Peppermint Tea Anyone – Helps My Colitis

Peppermint Tea (just plain or with honey)

Really helps because it is relaxing, and helps keep symptoms calm. I am not running to the bathroom all the time.

I have been on medications for very bad symptoms however its been awhile since I’ve last had to run to them. Initially I suffered from bloody lose stools and false sensations to use the bathroom, bad gas, and bloating. I used to pray to get through the day because I am not a sit-at-home kind of person. I was on medications for over a month(named below) and I felt I could stop taking them. Then I suffered from the same symptoms and nausea and vomiting in addition to all the other nasty stuff. Went on medications again for another 2 months then really got into my diet. I eat all organic and I drink tea constantly, just plain. I hope it helps someone else too. My breath is always great as well. I am not rushing home to use the bathroom since I have been bringing tea with me everywhere. I make iced homemade tea in the warmer weather. Good luck!

Previous medications I tried:

I was on Apriso

Peppermint Teas on

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  1. May I ask if honey ever hurts you? Most of the people I know who have UC are extremely fructose intolerant, including me and honey literally doubles me over with excruciating pain. I see so many people who post about using honey as a sweetener and I do not know if this is common. I am also extremely reactive to Agave nectar as it is also very high in fructose. It nearly killed me a couple of years ago when the craze hit and I went whole hog and nearly ended up in the hospital. Bled for days. Anyway, are there any other sweeteners your body can tolerate? I am new to this site have a lot of questions and also are you sensitive to wheat? I cannot tolerate it either. Neither can I eat or digest beef. Do you know if this is common? I was placed on the SCD diet and did not fare well as the grape juice made me very ill and the only fruit that I have found that does not hurt me is strawberries! I am now on the FODMAP diet and it is going really well, much better than I did on SCD. Well, just curious and will go more in depth in your site once the holiday frenzy has passed. Great site. L.L.L. P.S. oh of course, SCD is wheat free. Answered that one myself. Sorry.




    2. Usually without tea, now I am feeling very well I cut a lot of stress out of my life. But drink without honey if that’s better.

      – writer

  2. Hi Linda Lee,

    Since i read this post i went to the shop and bought some peppermint tea and the results i have found are amazing, i was having a flare when i read the post and as you may understand when you start to get a flare you panic and literally try anything to get out of it.

    Its been a little over two weeks since iv started drinking a cup of peppermint tea every morning and i feel so much better within myself hard stools, not really much urgency.

    Regarding the honey i feel it has a positive effect on my colitis i try n eat it alot, in my head i have an image that honey makes the food go down my digestive pipes with more ease and helps my digestion.

    The peppermint tea may not be having any affect on me at all it may be just positive thinking which i am starting to think is the key to winning the battle with colitis. I will say i am very good with my diet i eat similar to the SCD i just try and cut out bread, fizzy drinks chips (fries) and just mainly carbs as they are really hard to digest.

    For breakfast i have banana 2 eggs mash them together and make a banana pancake, lunch just chicken salad or soup then chicken or another lean meat and veg for dinner. (can get very dull) but i find stick to that for around a week or so your body only takes a couple of days to heal then you can start sneeking a few snacks in but dont be to bad or else you can start right back from square one.

    also im on azathriprine and take probiotics fishoils, multivitamins, ginger and milk thistle.

    Anyway sorry im rambling if you want to talk anymore or you think the advice can help you feel free to ask me anymore question but if you think what im saying is garbage i wont be offended :-)


    1. That’s wonderful Tom, and yes positive thinking is the best way to be!! I cut loads of stress out of mylife including over thinking things. I look at carrying a tea with me like a personal comfort, no one knows that I have to drink it for wellness, it’s my own personal escape and it helps keep calm and positive!!!


      1. Theresa, how did you get yourself to stop over thinking things? I analyze way too much and worry about things a lot. Try to give it to God but then I take it right back. And are you taking peppermint tea around with you or what kind?

    2. This is the first time Ive even been able to look at the computer, on this issue, and I am doing so through tears, as I thought I was going to die, when my awesome, beautiful 19 year old child, was ravaged with this disease, recently. I am not computer literate, so I couldn’t even get into IC blogs, I could only read peoples experiences, at that time, which I did day and night, as I couldn’t sleep, with his suffering. After a hospitalization, his flare has been calmed, but I live in fear, that it will reoccur, so I’m trying to learn how to either keep him well, or heal him, with ? many adjustments in out living style

  3. Peppermint tea rocks! When I’m between flares, it helps with gas, bloating & constipation. Now that I’m in a flare, I find that it seems to relax my abdomen, relieve some pain and reduce urgency. I don’t have much luck with any other liquids (cold water is the worst). Of course, since I know it’s “good for me” I get a little resistant about drinking it. I just need to tell myself that the more peppermint tea I drink, the sooner I’ll be able to bury my face in a plate of SCD-approved nachos.

  4. I am feeling very afraid at the moment. I guess because I was reading about surgery and I do not want to have to result in having my colon removed. I would like to learn how to conquer this disease. If I cannot get cured I would at least like to prevent getting flareups. I was diagnosed with UC a year ago after a colonoscopy. I was prescribed prednisone and Lialda. I refused to take the prednisone but the Lialda seemed to work ok. It improved my situation and my condition improved. It helped to stop the bleeding and mucus discharge so I stopped taking the medication. Everything seemed ok but the bleeding and mucus discharge started all over again a week ago. I now know that this is an ongoing situation. I have now decided to go back on Lialda and to totally change my diet.I know that this is going to be very hard to do but I am frightened to death of having surgery. One think I know is I am tired of being frightened by the bloody stools and the thought of losing my colon. I am tired of crying over this. I just need to know what I can do.

    1. Hello, my name is Stephanie 18, I also suffer with UC, I found out I had it in February and I’m having another flare up and I take Lialda and they put me on prednisone for a little bit. Can you tell me what Is good to eat and what I should avoid. I’m so scared and angry I wish there was a cure. And does peppermint tea really work, I’m kinda leery of that.

  5. Awesome! Peppermint tea works for me too :) Also ginger tea. Great choice with the organic foods. There’s so much crap in foods these days, it’s best to go organic.

    1. Hi Juliette, I juice ginger in a veggie juice, but when I’m bad it tends to burn. But once healthy I just daily, I feel it helps prevent. Btw I think you may like celeri, it’s a natural cure for inflammation and it’s made of 70% water. I found that out recently. Those are all hydrating fruits, great for the body.


  6. Let me tell you, the past few days have been hard. I’ve gone from SAD to SCD to starting Vegan (vegetarian seemed to help me in stay in 15yr remission before) and since it looks like nothing is digesting and I’m getting stomach cramps and the runs (going on 4 months now), I cut back to just juice for a couple days and still stomach pains and bad symptoms!!! I am at that place where I’m like, ok what now? I just happened to have the peppermint tea last night and this morning, since I remembered I bought it from Traditional Medicinals for digestion. Yay! I’m trying to remember (oh I don’t usually remember) to use something I learned in the Self Healing for Colitis book, somatic healing (taking a self scan of your body, woowoo), but to me that means putting my hand on my belly to calm it listen and search and ask for what’s going on, ask if it wants a certain food or drink or supplement. A yes is a warm upward sensation of energy, a no is a cool downward sensation (for me). When I asked about the tea, my belly was a warm happy belly! For those familiar with muscle testing that is a good way to ask your body as well. Yes, this is only for the woowoos, but I’m finding lately I wuv the woowoo and me belly does too!

  7. Yeah! I bought tinctures (essential oils) of both ginger and peppermint spirits that I carry around with me all the time. I try to have a bottle of water with me all of the time and add a few drops of one or the other to aid my digestion throughout the day. I still get bloody stools every day all day long though (currently working on trying to get out of the current flare), which is a bummer, but whenever I drink it I do usually feel a little calmer, and only use the restroom every 1-2 hours. :(

    Currently, I’ve been looking up some info on digestive bitters-anybody know anything about those? I know ginger and peppermint are bitter herbs and promote increased bile production to aid digestion, and I’m thinking taking the digestive bitters will also help in this same way. Any advice out there? I’m thinking a couple drops before/after meals/snacks?

    1. Yikes :/ I’m sorry you’re in such a bad flare. Why dont you try some calming foods to help heal and bring down the flare. What usually works for me is juicing cucumbers, watermelons, or carrots. Also any melons really help like honeydew and cantaloupe. Pineapple juice seems to be good too. But yeah, still have those teas! After going on the juices and tea for a couple days, I start having foods that are easy to digest like avocado, bananas, canned apricots and peaches etc. Once im doing better, I go back to my anti-inflammatory diet. Hope you feel better soon!!

    2. Oils are very tough, sometimes they can be too strong. I had a friend give me some type of oregano oil and I had a bad reaction to it. I find it’s best to go back to bland foods and just relax a bit then introduce good easy to digest fruits and veggies like celeri, squash, cumcumber or whatever is easier for you. Good luck!

  8. Thanks guys for reading, I’m so happy to say I’m in a complete remission right now. April got bad, i had a colonoscopy they found 4 ulcers and out me on liadla, and this time I felt I knew how to handle it. I don’t stress and keep giving myself positivity and credit everyday. I treat myself more and appreciate everything. Best of luck to everyone, try to have a good summer!!!

    I feel a little more comfortable talking out in public, I’ve found more people with it.

  9. The peppermint tea idea sounds great as I am currently in a flare for the past few months. Does anyone know whether spearmint tea would work as well?

  10. I have had UC 2 years now….I find Green tea is helpful….

    I have been eating the Paleo way and it has helped me tremendously. It has also made me more acutely aware of the foods I cannot tolerate. The SCD did not cut it for me as I found limited information and boring recipes. Although Paleo has been a life style change for my husband and I, it is well worth the money and time!! Gross…but I have had more normal stools than I have had in years, and cut down my bowel movements significantly from the 4-5 I was having if not more a day to 1-2. I also don’t have to RUN to the bathroom anymore, I can take my time….the URGENCY isn’t there when I eat healthy.

    I am going to try, after reading posts, the peppermint tea and see if this is helpful!

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