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175 Ulcerative Colitis Game Changers – Survey is Complete

Once again the iHaveUC newsletter subscribers have outdone themselves. All to benefit other UC’ers who will be surfing this website in the future. Awesome. And a great way to start off 2022. As a reminder to how this survey began, a newsletter subscriber named Paul responded to a recent message requesting we do something like this…and a few days later here we have it. Thanks… Read More »175 Ulcerative Colitis Game Changers – Survey is Complete

firefighter with ulcerative colitis

Dee Dee Sharing Some Ideas about UC

I gratefully found your website 5 years ago or so when my husband was diagnosed. Being of the stubborn type and wanting to try alternative options after his colonoscopy we went paleo for a time and there was no blood for a couple years. He never took the meds and appeared very healthy with no symptoms until a burdensome work/stress schedule came along and a… Read More »Dee Dee Sharing Some Ideas about UC

Conversations about Vaccinations

Just had 3rd Moderna Vaccine update Posted by I Have UC – Ulcerative Colitis Support Group on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 Today I wanted to post up a video which included a live stream on the page. The video is about my experience (after only about 27 hours so far) from getting my 3rd Moderna vaccination yesterday. Was a bit more interesting this time… Read More »Conversations about Vaccinations