One Said I Had UC and One Didn’t Say


My name is Chris and I’m 39 fixing to be the big 4 0 in a couple weeks. I live in Alabama “roll tide”. I love spending time with my family, detailing car and going to car shows.


I’ve been symptom free for about a month.

My Story:

Three years ago I started having stomach cramps, bloody stools and going to the restroom a lot. I didn’t know what was going on and I was to embarrassed to tell anybody. So I finally broke down and told my wife what was going on and we got in touch with a surgeon and he did a colonoscopy. He said I had UC and he put me on flagyl and he schedule me to see a GI doctor. When I finally got in to see the GI doc everything had settled down by then and I was back to normal. When I told him what was going on and what the surgeon said he didn’t act too concerned. He then sent me for some blood work and said if I see anything I’ll call you. Well I never heard from him again. So here I was wondering what was going on and wondering did I have UC or not.

Time went on everything was going good so I put it on the back burner and went on with my life. Well January of this year I wanted to get in shape cause I let myself go and I weighed more the n I ever have so “230lbs” I set a goal to lose weight and start eating better. So I started doing P90X and eating veggies, fruit and all the good for you stuff and started having some issues toward the end of my 90 day journey. I started having the same symptoms as last time. I thought that it was just my body reacting to the different stuff I was eating. I wasn’t thinking about UC.

Well April and May rolls around and I’m still having problems but not as bad. Then June comes and all heck broke loose. Came home from work and check my temp and it was 99.7. Told my wife I wasn’t feeling good. So I laid on the couch and the next morning the sever diarrhea started. Then next 3 weeks i was going to the restroom 15-20 times a day and fever anywhere from 99.7-102. I stayed out of work june 12-15 and went to the doc told him what was happening and he did blood work and said my white blood count was very high and that I had an infection some where in my body. I told him about what had happen to me few years ago so he wanted to do a stool sample. And I told him that the doc before put me on flagyl and that it seem to help me the last time so he put me back on it. I was able to work that next week and things started slowing down I was still going bout 10 times a day but when I took that last flagyl things just exploded. Diarrhea went back up and I couldn’t pass gas without having to be on the toilet. I was getting very weak and it was all I could do to walk around. Couldn’t go anywhere because o the diarrhea and June 23 it all came to a head. My skin color was fading and i was down to 178 lbs and my wife said we going to the ER. I couldn’t put up a fight cause I was so weak. We get there and went through the whole thing again about what’s going on blah blah blah. They started running test and started me on IV drip and admitted me. The first couple days they wouldn’t let me eat then they started me on a liquid diet. They called in a GI doc and he did a colonoscopy June 28 and before he did the colonoscopy he said I’m going to figure out what’s wrong with you and get up fixed up and he said do you have any question, I said yeah when can I eat LOL he said when I get done I’ll let you have anything you want. Well that was the delicious hospital food. He done the colonoscopy and turned out that I was having a severe UC flare and that it had infected my entire colon. He took the time and explained everything to me so that I could understand it and he answered all my question. He actually seem like he cared “unlike the other doc”.

They finally let me go home after a week and he put me on 40mg prednisone and sulfasalazine 500mg 3 pills twice a day. I’d never heard of prednisone before and the nurse warned me about the side affects of it. I couldn’t sleep and I was hungry all the time and very moody This is an evil drug!!! After about a week everything start calming down and I started having normal bowel movements. It was so nice to finally crap like a normal person LOL. When I went back to the doc for a follow up I ask him to taper me off the pred because it was making me feel crazy and I was getting mad for no reason at all. So he started taper me down 5 mg every 3 days. I have two weeks left then I’m hoping to be off pred.

My family have been very supportive especially my wife. She has been my rock. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve let the diasese consume me and brag me down.

I ended up losing 54 lbs this time between UC and dieting. Mostly from UC.

Thank you Adam for starting the site it has been VERY helpful and you are a huge inspiration to me and other UC’ers.
A HUGE thanks goes out to my fellow UC’ers for giving me hope. I’ve read most of the stories on here and there is hope.
I’ve went on long enough it’s time to hush LOL. I still have a lot to learn about UC so any tips suggest or if y’all just want to say hi feel free. Thanks everybody and have a blessed day!!!

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

I’d like to be off meds completely and uc free living a normal life.

Colitis Medications:

The combination of Prednisone & Sulfasalazine seems to be working for me. But I’ll be glad when I’m off pred. I just hope I don’t flare when I come off of it.

written by Chris

submitted in the colitis venting area

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  1. Hi Chris. I hope you continue to feel well however you reach that path! Too sad we can’t smack doctors like your first upside the head, or better yet, refuse to pay them because they never provided the service we asked for. lol. Glad to see you have quite the sense of humor about it all and also a strong woman by your side. Both with greatly help in keeping yourself in a good place.

    If I could offer any advice, I would say keep doing whatever works for you. Personally, I’m envious that you did P90X and hope that you are staying active—but beware of pushing your body too hard. Other than that, just keep enjoying life. You mentioned car shows…do you have any awesome rides? If not, if you could have your dream car…what would it be? If I ever get myself a garage, I’d love to find an old car to put some floor time into.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Steve

    1. Hey Steve,
      Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I been super busy. I have a 2011 ram 1500 sport with a hemi. She is sweeeet!!!! My dream car is a 1955 Chevy belair 2 door hardtop. It don’t matter if it’s fixed up or not just as long as I can drive LOL. As far as that doctor goes man, he just didn’t seem to care. I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what. But it’s all good now, I like my GI doc I have now. I gave up p90x and got insanity workout. I started that today. It’s freaking awesome. You mentioned not to push my body to hard. Dude that’s my problem! Ive always pushed myself as hard as I can. My wife says I’m not wired like everybody else, because I can work from daylight to dark and won’t slow down. The good lord made me that way!!! Have a blessed day and nice talking to you!!!

  2. Right on Chris!! Yes, there is hope!!

    I have been diagnosed with the dreaded pancolitis, meaning that the entire colon is affected. However…I am currently drug AND symptom free! You bet there’s hope. I feel like I don’t even have this disease anymore…and who knows…maybe I don’t?!

    I reached this juncture due to, I believe, the use of probiotics, which repopulated my good bacteria, and the healing of the ulcers from using L-glutamine and astaxanthin!!



    1. Hi Bev!

      I have read, numerous times, about your remission due to taking Probiotics, L-glutamine and Astaxanthin. I have a couple of questions and hope you will respond. Did you have to wean yourself off UC meds before taking these 3 things or did you start taking them along with the UC meds? If you didn’t wean off the meds, how soon after stopping the meds did you take these 3 things? My GI doctor has given me some samples of VSL#3 which I would like to try. I am currently taking Lialda….4 per day (take them all at once). I am wondering if I should just stop the Lialda and start the Probiotics, L-glutamine and Astaxanthin right away. I am a little leery because I am somewhat in remission right now. Your advice will be greatly appreciataed Bev. God bless you that you are doing so well!!!

      1. Hi Natalie…while I’m not an awesome and amazing Canadian named Bev, I recall her starting the probitics and such while she still took the meds, slowly weaning herself off of them. I could always be mistaken, but that is what I would do…start the probiotics or whatever else you want to try and after maybe say two weeks, start weaning yourself away from the Lialda. Go to three per day for a week, two the next, one the next, etc…watching for changes all the while. If your symptoms begin to return when you move to(for example)one, stay at two while continuing the other stuff and see how things go. In time, when you find the combo that works for you, you can then stop the Lialda of course.

        I am sort of trying something similar with the L-glutamine and SCD eating(including homemade yogurt), and exercise only I don’t have any medications to taper. First the yogurt for 5 days to a week, then add the L-glutamine. If I see changes but do not reach full remission, I intend to buy a probiotic and the a-whatchamacallit(yes, I’ll go to the store and tell the clerk that :P) but I want to give the others time first. Since you mentioned being in remission, tapering would be better than stopping cold turkey, as you could send yourself into a flare and cause more work. Hope this could be of some help. Steve

        1. Hi Steve!

          Thank you so very much for your advice. I am going to try to start weaning off the Lialda and start taking the Probiotics, L-glutamine and Astaxanthin and see what happens. I will post the results later. Btw, can I get the L-glutmaine and Astaxanthin at a health food store? Thanks again Steve!!

          1. Hey Natalie…I don’t know where you are located or I could give more detailed info on where to get what…but I got my L-glutamine from Amazon. Specifically, I am trying the NOW Sports brand, as I think that was the brand of astaxanthin Bev mentioned(she talks about all her stuff in Lori’s “My Colitis Story”) and they claim to be vegetarian/vegan compliant with products. I can’t back that up, but it appeals to me over ingesting something of unknown origin. I paid $20 for it and the astaxanthin was a little over ten for the same brand.

            So…if you can wait about a week for shipping, I’d suggest Amazon. My shipping was free after spending $5 more on something eligible(the astaxanthin is not or you’d be set) but you could pay more and have it sooner. If you would rather get it at a health food store, search for some in your area and call em up. They should have what you need…but beware, L-glutamine is used by body builders so be sure you’re getting what you want without other stuff added to it. And I’d suggest the powder for the L-glutamine versus tablets, saving yourself from ingesting additives to make the tablets.

            Sooner or later, I’ll start writing less…but my brain never stops. :)

        2. Right on Steve…that’s right about my weaning off the asacol after taking the probitics for a month.

          Don’t stop the meds until you get something better going!

      2. Hi Natalie!

        I started the probiotics while I was stil taking 12 asacol pills per day. After about a week, I started feeling better, after about 4 weeeks, I was feeling alot better. After two months, I decided I was going off the asacol. I did one pill per day for three days, then, because I was feeling no bad effects, I skipped two per day, then three. Within a week and a half, I was off all the asacol. By the way, I felt even better after going off it! I didn’t realize the drug had been making me feel worse than better!

        Anyway, a month after that (so three months after starting the probiotic), I still had a bit of bleeding so I asked a clerk at the vitamin store if she could recommend anything to stop it. She said L-glutamine, to heal the ulcers in my colon, and I had already heard alot of good things about astaxanthin aa a natural anti-inflammatory. As to which brands, I don’t think it really matters. The L-glutamine that I take is fermented and in a powder form. It is unflavored, so I just mix it with some juice and drink it. The astaxathin is a no name brand and is 4mg. Apparently, you can buy 12 mg capsules as well. I only take the 4mg.

        I’m not sure which of the two things stopped the bleeding, but it is GONE GONE GONE! I could not be more stunned, or happier! I wish I had have tried these things years ago. I spend about $50 per month now, and I used to spend over $400 on the meds!

        I hope I ‘ve helped. Oh, the probiotic is just a 50 billion-er called CRITICAL CARE by RENEW LIFE, but I’m sure if you can’t fing that one, you can have one recommended to you by someone at the health / vitamin store. One capsule per day only!


          1. Hi Chrissy…

            That’s a big YES!! Everything is absolutely fab. No UC symptoms at all, still! It’s been almost 10 months now…yippee!!

            Thanks for asking!

  3. Glad to hear that you’re symptom free for 30 days. That’s a big deal for many U.C’ers. There have been days where I dread the wipe to see what’s on the paper…..if it’s red I get very depressed.
    30 days is awesome!!

  4. Hey Steve!

    Hey Steve AND Bev:

    Thank you both for all the info. Steve, I just may order the L-glutamine from Amazon…will check it out. I wonder if I will even need the L-glutamine as I really haven’t had much bleeding since I have been taking the meds. I started out on Asacol. I took them for about a month and then started taking the Lialda. As soon as I started the Asacol, the bleeding stopped within a couple of days. It was like a miracle drug. However, I didn’t like taking 9 pills a day and asked my GI doctor if there was something else I could take. He then prescribed Lialda but my insurance would not cover it. Lo and behold, I got a letter (about a month later) from the insurance company and they finally approved it. I have been taking it since November and I am really doing well. Btw, I had my first colonoscopy in October of last year and was diagnosed with UC. The doctor said my entire colon is affected but said my UC is mild. I am currently in remission and eat almost everything I want and very seldom have any urgencies. I have never liked taking any kind of meds and would like to wean off the Lialda. Do you both think I should tell my doctor. I’m afraid he may try to talk me out of stopping the meds. I saw him on 7/6/12 and asked him if I could start taking only 2 pills a day and he said I could. I haven’t started yet but want to start as of September along with the Probiotics. As I said earlier, my doctor gave me about a month’s supply of VSL#3. He told me that they are quite expensive. I would have to buy them OTC as my insurance company does not cover the cost. Those alone would cost me approximately $50/month. Bev, do you think VSL#3 is equivalent to Critical Care?
    There are so many different probiotics on the market and I am really not familiar with any them. Are they all basically the same? I would like to go with a cheaper one….as long as it will be effective. Well folks….thank you both ever so much! May you both stay healthy and happy!! This is such a miserable disease….frightening too. I already had thyroid cancer and, thank God, everything seems to be okay. I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Now, I have to worry about getting colon cancer!!

    1. Hey Natalie…out of curiosity, did you submit a story? I’m too sleepy to search at the moment or I’d look it up. haha. It’d just be cool to know more about you is all. :)

      As far as your questions, I can’t really answer the probiotic question as well as Bev can. I know there are cheaper options but I also know they may not be as great of a quality or so I have heard through the grape vine(California Raisins anyone?). If you can, don’t get the probiotic by mail. I’ve seen people have issues with that but others might know more about that too. There is probably information on the site here about which probiotics are best if you look around.

      You said you wanted to be medicine free and your doc is okay with a lesser dose so no worries. Just decide what you are going to take out of the supplements, take it(meanwhile relax it up and don’t hold your breath in between doses—that would be bad) :) You could start tapering right away but you did mention feeling well so if I were you, I’d play it safe and allow the supplements to get a bit of a head start before you taper. It will lessen the opportunity for a flare to pop up if there even is an opportunity. When you do start to taper, subtract one pill a week. From that point, we’ll be here to help out so take it one step at a time. As far as worrying about your doctor…honestly? A good doctor would be all for learning about how you want to approach YOUR illness and YOUR life. The only time he should care is if what you are doing is not helping you maintain remission. If at anytime he gets defensive/pushes you to do it his way/etc…explain why you do not want to be on Lialda and if he can’t understand that, it might be time to search for a doctor who will help you do it how you want to. They exist but they are about as common as a skinny Santa on Christmas Eve.

      One last thing and I’ll hush. Colon cancer can become a risk with UCers, however, if you keep yourself in good health and get yearly/6 month check ups, it is a small risk and easily treated when found early. Before cancer comes changes in the colon like polyps…just like abnormal skin cells for skin cancer and abnormal cervical cells for cervical cancer. Abnormal is not cancer. They are cells that can lead to cancer. Besides, a diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables would add an extra line of defense against cancer—chemicals in the foods attack the free radicals that get into the body and cause cancer. Glad to hear your thyroid cancer seems to have worked out for the best, by the way. Hope I was of some help and have a great day! Steve

      1. Hi Steve….ME AGAIN!!

        What great advice both you and Bev have given me. Wow Steve….you are such a young guy but so very knowledgeable in the health field. Did you ever consider becoming a doctor??? :). If you haven’t….YOU SHOULD!! No Steve…I haven’t submitted my story as yet….planning to do that in the near future. I still don’t know exactly what my doctor’s feelings will be once I wean off the Lialda. He told me that I will need to take the med the rest of my life. As I said, I have always hated to take ANY type of meds. It’s bad enough I have to take Levothyroxine (for thyroid) for the rest of my life. I am definitely going to take it slow as both you and Bev have advised me. I pobably won’t start weaning off the pills for at least 2 months. If it doesn’t work for me, I can always revert to the Lialda. I am really hoping it will work. I will be sure to get back to both you and Bev with my progress. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!

        1. Hey Natalie…at one time, I did very much intend on going to medical school, specifically to work my way up the ladder to become an orthopedic surgeon to help those with injuries and kids born like me. I was two months early due to my mom being stressed and her also smoking when I was not yet part of this world. It led to me having a birth defect known as Cerebral Palsy…although my form is so mild I hate calling it that. Some people are mentally impaired and physically confined to a wheelchair(CP is essentially brain/nerve damage). I just have one leg slightly shorter than the other, and the shorter leg’s muscles are smaller/weaker(so at worst, I have a limp—also a bit clumsy and will trip on imaginary things in the sidewalk but I don’t think that is related). :) My experiences with CP helped me want to be a doctor but then I saw that doctors are motivated by money/will not take risks that others in the field deem unnecessary even when it can really help someone), there by not really helping people that truly need it. A lot like us UC suffers have seen…

          About your doctor…he said you would be on the Lialda for life because his impression is that UC is a life-long progressive disease if not pushed into remission by their methods. Can UC go into remission? Sure. But the best way to do that is to eat and live as naturally as possible…void of medications(your thyroid medication is likely necessary and not harmful since—and I’m guessing—regulates hormones for you), processed foods, etc. Remission with Lialda, Asacol, steroids…it is not remission. It is the medication stopping the inflammation in the body…inflammation is a natural reaction when something is not right(broken bones—swelling, the flu—a fever, eat something spoiled—look out bathroom here I come). Stopping the inflammation with medications pushes nothing into remission. It just hides it. Where as, if you really want remission, you have to remove the source of the inflammation. Sometimes, those medications can be the source of the inflammation and your doctor will still insist you take it(believe me, it happened to me and I got so bad when he finally said come in for a visit I made it very clear there was no way I could get there in the condition I was in. That was also the end of him being my doctor. The next morning, I listened to myself and stopped the medicine…within two days it all calmed down)…trust yourself, respect your doctor, and be sure he respects your wishes. Together you can get where you want to go but if he isn’t up for the ride, find a doctor who is.

          Comments like yours about your doctor are why I have thought about becoming one myself more recently because I can always do it both ways, studying modern western medicine and also study holistic approaches. I know quite a bit already, so it would really come down to formalities and putting time in to med school/becoming official. I have a feeling I’d be a busy busy man once I was able to take on patients. If nothing else, I do intend to keep studying nutrition on both sides and help others in positions like we’ve all been in…my dream world would be to do that mostly but also open a cafe/restaurant(that gets food from its own organic and sustainable farm) where food we can eat is the norm, not the exception. It is rather funny hearing all these compliments—I do appreciate them so much!—because back when I was sick sharing all this information with those I worked with, my bosses had the impression that I thought I knew more than the doctors. I never said it that way, but it is fairly obvious UC and digestive illnesses like it are lost on the medical community or we’d have less horror stories to share here.

          As always, happy to help and yes, I always look forward to updates. Steve

          1. Steve, you bet that you would have been one busy doctor!! I do want and would have wanted a doctor just like you. I haven’t been to mine, who is an idiot, for over six months now. I used to be there three or even four times a month.

            It would be so nice if doctors were a bit more open minded to natural things as well as pushing the meds. Hopefully, the future holds that promise…

            As usual…great post! Thank you:)

  5. Hi again Natalie,

    I think doctors always try and talk you out of going off of any meds that they think you ‘need’ to stay on to keep remission. Therefore, stick with the plan of taking the probiotic for a month or even two before you go off the meds. That gives you a great start to getting off the lialda.

    Critical Care worked for me. As for whether it’s ‘better’ than VSL#3, I can’t really say. I think that you just have to take a probiotic that has alot of good bacteria. Critical Care has 50 billion, and I think that VSL#3 has alot more than that, even. Does a person NEED that much? I don’t know. I didn’t. I don’t find the ones I take too expensive. Anout $40 per month. The L-glutamine is only about $25 for a huge container and that lasts alot longer than a month…maybe two or even three months. You can take as much of that as you want. I only take a small scoopful (the scoop that comes with it inside the tub). If you aren’t bleeding at all AFTER you’ve gone off of the lialda, then, you probably don’t HAVE to take it, however, it has healing properties for the body’s insides, so even tho I’m no longer bleeding either, I will always take it.

    As for colon cancer…I really think that if we keep our good bacteria up (probiotics), and keep our ulcers healed (L-glutamine), and use a natural anti-inflammatory (astaxanthin), that our risk should not be ANY higher than the general population! If we have open ulcers in our colons, then, yes, that’s not a good thing. If we can heal them, then our colons are just like they should be without UC, no? Yes!!

    Cheers for now:)

  6. I use an internet company calle purtian pride. They have great prices and on a lot of their supplements, you 1 free, such as the l-glutamine. I bought liquid probiotics from them way cheaper then I could them at Freddies. Good luck.

  7. Hi Bev!

    Thank you so much for all the responses….truly appreciate that. I said yesterday that I have not been bleeding. I guess I spoke too soon. I had diarrhea/blood this morning. It must have been something I ate last night. I went out to eat and had a buffet dinner. Since I ate such a variety of things, I’m not sure just what foods triggered the diarrhea/blood. I didn’t have a lot of blood but it was there and it was bright red. Thanks for the message regarding colon cancer. What you said sure makes a lot of sense. My biggest fear is that I get colon cancer and/or have to wear a colostomy bag. I am no spring chicken…I’m 66 years old. As I said before, I had my first colonoscopy last October (only because I HAD to…always put it off) and was diagnosed with UC. I truly believe that I have had IBS for years as I always had problems since my 20’s. I even had some tests done years ago and they were always negative. I would like to know how many hours apart I would have to take the probiotics, L-glutamine and Astaxanthin. Can I take EVERYTHING together or should I space them out a couple of hours apart? Besides the Lialda, I take Levoythryoxine for my thyroid and I take a slew of vitamins and herbs. Do you think any of the 3 things you take will interact with any of my vits, etc? Do you still have a GI doctor? I wonder, if I stop taking the meds, if my doctor will follow up with me. He has me get blood work every few months to make sure the kidneys, liver and bladder are functioning okay. I guess if I get off the Lialda, I wouldn’t have to worry about all of that….correct??

  8. I am no spring chickie, either Natalie! LOL! I take a synthroid pill for hypothyroidism upon waking every morning. I’ve been on them for almost 20 years already…sheesh…I didn’t realize it was that long.

    I don’t really space things out on purpose, but it ends up that way. I tale the L-glutamone just before lunch…I don’t know why, I just do. I take the astaxanthin right after I eat lunch, as, apoparently, it is absorbed better upon eating fat! Yes, fat helps with the absorption of astaxanthin. I usually eat some sort of fat at lunch…whether it be mayo on a sandwich, or a few potato chips, or even, if I splurge, french fries.

    The probiotic that I take says to take it two hours after eating, so I normally take it mid aftrernoon. You could take it first thing on the morning after not eating all night, too, I suppose.

    You are correct! If you aren’t on lialda, you should not need those liver and kidnety function tests. Just the fact that we have to have those tests while taking mesalamine drugs freaks me out. Our liver and kidneys are some pretty important organs. I don’t want them hurt. Where on earth would I be then? That’s why I don’t want to take these UC drugs anymore. Like Steve has said…they are band-aids…that can actually be harmful! I would much rather try and actually cure or heal the problem naturally, than keep trying to chase it away with harsh drugs. It always comes back when we do that, it seems.

    I want the UC to stay away…forever. I feel like it will after taking these natural things, and egtting naturally healed and in remission!!


    1. Hey Bev….ME AGAIN!!

      Thanks again Bev. You are a real sweetheart trying to help me out!! So…would it be safe to take these 3 things with Levothyroxine and Lialda together??? I will space them out as you do, but was just curious as to whether it is safe to take the 3 all together and along with Lialda. I won’t bother you anymore after this….sorry to be such a pain in the butt (pun intended….LOL)!!

      Have a great weekend Bev.

  9. My last comment has yet to be moderated but it is there Natalie. I suppose you’ll see it when its approved. :P I agree you will not need the liver/kidney tests…but is everything in that area functioning normally? If so, you are fine. If not, L-glutamine can be harmful to someone with certain liver/kidney conditions…or people taking seizure medications/seizure issues(seizures are blocked by blocking the absorbstion of glutamate which is what L-glutamine is turned into in the body—there by overwhelming the anti-seizure medications usefulness). Also, people who have MSG sensitivities can have problems with L-glutamine, for the same glutamate reason…but they say the problems experienced with MSG are unlikely to occur because the glutamate has a different chemical make up.

    I’m not trying to scare you…haha. I just read it and wanted to offer the information. The liver/kidner problem is the scary one, as the others seem like they’d be temporary based on the science of it all. Knowledge is power—and money if you have MD or DO after your name—even when you do a “crappy” job. Oh i made a funny!

  10. Oh yes, no problem taking all of these things together. The thyroid medication will be fine (I’m on it as well), as well as the lialda. There should be no contraindications at all. I’m no doctor, but the three things that I take are okay to mix with any drug out there. Very very safe!

    I wish you great health and the happiness that I now have. I wasted 13 years of my life taking that stinking asacol, and for what? Absolutely nothing but a huge expense!


  11. Hi Guys,
    Its little old me from UK.
    Well, Natalie it looks like I too am seeing some Blood/Diarreha over the last week. My Doctor said at the time it was not a flare up (at the time there was no Blood) but at the same time he was also talking about me having Crohnes (at the moment GI suspects Pancolitis)…clearly he does not have much care or is scared to suggest something when I asked him what to do… Either way my symptoms are back and so I have cut back on what I eat until I can work out a solution. My surgery is closed for 3 days, I decided back on the Colifoam which has slightly helped…but reading this thread, I am going to try the L-glutamine full time. When I say full time I mean I have given probotics a brief go so far. If I have the suspected Pancolitis (will find out in 2 weeks on my 1st scope) than surely the 3x800mg isn’t going to do much!!!!!
    My symptoms come on mildly and I am not a major bleeder or have any muscus. IF it is Pancolitis than I might have it Mildly…buts its me on my lonesome trying to work it out.

    Natalie – How are you getting on with the Blood/Diarreha?
    Bev _ have you thought about what you would do (contingency) if you do Flare?

    1. Hi Little Old You!!

      I have no contingency plan, per se, however, I really truly am not worried about flaring again.

      I feel like I have beaten this thing for reals! I don’t know why this worked for me, but I am so grateful that it did. I was at the end of my rope. After 13 years the drugs didn’t work at all anymore, they just made things even worse. I made the decision never to put anything harmful into my body again.

      Cheers, UC family boy, and thanbks for asking!!


  12. Hey Bev & Steve –

    Somehow my message today got mixed in with our messages dated 8/24. I wanted to be sure you both saw my message of 8/25 @ 10:23 a.m. Please look for it above. It is the 14th message down. Don’t know why it is out of sequence!

    1. That happens if you reply to a particular person like I clicked on the reply of your post telling us(After you click, the box at the bottom changes a bit to include the person’s name you are replaying to. If I didn’t click reply, my post would end up below yours…but no worries. I wrote you on the message you mentioned. It’s just not been approved yet. :) Good day everyone. Steve

  13. Hey UC Family Boy!

    Sorry to hear about your diarrhea/blood. I am doing okay today. I had the diarrhea yesterday along with some blood….not much but I had some. I also had 4 consecutive BM’s. I HATE that! I truly believe that I had the diarrhea/blood as a result from something I ate the night before. I went out to eat and had a buffet so I have no idea what triggered the diarrhea/blood because I ate so many different things. This morning I had a NORMAL BM and no blood! :-) When I was diagnosed with UC in October, my GI doctor told me that it was universal UC which means my entire colon is affected. Like you, he said I have a mild case of UC. You said your tried Probiotics. How did that work out for you? I will be starting Probiotics soon along with the L-glutamine and Astaxanthin. I hope it will be as effective for me as it was for Bev. BTW, what surgery were you supposed to have??

  14. Hi Natalie,
    So maybe we should expect to eat something which might set off the D/blood. I too ate some food which went through me but the days before I felt awful and the days after too. I think the colifoam pulled me through it. My BM are normal over the last couple of days but I sense the UC is still present as in see spots of fresh blood in toilet.

    I take some omega 3 and started Aleo Vera tablets which as yet is not clear to see if they have an effect but I feel well. My local doctor clinic (sorry here sometimes we call it ‘surgery’ but yeh thankfully no surgery for me) is closed for 3 days.. I needed some help to pull through whatever I was feeling…flare…symptoms coming’s all new for me.
    Thankfully I am ok, back to 2 BM a day, solid with still on off signs of blood. I am going to see a nutritional therapist tomorrow to try and re balance my gut flora. Um, Il nick a quote from the place I am going to –

    Nutritional Therapy is based on the principle that when given the optimal nutrients (through individually tailored programs based on wholesome foods and  with the use of supplements, as needed)  and with adequate rest and  hydration, the body by its nature, re-balances  and heals itself.
    This is not a new concept but scientific research and information that is widely available confirms what individual  nutrients and foods, used therapeutically, do to the health of specific organs, body systems and hormones.

    So with this in mind I will select the probotics I need.. They do blood tests, stool sample checks to see what our body is missing…
    At the moment I am all over the place with what I need to do, all I am thinking about is dame UC, my family are a bit concerned, rightly so.

  15. HiUC Boy

    Well…I must tell you that everyone is different and drugs will affect everyone differently. Ever since I went on Asacol in October (right after I was diagnosed with UC), the diarrhea and blood stopped. It was truly a miracle drug for me. I then went on the Lialda in November. Since then, I only get occasional minimal bleeding but USUALLY have soft BM’S. Yesterday and today, my BM’s were quite normal and I still don’t see any blood…thank God. I am going to start the probiotics soon and then will introduce the L-glutamine and Astaxanthin as Bev takes (and is in remission). I guess we just have to experiment and see what works best for us. I wish you a lot of luck and please keep us posted. This is such a great site and, if you continue reading it, I’m sure you will benefit from it. Try not to get too nervous about having UC….will only make matters worse. Stress aggravates UC and we certainly do not need that!! Unfortunately, UC is not a curable disease. We can control it, but there is no cure. We just have to live with it and hope for the best. I really do not dwell on my problems and eat almost everything I want….so far!!

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