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One Vodka and 3 Craps

Hey Everyone with Colitis,

This must be the third or fourth post now on the site on the idea of “What’s the deal of Alcohol being OK for UC”

And I wanted to share a quick experience.

I have been taking 1-2 symptom free craps for about two weeks now.  Yesterday, I drank ONE vodka soda.  (If you have been keeping updated with me, I just came out of a mini colitis flare that came about after a wedding weekend for a buddy, where I had my first two or three or four drinks since stopping Alcohol back in August 09.)  And today, it only 9:29 am, and there have been 3 movements so far.  All of the soft variety.

There’s no blood, just softer stuff and 3 by 9am…   To me big interesting.

So, I’d like to cast another vote towards the theory that alcohol and me equal more toilet paper.

Thank you to everyone from England for creating the holiday weekend we will be enjoying in the USA this weekend, and if you are a foreigner with ulcerative colitis in the US right now, and you’re lighting off fire crackers 10-20 times per day in the restrooms all over the country, if we run into eachother, you are free to use my restroom if its vacant.

Best of Luck,


5 thoughts on “One Vodka and 3 Craps”

  1. Hey Adam, Just catching up on the IHUC happenings. I totally agree that alcohol is an issue, but I wanted to say one other thing. When you drink alcohol do you often drink soda (diet or not) with it? I’m wondering if it’s the alcohol, the soda, or both? I have issues with both, but it’s never consistent so I’ve had a hard time figuring out which is worse. I think both are trouble. I stick to Redbridge, when it’s available. Least repercussions haha. Glad to see you’re doing well and I love that this site is still going strong! -Jen (a life of sugar and

    1. Hey Jen,
      So I rarely drink alcohol, like maybe one drink per month if that. But when I do, I usually order a vodka with soda water and lime. I agree bigtime, I have stopped pretty much 100% drinking all soda like coke, pepsi, 7 up etc… as that stuff really messes me up. I’ve never heard of Redbridge, must be some strange bean-town thing…hahaha.
      So cool to hear from you, hope you had a nice holidays!,

  2. Agreed adam, I went for a staff night out on saturday and sunday was horrific. This just cements what I already knew, alcohol when the colon is in relapse is a huge NO.

  3. I don’t normally drink Vodka but tonight I have had a small bottle mixed with lemonade plus ice and my stomach feels ‘normal’ the first time for almost five months, I can’t believe it, the pain has gone, I don’t even feel bloated amazing. Will be interesting to see if it lasts, does me no harm, returns to normal or makes me worse………..

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