Over Excited SCD’er Needs Advice

Hi All,

I have been on the SCD DIET for a month and a half, and while I had a few weeks of improvement – less blood, less Bowel Movements, more energy – I have just had a bad few days. On Tuesday I lost a lot of blood down the toilet and thought about how shocked some people would be if they saw it. Yesterday, I dragged myself to work, but came back home feeling so dreadful, almost flu-like, that I’ve finally succumbed and taken a day off work. I think my relapse is all my own fault and would love to hear advice from anyone on this. Basically I did the starter diet for a few days and then dived straight into all legals and got a bit over-excited – loads of fruit and veg, dry white wine if I was out socializing, occasional black coffee and so on. In this time, I have only lost a little weight, which is good, and on the whole, have been looking much better.

Until the last few days that is. So, I’m thinking I have to start again. I probably won’t do the soup this time, as it made me run to the loo, but I will keep to a plain diet of chicken/fish/beef, with the occasional portion of well-cooked carrots, eggs, and ripe bananas until I have reached a plateau. Then I promise to introduce new foods slowly and try not to overload my system. On Saturday, I counted 12 different fruit and veg that I had consumed – probably too many for a normal person, never mind someone who’s flaring. I’ve also been consuming quite a lot of SCD Yogurt, which seems to give me some relief, although still not wholly convinced.

Partly because one thing I’ve noticed on scd that I have a bit of a funny taste in my mouth – not overly pleasant -although my hubby assures me my breath doesn’t smell. And a bit of an achy throat. Does anyone recognize those symptoms? Or is it just my digestive system struggling to cope with my fruit and veg binges?

I am still committed to SCD and hope that it works for me in the end. I think a simple wholesome diet like this will be the making of me. It’s even encouraging me to cook and bake a lot more, and I’ve been making fabulous meals that my husband enjoys too. He probably won’t be that excited about the plain diet I’m about to embark on, but is extremely supportive.

Any advice from you guys would be so much appreciated. I need to get well asap as we’re doing another round of fertility treatment after Christmas and my goal is to be super healthy by then.

Thanks and good luck to you all.

Submitted by JoPoppy in the Colitis Venting Area

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  1. Hey There JoPoppy,

    Thanks for writing in your story. I’m so happy that you wrote in on this topic of starting the SCD diet to treat your UC, because I know tons of people have the same questions as you.

    First of all, I think you hit the nail on the head, in that you probably got overly excited with seeing some quick results and then dove head first into the foods that are listed as “legal” on the diet. Ulcerative Colitis is a tricky IBD disease. And for every person, there are subtle differences. If you are a believer in the SCD protocol, and the science behind it, its also true that everyone has different makeups to their gut bacteria. With that said, I think you are doing things perfectly with starting over on the intro diet, or “your version of the intro diet”.
    I myself have started over on “my version of the intro diet” this october as well.
    AND, I want to share a video with you about this start over. I have meant to create a post featuring this relatively long video compared to other diet related videos, but it documents what I ate for 5 days straight on my “starting over”.
    please realize that my symptoms before starting this video were gradually getting worse, 2-4 bowel moves per day, and increasing amounts of blood. never dripping red blood, but definitely red stuff mixed in with the stool.
    Also, please note, that I was medication free going into the video for 7 months, and I’m still medication free during and right now after the video. I hope it gives you some ideas.
    (Also, I would cut out the SCD Yogurt completely during your re-do intro diet, and also I would cut out the nuts and honey, and other fruits other than bananas. you’ll see that idea in the movie:
    ENJOY, and keep us posted on your progress:

  2. Hi there,

    I agree with Adam that you probably just need to slow the amount and variety of legal foods you are consuming, which it already seems you realize for yourself. At this point or when I was going through a flare I would cut out all fruit (maybe a ripe banana every once and a while), limit yogurt to one cup a day, cut down on the honey (1 tablespoon per day), and only eat vegetables that had been cooked well. I also found that drinking any alcohol, even wine would aggravate my symptoms immediately. I would try to stick to soups, simple eggs, meat dishes like the chicken breasts, cheese, turkey patties or grilled/roasted fish, etc. Also, watch out for coffee or even tea with caffeine. I found that any caffeine while flaring would aggravate symptoms immediately. Stick to caffeine free drinks or very watered down fruit juices.

    Lastly, remember that gut issues like UC and Crohns take a very long time to heal. I had issues while on the diet for more than 2 years before I started seeing serious gains in my condition. Don’t give up!

    Tucker Sweeney
    Author of Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: A Journey Through Life, Ulcerative Colitis, and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet
    BS Physical Education & Health

  3. Hi Adam,
    Thanks a lot for your response. Had a bad few days. Flew back to my family in Ireland only to wake up on Saturday with swollen wrists and elbows. Dad took me to the doctor and he reckons it’s peripheral arthritis associated with a UC flare-up. I couldn’t even pick up my nephew, which was hard, as he’s so cute :-(. Anyway, made a vat of chicken soup on Saturday and have been eating that ever since, along with a couple of home-made burgers and a few eggs. I had a bad morning of blood today, but been quiet all day ever since. Plain chicken breast for dinner – delish.

    Ever hopeful that I can get out of this. Apart from 2 knuckles, which are still looking a bit fat, my wrist/elbow swelling is almost gone. I will defeat this! Thanks for your humour and encouragement. Helps a lot!


  4. Hi Tucker,
    Just wanted to say thanks for your advice. Today has been relatively quiet, so I’ m encouraged to stay plain for the next wee while. Made more soup today and it was lovely! Tummy feels sort of normal. I’ve also drunk a lot of water, nothing else. Not even a green tea. Hoping that things continue to improve and I don’t need to resort to the steroids. Here’s to a long night of uninterrupted sleep (she said hopefully)!

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