UCeris / Budesonide Sachets for UC Flare

How a Bad Ulcerative Colitis Flare Started and Stopped (Part 2)

Thank you again for watching the video, and a very big thank you to Dr. Neil Stollman, https://www.eastbaygi.com/our-team/neil-h-stollman-m-d-facp-facg-agaf/ Also, some other interesting details some of you might be interested in: When I walked into the hospital in Spain (Valencia’s La FE hospital) I presented to them my European insurance card, which I received in the Czech Republic. This costs me about $90/month, the rates just… Read More »How a Bad Ulcerative Colitis Flare Started and Stopped (Part 2)

6 year old with ulcerative colitis

My Innocent 6 Year Old Girl

6 Years Old with Ulcerative Colitis in Western Australia Hi I’m a mum of 4, my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with UC 8 months ago and my husband and I are seeking hope that things will get better for our sweet girl. We are from a coastal town, 3 hours from the city (where our gastro team is) in Western Australia. We love… Read More »My Innocent 6 Year Old Girl

EVOO – A Proven Maintenance Therapy?

  It’s been a long time since I posted a story on this great site and an update is well overdue. I am Graham, the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) convert, guinea pig and advocate. Diagnosed over 20 years ago I have trodden the familiar route of medication, realised that’s not the whole solution, smoked, not smoking, researched diet/food/deficiencies, over and over to the point… Read More »EVOO – A Proven Maintenance Therapy?

garon with south african actor

Desperate for Advice on Dealing with UC in a New Country

Meet Garon: I’ve had UC for 9 years now and only since I moved from Revellex to Humira last year did I fully experience remission for the first time in 9 years. It has been a rather arduous journey to get here. Im 35 years old, well 36 on the 3rd January (tomorrow) and am going strong. Some More About Garon: I’m an aspiring film… Read More »Desperate for Advice on Dealing with UC in a New Country