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Peptide Therapy?

My name is Jeff. I live in Houston TX. I am 45 years old. My job requires extensive travel. I live in hotel rooms and airplanes the majority of the work week. I enjoy the outdoors and play golf as much as I can (pain permitting). I Have four beautiful kids and my wonderful wife of 20 years.

Some more background:

I love spending time with my family when I can. All my children are or were involved in sports. My two oldest children are out of high school and I have two that are still in. I Love to golf and fish not particularly in that order. Give me a nice day on any body of water with a fishing rod in my hand and life is good! I am a Marine Corps veteran. Veteran issues are very important to me, as I feel that a lot are cast away and forgotten, after giving so much to their country.


I have UC and Rheumatoid Arthritis. What a great combo! I currently no major noticeable symptoms. Although I think I am just used to the day to day discomfort that both auto-immune disorders bring to the table.

Jeff’s Story and questions about Peptide Therapy:

I was diagnosed in 2014 with major UC. I had some bleeding from time to time over the years. I just always thought it was hemorrhoids. Anyway I spent 3 weeks in the hospital refusing the surgeons pleas to remove my colon. Worst case my GI Dr ever saw. He told me I was going to die if they didn’t take it out. Remicade eventually saved it, but also gave me C diff. I lost 40lbs. It was bad. It took me 2 years of remicade and entyvio to get me half way back to normal. I am currently off all meds. Though they saved my colon the side effects were terrible. I got pericarditis, pustular psoriasis, chronic fatigue, and depression. Fortunately all that stopped when I got off the meds. I try and eat right and exercise (hard to do with all the travel).

In the last year I have also been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and avascular necrosis in my hip (same thing Bo Jackson had). While I was in the Marine Corps I was deployed quite often and received all kinds of medicine and vaccinations. A lot of guys coming out of the service have medical issues they can’t explain away. I often wonder if that is the case with me. My body just won’t stop attacking itself. I refuse to go back on any biologics. UC has changed my life in so many ways. Not all bad! I am more present in my family’s life even if I am away on business. I make time to stop and enjoy life even if it is for a minute out of my day. I try and keep stress down to a minimum. My wife, God bless her is very supportive and stuck by me through all the sickness and pain. My concern is that I keep getting auto immune disorders. What’s next? MS, Lupus etc….

I have heard great things about peptide therapy and have been doing research on a few different kinds. BPC157 and Ta1. Both peptides supposedly help in cell regeneration. BPC157 is great for compromised immune systems, and studies show great results with people suffering from IBD. The best way to administer apparently is through sub cutaneous injections. You can buy these peptides on the internet. Has anyone on this site ever tried peptide therapy? If so has it worked? I am interested to hear any feed back!

Medications Tried:

I have tried everything. The one thing that has helped me without side effects is a lot of fermented foods and kombachi. I eat a jar of sauerkraut a week. I take L glutamine , fish oil, vitamin B12, C, and D. I feel this is just managing symptoms. I want to start to actually feel like my body is healing.

written by Jeff G

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8 thoughts on “Peptide Therapy?”

  1. Please read about the scd diet but more importantly scd 24 hr yogurt. The book Breaking the vicious cycle by Elaine Gottshal has all the info. The yogurt has cured me from colitis… 11 years of it and 5 years severe… massive blood loss and only just got out of colon removal. Read about the microbiome.
    Wishing you luck and total healing x

  2. I gave a similar story, similar age, and live in Houston as well. I’d love to talk to you and pick your brain. My doc is wanting me to start Remicade in about 3-4 weeks. Not super excited about that because I Really want to stay as natural and RX free as possible.

  3. Hi, I’m 46 woman and a fellow UC sufferer … I was diagnosed 6 months after the birth of my first son and he is now 16.
    I’ve had a rough journey, 1 hospital admission, countless episodes of anaemia and general overall sickness that an immune disorder like UC brings. I’ve been prescribed all manner of medication to help … mainly antiinflams and steroids over the years but am so grateful that 4 years ago I discovered the ‘Gut and Psychology Diet’ or ‘ Gaps’ by Dr Natasha McBride. I immersed myself in all the information and prepared fully for embarking on the diet as at the time I was so sick of being sick (mentally prepare as it takes dedication and organisation) and once I got started it easily became a way of life. 2 years later I was completely healed… I had a colonoscopy which showed no evidence at all of any inflammation or ulceration. The hospital couldn’t believe it. I would definitely read the SCD diet book by elaine Gosholt too … the GAPS diet builds upon its knowledge.
    General idea of both is to remove all ‘non single chain carbohydrates’ as well as other foods which cause gut irritation … reintroduce food groups according to a protocol… supplement the diet with therapeutic doses of probiotics and eat good sources of fermented foods/some raw dairy and drink copious amounts of bone broth.
    It’s the bone broth and probiotics that are the healing elements of the diet, and removing all potential ‘reactionary’ foods gives these time to work and heal the lining of your gut . There is also a supplement protocol which includes much of what you’re taking already if I remember … fish oils, circumin, etc etc. I hope you get some relief soon.

  4. Jeff G

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I am currently looking into a major diet change. Probably SCD. I have already limited my meat and gluten intake. Dottie you can email me at if you ever need to talk. Good to know there is another H-town UC’er close by.

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