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Some Updates In The Time of Corona Virus Plus Lemon Myrtle Tea News

Hey UC’ers, What a crazy past few months for just about all of us eh..? I have been way absent from the site, but wanted to jump on to give a few quick updates. First is from a woman with IBD who is starting a Podcast for all of you, check out the message below: Hey Adam! I just wanted to e-mail you to inform you that… Read More »Some Updates In The Time of Corona Virus Plus Lemon Myrtle Tea News

What a Find

Radio host of Up Front in the Prophetic, researcher, happily married and mother of five beautiful children. I was Diagnosed with UC a year and a half ago after taking antibiotics for bronchitis. I ended up in the hospital because of cramping and diarrhea thus after a CT scan and sigmoidoscopy, the doctors labelled the condition as UC. Since our children are older and live… Read More »What a Find

Some Exercises For Free Coronavirus Quarantine Time

Below is a link to a website I use regularly. There is plenty of free classes on their from yoga to meditation and more. I think it will be helpful for those of us struggling with more alone time than we are used to. I just did the 26 minute lower back stretch/yoga course and feel a bit better. You might too. https://www.doyogawithme.com/content/hatha-yoga-therapy-lower-back “This is… Read More »Some Exercises For Free Coronavirus Quarantine Time

Track Bowel Patterns Like a Pro

With ulcerative colitis or another chronic gastrointestinal disease, you know how important it is to understand the patterns of your bowel movements. Tracking patterns can tell you a lot about how the diet and lifestyle choices you make every day influence your GI health. It can also help you and your doctor monitor your condition and the effectiveness of treatment. Now there’s a new, high… Read More »Track Bowel Patterns Like a Pro