Pain Survey Picture #31

Pain Survey #31
Question #1: Have you ever experienced pain that you think is associated with your ulcerative colitis?


Question #2: What do you usually do to help manage UC related pain?
✓ Take a shower
✓ Go to the bathroom (to poop)
✓ Other: Ride it out
Comment: For me it was generally short term at most so a shower and a good night sleet and it generally subsided

Question #3: Have you ever taken a pain medication to help manage UC related pain?

Question #4: What type of pain medication(s) have you taken to help manage your UC pain?
✓ Other: T-3 generally 2 at a time about every 5 or 6 hours

Question #5: What is the name of the pain medication you think works the best for you?
Tylenol #3

Question #6:  Any comment or thoughts you would like to add for other UC’ers to read about…here is the place:
When I got bad pain it was generally a result of the food I ate. I am a very restricted(fussy) eater even before I got UC so my eating habits are extremely bazar the by most people’s standards. So when I have a problem I can generally pinpoint what it was that initiated the problem.

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