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taking a break onboard the Conception Santa Barbara

Here’s an old one. This is definitely one of if not the oldest pictures of me on the site. Here I was taking a quick break from being the 2nd cook (low man on totem pole) aboard the 80 foot Conception Dive Boat down in Santa Barbara, CA. This was October 2004, exactly 4 years prior to my diagnosis. The boat would be out for 3-4 days at a time…good times cooking it up!

Hey UC’ers,

Quick one here.  I am going to be celebrating my wife’s “finishing up summer terms” from CAL Berkeley over the next several days.  There’s gonna be a little break in the action starting August 12th in terms of me posting up new UC Venting Stories which have been submitted.  I have several still in the inbox, and to those of you who’ve sent them in, I apologize, I thought I’d be able to clear out my inbox before taking off, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this time.  Again my apologies as I know how much everyone wants there stories to go live right after you submit them, and previously I’ve always been able to get them up faster than this.  If I can make it up to those of you who fall in this category, please let me take you out(or cook you a meal if you’re down for some super tasty stuff!) in Berkeley or the San Fran area the next time you’re out here.

If you are looking for stories to read, don’t worry, there’s over 1000 of them on the site and since I’ve read every single one, and I can assure you there’s some kick buttie stories to read during this summer walk-about.  You can also search via the search box in the top right side for specific things like “seaweed” or “snickers”.  Actually, go read the story written by Brad, type in “snickers” and his story will be there.


  1. Read a story by anther fine gent, he goes by “DavesNinja” here’s that one: There is HOPE
  2. When you’re done with that, you’ll feel like you are watching the olympics with Dal’s story from London
  3. Do you all know Paul W, he’s another founding father of the site, he wrote a great one about Travelling with UC you all should read!
  4. BEV…tell me you all know her, you have to.  Her story “Where Did My Colitis Go” you gots to get your hand on.
  5. Here’s one of my favorite names of a UC writer: PUNKY DEMURE, click her name there to read her story.
  6. Blueberries.  That’s right, “Blueberries” is the name of Rose’s story.  She was living in Paris, France in February 2012 when she wrote the story “Blueberries”
  7. The UC world gained a crapload when Anton who’s originally from Kazakhstan, sent in his story titled “Lost in Translation”, and he included some pretty cool pictures, thanks Anton!
  8. Tayra is from the country of Jordan.  She was one of the first 10 stories on the site.  Her story will definitely make you feel something inside when you read what she wrote.  Her story is titled:  “I Have a UC and Keeping my Secret”   and is about hiding her UC from her partner.  You may also cry after reading what she was going through, but you should read it.

I wish you all well, and for those of you who are fortunate enough to have enjoyed watching/attending the Olympic games, pretty cool stuff eh!  I didn’t see any Olympians run off the screen to the bathroom, but I’m sure there’s several UC’ers competing.

See you all soon,


PS: does anybody else use the “OOO” thing sometimes?

4 thoughts on “OOO”

  1. haha. I’ll hold you to that Adam. ;) Maybe someday. Hope you and the Mrs. get to relax/enjoy whatever it is you might get into. Steve

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