Osteo- What?

After being diagnosed with UC when I was 17 years old, I was put on tons and tons of steroids. Of course, I really didn’t understand the “hurt” it would actually cause my body. I was aware that it would be saving my life, in which, it did, but it also made my body age, dramatically.

I feel like I’m no longer young and invincible… I am old and fragile.

I recently had a bone density scan a few days after my 21st birthday (Nov. 16th)… I was waiting anxiously for the test results, and I thought all would be well, until I walked into my doctors office and they said my bones are weak, and basically I was not able to do as many things as I want to now.

I was thinking, great Ulcerative Colitis cake with Osteoporosis topping. WONDERFUL. Might as well throw a cherry on top. Here ya go Lisa, blow out the candles! Happy Birthday! Now now, don’t over exert yourself, you might just break your hip!

More and more medication, I just want to rip my hair out of my head. I would absolutely love to stick up my middle finger and waltz out of the office and never return. But, obviously, I can’t do that. My whole family is lecturing me into “Oh, you need to drink that Vitamin D milk there!” And I say, “Oh, no no no! That is what flares me up!” It doesn’t seem to get through to them of how it actually works- UC.

My fiance’ is watching his girl go down a hole of depression, and does not know what to do.

Well, to my question- Does anyone else have this?

I really don’t want to quit my second love in life- Snowboarding. And obviously, I am not going to, but is there any way I can strengthen my bones other than taking all sorts of blahblah medications?

written by Lisa

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  1. Yes. Same thing happened to me. We don’t absorb the minerals like we should and the steroids also weaken the bones. I have been undergoing treatment for 4 years now to try and fix the osteoperosis. I broke a bone in my back playing volleyball. After that, started a medication called forteo to try and re-grow bone. It has worked somewhat so far. About 9 more months of treatment to go….


  2. Lisa, I truly am old and frail. Like you I was diag at 17 and took a lot of Predbisone until I had my colon removed at 27. I am now. 56, with osteoporosis, arthritis, and other non specific joint pains. I’ve taken every med available including the injections. Sorry you’re going through this.Hang in there. Ask questions. And remember we’re all hete youre for you.

  3. Hey Lisa, I am not sure for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m there with you on this. I was doing the steroid dance for about a year, and that’s just way too long.

    I really wish you the best. Pretty interesting what Paul is talking about above, might be something to look into too.

    THanks so much for writing about this topic, for sure a bunch of us are dealing or will someday deal with this just like you.


  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I was on steriods for about a year and a half, and my doctors never had told me that this would happen.
    So, make sure you ask questions! So you won’t be in shock when other things pop up out of the blue with your health.
    I should be writing more often about the ways I have been dealing with UC and alternatives I have found! If you have any questions just let me know.
    Just wanted to thank Adam for putting together an awesome website for people like us!


    1. Dear Lisa,
      I was diagnosed with uc(with deep intention no capital letters for this disorder,for me this is disorder)May 2010,went to see doctor did colonoscopy .Ful month I was in terrible pain ,blooding,diarrhea witting for diagnosis.How doctor didn’t gave me medication to ease my pain, I found naturopath and start taking supplements.Simptoms vanished in week,continue to take supplements for two month and start to do Bikram yoga.Did Yoga for six month,felt like born again.Stop doing Yoga,went to scool for two month and on final exam,under big stress get flear ups again(last week of May 2011). How I was frightened of pain, and not having time for me,I hook up on medications,didn’t help.Every boon in my body start hurting.On my own I stop taking medications,start taking suplements again,helped a lot.Right now I am in proces of opening energy healing studio,in Vancouver,I have no time to do Yoga,but as soon as this is done I will start doing Yoga again.I deeply bealive that Yoga can heal any disorder in body,you just need to do it.Also,energy healing is very powerful way of dealing with any energy disorder in body.What I bealive is that you need to give your body proper food,avoid everting that is allergen to your body,do Hatha Yoga every day and find sertifide energy healing practitioner to restore your energy field.Also,start reading books about Yoga,energy healing,also,how to control your mind.You are best healer to your self,take your health in your hands.Doctors are there to prescribe medications.Think about alternative way of healing your body.1993,I was living in Sarajevo,Bosnija where I was imprisoned in my own home for 3 years,during Bosnian war, I found book that change my life indefinite.I had hemorrhoids and terrible migraines and healed doing Hatha Yoga.How there is no doctors available to help me,and I have to do something to get healthy,I found tvo books in my house(my husband brought them when we moved together)and I start to read,and to do Hatha Yoga.In three month I was totally healed from migreans and hemoriods desapeards.Books are “Yoga and Health” and” Yoga and Sport”,from Selvarajan Yesudian.Also,very simple,easy to read,understand and apply book for energy healing that I am using is “Pranic Healing” from Choa Kok Sui.Those two books are very important to me like Bible for some people.From all my heart I wish you all the best on your path of healing your body,and discovering a lot of alternative ways of healing.Love Sabina.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I’m sorry to hear about your added diagnosis. I am in a similar boat, but my bones have been better protected although I am steroid dependent (to treat a skin condition caused by Remicade) because I supplement, not with medications, just some basic mineral and vitamin stuff. I wanted to let you know what my doctors have stressed to me, and they are pretty top notch, at Mt Sinai in NYC in GI and Endocrinology. It is pretty much imperative that you supplement with 1500mg of calcium and at least 1000 IU of Vit D3 when you are taking Pred or have taken it long term. Older women who get osteoporosis during menopause take the same things. There are not negative side effects, in fact, Vit D is really good for autoimmune stuff like UC. You don’t have to take fortified milk or other food you can’t tolerate. These are easily available in capsules.
    I recommend Rainbow Light’s Food Based Calcium supplement, and a Vit D3 supplement, I take 5000 IU daily and my blood tests show that is not overdosing. Make sure the supplements are free of yeast, corn, gluten, soy, sugar, starch, and preservatives. It’s not hard to find, just go to a health food store.
    Also, it is important to exercise, weight bearing activity is how its referred to. Yoga is actually great for this because you integrate your whole body in lots of positions. You can google yoga for osteoporosis to see specific postures. I weight train and run also. I’m sure snowboarding is actually helping you.
    You are still young, and luckily, this is a pretty reversible condition in the long run. Your body was deprived of these things because Prednisone blocks their absorption and UC also makes it hard to properly absorb vitamins and minerals when you are flared badly, but Crohns is worse than UC when it comes to absorption.

    Don’t worry too hard about it, you are young and have plenty of time to build your bones back up. Maybe find some better doctors though, because being prescribed Prednisone without including this information is incredibly irresponsible. Not sure what area you live in, but finding a research hospital kind of guarantees a higher level of care with doctors who are up to date, and well, smarter. Anyway, good luck, hope this helped!

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