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Perhaps a Solution?

recent picture of Marine!

recent picture of Marine!

Meet Marine:

I was diagnosed with UC five years ago at the age of 24. According to the colonoscopy 70% of my colon was inflamed and full of ulcers. Thinking back they must have not been very deep though as I was going to the bathroom only 5-6 times a day and not 20-30 as some others.

Currently I work full time with deadlines but I try to manage my stress to the extent possible and I do my best to keep a life and work balance.

Some more background this amazing UC’er:

I love reading books and articles and love researching topics of interest. For the past five years this has been health related.

Symptoms of UC:

Currently none.

Marine’s Story:

When I was diagnosed with UC I was put on 2.5 months of prednisone. When I finished, my symptoms started comping back. My doctor suggested mesalazine enemas.

As I was about to go and buy them, I came across Vitamin E enemas online (I have posted about it in this forum some years ago). I tried it and at the time it worked like a charm. All was good for over three months until I decided to take iron supplements which caused a bad flare with just one pill. After several weeks I managed to stop the blood with Vitamin E enemas. There were smaller flares every now and then and Vitamin E became less and less effective.

At that time I came across wild oregano oil. I read that I should start with 3 drops once a day and increase it to 3-5 drops 3 times a day and then drop again for about 3-4 weeks. I tried it for 3 weeks and I was well again. Then again a small flare here and there but no longer with diarrhea. I would go once a day but when I was in flare and would only see a bit of blood and mucus.

Last year my flare would not stop for more than 2 months. At some point I decided to go see my doctor again after 4 years. I thought maybe if I take mesalazine now it would stop.

After listening to my symptoms he said it does not sound like UC but more like proctitis.

He did a small sigmoidoscopy (only checking the last 20 cm. Turned out the ulcers were now limited to the last 5 cm. I was prescribed mesalazine suppositories for 10 days.

I took them for 10 days. Symptoms disappeared and I felt great. After two weeks the symptoms came back and I saw more blood than previously. I repeated it once again with the same results. I decided no more suppositories. I went back to trying Vitamin E enema. I would see blood if I ate something that bothered me but I was ok on most days.

Then, one day they showed a program on peptic ulcers on TV. It used to be considered chronic and incurable like Ulcerative Colitis until they discovered that it was mainly caused by helicobacter pylori. That made me think. It sounded just like UC, except researchers had not managed to pinpoint a single bacteria that can cause UC. The only thing they had managed to find was that the intestinal flora of UC patients is different to the intestinal flora of healthy patients. I had also read success stories of faecal transplants.

I decided to test this theory somehow. I could not get antibiotic prescription of course. Even if I could, which antibiotic should I use? I thought of trying something natural.

The only thing I could think of at this point that I hadn’t tried for UC was colloidal silver.

I had come across it while researching other things and had bought it for treating flu. It did help with flu and my mother was especially happy as it was the first thing that stopped her lip herpes from coming out. Having done micro enemas, I decided to try micro enemas with colloidal silver.

For 1 week, I used approximately 25 ml of colloidal silver after bowel movements. Lied down for 15 min to ensure it stays in and also decided to take 3 drops of wild oregano oil just to give it an extra boost (I had tried it before so I knew it was not the miracle treatment). After 3 days my stool got harder and bigger and there was no blood. I thought this is probably the bacteria in my intestines being killed. I had a friend who was on antibiotics for a month and then couldn’t go to the bathroom. I gave her probiotics to help (they did). I was at the same time drinking home made kefir instead of probiotics a few hours after the enema and oregano oil.

By the 7th day I could barely go to the toilet and it really hurt. I stopped and started drinking kefir twice a day. 3-4 days later my stools started going back to normal. Still no blood or mucus. I ate the foods that previously affected me and even drank a bit of alcohol on two occasions (less than half a glass though). Nothing! After a month and a half I took my stool to test for occult blood which had been positive since I was diagnosed. They tested it three times and found no occult blood.

Now I eat normally. I do eat healthy but I eat without thinking though somewhat cautious. I decided to do another 7 days of colloidal silver just to ensure that there is nothing that should be dead but isn’t. It’s second day and my stool was already harder than yesterday. This time I am taking olive leaf extract instead of wild oregano oil which is another natural antibiotic.

It’s the first time in the past 12 months that there is no blood or mucus. I was constantly on and off.

I don’t claim to have been cured or anything but if there is anyone out there willing to give it a shot, I am really interested and hopeful to see if they get the same results as me. I think just colloidal silver enema will be more than enough. Make sure to supplement it with a probiotic. I really hope it will help someone out there. 25 ml, once a day with an enema syringe or whatever else you find.

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Medications / Supplements:

I have taken turmeric, vitamin E, vitamin D, fish oil, L-glutamine, Seleniu, Zinc, wheat grass juice and slippery elm. They all help but definitely don’t cure. Slippery Elm is overall great for the digestive tract. Also, found that apple cider vinegar stops diarrhea caused by bacteria by taking just 2 tbs. From diets I have tried paleo. Great for loosing weight but does not stop UC symptoms.

written by Marine

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89 thoughts on “Perhaps a Solution?”

  1. Marine,

    You go girl!

    Super super duper pumped to hear from you. You know its been almost 4 and a half years since you wrote your first story here, ikes! And its so great to hear you are feeling good, and that you’ve come up with something on your own to get there that’s working for you. Awesomeness.

    I’m sure some others who are looking for a new option will give this a try as well, and hopefully we’ll hear from them too in the near future with some of their own success stories. Thanks so much again for sharing, and happy rest of 2014 to you and your fam and an incredible new year just round the corner;))

    1. Hi I know this article is older but I just came across this page while searching for help for my mother. She is 72 and just diagnosed w/ UC. I am an avid believer in CS ! I just need to know what to use to dispense the CS in. I can’t find disposable pipettes in 25 ml anywhere :( TIA – Renee

  2. Juliet

    Colloidal silver was recommended to me for treating something else and every time I have tried to take it, orally, I’ve had flare up symptoms.

    Maybe your symptoms were misdiagnosed. Either way it’s lovely to be symptom free. Long may it continue.

  3. Marine

    I would never think it would give flare up symptoms but I guess like they say UC is different for everyone. I hope it will help someone out there :) And more importantly I hope you find something that will work for you!!

    1. CS has helped my daughter with her IBS symptoms. She had Candida so bad but the CS is what helped the most. We used essential oils in the beginning but with only temporary relief. We still us oregano oil and ginger oils but we mostly use CS to help her tummy problems. Now our whole family uses CS daily. We are healthier then we have ever been!

      1. Marine

        Marlo I am very glad to hear that!!! :) I have also found CS to be the best thing for IBS and in my case my IBD. Other things are helpful as well but this has the most effect. I really hope and pray that it continues that way as the difference, both psychologically and physically, is incomparable. May you and your family always be healthy :)

    2. Marine,my name is Rick and. I was hoping to have a personal conversation with you about your success story and my current situation! Please message me if your email is still actively current! Thanks

        1. I was diagnosed 8 years ago! I have tried all the major treatments including Remicade! What exactly was your regiment for taking the colloidal silver! Every day? How much ?

  4. Mary H

    Marine, so glad to hear that something is working well for you. I have proctitis also and have tried different types of enemas but not colloidal silver. I’d like to try it. Can you give me the gory details of what type of enema applicator you use and the exact measurements?Thank you for your post. It’s always renewed hope to read of something that works for someone.

    1. Marine

      Hi Mary!

      Well to be honest I just used a dropper I had from another liquid vitamin that had finished. I washed that with hot water (no soap) and used it. You can definitely use a baby nasal syringe or something similar. I bought a 200ml bottle from higher nature but I believe any brand will work I just found this one and divided it into approximate 25 ml doses over 8 days right after my bowel movement. It should take about 5 minutes max and then you must lie on your left side for about 15 minutes. Also, I’d suggest using a vaseline on the tip of the dropper or syringe you are going to use.

      In the afternoon or evening I drank kefir but you can take a probiotic that works for you. Let me know if you have more questions and how it goes! I really hope it helps. I strongly believe based on personal experience that drinking something and doing an enema can have very different effects.

    2. Marine

      Let us know how it goes :) I must say I didn’t use fresh wheatgrass juice. It was powdered wheatgrass so this should have affected the quality. It definitely didn’t hurt so you should give it a shot! Who knows it might help.

      I think it’s got something to do with bacteria/virus. My symptoms started when I was sent on a business trip and we were eating Japanese/Chinese in the hotel restaurant because there was no time to eat anywhere else. There was sushi and all that which I don’t know how it was prepared. A couple of months after I returned I started having bouts of diarrhoea that would last a month and go away for a few months. But like really bad. Never being one to visit doctors I brushed it off. Perhaps if I had gotten then and taken antibiotics this would have never happened. Then I got a really bad flu and then diarrhoea which turned bloody and well the rest is history. I did have a weakened immune system at the time as I was overall very tired (working full time and studying full time with little sleep and no proper food). So yeah…

  5. Marine

    Hi Jessica,

    Well yes and no. I buy the colloidal silver that already comes mainly in liquid form and just use something to put it in. Oregano oil burns a lot I can’t imagine putting it inside. Even drinking you have to be careful not to burn your mouth. I think it would be a big ouch :)

  6. Marine

    In case I was not very clear, I was drinking the oregano oil. 3 drops in a small glass of water. Either put it in the glass of water then drink (sometimes it might slightly burn your mouth) or you drink the water, keep it in your mouth, drop the drops there and then swallow (careful not to choke).

  7. UC Family Boy

    Hey Marine,

    I have a question. You say you took wheatgrass, for how long and what effects did it have for you? Why do you feel it didn’t work?

  8. Marine

    Hey there! I took wheatgrass for six months I think if not more. On my UC it had no effect. It was neither good nor bad I believe. Nothing changed from the time I started drinking it and after I stopped it.

    1. UC Family Boy

      Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I ask because I have this belief that the PPAR in our cells is what is governing the whole IBD thing.

      IBD Meds target this receptor like that of oils like oregano, olives…
      Interestingly, a study done in 2010 showed abscisic acid ameliorated UC by modulating T cells through a PPAR dependant pathway. Anyway, abscisic acid is a plant hormone found in large quants in wheatgrass.
      There was a paper from 2002 where 21 patients took wheatgrass and 19 found relief from there UC. Possibly because of the abscisic acid in it… Anyway, everyone is different and IBD offers no clues. I’m giving the wheatgrass a go alongside EVO. Once I maintain this level of immune system performance than a future fecal transplant would make sense…
      Thought il share the whole wheatgrass thing as you wrote you took it.

      1. Marine

        Let us know how it goes :) I must say I didn’t use fresh wheatgrass juice. It was powdered wheatgrass so this should have affected the quality. It definitely didn’t hurt so you should give it a shot! Who knows it might help.

        I think it’s got something to do with bacteria/virus. My symptoms started when I was sent on a business trip and we were eating Japanese/Chinese in the hotel restaurant because there was no time to eat anywhere else. There was sushi and all that which I don’t know how it was prepared. A couple of months after I returned I started having bouts of diarrhoea that would last a month and go away for a few months. But like really bad. Never being one to visit doctors I brushed it off. Perhaps if I had gotten then and taken antibiotics this would have never happened. Then I got a really bad flu and then diarrhoea which turned bloody and well the rest is history. I did have a weakened immune system at the time as I was overall very tired (working full time and studying full time with little sleep and no proper food). So yeah…

        1. UC Family Boy

          Hey, Happy New Year,
          I feel it always offered a clue when you hear how ppl first start to show signs of IBD. Mine occurred after I drowned in Miami. Actually heavy doses of antibiotics and pumping my stomach did it for me…in one sense it saved my life…on the other UC.
          Though with siblings with UC I put as much down to genes.
          And yesterday whilst celebrating NYE at mine with friends and family I had a major flare up…like no other :-(

          Feel like 1 step forward 5 steps back at the moment.
          Who knows, could be the wheatgrass that did it, could be the glass of red…

          1. Marine

            Happy New Year to you too! I hope it’s a better year for all UCers!

            I don’t think the wheatgrass would have caused a flare. It must have been the alcohol. Whenever I tried alcohol before the next morning I’d see blood. Even a little bit of alcohol. I have been experimenting with alcohol the past month but still very little. I think I had 1/4 of a glass of wine and 1/4 shot of very nice tequila. Let’s see. Now I found out I am not immune to Rubella and I am contemplating now whether to have the vaccine or not.

            The antibiotics you had must have totally wrecked havoc in your intestines. Maybe you should try kefir and sour cabbage.

  9. My theory, if one may be attempted, is that the colloidal silver bulldozed the colonies of biofilms created by the bad bacteria. In any case congrats and hope you have a great new year and all the years ahead!

  10. Very interesting. Will read up more the colloidal silver. I have most of my UC way down there too, lol. And alcohol and sugar is horrible for me, sends me into flare.

    1. Marine

      Hi Katy! Look it up, you never know :) Yeah alcohol has been the worst for me. Alcohol, milk and mushrooms for some reason. I still don’t drink milk but kefir has been quite good. I don’t get as much gas as before and I seem to digest food better. Mushrooms I have managed to eat without a flare and alcohol I have gotten away with 5-6 sips. I don’t want to push my luck yet. I like not having a flare after almost a whole year.

    1. Marine

      Hi Julie!

      Yes, it is still working and fingers crossed it will stay like that! It’s been two months and something. Let me know of your results when you try. I hope it works!!!

      1. I am doing the vitamin E enemas right now and want to give that a fair shot first. it has been 10 days and there is some improvement so I will keep going for another couple of weeks, then try your method if this doesn’t work. Thank you for your reply.

        1. Marine

          That’s good Julie. Vitamin E enema is definitely great. It might not “cure” completely but it surely helps a lot. I did it up to 8000 IUs a day for over two weeks. It reduces inflammation and helps the healing process.

          1. Mary H

            Hi Marine, I tried the colloidal silver enema in the morning for two weeks now. It has helped reduce the bleeding by about 30%. It did not completely alleviate it as it did with you but at least it’s move in the right direction so I’ll continue for a while. I’ve been doing messalamine enemas every night for almost 3 months now as well. Hopefully between the two enema’s I will get some more results. Thanks so much for posting your experience.

          2. Hi Marine,

            Hope you are still doing well. Will try anything to help my son get some relief! I was originally thinking of giving him a probiotic enema, but find your post interesting. Do you mix the oil in water and if yes, how much? Looked through the old posts and I am not clear on how to prepare a vitamin E or silver enema. Thank you!

          1. Marine

            You can use a coffee cup (big one) to prepare. Half of the coffee cup put distilled water or filtered water (here we can get it from pharmacy) and in total 4000-5000IU of Vitamin E. You can start with 800IU and add 400IU every day until you get to 4000 or 5000 IU. For example Solgar gives the option to buy 200IU, 400IU or 1000IU capsules. You can get the 1000IU capsules one and use 1 for 2-3 days and then add 1 capsule a day until by the end of the week you get to 4000IU. I have used more as well but I didn’t see much difference between using more or less. If you have pancolitis, you might want to use slightly more water than half a coffee cup so the solution reaches further up. Then lie on your left side for at least 15 minutes, ideally up to half an hour and it’s best to do it after you have bowel movement so your bowels don’t have much food. If you are constantly going then it’s best to do it at night before bed so you can keep it in until the morning.
            Colloidal silver enema is the same procedure. If you want you can skip adding water and just use the silver. Buy a children’s enema syringe. You can clean the syringe once a week with warm water.

  11. Marine

    Hi Mary,

    Glad to hear there is some improvement! If you can, try it together with wild oregano oil. Of course you can research it to see if you want to try it. Perhaps it was the combination of the two that had such an effect. Just check that it will not interact with any pills or medication you are taking.

      1. Marine

        Yes the liquid tincture. When I was doing CS enema I was taking 3 drops twice a day (one morning one afternoon). If you have never taken something similar you may feel very tired, weak and sleepy for 2-3 days. Apparently it’s due to bacteria die off. It happened to me and many others. It’s not something to worry about. By the 3rd or the 4th day you should be back to normal (if you do get this effect).

  12. Hi Marine, I wanted to give you an update. The vit E enemas turned out to be a dead end so I moved on to the colloidal silver enemas. I did not get the rapid results you did, and ended up doing 2 weeks. By the end of the two weeks, the blood was 90% gone which is great but still no full remission. The good news is I have maintained this level even after stopping the enemas. I ordered some high quality wild oregano oil because I want to repeat the procedure exactly as you did. It is taking forever to get here but I will post again and let you know what happens. Are you still in remission? I really hope so.

    1. Marine

      Hi Julie!

      Yes what I realised with Vit E is that is helps reduce inflammation but doesn’t solve the problem. I am still in remission (I haven’t seen anything yet). Try the wild oregano oil or like Graham says below the olive leaf extract. Let us know how it goes :) Hope all will be well!!!!

      1. Hi Marine,
        May I ask if you are still symptom free? I also have Ulcerative Proctitis. Tried vit E enemas, but not the colloidal silver ones. Do you use collodial silver these days or are you happy and healthy?
        I’m mostly ok with diet, I use oregano oil as well, but get flares every March.
        Many thanks!

  13. Graham from England

    Hi Marine,

    As I understand it, Colloidal silver is very anti viral, as is the Olive leaf extract. Some recent research has pointed out that while there is a poor number of gut bacteria in IBD there is also an unusually large diversity of viruses. I personally have had no joy with probiotics but a great success with extra virgin olive oil (anti viral). It seems to me that boosting the gut bacteria with Probiotics works great for some here and attacking the virus’s is working better for others, despite them both appearing to provide remission…

    1. That, Graham, is one of the best explanations that I have heard.

      We are all so different and this attacking of bacteria versus virus is likely spot on.

      You should be sitting right there at the scientist table…lol…pitching in!

    2. Marine

      Hi Graham! Yes I agree that probiotics alone don’t work usually (at least not for me). My theory was if it’s bacteria/virus based to try to kill them first and then repopulate them using natural probiotics such as home made kefir and sour cabbage (fermented vegetables in general). I did get the olive leaf extract but at the time I had a light partial bowel obstruction (I think I get them from scar tissue as a result of UC) so had to stop everything and concentrate on that for which the best remedy I have found is eating as little as possible or nothing for a couple of days and it goes away. I will take the olive leaf extract perhaps again at some point. Thanks a lot for the input!

  14. Graham from England

    I do love a theory but would probably be thrown out by lunchtime!

    The solution should be both here but in some cases it may be easier to replenish the rainforest rather than act against what may destroying it.

  15. Graham, I forgot to mention that I have also been doing the EVOO for about a month and about 2 weeks prior to the colloidal silver. I didn’t notice it changing anything, but I feel that it will help long term. And if I can just get into remission, I think it will help me stay there. I believe that my U.C is pathogenic in nature based on how it first started. That’s why it responds pretty well to diet (although not lately) as well as anti microbial treatments. It doesn’t respond to probiotics though. U.C medications also have no impact on it because I don’t think it’s autoimmune caused. On a side note, the olive oil has helped my acne tremendously. I have had it 35 years with no relief whatsoever with any acne medication including accutane. But now I am crystal clear for the first time ever. I feel this has to be related to my U.C and why I think long term the olive oil is also going to help my U.C too.

  16. Graham from England

    Hi Ladies,

    Julie, my acne also cleared up after being on the the oil for a while but I put it down to limiting sugar and processed some time later. I was also on the anti acne meds which some of us believe may have contributed to UC. The Evoo is a no brainer and definitely better as a remission keeper than for reversing flares IMO.

    Interesting how despite all the good news about probiotics that not even the placebo makes them work for some of us. The antivirals work but probiotics just block me. I am now wondering if it may be worth sending a security guard (olive leaf capsule) along with a probiotic capsule. Maybe its not the presence of the good bacteria causing the block but the process of virus’s attacking them. It may protect them, I must try this some time soon..

  17. Graham, my acne clearing is definitely due to the olive oil. I have been following a ridiculously clean diet for a year and a half, with no sugar, no processed foods, no grains, etc. Yet the acne still raged on. I have to doubt my clearing is 100% due to the olive oil. My 17 year old daughter has the same acne pattern as me and I was discouraged to think of a lifetime of acne ahead of her, not to mention possible U.C in her future. No acne meds have worked for her (fortunately I have only allowed her to do topicals, and one round of antibiotics). With my success she was willing to give the oil a try, and after an initial purge, her acne is clearing up, especially the never ending back acne. I also have some peace of mind knowing this could protect her from U.C and she’s motivated to keep it up to stay acne free. Thank you so much for all your advice. I’ll keep you all posted as to what happens next when I tried the wild oregano oil. I still continue to take probiotics because I think it’s important to repopulate continuously. Marine, so happy you are still in remission!

  18. Yes, we are following your instructions precisely. I chose a mid priced California oil, as here in the states our imported oils have a high rate of fakes according to the research I did. The oil I chose was mid-priced, gives a mild throat burn like you mentioned, and I saw a study that called out this particular brand as being authentic. So I feel pretty good we have made a good choice.

  19. Hi Shirley, for the colloidal silver enema, I took one and a half tablespoons of the colloidal silver and put it in a shot glass. The I used one of those ear bulb syringes and sucked it up in that. For the vit E enema, I used 8000 iu of vitamin E and mixed it with tablespoon and a half of filtered water. Used the ear syringe to administer it. I used the 2000 i.u gel gaps so I only had to cut open 4 caps each time.

  20. Hi Marine,

    I’ve bought the oregano oil and the colloidal silver and I’m going to try this. But I have a couple idea/ questions.

    Did you consider alternating the antibacterial colloidal silver enemas with probiotic enemas like yogurt enemas instead of doing the kefir orally. For example I was considering to do 5 days colloidal silver then three days yogurt in an attempt to kill the bad bacteria and then replace it with good bacteria.

    About me, I took a lot of antibiotics as a child and have always had stomach problems. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago with colitis on 50percent of my colon. SCD does help but doesn’t stop or prevent daily diarrhea, pain, discomfort.

    1. Marine

      Hi Megan!

      To be honest I had considered probiotic enemas but not yoghurt just probiotics diluted in water. I did google it and some people use yoghurt enemas. I would say after you do the enema with colloidal silver give it a week rest and then try probiotics. The only thing I can say is so far the most effective thing I have tried has been colloidal silver. Of course I do watch my diet, stay away from things I know affect me and just try to be healthy.

      Let us know how it goes :) I do hope well!!!

  21. Anneabell

    Marine so happy to hear that the CS has helped you, my brother has made me some CS and suggested drinking it but never thought of doing enema with it. I am currently with active disease and been given colifoam Recital foam enemas and predsol suppositories as I seem to start flaring and get unwell before my next infliximab infusions. interested in using the CS but not sure if it will affect the prednisolone etc. but I guess no harm and to try it I guess.

  22. Keek Van Eijk

    Hey Marine,

    Just wondering how it s going are you still in remission?
    I basically been down the same road with the prednisone and all the meds my uc was diagnosed 3 years ago and I was hospitalized twice and was almost fatal due to the blood loss.
    I stopped all my meds after tapering down the prednisone and been gluten free and take supplements. Been symptom free for a year now and 35 weeks pregnant and now all of a sudden a flare is starting.

    I’m just wondering what enema you are using and how much water – colloidal silver you put in it. I can’t take wild oregano atm but used it before and works really well.

    I hope you can give me some advice!


  23. Marine

    Hey Keek!
    I was actually doing perfectly well until I myself got pregnant a few months ago. The first ten I constantly had blood whatever I did and realised just how big of a role hormones play. After week 10 it stopped on its own and it’s been fine since unless I drink juice. Unfortunately there is little we can try due to pregnancy. You can try the enema in case it helps. I put only colloidal silver but that is enough for proctitis. if you have proper UC put some filtered water. I usually get it from the pharmacy. Good luck and all the best!

  24. Keek Van Eijk

    Hey marine,

    Congrats on the pregnancy!! Im going towards my 36 week mark and still blood in my stool.

    Ive been trying to cope with tumeric caps and gluten free diet but I need something that heals it!!

    I ordered my enema and colloidial silver also a supplement that contains slippery elm and marshmallow root I ll see how I go hopefully the enema will keep things under control!
    Thanks for the support,


  25. Marine

    Thank you very much!!! Let us know how it’s going. I hope you are feeling better! Maybe you already gave birth :)

    Now you can definitely try slippery elm and most of the supplements that they say can cause contractions since you’re at the end of your pregnancy. I couldn’t and still can’t use them. I do think hormones play a big role. Perhaps the future of UC treatment will be hormonal like they are now considering for MS which is also autoimmune.

    Best of luck with everything and hope you are in good health enjoying the last days of your pregnancy or your beautiful newborn :D

  26. To take Oregano oil without it burning your mouth, you can put it in empty gel capsules that come in small to extra large sizes at Natural Grocers (used to be Vitamin Cottage). I learned to do this when taking very bitter grapefruit seed extract as a natural antibiotic.

    For anyone who has trouble swallowing pills/capsules, a doctor’s wife taught me how to overcome this. Take a bite of food for every pill you need to swallow. After you are done chewing your food, your body naturally wants to swallow. Pop a pill in your mouth right as you feel you are going to swallow. The pills go right down and you don’t notice them. The food smooths the way and you don’t get the gag reflex since your body is expecting food to go down your throat. This worked great for me…hope it helps someone else as well.

  27. Hi, I have been diagnosed with collitis last month. I am 32 had a initial flare 7 years ago but it went away after a colonoscopy not sure why , i wasnt even diagnosed than. Had a child sept2014 and have had bloody stools for about a year now. Was given flagyl and an enema but not working. Reading these comments I see my diet has to change. I am going to try the collodial silver enemas and the olive oil, oregano oil, and kefir starting this week.

  28. Has anyone tried taking cayenne pepper to stop the bloody diarrhea? I took 1 teaspoon 3 times a day in applesauce and then drank 1/2 c hot water each time. For 2 days I had no bleeding or diarrhea after a 1 1 /2 year long flare up with few tiny breaks in between. I thought I had found a miracle cure. Then on the third day, I had the same bloody diarrhea again.

    I’m getting discouraged as I’ve tried so many diets and supplements.

    I’m not sure about trying colloidal silver since the reason I am in this flare up in the first place is from taking an antibiotic when I had a gum infection. Wondering if CS isn’t going to have the same effect as a prescription antibiotic.

    Originally, over 25 years ago, I had my first bout of ulcerative colitis after going to the mountains in Colorado for the weekend and think it was from drinking the water there. Of course no one can know for sure. That is the only thing I could think might have triggered it.

  29. Hello there.
    I am desperately searching for solutions to help control my Ulcerated Colitis. So did you say you just put the 25ml of Colloidal Silver directly in or do you mix it with another fluid? Also, when you use the olive leaf extract, is it orally taken?
    All new to me but I really need to get my life somewhere back on normal.

  30. Marine

    Hi Mark

    Yes, only colloidal silver directly and Olive leaf extract orally. I know what you mean by getting your life back to normal. So far though I must say this is not a cure. But it might help you manage the disease without drugs. I will call it a cure once I am symptom free for more than a couple of years and eating normally.

    Childbirth hormones knocked me out a bit and I started seeing blood again. At first I was not sure if I should use anything since I was also breastfeeding but blood and bms increased and I thought ok if I don’t do anything, I will go on prednisone. Did not want that. Tried colloidal silver but this time it did not help on its own. I decided to give vitamin E enema another shot. So I now put up to 8000IU of Vitamin E in about 15ml of colloidal silver after a bm, lie down at least 15 min on my left side and usually manage to keep it in at least until evening or sometimes the next day. Bms reduced to one, no diarrhea, very little blood left. After a week I also started taking probiotics one of which is the European equivalent of VSL3. Not sure if it’s working yet but they said it needs 3 weeks at least to show results.
    Diet is as follows – brown rice daily, cooked or steamed vegetables, max one fruit, eggs a couple of times a week, cooked village chicken (one that tasted like chicken and not paper) a couple of times a week as well as some fish, wholewheat pasta.

    I wish I could have my life back but if I can at least manage this without drugs I am still happy. Let me know if you have any questions or your results. You should definitely see a difference within one week.

  31. Hey guys! This is very interesting to see the interaction of colloidal silver and UC. I just want to point out, like with every product, that colloidal silver may vary in quality (water quality, particle size, impure silver, manufacturing environment etc., ). There are many products out there that promise a certain quality but are just thinned with water. And they make a lot of money with it, too! I know this for a fact as a close relative is doing his scientific research on CS since 15 years. So if you try CS enema and it doesnt work properly you might want to try other brands.

  32. Hi Marine, thanks so much for sharing your rich experience with us. I hope you are doing good and no blood nowadays. I have been taking CS orally for a month but no difference. I tried enema 30 ml for a week and no difference too. I use CS 8 ppm what concentration do you use?

    Diana. Thanks for your comment too. Can you please let me know what concentration of CS do you use?

    1. Marine

      Hi Steve! Sorry for the late reply. The one I used contains 0.0006 to 0.005 microns. I have not idea how much that is but that is how the brand I take contains. At the moment I am doing good. The hormones after childbirth had some effect but considering most women have very bad flares ups after childbirth, I did quite good. Currently one bm per day, formed although with a drop of blood every now and then. But ok there is so much I can do while breastfeeding so I decided to wait and see if the blood disappears completely on its own. For this I was doing colloidal silver enema combined with the vitamin E enema plus different probiotics. Together they seem to have done a good enough job.

  33. I have to testify to the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver (CS) as a treatment. I was diagnosed with UC in 2005, since then I have, on average had it return twice to three times a year since and last for two to four months before going back into remission. I started making and using CS about 3 years ago but mostly just drinking it for general health. It also works great on cut. I also spray it on vegetable and it keeps them fresh much longer. The stuff is really useful! Since then my UC has only been coming back about once a year and not lasting long, 2 to 4 weeks.

    I haven’t been drinking my CS as regular lately and my UC came back again and was very bad this time! I decided to try CS in an enema this time and found to to be very effective at making it go away.

    Once again, I make my own CS with 99.99% pure silver rods. I make it 15 ppm, so not super strong, and I use about 1oz once a day in an enema. Did it one day and then skipped a day, then did it again. The cramps and bleeding stopped and I stopped using it. after 2 more days it came back! So, I started using CS again and once again, day 3, bleeding stopped, cramping stopped and stool has become solid again!. Now on day four, I still feel so much better.

    I’m going to continue using CS everyday for 2 weeks and then tapper off slowly for another week. If it stays gone, i will feel successful.

    From now on as soon as I start having symptoms I will use it again. I think it really works!

    1. Marine

      Yey glad to hear you are doing well George! I must say that besides it helping my UC, CS has also helped me not get sick (as in flu) for the past 2 years! I used to get sick the flu at least twice a year. It’s been absolutely fantastic! Whenever i feel I am coming down with a flu, I spray cs into my nose and throat, take a sip, make lemonade with honey and all is well :) I hope it continues this way!!!

      1. Marine,
        I have read nearly all of your comments and I am on day 3 of the Vitamin E enema. It’s still too early to tell and I haven’t added the Colloidal Silver yet. I saw in your initial posts from 2010, you only did Vit E enemas and that did the trick back then. Then 4 years later on this thread it seems that Vit E alone didnt do the trick but adding Colloidal Silver did? Is that the case? When you take it at night, did you notice that the first movement in the morning contains some oil on top of the toilet water? I have, but I still have some blood and mucus to start the day everyday. I’m at an odd spot in my UC, I have formed stools but still several movements a day of only blood mixed with mucus, some watery but then some more formed mucus. I know everyone can be different, but that’s my explanation. Then after 2-3 of those movements I eventually have a BM that start with some mucus and blood, then formed stool comes out. Sometimes its a little softer at the end but most of the time is slips out solid because its still in a movement with a decent amount of mucus and some blood. I also started back on the Wild Oregano Oil when I started the Vit E enemas, since thats the route you went. I wanted to see how these went for a week or so before adding the Colloidal silver. I am in the same boat you were it sounds like where i usually only go 3-5 times a day not 20-30, but something still not right even with formed stools if I get mucus and pink to red blood in movements. Anyway, let us know how you are doing now and if you are still doing these. Thanks,

    2. Hi George! I know your comment is old but I have too have UC or as my GI states proctitis. I am going to be trying CS enemas as you and Marine recommend. I have a question; how do you make your colloidal silver? Is there a video you watched and used? I buy my CS and have different brands and strengths but I know there is nothing like making your own!
      I believe UC and most gut issues are from bacteria, yeast, mold and or parasites! And I do believe enema therapy is the most effective route to treat these issues! I have tried and used so many things for this disease over the last 15 years; I just want it gone! Looking forward to hearing from
      You! Thanks! Anthony

      1. Hi Anthony,

        How did the silver enema work for you? Any other hot tips? Would love to hear more of your story, trials & triumphs. Thankyou!

  34. Marine Please appease an old short minded man. I have read alot on this page but wanted to ask you directly. In 2012 i had a very small dose of UC and it went away on prednizone and sulferazine in about two months. It all came back around the first of January 2016 due to bad eating habits, beer and stress due to my Fathers passing. I have been on prednizone ever since and sometimes some high doses. I just started to using CS as an enema (25ml) and orally (2 tbs 3 X a day) also. My question is i have been giving myself the 25 ml. straight CS. Is this enough or do i need to use more to get further up the canal ? My collonoscopy showed UC up to the first bend in the intestine. I guess they call this the sigmoid part of the colon. I am not a little guy . Im 6’1″ and 235 lbs. if that helps. Also what would you suggest as a possible second enema >? Olive oil or what ? And how much and how to administer. Thank you for all your help.

  35. Keek Van Eijk

    Dear Marine,

    I was just wondering how everything is going?
    I remember you said something about the role of hormones and flaring up.
    I gave birth 11,5 months ago and haven’t had one flare until 3 months ago.
    I still breastfeed twice a day but less then in the beginning this is probably why my moods are changing and hormones starting to happen. I have been doing a lot of enemas and it keeps everything simmering low but still no remission and some days are worse then others..
    I remember you said you were pregnant and really wanna know how you are coping with the uc and if the enemas still work?
    Maybe we can have contact through email if that’s okay with you you really helped me out with my symptoms and mentioning the silver water.
    Let me know!!

  36. Hello Marine, I’m wondering about the dose of colloidal silver you were using for the enemas. Did you dilute the CS in 25 mls distilled water? Did you make your own with something like a Sota silver maker? Do you have any idea about how many ppm the CS was.
    I’m making my own & figure it’s around 5~7 ppm (good clear light yellow colour) Currently drinking about 1oz. daily in a small glass of distilled water. This has helped for sure in the small intestine but I also, as you, have diverticular ulcers in the lower sigmoid which still give me nasty variable symptoms. MD wants me to try mesalamine enemas but your blog sounds more promising.
    Also really appreciate the altruistic work you have done in developing this web site. Thank you!

  37. Are you or anyone familiar with coffee enemas? If so have they been helpful with us?? I’m currently taking l glutamine,sulfur,aloe Vera gel and chlorophyll.

  38. Marina
    Hi my name is Karen I have had UC for over 40 years on and off, I have taken every medication you can think of and have had many doctors. I was in remission for over 15 years then last year during a very stressful work situation it can back full force blood non-stop having about 15 bowel movements a day I tried everything and nothing stopped it. I had a my procedure done and he medicated the area that was giving me the problem and 2 day later nothing and I was ready to go and happy, then abut a month ago it came back so trying to get something that will help. I just want to make sure you did the enema’s for 8 day after a bowel movement and drank Kefer in the morning or evening. So my question is what is your maintenance at this point.

  39. Hi this is Karen again have not heard back from you yet but stared the silver and it has put me in a full flare what do you think it has only been two day?

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