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Patiently Awaiting Remission Once Again


I am a 26 year old female from North Carolina, was diagnosed June of 2011. I have had 3 flares up since and just had my second colonoscopy.


I am currently in a flare up, lots of trips to the bathroom, fatigue and pain.

My Story:

I just had my second colonoscopy this week, over half my colon is inflammed. Third flare this year, I haven’t been able to find a happy medium between flare ups and remission. Once I get off prednisone I am ok for about 2 months before I flare again. I will be following up with my MD in about 2 weeks to discuss a new medicine, either a 6MP or a trial that my MD’s office is doing for UC patients.
I really hate prednisone!! My whole body swells up and then I get really achy joints when tempering. So I will be really happy to get off that once and for all but I am really scared about the side effects of the 6MP/trial drugs. I am currently childless and I am worried that these drugs will have affects on my child bearing years.  Does anyone have any opinions about 6MP drugs or trial drugs?? Any suggestions would be very helpful as I don’t have anyone with experience to give me their opinions.
What can I do to help with the fatigue?
I am a very active young adult but recently I have not been active due to just being tired. I don’t go out much anymore, used to socially drink but have quit doing that as the next day I am in pain.  I also have a High Fructose Corn Syrup Intolerance that was discovered about a year prior to the UC dx. Many foods that are good for UC is bad for my Intolerance and vice versa. Does anyone else have the same issue or know where to get more infomation on diet tips? My MD just gave me a book to read and that was helpful but I would like more food choices. Has anyone went to a dietitian for help? I have been debating going but didn’t know how helpful it would be with both diagnoses.
Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:
In one year from now I would like to be off medications or a limited amount and be controlling my remission.
Colitis Medications:
I was diagnosed last June and have been on Prednisone three times (currently on the third time) since. I have been on Ascol, Lialda, and Apriso. Ascol HD is what I have been on since Sept. 2011 but it doesn’t seem to keep me in remission. I am really unhappy with Asacol HD and am really ready to find something better.

written by Kate

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2 thoughts on “Patiently Awaiting Remission Once Again”

  1. Hi Kate,
    I have had UC since 2008 and am currently in a flare that has been going on since last September. I went to a seminar recently about food sensitivities and inflammation. The test is called ALCAT. Its very pricey but I’m excited to have it done to see if I have some foods that I need to eliminate. I agree about the meds and the scary side effects. I take 4 liada a day and also 2 vsl#3 probiotic pills a day. I sweat the probiotics are helping lots but not 100% so I may still need to go on the next med which is imuran / azathioprine, an immunosuppression drug but first I want to get the alcat test done because I truly believe food plays a huge part in this disease. Try to stay positive even though its super hard sometimes. Good luck to you and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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