, how can there be no link between diet and UC as certain foods cause flareups?

– I think she needs another Gastroenterologist and I really really hope that some one can recommend the best doctor in Dublin Ireland. Also it would be interesting to hear any suggestions about anybody who has experienced pins and needles with prednisone. In fact he went so far as to suggest that her symptoms of pins and needles were probably down to some neurological disorder.

She was planning on moving to Australia for work but has had to put plans on hold until this is resolved. We, her family are supportive of her and hopeful that we can find a cure to this.

She has been on an organic liquid (smoothie/ juice/soup diet ) for the past six and a half weeks and that (perhaps along with prednisone) has stopped the flare up. She was already vegan so it wasn’t the biggest leap into organic food.

The cocktail of drugs is also keeping her awake at night and her doctor won’t give her something to help her sleep. I wonder if others have suggestions for this. My sister doesn’t really want to add sleeping pills to the mix but is shattered with tiredness.

She is most concerned about curing this and reducing the side effects from Pred. She was worried sick that this could be something neurological, although it was simply too coincidental that the effects started with starting the drug.

Please help me find an excellent gastroenterologist. I don’t want to give the name of her current doctor (in case it is not allowed) Thanks so much!!

Thanks UC Sister

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  1. Hey UC Sister,

    Please check out the list of GI doctors that have reviews from Dublin Ireland. We started a list here a few years ago (and it grows daily) with doctor reviews from doctors all over the world. AND GUESS WHAT….some fellow UC’ers from Dublin have submitted some doc reviews, and I’m pretty sure you can make use of them, or a least give them a read.

    Here’s the link and the list is in alphabetical order, (so you’ve got to scroll down to see Ireland):

    And more than anything, thanks for looking out for your sister. WAY WAY COOL Of you, and I wish you two a happy St. Patrick’s coming your way.(No getting wasted for your sister…alcohol is almost always not a good deal for us UC’ers who have colons.)


    (and for those of you who want to add a doctor to the list…..GREAT…
    you can do that with this link: )

  2. Hi UC sister,
    It’s great that you are trying to help your sister. It’s exhausting enough looking after 3 kids, let alone when you’re tired and feeling unwell. I’m surprised (again, as we always are) that doctors say diet has nothing to do with it, especially in this case that your sister has been told she has an extreme gluten intolerance, i.e., celiac disease. If you search the internet for “gluten and neuropathy”, you will see that there is a definite link, so the pins and needles are mostly likely related to that but maybe prednisone was the trigger for bringing it out. I would suggest to you that she make all her own food, as much as possible and read labels VIGILANTLY. Even things like soup broth can have yeast extract in it (used as a flavour enhancer) and that can be made from gluten containing ingredients, or even mimic gluten in the body. I have found a yeast-free brand but I live in Canada. Also, find Bev’s posts- she has found relief taking healing supplements like l-glutamine, as well as probiotics and vitamin D. I hope your sister gets well soon.


  3. Thanks Adam and Gail had a good St Patrick’s weekend over here (I had a drink for all of you!), thank you both for your responses which have been very helpful. Just an update, my sister is changing doctor and has taken herself off prednisone – her pins and needles have started to ease off. Gail she had forgotten about i-glutamine so is going to start that one again. Wishing you all best of luck.

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