Only 4 weeks on SCD diet and results!!

Well, I have to tell you, this SCD diet is amazing! The bleeding stopped after about 5 days, still had some blood in the faeces, but that now has disappeared. The headaches have gone and my very sore tongue is gradually getting back to looking more normal than it ever has. I still have some gas although less painful than it was. BUT I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!! MORE ENERGY! I can’t believe that being on this diet for such a short time has worked so well…just goes to show that we are what we eat!

Sticking to the diet at home is easy , going out is difficult. I went to a party the other night and the only thing there I could eat was cheese, grapes and celery, next time I’ll make sure I eat before I go anywhere. I also went to a restaurant and I just ordered meat and vegetables, no potatoes or gravy (they always use starch in gravy) – so that was ok. Preparation is very important and making sure there’s always pleanty of fresh fruit lying around if you get hunger pangs. Banana pancakes filled with fruit and drizzled with honey for breakfast have been a great discovery, mmm – ¬†might just have to go and make myself one now…..a great tip for recipes a book by Raman Prasad called ‘recipes for the specific carbohydrate diet‘, got it from amazon, it has some really cool recipes in.

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