Pain Survey Picture #33

Pain Survey #33
Question #1: Have you ever experienced pain that you think is associated with your ulcerative colitis?


Question #2: What do you usually do to help manage UC related pain?
✓ Try to relax
✓ Meditate
✓ Other: do some yoga & breathing exercise to overcome pain

Question #3: Have you ever taken a pain medication to help manage UC related pain?

Question #4: What type of pain medication(s) have you taken to help manage your UC pain?
✓ Prescription pain medications
Comment: avoid oily & spicy food,specially red chillies. taking plain food specially vegetarian.Chewing pomegranate seeds regularly reduces the risk of UC.

Question #5: What is the name of the pain medication you think works the best for you?
Prednisolone along with mesalamine prolonged release tablets

Question #6:  Any comment or thoughts you would like to add for other UC’ers to read about…here is the place:
avoid heavy consumption of alcohol & tobacco & try to live a stress free life.over stress is the major cause of UC. maintain a healthy diet & avoid the food which causes remission & increases pain.

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