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Prednisone or Not?

My son Eddie is 19 diagnosed with Crohn’s at 13. A year after a detached retina was repaired putting heavy silicone in his right eye. My son enjoys science fiction, navigation sites like Google maps, and playing the piano. Any advice on the scd diet? How to build more calories, when he won’t be sensitive to eggs, yogurt? Considering putting bk on Prednisone to gain… Read More »Prednisone or Not?

adam having soup

Scoring the “How are you Feeling” Question

So traditionally, the fall and winter times have been the hardest times of the year for me and my ulcerative colitis. I can’t really say that I remember a flare up coming on during the summer months. But…maybe there was one that I just don’t remember since 2008(when I got the UC diagnosis). Either way, the winter time is coming really soon. Right now, I’m… Read More »Scoring the “How are you Feeling” Question

Project for UC’ers Who Have or Have Not Been on a Biologic

LaGrippe Research is currently inviting individuals diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) to participate in their discussion. The purpose of this project is to gain insights and opinions on treatment, management, and overall care with UC to put towards research. Those who participate will be kept anonymous throughout the entire project. This is not a clinical trial, and this is not a sales call. Strictly just a discussion… Read More »Project for UC’ers Who Have or Have Not Been on a Biologic