Pakistani Chick with Colitis

Background Story:

Hi, my name is Irma. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in September 2010. Since then i’ve already been hospitalized three times. Unfortunately, I wasn’t responding to Asacol, or Pentesa. Finally my doctor put me on Asacol and it seems to be working, Well, I think since this morning I started having bleeding with no diarrhea.

Irma’s Colitis Story:

Well first of all I am glad to say that I am not embarrassed of having this disease. I like to inform people of what UC is, only because I believe information is a major factor of finding resources and possibly (God willing) a Cure for any UC or any disease.
My first doctor told me that I would be on Prednizone for life. At that time I couldn’t even pronounce Ulcerative Collitis (ESL) :) but for some reason I didn’t trust the Prednizone or my doctor. I started research online and found this amazing website. I found out about the SCD diet and have been following it religiously. I also found a new doctor who seemed to be on the same page, and wants me off the prednizone (yeppiee). Sadly, I am just not able to control my stress level. I want to start Yoga but I need a little bit more motivation. One of my stressor is the hair loss associated with this disease, so if any of you can give me any Information on that I’d really appreciate it. I had a tonsillectomy two years ago, and when I was diagnosed, I wondered if it had anything to do with me having UC since tonsils are a part of your immune system and UC is an autoimmune disease???? Please comment! Also I read somewhere that having scoliosis (which just means that my¬† back bone is a little crooked) can also contribute to Ulcerative Colitis, which sounds really weird but I have a curios mind :) so please comment on that as well. Well I wish you all well, My Love and Prayers go out to all of us struggling with this disease please take care.

Irma’s Medications:

Asacol 4 two times a day (hopefully soon, none after I kick this freakin disease to the curb with the SCD diet one day)
multi-vitamin- Freeda
10 mg prednizone (tapering)
oh, and a BIG bottle of HOPE! You have to make your own :)


11 thoughts on “Pakistani Chick with Colitis”

  1. Hey Irma,
    thank so much for sharing your story, I can’t really help you with your questions regarding the tonsils and the scoliosis, but your positive attitude is SUPER AWESOME!

  2. Hello, I wanted to comment because as a girl the hair loss does hit us hard. I’m recovering from a flare right now, I’m taking the same medication as you. I try not to wash my hair too much maybe every three days. I use conditioner but not on my scalp. I only towel dry and then use a detanler spray. This works for me because I’m not pulling my hair out. I have long hair but I heard that if I cut it short it will fall less so I might cut it. I hope this helps a bit.

  3. Hi Irma, this is Sharjeel i am also from pakistan and i have UC since Dec 2008…..i did a lot of research on it and tried my options but till now i m not much successful with any….hopefully we can discuss things and can share doctor’s information….feel free to write to me as i m trying to find people with UC here and form a small group so that we can help each other… email id is….looking forward to your email….

  4. Hi, I have been diagnosed with UC in 2006 when I was 16 years old. It took almost 7 months to diagnose my disease just because of lack of information at that time. Initially, doctors treated it as simple food poisoning and IBS. Then, I luckily found a good but highly expensive doctor who diagnosed it. He prescribed asacol but then he recommended sulfazodine and imuran. I was also on steroids.
    I would recommend all of the UC people to eat a lot of bananas, turmeric powder, isabgol, mint water, and have low carb diet. It really helps.
    And yes, plz share any other remedies for it, either natural or homeopathic.

  5. And yes, plz plz share your doctors’ information and your cities. Because its very difficult to find a good and reliable doctor in Pakistan specially for this type of disease which is not famous.

  6. Best thing for hair loss which worked for me with uc is pineapple juice and betroots however the betroots can scare you as it colour stools but inshallah it will work also the best thing to do is eat lots and lots spinach It keeps your iron levels up May Allah swt make it easy for you all tbh I had my surgery and removed my colon however I was unlucky because I keep relapasing and flare up and am very dependant on prednisolone

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