Pain Survey Picture #32

Pain Survey #32
Question #1: Have you ever experienced pain that you think is associated with your ulcerative colitis?
Question #2: What do you usually do to help manage UC related pain?
✓ Try to relax
Question #3: Have you ever taken a pain medication to help manage UC related pain?
Question #4: What type of pain medication(s) have you taken to help manage your UC pain?
[box]✓ Prescription pain medications
Comment: I took Duspatalin recently for the pain and it worked taking two pills 20mins before eating… but then went on the SCD diet and the pain went so no more pills cause no more pain![/box]
Question #5: What is the name of the pain medication you think works the best for you?
[box]I don’t think any medication works for me, I am on mesazaline in pills and foam and it doesn’t do anything , was on prednisone and with mesalazine and that didn’t work. Plus then I was put on Imurel which made me even sicker, that was pure poison gave me a secondary hepatitis, heart palpitations, chest pain, sore joints, excema, and hair falling out.[/box]
Question #6:  Any comment or thoughts you would like to add for other UC’ers to read about…here is the place:
Change your diet, for me none of the medicines are working and I am not going on anymore immune suppressors cause they are just poison. I have been ten months this bout of colitis, my third since last year since I have been diagnosed . This one being the longest ten months and and not able to be controlled with the medicines.. so about a week and a half ago I started to eat the scd diet and am feeling way better. I am going to get better the natural way, I refuse to take any more strong medicines cause the side affects just make me worse and I get sick with other things thanks to them.
Take vitamin and mineral complex, change your diet and take probiotics. Ginger tablets for gasy tummies… and I am also doing a cleanse…oregano capsules 2 weeks to kill candida and bacterias. Also Tincture of black walnut and wormwood.
I believe that I am riddled with bad bacteria overgrowth and also candida because I have had candida twice , plus nail fungus, plus excema in my head and face. So on top of the diet I am doing a cleanse to kill off those nasties. Then once I have cleaned out my intestines then repopulate it with good bacterias… thats my idea on how to speed up the curing of the intestinal walls and ulcers hopefully with time, and the diet of course…
I just started making my yogurt and now will give the yogurt a try am very excited hahaha, first time I made yogurt in my life !! Looks good, am looking forward to eating all those billions of healthy bacterias. I am totally convinced I will get better this way I feel so much better honestly.
Also keep positive , I think that also thinking positive really helps to heal. I am so over the moon to have started the diet and see results in days and am feeling better it has brought up my spirits and I am so positive now. I think it is really important to stay positive and don’t give up, don’t listen to doctors who tell you don’t go on the internet …. If I hadn’t researched so much I wouldn’t be getting better. Cause my doctor only believes in medicines. Don’t give up. I have had it bad and got really depressed but then thats not me, so got me back and said to myself right , your not going to get better waiting for the specialist… so I didn’t stop studying all I could about everything possibly written about colitis. Do stuff that makes you happy and smile, joke and make the most of your good moments… remember the only way is up baby!!!

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2 thoughts on “Pain Survey Picture #32”

  1. Kudos to # 32 on the pain survey. Thank you for sharing
    your optimism and also your experience with the SCD diet.
    Keep spreading the news… The science is there for the new
    way you’re eating. Just let your GI Doctor know how you’re
    improving. Hopefully, he/she will suggest it to all the other
    patients being seen for inflammatory bowel ceases. By
    advocating for yourself and looking for answers you found
    ihaveuc! :)

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