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Jo with father benefiting from symprove

My Father’s Success Battling Ulcerative Colitis Explained

I have been dipping in and out of your website on behalf of my dad and thought I would share what has helped him as I know when I was researching you can become bogged down by information.  These are just my findings but I hope it may help someone with this awful condition.  I wasn’t sure how to add this info directly onto your… Read More »My Father’s Success Battling Ulcerative Colitis Explained


IBD Clinical Trial Involving Saffron

Quick update to all those interested, especially for those in the Washington DC area of the United States. A longtime user of the iHaveUC site sent me an email recently to explain how a clinical trial is going on and open for enrollment. It is listed on the master of clinical trial webpages here: Last night I messaged the lead investigator of the trial… Read More »IBD Clinical Trial Involving Saffron

Getting Moderna Shot 2

Just a little video about moderna shot #1 and in an hour I’ll be getting g the second moderna shot for the Covid virus. Of course hoping no serious side effects or adverse reactions come up, but we will have to just wait and see. The first shot was a piece of cake, with nothing weird to report other than a very slightly sore upper… Read More »Getting Moderna Shot 2

hiking with shovel

How Can You Go on a Long Hike With Ulcerative Colitis

So, a few days ago I received a message from a mother of a UC’er asking about people who had experience hiking the Appalachian Trail with ulcerative colitis. For those who don’t know, that particular trail is in the Eastern United States and runs from Georgia up to Maine. The length is around 2,200 miles or 3,500 km. Most people don’t hike the whole trail… Read More »How Can You Go on a Long Hike With Ulcerative Colitis

Tony D

Looking for SCD and FODMAP Insight

Mild symptoms, thankfully. Some cramping, loose BM. My Bristol scale is 4-6. No bleeding in 3 mos. at which time it was very mild and lasted only a few days because I went to daily Rowasa usage. having read many entries, I feel truly blessed my symptoms aren’t as severe as others here! Something interesting about me: I’m American Indian and sing at Pow Wow’s.… Read More »Looking for SCD and FODMAP Insight