Pain Survey Picture #1

Here are pictures of participants (with their answers) who took part in the survey this month:

Pain Survey #1

Question #1: Have you ever experienced pain that you think is associated with your ulcerative colitis?


Question #2: What do you usually do to help manage UC related pain?

Try to relax
Go to sleep or take a nap
Sit down
Take a shower
Go to the bathroom (to poop)
Take a pain pill

Comment: I used to suffer from severe peripheral arthritic pain related to colitis flare-ups. I had regular appointments with a rheumatologist who helped me to find solutions to relieve the pain. This included: gentle stretching, exercises that are easy on the joints, such as yoga and swimming, and increasing my dosages of anti-inflammatory meds such as Asacol. I also used extra strength Tylenol to relieve more severe pain episodes. Making an effort to have a more balanced life, where I have time to focus on my emotional and physical wellbeing has taken away all symptoms. I cannot recommend going to counselling enough to deal with unhealthy thought patterns, in addition to practicing yoga and meditation. All of this has helped me significantly.

Question #3: Have you ever taken a pain medication to help manage UC related pain?


Question #4: What type of pain medication(s) have you taken to help manage your UC pain?

Over the Counter(OTC) pain medications (no prescription needed)

Question #5: What is the name of the pain medication you think works the best for you?

skipped by participant

Question #6:  Any comment or thoughts you would like to add for other UC’ers to read about…here is the place:

Although I have never experienced abdominal pain related to flare-ups, I did have extreme discomfort in my abdomen during flareups. My stomach would feel very queasy and unsettled for weeks at a time.

The peripheral arthritic pain was a different story but I am happy to say that after being inflammation-free for over three years now, I have not experienced any of these side effects.


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