Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Helping My Ulcerative Colitis

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I’m Graham from South East England, 40 years old and diagnosed with proctitis then UC over 10 years ago. I didn’t make the connection at the time but this illness made itself known to me shortly after quitting smoking. This story may sound hard to believe but I’ve had a massive breakthrough and I hope it works for you too…

Colitis Symptoms:

I am almost symptom free for a whole year and still pinching myself!

I Never Really Thought It Could Work But It Did:

I was lead to research by reading a tiny article in the newspaper, though being a UC sufferer for 10 years made me very skeptical and so I didn’t do anything with this information for 3 months! Until recently, smoking was the only thing that seemed to kept me well but 1 year ago I developed a nasty cough so decided to go with the articles advice.

I quit smoking and ever since have taken 3 daily table/desert spoons of extra virgin olive oil! If you check out this link:

(it will explain in brief about the research undertaken by Dr Hart)

I used to smoke at least 4-5 a day, I gave up 4 or 5 times over 10 years but always resumed after 3-4 weeks when symptoms got so bad. Like many I am sure, I had become increasingly saddened by the lack of progress in treating UC and regularly frustrated by our NHS. So I resorted to doing my own internet based research, conducting my own crude trials.

In very simple terms I will explain the understanding of my Ulcerative Colitis and maybe why the olive oil seems to be so beneficial. Whenever I stopped smoking, I almost immediately felt bloated, suffered disgusting wind and within a few days would wake every morning with stomach pain. After 2 – 4 weeks the diarrhea/blood would start and I would have to resume smoking so that I could continue my driving job. During this period I noticed that in the first few days I had stopped going to the toilet (2’s) regularly and once the flare up really kicked in I then couldn’t stop going.

Some research says that smoking or nicotine produces mucus in the bowel, thus coating, lining and lubricating the bowel. This would also explain why removing nicotine seems to stop the regular “motions” and block everything. My longest success (previous to this one) lasted 6 weeks and was achieved using 15mg nicotine patches. At six weeks the symptoms were too much to tolerate and resumed smoking once again.

It has now been a whole year without any nicotine at all and no medication, just 3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil per day. 1 first thing, 1 in the afternoon and 1 before bed. After all the previous attempts and the usual immediate problems, this level of progress was unthinkable to me. I have gained 20 pounds and no longer get called names associated with weight loss.

I am not suggesting this will cure me as I believe UC is always there and simply masked by smoking or other means of controlling the symptoms.

I know I have wandered off here slightly but that’s the short version of a long story which I sincerely hope will help others.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Where I am now.

Colitis Medications:

If it also helps I have found that lactose free milk and a daily probiotic seem to help.

written by Graham

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(*** Graham has since written an updated story all about EVOO here :

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  1. Hey, Mark. I only take 2 capules 1x per day unless I feel the need for a 2nd dose, which I did the last 2 days. I’m fine again, thank goodness. I’m so greatful for all the natural remedies and all the people who have contributed on this site and this thread. A slight 2 day flare!! I can live with that! The 2 capsule dosage I take is 740 mgs along with l-glutamine, probiotics, astaxathin, vit., C and D, Krill fish oil, evoo, and psylium and also resveratrol. I also take nutrional food yeast mixed in with my morning smoothie–good stuff! Hey, Barb, I hope you’re reading this, too!

  2. Progress! on day 4 of 4 table spoons EVOO per day, and feeling slightly better already, not fixed just yet but feel am on the mend, my stools are more jointed and softer so my pain factor has gone down a bit.

    been taking the EVOO with a dash of balsamic vinegar to help the taste.. don’t know if this is a good idea or not.. definately tastes better than the stuff on its own.

    this is the EVOO i am currently drinking.

    hope i can go into remition with the stuff.. then slowly come off the meds..

  3. My guess is go with the high polyphenols,there is already pleanty of oleic in evoo,so would
    not worry about a little extra.
    Old Mike

    1. Thanks Old Mike,
      There is said to be more oleocanthal (anti inflammatory) in early harvest oil too so it would make sense to go that way. I also read that oleic acid can actually induce inflammation so a bit less using early harvest oil is probably good and maybe we should also stick with Dr A Harts advice of up to 3 tablespoons per day? Let EVOO work it’s magic but perhaps not be greedy for total remission by taking too much oleic acid and actually causing inflammation. If this theory is true it would reproduce the usual UC med scenario, wouldn’t you say?

  4. Hi Bev, I keep reading your post from March 4th. I just have to say I totally agree with what you are saying about the docs…I think mine is just happy to get his money every time he performs a colonoscopy on me…I can’t wait to tell him where I think he can shove it! I have quit seeing him for office visits because he never has anything new or good to tell me. I just keep going for the colonoscopies in case I need any refills on my meds…I know this is sad but true…A few years back, he put me on some med (I can’t remember the name) that was taken off the market because they found out how dangerous it was! I know we need our docs in society and they try to do good but they definitely don’t have all the answers.

  5. I know Ann…I actually feel bad about how I feel about the doctors that I have dealt with. I’m sure that there are good ones out there.

    One of the doctors I dealt with (a skin specialist) is STILL prescribing ACCUTANE for acne…to teenagers as well, if you can believe it…that drug is SO dangerous and it’s been proven to actually CA– USE UC, like it did in me! I took it four times in my twentis, back in the mid 90s. There are class action lawsuits in the US due to this drug and people are winning millions. So many have had to have total colon removal because of the severity of their UC. Unfortunately, in Canada, we can’t sue for damages due to medical drug harm. Nice, huh?

    I would just want all of the money I’ve spent on medications back, that’s all. It’s been thousands of dollars! The drug company that manufactures accutane should also pay for all of my natural remedies taht I have to take now, I think.

    It all just pi***s me right off!


  6. I wonder how many of us have suffered acne, coincidence? I always had the impression my 2 years on acne drugs (some anti biotic) may have caused this but I also discovered recently that acne is a sign of IBD! Chicken and egg situation….So maybe they should spend more time on why young people have acne and not what to prescribe to get rid of it? Though we’ve all been there I’m sure, off to the doctors for a pill. What a strange feeling it is now though, going to the doctors not wanting to be given anything!

  7. So true Graham! Years ago, I used to go to the doctor seeking something to ‘cure’ what was ailing me….not any more!! What a 180 degree turn I’ve done. The last thing I want now is any medication FOR ANYTHING.

    As for acne…it makes sense that a bad gut would present itself with bad skin as well. Good point. I’ve had ‘wonderful’ zits almost as long as I can remember back to puberty and still do…lol.


  8. Graham Lee, Bev. At 62, I still get zits. I never associated it UC. I also have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis–those I know are associatied with UC. I am a blonde with oily skin so just associated that with my zits. One time I had laser treatment on my face and it cleared it up because they said it killed the bacteria, but alas, I still get them once in awhile. Oh well, I guess that just makes me the world’s oldest teenager. Also, fortunately, I never had prescription treatment for it–it wasn’t real bad as a teenager. So, Bev, zits just make us look younger!

  9. Yes, thank goodness that with age, comes ‘maturity’ in that I don’t really care about a few zits any more…well, maybe sometimes I still do…lol

  10. Graham,

    I am a dedicated disciple of EVOO and L-Glutamine. I started using both back in December, and now after almost 3 months I don’t remember the last time I had an “emergency, or D, or blood.

    To those thinking of starting it, or have just started, my advice is keep at it. I had a few bad days mixed in at the beginning. It’s only after continued usage I pulled out of an 8 month flare.

    I would also throw out there I take other supplements, but these two are the foundation.

    What do you have to lose?


  11. Thanks for the inspiration Ken! I’m on day 5 of EVOO and l-glutamine and haven’t noticed a change yet, but I’ll definitely keep at it. I take my l-glutamine in the morning and evenings, on an empty stomach, mixed with juice. Is this the right way to take it? I also take my EVOO on an empty stomach, once in the middle of the night when I’m inevitably up to the bathroom, once midday and once before bed. In the evenings when I’m taking them both before bed, is it okay to take them together or should I space them out? Thanks for any advice, just want to make sure if I’m going to do this I’m doing it right!!

  12. Hi Teanna,
    I just space them throughout the day, when I wake, early afternoon then before bed. I don’t know about taking with anything else though. It is very important that you experience the slight to strong cough inducing burn in the throat when taking the oil, if there is none then you have inferior oil and it won’t work.

  13. Hello everybody!
    I meant to write here for a while and say how much I appreciate all the comments on this topic- it’s been very helpfull! I was diagnosed with UC in November 2012 and I’ve been hospitalised 2 times since. Last time I ended in a hospital was really bad- about 40 trips to the toilet/day, terrible cramping, huge weight loss- you all know the story. Doctors put me pretty much on every medication possible and I have to say- slowly I got better but during my stay in a hospital I found out that I’m pregnant :D I’m over the moon and very worried about my wee one at the same time. I’ve been very well for the past 6 weeks but I’m at the stage when I’m only taking 5mg of Prednisolone and I can feel that something is not quite right…I’m taking EVOO 3 times a day and I think that it really helps- without it I would probably have that “gut feeling” a couple of weeks ago. I’m really desperate to be meds free at least until the end of this pregnancy so thought that it would be worth to give olive leaf capsules a try. Could you tell me Graham which capsules did you buy ( I was looking at Swanson’s but not quite sure what to choose )?
    Thank you very much again and hope everybody’s well :*

  14. Hello,

    Can I ask a quick question. I have started taking EVOO and for a couple of days and noticed that my stools have been very loose in the morning and I go 3-4 times and then theings seem to settle down in the day. Has anyone else had this problem is it common or do you think it is something other than the EVOO which is causing this?



  15. Hi Michael,
    Probably too early to tell if its the EVOO doing this, though when I started I was on four per day and had a similar problem so dropped to 3 tablespoons. Maybe you have found the really good stuff, knowing what I now know (if that makes sense) my 1st oil was not great but it was still doing a job.

    We are all experimenting and need to do a bit of trial and error, we know it works but it will take time to get the very best from it. I would start with the 3 tablespoons per day and go from there. Don’t worry, I am still learning and will keep updating, we need more feedback and input from others though…

  16. I have now started EVOO, too. I started with 2 doses on Saturday and 3 each day since. I’m not noticing any real improvement yet. I suppose it’s too soon to become discouraged (it’s only been 2-1/2 days), but … i kinda am. The EVOO definately burns the back of my throat, so I assume it’s good quality.


  17. Following my December nightmare and subsequent referral I’ve just seen the consultant. A quick “butchers” (look) and I’m marked as “non urgent” for a colonoscopy (1st in 14 years thanks to cigarettes and Evoo). “Very good blood pressure” never been told that before, must be the Evoo.

    I did mention I was well on the mend from December but my Evoo mutterings raised no interest. I really hope to be top notch/A1 inside by then so I don’t have to tell a very respected expert that I don’t fancy meds or ask if he has any more alternative suggestions.

    Despite all this, I am grateful for the colonoscopy, even if we are well we should have regular cancer checks.

  18. Hi Lynne,
    When I said miracle..I was well from smoking and had the smooth transition to EVOO. In my case, Evoo has reversed a flare but this obviously takes longer. I cant compare its speed to drugs as the last ones I needed were 14 years ago. How long do most meds take to work, do the fastest ones tend to have worse side effects?

    Sounds like you have good oil and surely worth 2 weeks trial? Please don’t forget, this stuff is so good for you, i’m not and certainly wouldn’t suggest anyone taking anything that wasn’t. Fountain of youth or “fontana della giovinezza” as the Italian’s would say..

    1. Graham,

      Yes, I will keep taking the EVOO. After a 4-year remission w/o meds, I’ve been flaring since January. I had a colonoscopy on Feb. 12 & my entire colon was inflamed. The colonoscopy aggravated my flare and I finally agreed to take entocort. I was really hoping my flare would end before my follow-up dr appt and that maybe I could stop meds again. The entocort has helped, but I still have some diarrhea & bleeding (solids, too, thank God). My dr appt is March 21. I was so hoping to be better by then. I’m getting more discouraged as that date gets closer, & I’m not as healed as I’d hoped.

      I started ‘oil pulling’ just over one week ago, as well. This is intended to detox the body. They say that conditions often worsen initially as the toxins are pulling out of the body. Perhaps this is why I’m needing the bathroom a little more lately. Either that or the entocort just isn’t enough for me. Ugh. Was hoping to take LESS meds, not need more.

      Anyway, I’m feeling low & easily discouraged right now. But, I will keep taking the EVOO and hope for eventual improvement – maybe even before my dr’s appt. We’ll see. Can’t believe your dr hardly acknowledges your improvement with EVOO.

      Thanks for the encouragement & good luck with your upcoming colonoscopy.


  19. Hello everybody!
    I meant to write here for a while and say how much I appreciate all the comments on this topic- it’s been very helpfull! I was diagnosed with UC in November 2012 and I’ve been hospitalised 2 times since. Last time I ended in a hospital was really bad- about 40 trips to the toilet/day, terrible cramping, huge weight loss- you all know the story. Doctors put me pretty much on every medication possible and I have to say- slowly I got better but during my stay in a hospital I found out that I’m pregnant I’m over the moon and very worried about my wee one at the same time. I’ve been very well for the past 6 weeks but I’m at the stage when I’m only taking 5mg of Prednisolone and I can feel that something is not quite right…I’m taking EVOO 3 times a day and I think that it really helps- without it I would probably have that “gut feeling” a couple of weeks ago. I’m really desperate to be meds free at least until the end of this pregnancy so thought that it would be worth to give olive leaf capsules a try. Could you tell me Graham which capsules did you buy ( I was looking at Swanson’s but not quite sure what to choose)?
    Thank you very much again and hope everybody’s well :*

  20. Good Morning Graham and All…tomorrow I leave for my ski trip to Salt Lake City…the 14th is exactly one month ago that I started the EVOO…I feel great! It took almost 3 weeks to see the real difference the 4th week showed the proof in the pudding…I have no blood, and my poo is normal! I have a funny story…today as I was looking in the “bowl” checking out my poo, (I know we all do this) my earring dropped in…I looked to see if I could fish it out and the toilet flushed automatically right after I stood up! Aaahhh! Needless to say I will be walking around with one earring today…I’m pretty bummed because I bought them in Paris a few years back…I still have the matching bracelet…all’s well that ends well…Have a great day! Ann

  21. Ann, such great news, and a ski trip. I wish I was a skier; we have a beautiful view of Mt. Hood from our house, here in Boring, OR. Being out of a flare will make it so much more enjoyable! Happy skiing and sorry about your earring. Sometimes when I lose one, I bend the post into a circle and put in on a chain and voila, a new necklace so all is not lost.

  22. Congratulations Marta, great story Ann! Laughing is good for stress relief and constipation, apparently.

    I bought Comvita Marta, though can’t say they are better than another brand, just what my local health shop had. I am using them occasionally for “up not down” but would rather use real evoo instead. Not just for the anti inflammatory or the occasional constipation but it is also potentially a post surgery wound healer (Oleic acid tested externally). I wouldn’t know how to send it “direct” but worth consideration in the future no doubt. The Evoo was a fantastic remission provider for me until I dropped my guard so I’m sure its just what you need. Good luck!

    Lynne, thought I knew something about pulling and a bit about oil but both together, I’m intrigued? As well as Evoo (obviously), I am interested in immunity. I had no idea how important this was and it now occurs to me how badly I’ve treated my body for years, diet, sleep etc..

    From this week I am aiming for 8hrs sleep per night and for my meal to be at least 3 hrs before bed. I am also taking a Valerian tablet (natural herb) which I still have left from my old back complaint. It helps you relax, sleep well and should help the immune system do its job in aiding any recovery, inflammation and healing. Interestingly Valerian is believed to produce GABA=Gama aminobutyric acid..this I understand is doing a similar job to glutamine and healing the colon, I have also seen butyric acid recommended for UC before, a 2 for 1!

    I have taken Valerian before but urge anyone who might try this idea to not just take my word for it but do some homework 1st. I would describe myself as a part time genius/part time idiot, you have been warned..

    Hope I am completely over the effects of yesterdays investigations in a day or 2.

  23. Hi all,

    I just wanted to write a note to say that I am now trying this out, and to introduce myself. I am 29 years old, diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis about 4 years ago now. I guess it started though about a year before that (abit of mucous in the bowl but no blood) but I ignored it hoping it would go away on its own. I had no idea what it could have been and I was terrified to find out what was happening. I guess it was very stupid and selfish of me to have ignored my health for that long because I was a single mother to my son who at the time was only about a year old when the symptoms started. I should have gotten myself checked right away. Anyway my experience with UP is that so far IVe only been on two meds. The first one, salofalk worked wonderfully, it worked and it was like I was completely normal again, no bleeding, no mucous etc, but I guess seeing how well it worked, I took it as me being “super woman” and went back to eating basically garbage.. fast foods, sugary foods etc. I was put on corti-foam, but instantly after 2 days of doses, the bleeding got really bad and i stopped it instantly, I was also having crazy side affects that ended up with me on a heart monitor for 24 hours. Ive been in a flare for 2 years now and cant seem to stop it. I recently read about pure organic coconut oil and how it has worked for others. My opinion aftwer reading so many others’ experiences with medication is that if anything, they seem to make this condition worse!! I am still flaring but have now been really watching what I am eating, keeping a food diary with info on how i feel after eating certain foods (I definitely cant do avocados..). I bought myself a big tub of coconut oil and also have started just yesterday on the EVOO. Im not sure yet if mine is pure but i will try the test in the fridge to see.

    I have been wondering for those of you with more/longer experiences with UC, did you all start out with just proctitis first? Am I at a high risk of developing a worse case of this condition? And do you find that stress really does make it worse? I am always stressed out, I swear it never goes away.. I am a single mother and a full time college student, the homework I get is ridiculous, it takes over my entire evenings and my son who is now 5 hates it. I know he feels neglected but i just keep trying to remind him and myself that i am halfway through to my degree, just another 2 years and ill be finished with school! (I have been in school for 5 straight years now). I have a hard time affording “healthier/organic” foods but when i can afford it, its what i try to get. I havent goten into any supplements yet such as the l-glutamine, but I plan to once I find a place to pick some up at. I live in a very small community, we are only accessible by air travel therefore can only order some in. Can anybody from Canada direct me to an online store where I can order some l-glutamine?

    I just have to say, Im desperate (as i know we all are) to find what works for me. I am single parent, my son is the love of my life and I want to make sure I am happy and healthy enough to give him all the love that he needs for a long time to come.

    1. Sorry, Maria, just to answer your other question…I started with proctitis only 6 cm up in the rectum. After 15 years, I now have pancolitis, which is total colon involvement. Nice, huh? I remember the specialist telling me that it only spreads to UC in 40% of cases…after reading so many others’ experiences on this site with their UC…I think he was lying…or just didn’t really know.

      I think it is actually MORE rare when it DOESN’T spread…

  24. HI Maria…I don’t know about ordering the L-glutamine online, but I’m sure it’s possible. I live in Canada, and I just get it at my local vitamin store.

    I use NORTH COAST NATURALS FERMENTED powdered L-glutamine.


  25. Hi Maria, (Old Mike)
    The good news is that Evoo is not expensive, many swear by the fridge test but for me its the slight to strong, cough inducing “burn” that tells me its good Evoo. Experts test oil by taste, it should be more fruity and peppery with no “frying oil” taste..

    Stress is a common factor it seems and I have only just read about this connection. My life has been full of it and always thought I thrived on it, “last minute Lee” as my Dad always called me. This along with a nick name of “Shakey” hints at nerve problems, ring any bells?

    One theory is that when we are stressed the body thinks we are under some kind of attack and prepares for this by saving energy it would be otherwise be using in the digestive system. This is ok for a short time but being constantly stressed and a resulting “neglected” digestive system makes sense to me.

    This is a summary of what may be happening as I (hopefully) understand it and is surely backed by the fact that urban areas have a higher incidence of disease than rural populations….Long term stress and or emotional trauma = ENS/CNS (Enteric nervous system)/(Central nervous system) problems = reduced immunity mainly gut/respiratory systems = more infection/bacteria

    Its only been a few days but I am actually enjoying preparing my body better for bed (eating at least 3hrs before and a herbal remedy to relax), therefore optimising my immune system to repair and reduce inflammation (over 8 hrs if poss). Crazy, well its something I have bought into and will work on, cant hurt can it? I have also found myself more relaxed during the day, so far..

  26. 300th post by Maria! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Evoo and I hope its working well for you. Must start a food/BM diary..

  27. Thank you Bev and Graham for your responses.

    Bev I think that may be the type of L glutamine I was thinking of ordering online from I come from northern Canada, so we dont have much for anything really. Ill take a look first in town for some and if nothing, will order some online.

    Graham, about the stress, I am the same way… I feel like my life has always and still revolves around stress. Even as a child, and actually now that I think about it, I remember one time being sooo sick as a child (probably about 8 yrs old) and I was sick with a stomach flu. There was one night I woke up in pain and felt that I needed to go to the bathroom and when I did, I looked in the toilet and was horrified because it was full of blobs of white tissue with spots of blood in it. I was too scared to tell either of my parents and just let it be. I eventually got over the stomach flu (or maybe I didn’t…?) and went on with the rest of my life eating awfully, not really taking into consideration how much I was abusing my body with my awful diet.

    So far I have had 2 sigmoidoscopy’s and the second one (done about a year after the first one) showed that the proctitis hadn’t gotten larger, but ive been in a flare for awhile now, so I think I will have to book for another, or a full colonoscopy. I am so afraid though.

    Btw, for the smoking part and how it seems to suppress the symptoms of UC, is anybody aware of any tests that have been conducted to see what exactly in the cigarette affects UC? I mean, shouldnt there be tests of some sort to see if there is a healthier way of treating UC with whatever ingredient in a cigarette that helps UC? I was a smoke as well, roughly for about 7 years and never had issues (didnt even know UC existed) and it was during my pregnancy that I quit smoking.. I was fine throughout my pregnancy, fel great in fact, it was abotu a year after being pregnant that I started to notice the tissue.

  28. Maria, I’ve said it before but the smoking thing does my head in..I still feel very privileged to have learned of this connection (around 14 years ago thanks to the internet). Who knows, the long term effects could still kill me but I’ve had quality of life? I quit enough times to try a few alternatives, safe in the knowledge I could stop worsening symptoms at any time. I was playing really and stopping a UC juggernaut would take a great deal more than a supermarket probiotic, lactose free milk and nicotine patches…though they helped me get to a record 6 weeks before the flare.

    Like Evoo, I believe smoking is doing more than one single thing and also in ways we don’t entirely understand or can fully replicate. I’ve not researched it properly but it definitely improves the colon mucas barrier and helps autoimmune diseases in general, isn’t that nerves again?

    The secret ingredient is supposedly anatabine, a former US tobacco company is promoting this as a drug called Anatabloc. I did find that Cayenne supplement has an abundance of anatabine which could be why it is commonly taken for our condition and is also on my reserves list.

    I love not smoking or should I say having to smoke but I will keep this “insurance policy” for extreme emergencies only.

  29. Graham, I may have missed it but did u say how long it took for you to start seeing an improvement after starting the olive oil? Its only been a few days for me, but no changes at all yet. :(

  30. Graham,
    Got your link response in the “Fed Up” blog. I see your original comment on March 3 about “soft gel olive leaf extract” and how it fixed your flare problem.
    Yet I see an earlier comment with a link on “Olive Oil Gel Pill”
    On that earlier link Feb 21 you ask Mike if there is a difference from “Olive leaf extract” and your Seagate Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1000 mg, 100 softgels.

    I am assuming you had success as a suppository using the link for Seagate Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1000 mg, 100 softgels and not some other “extract” variation on the Olive leaf? Your Seagate product is the same thing as Olive Leaf Extract correct?

  31. I’ve been taking quality EVOO (3 Tbsp/day) for one week now. I do feel increasingly better – more stable. However, I’m still bleeding. It seemed to be lessening, but I cautiously indulged in various foods over the weekend & now find an increase in the bleeding again. It gets very discouraging, as I would like to eat more than chicken, brown rice, & bananas. I have a dr appt in 3 days, and I know he’ll want to put me on predisone or imuran (or both) when he hears that I’m still bleeding. Typically, I have a little diarrhea followed by what I call “blood goops”, then loose and/or good solids. I am hopeful every single day, but it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. Would it make sense to increase the amount of EVOO I’m taking(?) or should I just be more patient?


    1. Lynne,
      Are you on any other supplements or RX? Has Asacol ever worked for you? Anyway if you feel EVOO is working for you maybe you should try Graham’s idea of a Gel Pill Olive Oil Extract used as a suppository. See comment right above yours. Anyway, further up the comments Graham says he tried it for a flare and had quick result. He also mention that they apparently make an actual Olive Oil or Olive Leaf extract suppository if you prefer that over using a Gel Pill. On the Gel Pill front I am hitting certain road blocks with local natural food stores that are trying to understand the difference between Olive Leaf extract in pill format and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gel pill that Graham references. They apparently are not the same. When I learn I will let you know if you are interested in the suppository root.

  32. Hi Maria/Lynne/RJW,

    It seems to take anything from a few days to a few weeks to see the improvements. We are all learning here and it is worth even greater evaluation if you are in an upward or downward flare. As long as you are not getting worse then give it every chance and stick with it for 3 weeks minimum . I would not give up on the potential rewards of this, I would even try an alternative oil if it doesn’t work 1st time. The fakes are everywhere so do the taste test!

    I really dont know what is too much, some here have done 8 and gained control, Greeks consume around 20 litres per year! I must confess Lynne, I have been on 4 per day for some time, 3 was preventing my UC till I messed it all up with plain oil. Still we all learned something from that, its not olive oil but real Evoo. This shows that oleic acid alone is not enough and high polyphenols, oleocanthal are crucial. The unfortunate thing for me is now being 90%, don’t get me wrong, I break wind with supreme confidence and live a normal life which I am most grateful for. I could go for broke and do 6 or 8 but I worry Evoo might lose its effectiveness over time if I get greedy, too early to tell.

    RJW, I only use this solution for constipation as Im sure this starts flares, I dont need it often. As I said before I was sure cooler and calmer there afterwards. I didn’t lay down or anything, just held on to it for a bit… My Comvita olive leaf extract worked but it had a few extras on the label that made me uneasy, particularly as I used them for “un-conventional” use. The seem just pure Evoo which I would be more at ease using. I have just opened the soft gel capsule and its not just Evoo in there so Im now more keen to use the Seagate, unless someone out there can offer guidance?

  33. Tip..Just a thought on how to get better oil and have confidence in the taste test..Maybe its a good idea to buy a small bottle of virgin or plain olive oil to learn how it SHOULD NOT taste. Park them together and take the challenge, when you get the full flavour and cough from Evoo you are ready to go!

    1. I have been using EVOO for over a month now and started taking l-glutamine about a week or so ago. I still have blood but I would say that I am happy with the results. Before I started taking EVOO I was in near constant pain, bloated, running to the bathroom all day and missing many opportunities because I couldn’t leave the house. Beside blood (much less than before) and occasional mornings where I need to go a few times all my other symptoms/problems have disappeared!! I am not sure if l-glutamine is making a difference or not. I will take it for a few more weeks and reevaluate then. I am wondering if I should try the suppositories to help with the bleeding.

  34. rjw,

    I am interested in anything that will keep me off meds. I took asacol years ago, but it caused my liver to inflame. So, unfortunately, that level of meds is not an option for me (except the enemas). I was just in remission for almost 4 yrs with no meds at all until January 2013. A colonoscopy revealed that my entire colon was inflamed, so I have been taking entocort since mid-February. I was hoping it would pull me out of my flare by the time I had my follow-up appt (this Thurs) and that maybe I could try to go without meds again. Currently, I take 5-6 VSL#3 probiotics daily, multivitamin, iron, vitamin D, L-glutamine (not fermented, but I just ordered the fermented kind), 3 tablespoons EVOO, and I also do oil pulling twice/day. Honestly, it gets exhausting. I sure hope the evoo is helping me, but it may be too soon to tell. I have been feeling better but, of course, I really want to SEE a change in the bathroom. Feeling better must mean SOMETHING, tho, right?? Everyday I hope & pray that there will be visible indication of healing.

    Sure, keep me posted on what you find re olive leaf/evoo pills. Thanks rjw. :)


  35. The suppository route is worth researching, a wound healing and evoo search should provide some interesting studys. I am embarrassed to say I have not read all of “Old Mikes” links above but there will no doubt be more answers. Many hands make light work…

  36. Graham,

    When you’re taking 4 tbsp of evoo daily, do you still space them all out? I wondered if one single dose should be upped from 1 tbsp to 2 tbsp.


  37. I just ordered some fermented l-glutamine. I have never taken a probiotic (supplement form I mean) in my life, so along with the EVOO, Im really praying that this will help me! For those of you with more experience with supplements, is this something I should be talking with my doctor about? or is it ok to just go ahead with the l-glutamine?

    Also, any other suggestions for natural supplements I can try out if the l-glutamine/EVOO shouldnt work for me?

    1. Maria…unless you have a kidney or liver problem…I believe that L-glutamine is safe to take.

      If you aren’t sure, ask for liver and kidney function tests. They are just easy blood tests, and after being on UC meds for any length of time, should be done periodically anyway.


    2. Maria and all…you should tell your Docs. EVERYTHING you are taking and keep a Med list with never know if you end up in hospital/ER or something things do interact and like Bev said especially with l-glutamine. Also could effect clotting, but probably mostly interactions…vitamins, herbs, any supplements. Don’t forget they are not regulated and limited research!
      Be smart and well! :-) Shelly

  38. Possible warning..Evoo is reported to inhibit COX-2 but I have just read this..If a COX-2 inhibitor is taken, one should not use a traditional NSAID (prescription or over-the-counter) concomitantly…

  39. Lynne, I do space them out but have also double dosed with some success, trial and error..

    Shelly, thank you for the link, I do like your comments and wisdom. “Sub clinical gluten intolerance”, I have had celiac test but wonder how many times I will say “I am going for the allergy tests” before I actually do? BTW, I have booked Villa Campestri but obviously cant say when, burglars probably have UC too!

    1. Thanks…I think we all need to be aware of potential diet causal factors especially us UC/ibd’ersand any autoimmune issues. I have been forced into diet changes at this la/te stage of my UC…for the better though.
      I just posted about making sure to let Dr.’s know about everything you are taking…you never know! :-)
      Yes on the burgers…up here and probably lots of places they scour obituaries and hit the homes of people who died and their sad is that? So good thinking…people divulge too invitations for criminals.

    1. OMG…what an unbelievably fabulous conversation!!

      We are vindicated…finally…by a real medical doctor.

      UC meds are SO bad for our bodies…it’s about time that this information was mainstream!!

      Graham…you are the best!! You always find the most excellent stuff on UC!! Thank you, thank you, thank you….


  40. I can’t seem to find where to click on to hear this discussion? I am using an iPad maybe that is the problem? BTW really enjoying following this discussion. Have read right through it….keep it going as very interesting. Thanks. Senga

  41. some of you might be able to answer this for me, but Ive been wondering, does anybody think it could make my symptoms worse if say, the EVOO Ive been taking might not be totally pure? Ive noticed quite abit more bleeding since taking the EVOO so have decided to stop. The bleeding has been my main symptom since taking a medication called corti-foam that was given to me by my doctor a couple of years ago. I only took 2 doses but just cant seem to get rid of the bleeding except with salofalk supplements.

  42. Hi Maria, my bleeding stopped when I combined EVOO and Canasa suppositories which I am sure you have already read in this chain…Graham, I just listened to Dr. Saputo…Hopefully more docs start to consider proper nutrition as a major factor in healing UC. I honesly believe the soluble fiber is also a major key. Thanks again for the wonderful information you are putting out there. I survived my ski trip to Utah…very strenuous and I did not return with a flare like I usually do from active vacations. I am back to work today…I feel like I’m on vacation!

    1. Thanks for your reply Ann. Ive only taken Salofalk suppositories and they work beautifully for me, just of course, always end up in a flare afterwards, so I will try that again. Thanks.

  43. Maria, It was mentioned to me last week that oil may not be good in a flare and this is apparently common GI knowledge. This may be true, I dont know but Evoo has reversed flares for me and others, just making that point really. Are you getting the throat burn?

    Ann, I wondered how you were doing, thats really great news and thanks for sharing!

    Bev, I thought of you straight away listening to Dr Saputo and I hope you didnt mind my “Bev’s 1 and 2” reference, Senga and I cannot listen on ipad for some reason (thank you both for the supportive comments), more from the Dr..

    Shelly, just the other you made a great point on being careful what we are taking, the links conversation mentioned too much iron being dangerous for our condition. I only just realised (I do a lot of that) I struggle to absorb nutrients, probably for years. So not just a case of taking lots of supplements for UC as we could make things worse.

    1. Hi there, thanks for this piece, it sounds logical, I am currently in mid flair and desperate for anything that may help.

      Could you make a suggestion as to how to get a tablespoon full of olive oil down you throat though please, the stuff tastes horrible and I retch it all out on the spot?

      Many thanks


      1. Hi Wolf,

        This is common and it’s worse when consuming a rancid oil which can taste more like a frying oil/fat. I would suggest a better quality, younger oil which will be more fruity. Beware of the very best oils as recent findings here show this may not be so good for UC, confusing I know!

        From a mental perspective and presuming this could also be a barrier to consumption.. Personally, I totally believe in Evoo and know this is the best medicine I can take, it is also extremely good for you unlike other medicines we are all too familiar with.

        Down in one!

        1. Hi Graham

          Many thanks, that may be a large part of the problem, its peppery for sure but also quite rancid tasting, not that the oil part will really go away I think. :)

          Will you kindly shoot me a few good brand names, I don’t know olive oils at all, we get most of it here in South Africa?

          Thanks a lot


          1. Wolf,

            I have no idea with brands there I’m afraid. To avoid rancidity you should find a bottle with a harvest date of 2012 (northern hemisphere) or 2012-2013 (Southern hemisphere). I believe a semi rancid oil is still most beneficial but obviously no good if you can’t get it down. Beware of the very best fresh oil, it could equate to eating raw veggies during a flare and maybe not the best idea. We are still exploring these contradictory findings…

  44. The old thread is available when clicking “Older comments” which is below the last comment and above “leave a reply”, not easy to see though…Thanks for bringing this up Ann, a good way to let everyone know where to gold is hidden!

  45. I saw this article today which was very interesting.

    How extra virgin olive oil protects against Alzheimer’s
    The mystery of exactly how consumption of extra virgin olive oil helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) may lie in one component of olive oil that helps shuttle the abnormal AD proteins out of the brain, scientists are reporting in a new study. It appears in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience.

    Amal Kaddoumi and colleagues note that AD affects about 30 million people worldwide, but the prevalence is lower in Mediterranean countries. Scientists once attributed it to the high concentration of healthful monounsaturated fats in olive oil — consumed in large amounts in the Mediterranean diet.

    Newer research suggested that the actual protective agent might be a substance called oleocanthal, which has effects that protect nerve cells from the kind of damage that occurs in AD. Kaddoumi’s team sought evidence on whether oleocanthal helps decrease the accumulation of beta-amyloid (Aβ) in the brain, believed to be the culprit in AD.

    They describe tracking the effects of oleocanthal in the brains and cultured brain cells of laboratory mice used as stand-ins for humans in such research. In both instances, oleocanthal showed a consistent pattern in which it boosted production of two proteins and key enzymes believed to be critical in removing Aβ from the brain. “Extra-virgin olive oil-derived oleocanthal associated with the consumption of Mediterranean diet has the potential to reduce the risk of AD or related neurodegenerative dementias,” the report concludes.

  46. Hi all,
    Graham, thanks for sharing the EVOO info on this V. long forum!!! Been reading it over a few days and started with a very good quality oil from Tesco’s. Unreal, 2 days later my no.2’s were firming up.
    I have been taking it for about a week now and feel so much better.
    Thanks so much to everyone that have posted up here with advice, I need to try all the other things like what Mother Bev has recommended.

    1. Thank you for posting, I was wondering if you could post the dose you take of EVOO?
      I’m looking to try it in the States and not sure what brand and dose to take.
      Someone mentioned it can’t be very fresh, when should it be pressed to use for UC?
      Thank you so much.

  47. Great news Yogi and thank you for adding your positive experience! Many under estimate how good EVOO can be so positive feedback will help people and encourage others to give it a go.

    It sure is a long post and Adam has very kindly just renamed it. Originally it was “olive oil helping”….but this was misleading so real extra virgin olive oil now has its rightful place. I must collect and summerise much of this information for a new post, many who don’t have the time or patience to real 330+ comments are missing out.

    Bev is great here and everyone likes a probiotic! We found out recently that probiotics should be started in lower doses, particularly with our problems. Here is the link with good information on PB’s and Bev’s original post.

  48. Thanks for the post Graham, I am working my way through Bev’s post and I’m going to get ordering. I was at the docs today and have picked up my Azathioprine. Going to start these tomorrow but will get down to the health food shop and pick up what I can off Bev’s recommendation.
    It’s really nice that EVOO has worked so much for me and I hope the other stuff does too.
    I will be sticking with the meds for about 6 months but might try and lower the dose and see how I get on as I would rather go natural where possible. I was only diagnosed about 4 weeks back so still new to all this.
    Once again thanks for the posts.

    1. I wish you all the luck in the world, Yogi! I’m so happy that the EVOO is working for you!! Yippee!!

      I hope the things that I am taking will also work as good for you as they have for me. It’s a whole year this month (March) that I have been off the meds and in remission!!


  49. Hi all,

    I’ve been on EVOO for almost 3 weeks. I wish I could say I’m improving, but I seem to be status quo. I had my dreaded dr appt last week, and it went pretty well. I tend to be afraid of my dr & feel that he will push meds on me. But, after every visit, I’m reminded that I actually like him. He’s very accepting of how I am and how hard I work to find an alternative way to get better. I told him I don’t want to suppress my immune system (Imuran), so he said it would be fine to continue with Entocort for 2 more mths.
    I am still in my flare with diarrhea, loose stools, & light bleeding, but I am stable enough to go to work & function through my days. I told the dr that having some symptoms is okay right now. If I use Imuran to make the symptoms go away, then I won’t be able to judge my body’s reaction to the natural alternatives I’m trying. I very much want to land on the natural recipe that works for my body.
    Yesterday, my dr called me unexpectedly. He told me about another patient of his who has uc. She has been pretty sick over the years, but he saw her last week & she’s now in remission. He said her remission is “so complete” that he was very impressed & asked her what she’s been doing. Her answer was aloe vera juice. He told her about me & how I’m spending so much money on probiotics, etc., and don’t want to take meds. She gave permission for him to give me her name & #, so (of course!) I called her. It was nice to actually speak to someone who understand what I’ve been going through. She stumbled upon aloe vera juice accidentally (thru Cold Fusion) & found herself unexpectedly getting better. She began drinking it daily, eventually weaned off her meds, & is in complete remission. She was diagnosed 17 yrs ago & has been hospitalized twice. Much worse than I’ve been. So, I ordered the exact aloe vera juice she uses, and I’m cautiously hopeful & excited to give this a try. It should be here early next week.
    I’ve read one story here of someone who had real success with aloe vera juice. Anyone else?


    1. What a great story Lynn about your new friend, I would love to know what brand she is using? I would love to look into it as well. Wishing you the best of luck, and praying that this will work for you as well :) i have been in a flare for about 2 years now and just cant seem to find what works for me, I too am trying to go the natural route, I refuse any medications that will most likely put my body under more stress.

    2. Hi Lynne
      just quick question, which aloe vera juice is she taking, and you ordered it?
      Going all natural with my daughter since refusing to take aesecol..great site y the way.. lots of shared, great infos!
      Thanks all

  50. Lynne, great news about the potential of aloe Vera juice. It sounds caring doctor who is understanding of your struggles to find a natural remedy to UC. I would like to try it as well – could you share the brand that you ordered and what dosage you are going to start at? Thanks for sharing your story.

  51. Lynne,
    I’m sorry to hear that it doesn’t seem to be working for you. I am repeating myself but well worth another try soon with a different oil, making sure the cough inducing burn is apparent.

    With all the ways real Evoo helps (there are many) it is very unlikely that it will not benefit at all (in my opinion).

    Good luck with the Aloe Vera and thanks for trying and posting..

  52. RJW, I just like the way it starts, “why is olive oil,the crown jewel in the Mediterranean diet, so good for your health”?

  53. Mark, I have ordered Herbalife Aloe Vera (liquid, mango flavor). It must be ordered thru a distributor who sells Herbalife products. I will start with 4 tablespoons daily. Two in the morning & two in the evening, mixing it into water, juice, tea, etc.

    Graham, The EVOO I’ve been taking does indeed give me a throat burn. But, since I haven’t noticed improvement, I stood in the whole foods aisle studying all the EVOOs and did buy a different one to try. Unfortunately, that one didn’t give much of a burn at all. So, I’m still using my original purchase which is bionaturae Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (first cold pressed) that comes in a dark bottle. I’m open to trying a different one if you or anyone knows of a better brand here in the US.

    My dr also told me that there is a GI app. I have actually found two different GI apps that I have installed onto my phone. You can use them to track bm’s -frequency, bleeding, etc- along with stress levels & food intake. It’s a helpful way to monitor progress.


  54. Lynne,

    Thanks for the follow up on the aloe Vera recommendation. I am anxious to give it a try. I have been really disciplined with Probiotic in the morning and at night, vit d, EVOO times 2 per day, 1600 mg of Asacol for the past several months but still having symptoms, D, small amount of blood and mucus. Just can’t get stable. Not sure what else to do so will try adding aloe Vera juice. I also added L-Glutamine thanks to Bev – the EVOO thanks to Graham.

    1. Have you considered giving up some things? My culprits: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, dairy (except butter, which is fine.) I can stay off meds if I stay off those foods/drinks. But if I consume them, I can still experience symptoms, even on meds. I encourage you to try an elimination diet, if you haven’t already. Wishing you the best!

  55. Lynne/Mark
    I am looking at the Aloe Vera too, it is a glutamine mix powder and I will probably buy today. Just thought I would make this point, Olive oil loses nutrients when it is heated in production or prior to consumption. I believe Aloe Vera has similar benefits so I had a quick check and soon found information saying the same thing. Maybe best not to have in tea or at least investigate first?

    Mark I notice you are on 2 Evoo tablespoons, it may be worth 3 or even 4 spaced throughout the day? One change at a time though as they say, if only I could stick to that myself!

  56. Mark,
    Just a thought but Graham indicated in the older comments section that a olive oil gel pill used as a suppository had helped a flare he had. I ordered the Gel pill from the link he provided to try if I have another flare. Link is
    Maybe you want to try it. Now before EVOO etc., and everyone being different of-course I had a flare that would not go away with Asacol. Doc gave me Canasa suppository and wham it was gone within a week. I am going to assume it was maybe the location of the flare. Anyway one more suggestion is for you to try FTP fecal transplant. I have not read all of your threads but if you need more info on it let me know. Oh by the way the EVOO I am using I get from Trader Joe’s and does have that peppery taste in the throat that Graham seems to talk about. Again I have not read all o your previous threads but as you confident in your EVOO quality?

  57. Mark,
    The trader Joe’s EVOO is called “Calif Estate Olive Oil” It was on a top ten list by some not for profit EVOO expert. Anyway it does not have the official seal of approvals by the different organization that were listed on one of Graham’s posts from a whole Foods website on how to buy
    however I assume that is because it is a Trader Joe’s label.

    1. RJW/Graham. thanks for your suggestions regarding the softgels, Trader Joe’s EVOO and dosage. I ordered the softgels today and purchased the Calif Estate Olive Oil at Trader Joe’s. I will increase the dose to 3 per day. I don’t know what I would do without this link/website – I assume just fill myself full of toxic drugs. Thanks for taking the time and your advice.

  58. RJW,

    Thanks for making that point about oil credibility, we can’t make it enough and it would be tragic for anyone to miss out on the big potential gains for that reason alone. I am going to a Tuscan olive oil resort in the summer and hope to gain a better knowledge on basic taste testing and the exact type of oils we would benefit most from. I have invited 1 or 2 experts to post here but no luck as yet.

    While the suppository route seems most beneficial I have read of long term problems from over use of enema’s and the like so I am trying more natural movers as a daily routine, just as an insurance if you like. Currently a litre of water mixed with a juiced un-waxed lemon, a daily glass of this (has to be warmed up) seems to work though early days.

    I have posted a link to page 1 very close to the top of this thread.

  59. Hello all,

    remition just seems to be slipping out of my hands. been on all my meds for 1.5 years (See my previous post) and EVOO for the last month, thought i was fixed for 3 days but then got constipated and all the pushing and pain got me all worse again…

    really getting tired now.. hands shaking.. pain when going to the loo…

    might try changin gmy diet.. I try making alterations w by 10 day periods to see what works or not..

    over all EVOO seems to have helped but cannot get out of this flair…

    tried Aloe Vera juice (yuk) for the last 5 days too but have had serious constipation and pain on the loo… so have stopped it.

    Am thinking of trying 1-2 sigarettes per day (i Am not nor have i ever been a smoker) so i can get out of this flare…

    hope u are all well…

  60. Ant,
    I still have trouble with constipation and have also read that too many enema’s and the like can make your colon lazy or act in that way. So I have been having warm water with lemon juice (real) and this is making me go twice a day no problem. They also say we should have 8-10 smaller glasses of water per day, It’s only been a few days but I feel better and keeping it all moving is crucial I believe. There are other natural ways of achieving this and I think we should rely on these options where possible as we have a long way to go with our colon’s.

    1. Thank you Graham, I have just started a new EVOO just in case…

      drinking plenty of water, its not so much my problem of not going, as that the stools are hard and very difficult to push.. causing pain & blood (probably from my internal/external heamaroids)

  61. Hi Ant,
    The water as well as the oil will soften the stool and should help you go easier despite the damage in the colon. I notice on your “smoking” post that you are starting, you know cigarettes have the laxative effect? You could reduce 1 oil dose to compensate and you obviously won’t be able to asses the new oil if you introduce smoking at the same time. Good luck though….

  62. Although my knowledge of English is weak, but that did not stop me to take advantage of all this information that helps me because I’m sick UC Thank you for all.

  63. Hello UC suffering fellows. I would never introduce smoking as cure to anything. I would rather stick to Asacol, depending on your case but for me three tablets a day of asacol 800 helped me have my normal life back, it seems to be a very mild medicin with no noticeable side effects. Staying away from gluten and dairy products will help a lot, and No red meat as much as possible. I consume a healthy daily dose of evoo since i was a little kid, we grow the best olive trees in my home country , and I agree the benefits are infinite but It didn’t seem to have helped my UC. I think it differs from one patient to another. Just remember that the culprit in UC is the bad fat ( deep fried food) . Good like guys.

  64. I have copied this paragraph from a oleocanthal study and it may be of interest for those with US oil…

    For instance, EVOO produced in the U.S.A., contained a low concentration of oleocanthal (22.6 ± 0.6 mg/kg), however EVOOs produced in Italy contained some of the highest quantities of this compound (up to 191.8 ± 2.7 mg/kg).

    We should not read this as “gospel” but worth remembering. When posting success or lack of we should name the oil we have, not that scientific but it could help build a picture.

    This PDF is worth reading and contains a study of oleocanthal

  65. Bev,
    Trust you are well?

    Crazy Colonoscopy day….My prep didn’t work properly or I didn’t do it 100% so only up to the sigmoid (40cm). I am obviously sad about this because it was my first for years and I also wanted to rule out anything sinister. The good news i think is no ulcers but severe inflammation/ colitis for a short distance and then the rest of the sigmoid is healthy (biopsies). Not bad for 18 months with no cigs or meds..

    I had gas and air, passed out after walking back from the examination so didn’t get the promised chat with the GI! Heard him speak more to his assistant while they were having a 3 way consultation on his mobile! Can’t wait for the next one…

    So I have been prescribed 500mg Asacol suppository which I will go with, I figured this was the sort of drug I was prepared to go for to get 100%. Funny thing is, with all the prep that did actually work, no blood at. I bounced in today feeling hungry but confident my UC was still improving naturally. Having said that, I will try this for a while for total remission and if not, cigarettes for a month.

    Thanks for listening…

    1. Hello Graham,

      No way…really? I am sure that you would have much rather heard ‘by George, I think you are cured’, no? Well, asacol suppositories aren’t the worst thing….but they are still meds. I don’t want to hear another prescription for myself ever again…

      How are you dealing with this? Are you alright? Am I well you ask? I’m not so sure after you told me all of this. I expect nothing less than for my colon to be totally healed! I think I shall forego future colonoscopies for the imminent future, and live in my beautiful world of denial for just a while longer…lol

      I’m glad that for now, at least, you are done being violated my friend! Stay well,

  66. Bev/warning

    Thanks as always Bev, I would have preferred an all clear but I am still learning about how to help myself. I am fairly satisfied with the level I am at though, it’s not getting worse and there is still much to learn, try and improve to get from 85 to 100%. I may leave the Asacol in the box for a bit.

    While looking at Dr David Kleins I read this slightly alarming “fact”.. by drinking chlorinated city water, in addition to enervating the body, beneficial bacteria in the gut are killed, and that contributes to impaired colon health. There are a few pearls of wisdom in the introduction so probably worth a read. I didn’t buy the book, yet.

    It may be coincidence but when I wrongly ventured on to the bad oil, my flare began, after a few weeks I switched to bottled water and things steadied. Ok, I exercised and improved my diet too but who knows?

      1. Hi Graham and Bev, Interested comment about the tap water. I have always wondered about this. I bought myself a Britta not too long ago. Sorry to say I am in a tiny flare…I wanted to deny it but saw the blood yesterday…I was going lax on the evoo…big mistake…started it back up yesterday…I knew my body wasn’t feeling just right but was ignoring my tell tale signs…I can put my finger exactly on the point on my tummy were I know the inflammation is inside my body. I hadn’t been eating my yogurt either. My bad! The stress level the past few weeks has been high too…go figure!

        1. Ann!

          No, not blood! Try not to worry about it too much. Take that EVOO…and a bit more L-glutamine as well. You have to do these things religiously. Whatever works, you must keep doing no matter what.

          I used to freak out and get depressed right away if I saw blood. Nowadays, I just make it go away with a bit more L-glutamine, which works! I never see blood at all anymore, though, because I NEVER forget to take my ‘things’. It’s a daily thing, for the rest of my life…


        2. Hi Ann,

          Sorry to hear you are having a little flare…..hopefully you get out quickly……try some epsom salt baths and meditation to relieve some of the stress….I firmly believe stress is the biggest cause of our UC!!!

          Feel better soon!

          1. Thanks Barb, I took a bath last night which felt very relaxing but forgot the epsom salts…will do use it the next time…hopefully tonight…

    1. I found drinking distilled water really helps during a flare. Tap water and most bottled waters contains fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals that play havoc with gut bacteria and defeat the purpose of taking any probiotics.

      One more suggestion, drink bone broth as well. The collagen in it helps the colon heal. There are recipes online on how to make bone broth or organic beef broth is a good substitute.

        1. Just to clarify, it’s Distilled water, not filtered. There is a huge difference between the two. Filtered water can still contain chemicals, while Distilled water is 100% pure water. I usually buy several gallons at a time and it can be found at most supermarkets alongside the regular bottled water.

          1. I was wondering if there was a difference, thank you! I can’t wait to get 100% and off the cigarettes. Then just Evoo plus all the good tips I’ve learned here…

    1. Hi Ant,

      You can take from one to eight scoops, according to the dosage directions on the North Coast Naturals. It is powder form. The scoop is included…it looks to be about a teaspoon.

      I only take one scoop per day right now, but when I was still bleeding, I took three or four scoops. I played around with the dosage until the blood disappeared.


      1. Hi Bev, got my 500g of Lamberts L-Glutamine powerder today and started, it recommends 1-2 heaped tea spoons (5g) a day. Am bleeding so will try and increase for a week – 10days see what happens. Also started some probiotics vsl3…

        fingers crossed.

        1. OMG!! Here you go Ant!!

          I so hope this works for you. Damned right I’m crossing my fingers…and toes, and everything else. I just want this to work for everyone!!

          Definitely increase the L-glutamine until the blood disappears. This stuff is so great in that it apparently actually HEALS the mucosa of the colon. I have never heard of anything else that can do that.

          Remember…if you need to, and I do, mix it with a bit of your favorite juice. I don’t really love the taste of it. Too chalky…

          Yey!! Please let us all know how it goes…oh…empty stomach for both the probiotic AND the L-glutamine. I take my probiotic first thing in the morning (6am), and then don’t eat for an hour after. I take the L-glutamine about 10:30 or 11 after my stomach is empty again. Better results that way! You’ll get your ‘money’s’ worth, so to speak.


  67. Graham,

    Lucky for me, I have access to an artesian well. Pure, clean water! I have heard the same about chlorinated water. It is needed to kill any bad bacteria that may exist in our public water sources, but it also kills the good bacteria in our guts. Also, when we shower or bathe in chlorinated water, it is absorbed through the skin. I’ve read that warm/hot chlorinated water absorbed by the skin is actually more dangerous to our bodies than actually drinking/ingesting chlorinated water! Many people use a water filter on their shower heads to protect from this. They’re not too expensive in the U.S.

    I have city water at my house. But, I make a 20-mile drive to the well & fill up a 5 gallon jug I use for drinking. I’m very thankful to have it.


  68. Hi all,
    Great additional info on the water Lynne and quite scary really. I used to swim 5-6 days a week as a kid. I read even kettle boiling is not total though a Brita apparently does the job.

    Sorry to hear your news Ann, you could say its more difficult to stay vigilant than it is to get out of the flare in the 1st place. We’ve always got it, sadly. I carry shot glasses around to help me take it. I never miss one, the discomfort of (that area) begins if I don’t..

  69. I took three T of the evoo throughout the day yesterday. I swear I am feeling better already today. Graham, I think you are correct in saying being vigilant is key in staying on top of this. Cheers!

    1. That IS the key.

      We can’t let our guard down. It seems that remission is precarious in UC, and if we want to remain in it, we just gotta do the work.

      Never miss a day:)

  70. Just thought I’d give an update on my aloe vera juice experience. My dr was impressed with another one of his patients whose remission was “so complete” that he asked her what she was doing. She said she’d been drinking aloe vera juice. He knows how I strive with natural methods & do not want to take medications, so he received permission from this patient to give me her name. I contacted her & started drinking the very juice she was drinking: Herbalife mango-flavored aloe vera juice. However, I ended up getting worse because I am sensitive to the sulfites in the mango flavoring. So, I’ve now begun drinking Herbalife unflavored aloe vera juice. It’s been just over one week, and I am noticing great improvements! Yay!! Between my VSL#3 probiotics, 6 scoops/day of L-glut, & the aloe vera juice, I feel like I’m getting better & better everyday. Not completely out of the flare yet but definitely making progress. I actually have energy now! So happy! :)


    1. Fantastic Lynne,

      I have just started VSL#3 probiotics and also 3-4 scoops L-glut (the last 2 days)… been in a flare for the last 20 months… and am hoping they can get me out of it….

      I had also tried Aloe Vera, but i didn;t like it and felt that i got worse that week..

      thanks for the update!


      I am so absolutely thrilled for you, my friend!

      Remember…when you get better…please stay on and continue to visit this site so that you can help others. It’s so important! We and they need you!!


  71. Ant, The unflavored aloe vera juice that I drink has a fairly fresh & clean taste. I dilute it with water & mix my L-Glut in it, killing two birds with one stone! I hope you’ll keep us posted on your progress now that you’re taking VSL & L-glut.

    Bev, Thanks, as always, for the encouragement. :) I will stick around. I use a GI app on my phone these days, and there’s a chat room type feature with it. Another whole cluster of people who are really struggling with this wretched “disease”. I have steered a few people towards this site in the hopes that they will be encouraged here & find some answers aside from meds.

    Graham, I just found out there’s a new business in my city called The Rustic Olive where they specialize in selling “the world’s finest & freshest olive oil”! They are all about “educating people on the benefits of fresh olive oil & how/why fresh is best.” I better go gather some information! :)


    1. Hi guys, just curious about the aloe. I purchased these aloe vera gel caps recently because I read somewhere about how aloe vera has helped some people with UC. I have yet to take one because I always hesistant when it comes to medication AND natural supplements (you just never know what will “anger” the UC).. anybody seen or tried these caps? Do you know if they are basically the same thing as what Lynne (and others) take in liquid form?

      Btw, I am on the salofalk suppository but am slowly working my way up to Bev’s regimen of L-Glumatine (started this a month ago), am on vitamin D supplements, and am waiting for my probiotic (same as what Bev takes Ultra Flora 50 billion by Renewlife) and Astaxanthin to come in the mail, hoping to get rid of the suppository!

  72. More great info Lynne..
    Must look at that Gi app, may need a better phone though..can’t wait to hear any new info from the rustic olive.

    May be coincidence but after my colonoscopy, a fellow UC’er and Evoo convert realised we both have inflammation at the same place (where previously worse but higher). Could the Evoo be less effective the further along it has to go, running out of steam if you like, obvious maybe? Could it be restrict inflammation to just this area? Or could it be that Evoo is better for those are affected mainly in the sigmoid area? Would it help we state the “area” when we post information? Probably..

  73. Graham, the GI app I use is WellApps GI Monitor by Medivo. It’s very helpful in tracking daily symptoms & gives a personal status report showing whether you’re improving or getting worse. I have an IPhone, but I’m sure any smart phone will do.


  74. Hi did you see the story Adam put up about positive research of Emu Oil and GI problemsm
    I looked it up and Emu Oil seems to have a high amount of Oleic acided the same as EVOO.

    Might be of interest.


  75. Micheal, (thanks Lynne)

    I did see it and yes oleic acid and certain fatty acids seem to be the common factor. If it was oleic acid alone then perhaps we wouldn’t need to focus on Evoo quality so much. However, we now know something about oleocanthal, add that to the other phenolic compounds in early harvest Evoo and it must be superior. They are now growing olives in Australia so perhaps an aborigini will compare Evoo to Emu oil one day!

    It gave me a headache to read it but this page on Oleic acid was interesting and further proof to the doubters. It even illustrates the superior effect of nitrated Oleic acid to 5 ASA (Asacol/Mesalazine etc).

    Here is another showing lower colon inflammation where certain fatty acids (present in Evoo) are found at the site.

  76. Hi Graham, Great information! Just a quick update. I’ve been faithful about taking the evoo two or three times a day for the past week or so…The bleeding stopped after just two days. I am back on track. I also read an article in the September 2012 issue of Consumer Reports about the quality of EVOO and how it can vary from brand to brand. The top two rated as excellent were McEvoy Ranch at $1.73 per ounce and Trader Joe’s California Estate at 0.35 per ounce. Guess which one I am taking? You got it, Trader Joe’s. I’m not made out of money and as long as it works I’m happy. I also read that evoo goes well with vanilla icecream. So I’ve been eating it that way and enjoying it much more. I mix about 2 T of icecream with 1 T of evoo with a pinch of salt. It tastes great! I would have never put the two together.

  77. Great news Ann and I’m glad it turned round quickly for you. I also use it freely with food, in soup, on toast and salad obviously. However, I recently took the oil after my lunch and some pain arrived, it was also slow to leave. It works better for me before food and I always feel better taking the 3 doses throughout the day, anything with food is a bonus. If I hadn’t given up sugar and sweets I would try the ice cream suggestion, maybe as a birthday treat…

  78. Digestive transit time..Yet another theory to explore, I had my colonoscopy recently and this got me thinking..

    From empty, it took 4.5 days for a bowel movement! This could have been slower due to being internally abused but surely slow, very slow? I took a low residue diet for a couple of days as the pamphlet suggested and then had some mixed nuts. I am sure these took 2 -3 days to appear, according to this links information (24hrs), still way too slow.

    I have always thought that slow digestive transit time was a factor in UC because it always ground to a halt without cigarettes (instant flare time). Smoking is a laxative no doubt, I remember those mornings, coffee, fag, toilet job done. My precious oil from olives has a laxative effect (amongst other things) and kept things moving when I quit smoking. I can’t help thinking yet more free movement will help. This theory may be contradicted by the amount of times we may go during a flare but apparently D is the body trying to evacuate these toxins in an emergency situation. Amongst other things, the link suggests a sensible way of testing our transit time and this is surely a helpful tool.

    As always I am willing to apologise for any poor information and stand to be corrected…

  79. Hi Graham, It’s been a few days since you posted here. I hope that means all is well. Tomorrow is my three month anniversary with the evoo. I am med free and blood free (only two days with a little blood when I went off the evoo) and feeling pretty good overall. I do know what you mean about the evoo making things move a little faster. No need to apologize…your information is always welcome. Becoming educated about the disease and our bodies is half the battle! Hope you are well.

  80. Hi Ann,

    Great to hear from you and I also appreciate your concern. I so glad you are feeling well because of Evoo and that you are still med free.  It is great that you know the date when everything changed (as I do) and even  more important that you share your breakthrough. Maybe you have a story for Adam.

    Me? Well I didn’t want to speak too soon but I am 100%, even with an unavoidably stressful 7 days. The blood has gone, I’m going very nicely (if one can say that) and even the horrid taste in my mouth seems to have gone. OK so my hair didn’t grow back but you can’t win em’ all.

    As usual I have ignored the 1 thing at a time rule. 

    So I’ve been….On my 1st med for 14 years, Asacol suppository 500mg for the last 2 weeks. Avoiding meat, eating lots of fruit (not citrus) and vegetables (not raw).
    Bottled water, only 1 coffee per day and only real unadulterated food. Oh and last but not least, Real extra virgin olive oil, obviously.

    Impossible to say what exactly but finally from 90 to 100% and feeling confident the Evoo remission keeper will do its job when I stop the Asacol in a week or so. I must confess to giving the Asacol an Evoo bath to help it on its way, couldn’t resist I’m afraid….

    1. How wonderful, Graham! Such happy news. What could be better than this? evoo bath…perfect-o!

      Warm regards,

  81. Good to know. I also used the canasa suppositories with the evoo for the first two weeks and it seemed to nip it in the butt…I mean bud! :) Best!

  82. Well that sounds like 3 of us who have had a benefit with the 5-ASA suppository and Evoo combination. Anyone else?

  83. Hi Graham, Once again, coicidentally, I just bought a jar of saurkraut yesterday after reading some of the other threads about eating fermented foods. This article is very interesting. Definitely worth the read. Thanks for posting again.

  84. Hi all,

    Has anyone read about Spongicol? Sounds interesting made by a company in Germany and very similar to LT_02 a product which is in final stage medical tests and has had some strong results for UC. Its basically delayed release lecithin which works in the distil colon to improve the mucus barrier.

    This has always been my view that for some reason smoking increase mucus production and helps with barrier function which stops the bad bugs attaching to the lining of the colon and initiating the immune response. I believe the same applies with EVOO and barrier function.

    In the tests with LT_02 they found that patients with colitis had 70% percent less choline in the colon and it diminishes as you get to the end which perhaps is why colitis always starts in the rectum.

    It seems like it may be a while before LT_02 is on the market and spongicol sounds like a reasonable alternative as it is gastro protective coated. Just wondered if anyone had tried it or had any thoughts.



    1. This sounds spectacular! Lecithin is natural…which is always good. Let’s hope that this progresses into REAL treatment.

      Thanks for the info, Michael.


  85. Hi Michael,

    How are you doing?

    Sounds interesting, so pretty natural and I also notice the components are similar to Evoo (they can’t sell that can they)? Also agree with your smoking comments BTW.

    Wouldn’t it be great to get a few more breakthrough’s so we can all go natural with minimal drugs and keep our colons?

  86. Hi Graham,

    I’m pretty good thanks.

    I thought this product was inetresting because it is the first one I have seen which is a neutroceutical specifically designed for UC. eading between the lines I think the people at Klinipharm who make Spongicol may have seen the results of the LT-02 and are trying to emulate the product and get aroud the patents.

    I have attached a copy of part of the eail I have recieved about Spongicol from KliniPharm below and also the latest press release on LT-02 which is really interesting.

    “Our product is all natural and very well tolerated. The recommended dose is 3 x 2 g per day. Patients report about a remarkable improvement of their clinical symptoms after about 3 – 4 weeks, on average. Upon improvement, the dose may be reduced to a maintenance amount, in some cases just one dose at night. 100 g of the SpongiCol granulate”

    See more news releases in Biotechnology | Health Care & Hospitals | Medical Pharmaceuticals | New Products & Services | Clinical Trials & Medical Discoveries
    Lipid Therapeutics Successfully Files a US IND for LT-02, a Novel Barrier Function Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis

    HEIDELBERG, Germany, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

    IND paves the way for the US element of a global Phase III development program with LT-02 in conjunction with European licensee Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH, whose pivotal study will start in Q4 2013

    Lipid Therapeutics announces today that it has successfully filed its first US IND for its lead product LT-02 and is now in a position to proceed with a planned Phase III trial in the US in mild-moderate ulcerative colitis patients. The LT-02 IND was subject to the FDA’s customary 30 day review period.

    Dr. Gerhard Keilhauer , CEO of Lipid Therapeutics, commented: “We are very pleased to have cleared this important regulatory milestone that paves the way for late-stage development of LT-02 in the US. The strong safety record of our oral phospholipid active ingredient has allowed us to move forward without the need for further non-clinical toxicology or additional human safety studies.”

    The Phase III trials in the US and Europe will be conducted as part of a synchronized global pivotal plan and are expected to begin in Q4 2013. Lipid Therapeutics intends to conduct the US portion of the program with a partner, in parallel with the trials to be conducted in Europe by Lipid Therapeutics’ European licensee for LT-02, Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH. The combined clinical program will involve over 700 patients in each of two induction studies, with the objective of achieving remission based on the primary endpoint of reducing the patient’s Mayo Score . The two induction trials will be followed by a single global maintenance trial.

    In the planned global Phase III program LT-02 will be tested as add-on therapy to mesalazine. This is a significant area of high unmet medical need as approximately 40% of patients receiving the maximum dose of mesalazine, the standard 1st line therapy for ulcerative colitis, continue to experience flares of disease activity and therefore require additional treatment.

    About Ulcerative Colitis

    Ulcerative colitis is a chronic, relapsing inflammatory disorder that affects the mucosal lining of the large intestine. Clinical characteristics include rectal bleeding, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Worldwide more than 1 million people suffer from ulcerative colitis.

    About LT-02

    LT-02 is a first-in-class highly purified phosphatidylcholine targeted to improve the barrier function in the colon through a proprietary delayed release formulation. Loss of barrier function in the colon in patients with ulcerative colitis has been linked to inflammation due to prolonged bacterial contact with the gut mucosa. A Phase IIb trial conducted in Europe met its primary endpoint (reduction of disease activity in patients with mesalazine-refractory ulcerative colitis) with statistical significance, following which Dr. Falk converted its option on the product to a license agreement for the European territories.

    About Lipid Therapeutics

    Lipid Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of phospholipids. The company was founded in 2008 by the EMBL Technology Fund to commercialize the scientific work of Prof. Wolfgang Stremmel , Krehl University Clinic in Heidelberg, Germany.

    About Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH

    Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH is one of the most recognized companies worldwide in gastroenterology. Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH products are sold in more than 60 countries. The Falk Foundation, which is associated with the company, provides medical information via international symposia, forums, postgraduate courses and literature services. Over the past 45 years the Falk Foundation has sponsored more than 200 international Falk symposia and workshops in which over 100,000 researchers and physicians from 110 countries have come together to advance knowledge in gastroenterology and hepatology.

    Contact for Lipid Therapeutics GmbH:
    Dr. Gerhard Keilhauer
    Phone: +49-6221-3350581

    Contact Citigate Dewe Rogerson:
    Sita Shah/ Chris Gardner
    Phone: +44-(0)20-7282-1052

  87. Michael and all,

    Sounds exciting, is it just me or are we really getting somewhere at last? There will be a wait for this no doubt and sadly even longer for some than others.

    For the 3rd time this week, I have either heard or concluded the words barrier and lining. Ana, Michael, Lynne, thanks to your work and feedback we can quite possibly offer more natural support here. 

    Many of the effective remedies we hear of (including Evoo) seem to have the barrier-lining demulcent qualities. Fish oil, yoghurt, honey, bananas, slippery elm, liquorice, flaxseed. Some other very recent suggestions include oatmeal and real fresh whole milk.  As I found out with just plain olive oil, I believe it is not enough to have just barrier foods, they must be fresh and or as nutritious as possible. If it is to be a barrier then a nutrient providing one it should be. These would surely all relieve the leaky gut and ensure what is getting through 1st is “friendly” and not provocative to an unprotected, mucas deficient gut.

    If this is what is happening then it would perhaps explain why Evoo works best on an empty stomach or as I take it, before food. Nutrition from the Evoo, plus a lining to provide more time for gentle digestion of any subsequent food. So a pre food if you like, acting like digestive enzymes? In light of this information and possible understanding, I will personally try to ensure these subsequent foods are more organic, real type foods.

    This may be old news though not to me and hopefully a benefit to you in some way.

  88. Hi all,

    I hope everyone is well and getting lots of vitamin D now, summer has just arrived in the UK, honest! I just had to tell everyone that I have recently bought a pair of olive trees. Not for olives really but more to admire them and their significance in my life, what a healthy/unhealthy obsession. Only Yesterday a neighbour and I were discussing health, he started telling me about olives, extra virgin olive oil and how good they are for you! 2 crazy men in the same road, what were the chances of that happening? I mostly listened and didn’t even try to tell him I was even more obsessed with them than he was….

    Take care all..

    1. LOL!!

      Two crazy men…two intelligent slightly olive ‘obsessed’ men, perhaps…but crazy? Nah!

      Your sense of humor is a gift to all of us, Graham. It will keep you alive until you are well into your 100s…

      Enjoy that UK summer…it doesn’t last too long…sort of like ours up here in the Canadian north. We cherish those vitamin D days, let me tell you. At least there is something extra special to look forward to this year…Kate’s little one should be along shortly…


  89. Hi Graham (and Bev and All) I haven’t posted on this thread in a while. I just wanted to put it in the record that the evoo did not keep me in remission. I still take a tablespoon almost everyday though because I think it helps my body heal. I started flaring in the beginning of June then I started Bev’s probiotic on June 20th. It is now July 5th and I seem to be almost out of the flare. I have to give credit to the Ulitmate Flora Critical Care probiotic, L-Glutamine and Canasa Suppositoiries this time even though I still think the evoo is helpful. I was in bed all day on June 19th because of the flare. My body today feels the best it has in years. My joints are not achy, I have a great deal of energy and the blood is almost gone. I can’t say it is completely gone until I have not seen any in my stools for atleast 2 weeks without using the canasa suppositories, my goal is to be med free but I will use meds if I have to. I went three days with no blood but saw some on July 3rd. I know it is subsiding but I’m not quite there yet. I am very hopeful. For any of you reading, there is HOPE! I have been able to contol my colitis with the information I learn from Adam’s website more than anything else. Take care for now. P.S. I keep a supply of olives in my frig too! Good Stuff!

    1. Hi Ann!

      That’s wonderful news. I must say that L-glutamine also helps with achy joints…yes it’s true! It does not only heal the colon but also repairs other tissues in the body. Since I’ve been taking it, it has helped my arthritis immensely! Yet another big reason to keep taking it. I only fear that someday, L-glutamine will be very hard to get because it is so beneficial in so many ways. let’s hope not.

      One more thing…you may want to add astaxanthin…I take one 4mg capsule every day, with lunch (because it is best absorbed with fat). It really helps with inflammation in the body, and that may help you to be able stop the canasa suppositories…I actually tried to stop the astaxanthin a few weeks ago, and let’s just say, not a good idea. I seem to need all three things to keep me in total remission…the probiotic, the L-glutamine, and the astaxanthin.

      Cheers for now,

      1. Hi Bev, I just wrote the astaxanthin on my list. Do you buy it at a vitamin or health food store? Any particular brand? I am using the Jarrow’s L-Glutamine since I could not find the one you use. It seems to work though. Cheers back at ya! Ann

        1. Yes, at the same store as the probiotic and the L-glutamine. I use the NOW brand, but I’m sure whatever you can get would work. It is a 4mg capsule, which I think is the lowest you can buy. I believe that you can get 6, 8, and even 12mg capsules. 4 seems to serve me well.

          As long as the L-glutamine is working, that’s all that matters.


  90. Well it’s been a while and I hope everyone is doing well? Some of you know I have been unwell recently (though not with colitis) and I have had to be selfish and calm down/do less in order to recover. During some tests my blood, ECG and arteries were checked and found to be excellent “keep doing what you are doing” consultants said. Must be the oil and a good UC diet…

    Its been nearly 2 years on the EVOO and we now know it doesn’t work for everyone (why would it) and that the benefits can be slightly reduced over time. I am faithful to the 3 tablespoons of the best oil I can get and it still works great, although I have to occasionally rely on a low dose Asacol from time to time.

    The family and I spent a week on the Italian lake Como, then finally arrived at Villa Campestri (olive oil resort) and it is a wonderful Tuscan retreat! Purely from a self indulgent point of view, it has been amazing to see so many olive trees. They are in neat groves, some just by the roadside or in pride of place in residential gardens. I have booked my oil tasting course for Tuesday but could not wait and had 3 different oils with bruschetta for lunch. These oils were true indeed, I’ve heard “grassy” and various other ways to describe EVOO but had mainly experienced slightly fruity or peppery before. Once again this suggests that even to a keener EVOO nose than some, a genuine (health) oil is hard to both buy and find. While “travelling”, oil does seem to experience interference from both man and the environment and I am concerned for many of you in the US about the quality of oil available to you. I know you produce your own but I read this PDF once again and it does not measure well on the health content when compared to other oils. It also gives indications to why this may be so worth a read (8.2).

    More to follow this week, Arrivederci!

    1. It is the BEST to hear from you, Graham! Happy to hear about your wonderfully healthy and lubricated arteries as well.

      Fab about you Tuscan retreat…oh that we all could do that!

      Mostly, just ecstatic to have you back on the site. We missed you my friend…


    1. Great to hear from you Graham and so glad you had your trip. I don’t think anyone of us isn’t thinking about you every time we pick up our bottles of evoo!! :-)
      Best, Shelly

  91. Hi Graham, Thank you once again for the good information. I am happy to know you are feeling better. It sounds like you had a wonderful Tuscan retreat…I am still taking 1 T of evoo every day along with LGlutamine-MSM-Vit D-Multi-asaxanthin-fish oil-canasa. I have not stopped bleeding yet but I am having more good days than bad. I think stress is still a major cluprit of this disease but I can’t seem to get rid of it! I am considering going back on the asacol but it really bums me out because I want to try to control this med free. I don’t want to lose my colon either. Anyway, glad to hear you are doing pretty good. Take care…

  92. Very nice to hear from you all!

    Well it was worth the visit to Villa Campestri for the oil education alone, I was fortunate enough to have a private lesson with the owners daughter Gemma. The allotted hour became almost 2 and it was a privilege to discuss the world of oil with a respected expert who is even more obsessed than I. She regularly spends time at UC Davis and is committed to not only producing the best quality oil but building associations with other producers where only the very best real oil is approved. Quality comes first, unlike most of this business it seems. I recently wrote to the UK’s 2 largest supermarkets regarding poor oil and they were both polite and interested in our perspective. Unfortunately there was an obvious ignorance to EVOO quality problems. Not encouraging for those of us in search of “health” oil. Gemma explained there was a very low bar when it comes to the authorisation criteria for an extra virgin and this means standards are very poor. High acidity and very low polyphenol counts are allowed, these “minimums” only promote sales, profit but not quality.

    The tour started with a walk to a very old olive tree or bush as it was described. On the way I was asked to explain my/our story, Gemma also believes oil is without a doubt, medicine. I felt much of the work had paid off as she listened, appearing fascinated by every word from “the crazy man”! “You cut the top growth away to let the light through the branches to make the best fruit”. We took a leaf close to one of the larger branches, folded them front and back across the same line then placed them in our mouths to suck. There was a very powerful tingling sensation, full of flavour and this was to be a direct taste path to what to expect from a genuine oil.

    The (early) harvesting – oil making process was shown and described to me, we then went to the restored cellar under Villa Campestri. We sat at a huge table where 4 oils were waiting, 3 real oils were in small clear glasses with lids and the rancid oil was in a plastic cup. We warmed the rancid oil first by covering the top and then warming it with a cupping – swirling action. The warmth releases the compounds and then you remove the cover to immediately smell deeply with each nostril (apparently one side can be more perceptive than the other). It smelt a bit like my oil, like an empty old cupboard, old, greasy and a generally oily whiff. The real oils were amazing, mainly cut grass from a smell point of view. I did not guess many of the other aromas until I was advised but with my poor food history it’s hardly surprising. “You need to train to know these smells before you can recognise them”. My homework was to cut my fruit and vegetables and then smell them. Wonderful smells and amazing flavours were clear even with just the smallest amount. The burn was way more than usual and all with less than a teaspoon. The Moroccan oil had over 1000 polyphenol count and was literally wild!

    We have travelled far but this experience has made it clear there is a long way to go to easily source and buy pure “health” oil. The oil I/we are using is probably at least 5 times better than just any old bottle we may have tried at the beginning of my post. The oils I experienced yesterday were 5-10 times better than what I purchase now! Gemma was almost apologetic that these oils were almost a year old now so not as good as they could be.

    The initial disappointment regarding my oil soon became excitement as I realised these oils I had experienced should be so much more effective on UC. Gemma agreed that although there was probably a benefit from oleic acid (high in ordinary oils) the power and medicine comes from the volume of oleocanthal produced from a high polyphenol count.

    Gemma tells me the best oils are available online and she will be emailing me very soon with information from her trusted sources.

    I have returned with a litre of Spanish Picual oil that they stock as this will be more powerful from a health point of view. I also bought half a litre of the Olio Di Cosimo grown at Campestri, it would have been rude not too! I will let you know how I get on….

  93. Hi Graham, Thank you for the latest information on the Trader Joes evoo. I am still taking about 1 T everyday but nothing seems to be working, I still take L-glutamine, Probiotic, MSM, Multi, Vit D, Astaxanthin, and Krill Oil. I did, however, try something new on Monday. I went to a cranial sacral therapist and had an hour and a half session. I have my next session on Thursday. I will keep you posted if my flare goes into remission. My friend has been wanting me to try this for years and I finally bit the bullet. I was somewhat skeptical but this disease has put me at my wits end! If this doesn’t work I will probably have no choice but to go see my GI. I swear I am feeling some relief already but time will tell…Cheerio! :)

  94. Hey Graham!

    I am originally from England (Icklesham in East Sussex before we moved to Cheltenham Glo’shire). I’ve been in Canada now for nearly 3 years and had been a smoker all my life. From aged 11 until I quit almost 3 years ago. I’ve just realised that since I quit I’ve had flare after flare. Currently flaring now. In fact I feel like its not been under control apart from a few months last year. I did a candida cleanse and part of this was strict diet, along with a daily drink of psyllium mised with caprillyc acid and calendula. I guess these things coated the bowel. I became allergic to the psyllium and tried other similar fibers, but nothing helped. During this strict diet, wasn’t allowed any vinegars or anything fermented. Instead of salad dressings or butter for veggies, I smothered everything in EVOO!

    It became too hard to stick to this diet and after a few months I’d relapsed to bad eating choices. By the Christmas I was flaring. I’m about to crack open a bottle of oil now! Fingers crossed and cheers! :)

  95. Hi Juliet nice to hear from you and I hope it works or at least helps..

    There have been some very positive stories here of flares being turned around with EVOO but I now admit and realise with a heavy heart that it is exactly like Dr Harts original findings “a preventative effect”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s powerfull and I believe everyone with UC should have a tablespoon at least twice a day, 1st and last thing on an empty stomach. There are many good things we can do to help ourselves and the simple ones are the best, let’s face it a strict diet is way too difficult for many of us.

    I say “preventative” because this amazing oil kept my UC away for over a year but the crucial thing is that my colon was extremely healthy from smoking. I am convinced my UC is aggressive as usually 3 weeks after stopping smoking would be my limit. The problem now is that I cannot reverse my flare, I have changed my diet to a very healthy (easy to follow) diet and am increasingly dependant on a low dose Asacol suppository.

    I recently suffered a minor stroke, the blood got very bad as I ran out of meds and though I’m still to have my heart tests I am sure the bleeding had something to do with it, maybe the added stress of the flare. The good news is my blood, arteries, ECG and blood pressure were all very good “keep doing whatever it is you are doing” they said. However, I must stop the heavy blood loss at all costs and so have decided to smoke the 4 or 5 a day. I realise its a gamble as there could be a heart problem but a calculated risk I would say. It’s been almost a week and I am feeling much better though obviously gutted for starting again.

    Oh well back to being a social leper… Until my colon recovers.

  96. Hi Graham,

    Can I ask you a question – I’ve been off nicotine and on EVOO for almost 3 months now but I’ve been in semi flare-up for the past 2-3 weeks. It’s not the normal pattern for flare up as I am only using the bathroom 6 -8 times a day as opposed to 25-30 & don’t have too much mucus, gas or urgency. I’m sure this difference is down to EVOO. I switched from shop-bought EVOO a month ago to a brand that is family produced in Italy and sold by the family at the local organic food market. I’m pretty sure its ok as its well in date and has a very strong pepper taste. I’m wondering if the change might have brought on the flare. I’m also curious to know if your flare ups before using EVOO were different to the flare after taking EVOO?


  97. Hi Andrew,

    My pre EVOO flares were so long ago I hardly remember, I always resumed smoking before my “pit stops” got out of hand.

    Very interesting that you mention the oil change, it could be a coincidence but my flare has got worse since taking the 100% genuine oil from Italy that I got direct from the grower! I am trying to get to the bottom of this, Gemma did tell me that some add chlorophyll to their oil to make it greener. Chlorophyll is naturally found in green veg, leaves and salad etc this could actually be a benefit. Chlorophyll is meant to be extremely healthy and good for the bowel so this could be a reason some cheaper oils still work. The oil I started on was cheap though this theory is a long shot.

    Lets not forget this is a learning curve for all of us and unfortunately since my incident I must not obsess about these things. Not giving up, still passionate but sensible though if anyone has ideas about this I would love to hear them. I will contact the expert though…

    1. Hi Graham,

      Sorry to hear you’ve had to go back on the cigarettes, but so be it. Maybe you can smoke for a couple of weeks to get yourself into remission, then go back on EVOO and get another year or two smoke-free. Kind of thinking I might have to go back myself temporarily if I can’t get this flare under control. I’m trying a double-dose of glutamine & Bevs probiotic over the next few weeks and if no improvement… well, it’s straight to the corner-shop for a pack of Marlboro lights!

      Not sure what to make of the EVOO now, tho’ for sure I would be in a far far worse state without it. I might look at going back to my old brand and see if there’s any improvement.

      Just out of curiosity, how long were you in flare before you had your incident and were you bleeding for all of that time?

      Good luck with the cigarettes, I hope you’re back in remission soon.


  98. Hi Andrew,
    Thank for your support, I would try your old oil definitely. The incident was about 7 months in from my first symptoms and I I said previously may be due to a heart problem, tests on Tuesday…
    Good luck to you!

  99. Hey Graham,

    Thanks for responding. I’m very sorry to hear of your added health complications. I am currently on lovely prednisone to get my flare under control. My GI and her team really wanted me in hospital but I wanted to give the oral steroids a chance first. I don’t blame you one bit for starting smoking again, I was considering it myself!!! I’m starting to improve right now. They do want to start me on remicade, I’m currently on highest dose of Asacol possible and have had pretty much every other med out there. I do not want remicade.

    I saw your earlier post regarding transit time. I’m very much in agreement. When I was little I would be to afraid to ‘go’ if I wasn’t at home. This continued all through school and when I began working. My bowels have of course always been sluggish. I do normally eat lots of fresh green veggies, drink lots of water and avoid caffeine. I still need to have some added fibers I feel (obviously when I’m out of flare). Just to keep things moving at normal rate.

    I think we all know that if our gut isn’t functioning properly then everything else will suffer too. Just so confusing with so much conflicting information out there! Fingers crossed for a cure!

    The tap water here in Ontario compared to back home (UK) smells so strongly of chlorine! I’ve always preferred bottled water anyhow but can’t even use filtered here! My UC has been worse since moving here, but a number of factors are involved.

    How many of us red the article regarding red grapes?

    1. Hi,
      I am jumping in here. Have not read all of your posts so I am sorry if you already said this. Basically, I have come to believe based on the antidotes and story’s on this and other sites that there is a great deal of strength to consider the SCD diet. I thought I was eating healthy. But apparently there is something to it at least for a large percentage of people. I have been dealing with what I consider severe flares on and off for only a year now. But the pattern by which those flares came about has only come to me fairly recently. The two big flares came when i was traveling away from home and eating complex carb rich diet. The whole basis for the SCD diet is to stay away from those things. Starches, Sugar and Grains basically are not good. Some believe that these very items feed the growth of negative bacteria in the gut. Maybe fantasy-land medicine maybe not it all depends on how bad one wants to stay off of remicade I gather, Anyway have you seen Adam’s posts about the subject and his video on his diet when he had a recent flare and how he attacked it? I would also like to mention that there seems to be some strength in FTM as an option and smoking pot. Apparently in Israeli researchers and hospitals have been using the later for years in dealing with IBS and IBD. Best of luck.

  100. Hi Juliet,

    Thanks for posting, I hope you are doing well and that the knowledge you have gained is paying off for you. I know what you mean about the conflicting information, it is very frustrating. It’s so hard to really know if what lands in our gut it helping or not. We need water but getting this without the chlorine must be one of the 1st good measures we can take.

    It’s been 2 weeks on the cigarettes and I have limited it to 5 per day, though the urge for more is now apparent. It is slowly working even though I have reduced the oil dosage and stopped the Asacol.

    With all I have experienced this time I now realise a flare or the deterioration towards one begins long before we know anything about it. I will give it 2 months without symptoms before I stop and just use the preventative EVOO.

  101. Some information for anyone on the EVOO and I think this “trend” may have been apparent with some of you for a while. It would be good to hear your thoughts on this over the next few weeks as as it may move our knowledge forward once again.

    After 14 clear months on EVOO my symptoms began, probably by taking a non extra virgin olive oil as it was not protecting. Yes it seemed to be down to quality and there was obviously a crucial component in extra virgin oils but which? Oleocanthal? This little known natural anti inflammatory (Cox1 Cox 2 inhibitor), similar to liquid Ibuprofen and responsible for the throat burn when swallowed was not present in plain olive oil. This logically led me to believe that the most beneficial EVOO for UC would have very high levels of Oleocanthal. However, I recently got some of the purest oil available,  direct from Gemma who runs Villa Campestri in Tuscany. Though still in a flare, I was expecting great improvements yet they did not arrive!? In fact I was certain this oil did not work as well as a half decent oil from my local supermarket. I actually brought 2 oils back and the stronger of the 2 (her Picual from Spain) seemed to be even less effective than the Tuscan oil. Strange, stronger wasn’t better.

    It would seem that it still has to be Extra Virgin but an early harvest, strong oil that has a very powerful (though natural) non steroidal anti inflammatory powers may be inflaming the colon further. This component is similar to Ibuprofen and we generally would not use this, certainly not in high doses. The Extra Virgin that gave me the 14 months without problems was a very ordinary extra virgin oil and the wound healing benefits of its oleic acid and the oils other components were probably under estimated. The good news is, average quality EVOO is the easiest to aquire so cancel the Italy flights! After all that my oil journey has unveiled, ‎it does actually make sense that a very low dose anti inflammatory taken 3 times a day would be better than a dose that is too potent for those who can’t take it.

    I would love to know if any of you had a gut feeling that a weaker oil was working better than a real throat burner?

    1. Dr.Bashirullah Homeopath

      Graham lee! inshallah you will be recovered soon from recent flare up. The oil which is used by me is Sasso brand Italy as non other superior brand availbe in Pakistan is not known to me. The same is usually more than 2 years old,but it works fantastic ..The main condition is that to get complete benefit from olive, we should exclude every kind of other oil/fat from daily food. All food items should be boiled in water in shape of soap and avoid all kind of fried food as well as dairy/milk products. The maximum 2 table spoonful of Olive oil should be mixed in food items after boiling them in water & taking down from stove. Moreover salt and sugar should be minimized in routine meal,even it would be better if sugar is given up . With the help of above measures and some other natural steps I am completely free of all kind of symptoms since long after remaining 24 years in severe ulcerative colitis symptoms. Others natural measures will be posted tomorrow Inshallah.

    2. Hi Graham,

      I had a similar issue with expensive oil. I was cigarette-free & on supermarket EVOO for nearly 4 months then went into a flare after a few weeks on an expensive artisan one. It could be just a coincidence, it’s hard to tell. Back on the cigarettes 3 weeks now and nearly back to normal. Will start the process all over again once I get into the right frame of mind and will stick to Sainsburys Unfiltered or DeCecco.

      Hope you’re on the mend.

  102. Dr Bashirullah, good to hear from you and your new angle on EVOO! I must ask how long have you been on the oil? Also very interesting that your EVOO is probably not the best or very strong and yet still so effective. As stated in a previous post, I am wondering if the best oil may not be so good after all but this is obviously difficult to assess.

    Quite a few people with UC have mentioned that they consume lots of olive oil with food and it has no benefit. I did find it best taken on an empty stomachbut whatever works for you….

    I already dropped the bad fats, sugar (except fruit) and salt as well as processed foods where possible. I stopped Asacol weeks ago now and have regretably returned to a small amount of cigarettes for the last few weeks. I have gone from a sea of red to having to look long and hard for any signs of blood. I am still taking the oil 3 times a day because I still get a slightly uncomfortable warming if I don’t. I believe my colon and body will have healed totally in a couple of months, ready to stop smoking again.

    Thanks for posting and I look forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Dr.Bashirullah Homeopath

      Graham Lee! Sorry for not giving on time reply as does not have always a direct approach to Net. I using the Olive oil for last several years but occasionally not regularly/continuously. However I am taking it for last 5-6 months regularly. The regular use of Olive oil have provided amazing results. It is to bring on record that I have left the use of every kind of medicines since about four years as the medicines i-e Asacol, Deltacotril( prednisone) etc had been giving me a temporary mask and my disease remained never on complete remission. Moreover the said medicines had damaged my sperms due to which I was issueless . As such I concentrated on food based treatment which gave me excellent results and my sperms counts also covered. The following measures if followed strictly, will, InshAllah, give you nice results. 1. Avoid & exclude all kind of oil/ghee either good or of bad fats. 2.Boil vegetables in water with other curry / dish items such as Tomato etc in which little quantity salt can be used in shape of soap which can be eaten with bread cooked by unrefined wheat flour . After cooking the dish, take it down from stove and rest it for some time so that it may naturally cool, then mix Olive oil in it. 3. In case of severe flare up, stop every kind of food, even minimize the quantity of olive oil up to 1 tea spoonful thrice, and take brown rice boiled in water as well as take thick water of rice several times a day which would stop flare up immediately. 4. Also please never take dairy product either it is yugurt/curd or whole milk as it due to lactose intolerance, it always induce motions/diarrhoea. I will inshallah, throw lights in details on steps listed above in next mail.

      1. Sounds good to me. It really is a boost to have someone knowledgeable with a good input on this subject. One day we will have the natural armoury for everyone to fight this, bringing an end to the surgeries and life shortening/complicating drugs. I hope people understand my compulsive commitment to finding the absolute best oil for us. When something works this good it is worth “ironing out any creases”.

        I wonder if the freshest oil is just too raw. There are a few theories going on and I’m confident of results soon.

        Thanks again and may the oil keep you well!

  103. We will indeed Bev and thanks as always for your support!

    This had gone on long enough so back to the last resort of emergency cigarettes, which in my experience is better than meds.

  104. have just been in contact with Gemma Pascuali at Villa Campestri (Olive Oil Resort Tuscany) and have some interesting news. The two great oils I recently tried were not as effective as the poorer oils I used over the last 2 years. After reading about linoleic acid being bad for the colon I wondered if this content was higher in these oils. Gemma very kindly sent the chemical reports for both and the most effective of the two actually had the most linoleic acid content 6%, oleic acid 85%. This rather squashed my theory, Gemma also stated that high polyphenols (found abundantly in great Evoo) can irritate mucas. For this reason, anyone taking olive leaf extract may wish to stop for a while to see if it helps. Gemma has offered to do chemical reports on some of my uk supermarket oil to help solve this conundrum and hopefully help us to source the best oil for UC. This may take a while but a generous gesture indeed.

  105. Hi Graham Lee, thank you for all the time you have spend researching Olive oil and sharing your experience with us fellow UCers. I have also began taking EVOO for my UC, I am only about a week into my regime of approximately 20ml x3/day, so it is still too early to judge its effectiveness, but I can say that so far my symptoms have not worsened. So will update as time goes on.

    My symptoms started as UP after quitting heavy smoking approximately 18 months ago, I didnt know the smoking connection at the time and I did resume light smoking untill 5 months ago when I quit completely, until that point my symptoms were very mild. Since that time my symptoms flared up progressing from mild UP to full blown left-sided UC.

    I’m giving serious consideration into resuming smoking again, in conjuction with Vitamin C and E to help negate some of the harmfull effects of tobacco use, perhaps 3-5/day until my flare is under control enough for my 5ASA to be effective again, or even, with much hope, EVOO alone.

    Have you felt that smoking now has given some relief from your current flare?


  106. Welcome David… resuming smoking was a last resort, 2 years without them was great. Though I’ve had UC for 15 yrs, the long periods of full time smoking meant I never knew I had it.

    Having tried some “healthcare” from the professionals I realised it is still a good choice in emergencies for the short term at least. In case you have not seen it there is a huge post here on smoking and UC, that is no coincidence. Every doctor I have mentioned this too is well aware of this big smoking contradiction. It seems as un likely for them to tell a UC’er to quit as they would tell you to start, they won’t bring it up 1st though.

    After 5 weeks of sensible smoking (no meds) I have gone from a sea of blood to a few days a week where there is still some pink in the stool. I missed two Evoo doses in 24 hrs to assess things and there was quite a lot of blood and mucas almost immediately. I now believe oil is working better than smoking but I can’t climb out with just the oil alone, strange.

    I don’t wish to make anyone despondent but I think that even if the bleeding stops we are possibly only in stage 1 (of 3) in re building what would be a normal, healthy mucas lining within the colon. The oil was most effective with a healthy colon and possibly the healthiest prevention method there is.. We just need to optimise the oil or type, work in progress..

    I did some oil pulling again today, since the “best” oil wasn’t helping the UC so much, I used the strongest oil. I use the cheapest oil usually, after all we spit it out after 10 minutes. I noticed the oil was much thinner in the mouth and I remembered being told high polyphenols cause this. Early harvest oils are high in these and make the throat burn stronger. Maybe the viscosity makes a difference, the body heats the oil then it gets too thin to work as efficiently? Maybe I will try the oil from the fridge as long as it doesn’t turn solid. Some do and this does not always mean it’s bad oil.

    Keep in touch David.

  107. rj2,
    Thanks for sharing the link, it talks Evoo in a nutshell and clearly states what are the most crucial indicators for good oil! Sounds clearer when you hear it and should help many who don’t know where to start. In my experience, good oil always has a harvest date.

    1. Graham lee; you are quite accurate in taking the plea that strongest oil does not work swiftly/gently, rather it creates problems in the gut especially in rectum area. My friend sent Extra virgin olive oil from Gulf {Arab Emarat} produced by Spain of ACORSA brand ,which test is peppery creates burning sensation in throat, I used it one tea spoonful a day with other olive oil which is already in my use,the next day I felt slight pain in my rectum during stool.. The next day I used two tea teaspoonful once, next day my pain and inflammation sensation aggravated . Though blood has not yet started, but pain, burning & inflammation in rectum is on full swing. I immediately stopped the use of oil & took necessary precautions to stop the flare up in the bud.The fresh conditions will be shared shortly. I will recommend that the UC patients should take extra care in using the strongest EVOO which may trigger recurrence/relapse/ flare up of Colitis.

  108. As earlier stated when I used EVOO even in very small quantity, I felt severe sensation of inflammation & burning inside the rectum, I neglected it and used the 2nd day too 2 tea spoonful of EVOO which was very strong as was packed only 4 month ago, due to which the inflation/burning condition aggravated as such i gave up the use of EVOO as well as all kind of other fat/oil. However flare up started with mucus and bloody diarrhea . I started the use of brown rice boiled in water as well as water of rice which was got from rice when boiled it for about 10 minutes. During this period I gave up use of all kind of others
    food especially every kind of oil/fat , diary product and meat every kind, due to which my condition became better and blood/mucus disappeared with in two days. After 2-3 days I started my old Virgin olive oil one table spoonful thrice a day which is maintaining my good condition. Now Alhamdolillah, I am symptoms free hundred percent. I had given up all kind of medications 4 years ago and even never took any kinds of probiotics as well others supplements as the body takes it from food if extra burden of fat/oils (liquid fat) and meats is removed from it, Colitis is nothing but the condition in which the digestive system of body especially large intestine is effected from different kind of allergic food which trigger the immune system to act against the bacteria created due to the allergic food in the gut and in the mean while it also attack on lining/surface of colon/rectum due to confusion of similar molecules of the gut & bacteria/virus . As such if we exclude the food which may cause allergy in long run (like meats, fats etc) or cause allergy immediately (like diary product, excess use of salt, excess use of refined sugars and food fried in oil) we can be successful to easily heal our colon/ large intestinal track. It is not necessary that every one is affected from same food but every one should see as which food cause allergic condition for him. The above listed food usually prove detrimental to colitis patients as per research of the experts. The meat especially poultry though apparently look beneficial particularly in flare up owing to low residual but it prove harmful on the long run to the wall of intestines ,as apart from some others detriments .meat is also very low in fiber which is necessary for the good health of gut. Every one have right to disagree with my above comments , but it is not only the gist of my experience of 25 years with severe ulcerative colitis but also the research of experts which I gained in the said period which is explained above for the welfare of all others UC patients . I will, inshallah, send my detail story for this site for good of others patients in near future.

  109. Thanks Dr.Bashirullah, please keep posting your findings.

    Personally, things have healed greatly and it’s so good to have no symptoms at all. I have read some research recently regarding meat and alcohol as potentially the biggest of all flare triggers. I will be quitting the cigarettes soon so will limit my intake of both, having at least one meat free day per week and no alcohol on weekdays..

    1. Graham,

      Keep us all posted for sure on how things go with the no meat day. I’m a big meat eater, and would love to hear about your test with that. Glad to hear things have improved for you, and take care,
      (maybe you can bust out another all time most commented post once again :))

  110. Adam,

    Good to see you here and thanks as always. I have already cut back on the meat slightly and believe it will help. The big pre flare sign for me at least is the slowing of digestion and bloating, so if meat adds to this problem then it’s part of a plan. Since my healing I’ve noticed my tummy is flat and I’m standing straighter.

    There will be a second Evoo post for definite but I would like it to be more solid and reliable with any new advice. Don’t want to rush it and end up like most sequels!

  111. It’s good Graham…full remission again, thank goodness.

    I even got the flu shot this year after not getting it for the past two…though it might be aggravating the UC…had it a few days ago…actually had some rumblings in the old colon about 24 hours after but not sure if it was due to that…I may also have inadvertently eaten some wheat (cheerios), but then I doubled up on the probiotic yesterday and am fine again today. I don’t know why I decided to try the flu shot again…just thought I would see what happened! I can be naughty sometimes in that I want to ‘test’ drive my remission…lol…just to tell everyone what happens to me…so far so good!


    Cheers and stay happy and well my friend.

  112. Hi Graham, Bev, Adam and All, Long time no comment from me…I am happy to hear you are doing well! As you know, I had a bad flare in August and I am still recovering. I weaned off the prednison but alas the bleeding started up 2 days after so I went right back on it again. Now at 20 mg. I started thinking and looking back at my notes from this year. Back in February, the 14th to be exact, I started the evoo program. I managed to get the bleeding stopped for my ski trip in March and actually had a pretty good month. I began to think I was not having as much luck with the evoo once I tried a different brand. I went back into my receipts from Feburary, thank God I saved them, and found the EVOO I was taking back in February/March. The brand is ISOLA P.D.O. $12.99 16.9 oz. I went back to Whole Foods on November 1, 2013 and found three different kinds os ISOLA. P.D.O.=Protected Designation of Origin which seemed to help me / D.O.P.=Denomination Origin Proteced and Organic. I will stay with the P.D.O. since I think this one comes from the best region in Italy. I am also trying a toothpaste which I think will help the cold sores I have developed in my mouth, either from the prednisone or the colitis itself. Desert Essence – Natural Tea Tree Oil – Mint. I am also starting up the L-Glutamine again. I need to stay in remission without the prednisone. It’s killing me! Just so you all know, I never want to come across “witchy” but between the frustration of the disease and the side effectes of the prednisone I might not seem to be so nice! I love you all and hope we can together find “the cure”! :)

    1. Ann!!!
      I agree with Graham in that we are never truly ‘healed’ in the colon when we have UC. It’s all a balancing act it seems.

      I hate the thought of you on pred…sometimes a necessary EVIL? I hope you can get off of it as soon as you want to. Just for your info…I have the odd day where I bleed…just out of nowhere, and I cannot always pinpoint it. When I made the stupid mistake of trying to change my probiotic, it took over a month and a half to get back to where I was prior…remission that is, HOWEVER, I am not exactly where I was. I bleed every so often now! Bummer, I know, but it sure slapped me into reality. I am ever so cautious and will continue taking the ‘GOOG’ probiotic, L-glutamine, and even the astaxanthin. I am not changinh ANYTHING again…lol

      Glad to hear from you, girl! If you are nasty from the pred, we can’t tell!!


  113. Good to hear from you Ann and thanks for the Evoo information which will help some of you across the river (to quote our great leader)!

    We all want off the meds asap but I am now convinced that even once the bleeding stops, we are still way off being healed inside. Perhaps we should give the big guns more time before the total handover to natural solutions…

    Yes we’ll get there and probably do most of the work ourselves!

  114. Hi Graham and Bev, Good to hear from both of you. I forgot to mention I am also doing the SCD. I was so sick I am willing to do anything! I never want to go back there. I’m not giving up by a long shot. I think you are both correct about the colon not every really beaing “healed”…Thanks for the support!

    1. Hi Ann…sounds like a great plan.
      Sorry about the pred. ,but who knows…I think it may have been Adam or Dede Cummings that said they literally were cutting prednisone in pieces to slow the taper…guess that’s what I meant before. I think it seems almost normal to start re-bleeding. Think it happens as the body’s way of figuring ut how to produce it on its own so the slower the better.
      The SCD is not so bad. The pecanbread…stages site helps a to.
      Good luck and hopefully skiing in your future.
      Best, Shelly

  115. Just a note on the weaker oils and pain relief.

    During my 3 month smoke I have eased off both the volume and quality of my oil. I have tried this for the last 2 weeks to slow my digestive transit time and limit any weight loss from smoking. The weak oil that I began with so long ago doesn’t have the noticeable throat burn.

    The result of this is that my back complaint has returned. I would say the ache is not caused by smoking but the lack of oleocanthal/anti inflammatory in the weak oil. I would also conclude that we are certainly correct to use an oil with a slight throat burn but not the very strong, freshest young oil.

    This also proves to me at least that a half decent EVOO also provides a low dose, natural pain relief.

  116. I know this is a little off topic but has anyone tried Siberian Pine nut oil? From what I gather it is supposed to be really great for digestive issues.

  117. An interesting piece here (if you have time) on oils within the body and their vital role on health including inflammation. There are also explanations and suggestions for the correct oil correct ratio. They say its 4 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3 but I have read 2.5:1 is better for preventing cancer of the bowel and so possibly UC..

    It also gives an insight as to why these oil protocols can work well to begin with and then fade (page 12). As we make these crucial oil adjustments we obviously see a health benefit but the scales can begin to tip too far the other way. This most likely suggests if you have been taking Omega 3 and cutting out trans fats, an unexpected decline in your condition may actually require a little less and not more (as we might logically believe). We may also have a poor trans fat diet and not be taking enough Omega 3, this is not helping our UC.

  118. Hi All , I also had a severe inflamation 2 month back, because I have stopped to take my usual medicine (Mesalazine) . I had to urgently rush to GI and to take the medicine, which apparently is helping me. Paralelly I am taking 1 spoon of EVOO in the morning, as it’s hard to take 3 , because I am almost all the day from midday to late night in the office. Also I had itches there , where I sit, you understood. So I am trying to apply some olive oil also there, and mostly it takes the itch out. I will try to take more EVOO in the future and report about the results. I wanted to add also to the Lecithin brand my knolegde.

    Basically Professor in Heidelberg Uni in Germany Prof. Stremmel has found out that Mucosa of colon has a lecithin layer on the end,which by people like us with colitis ulcerosa is 70% thiner, so bakterias can attack the colon easier . That’s why all things happen. And they have developed Lecithin suppository, uvula, or special granuled ones, which are stomach acid resistant , so lecithin will be delivered to colon and will build up the layer again.
    If you digg about deeper in English science databases, I am sure should come up some papers from him , about the research and more detailled about the results.

    Some discussion in HealingWell

    But I read a lot of positive responses from German forum.

    Here down are the list of pharmacies, where german people can but those lecithin enteric coated granules or rectal ones.

    Hier die verschiedenen möglichen Anlaufstellen und deren Produkte

    Apotheke am Eschenheimer Turm in Frankfurt am Main
    Lecithin-Granulat beschichtet
    Lecithin-Kapseln magensaftresistent (SpongiCol)

    Apotheke des Universitätsklinikums Heidelberg über die eigene Hausapotheke zu beziehen

    Collini Apotheke in Mannheim
    Lecithin-Zäpfchen (nach Heidelberger Rezeptur)

    Medicus Naturheilmittel in Calw Stammheim
    Lecithin-Beadlets (PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLIN medicus®)

    Sebastian-Apotheke in Bad Aibling
    Lecithin-Kapseln magensaftresistent

      1. Sergey/Bev,

        Im glad you are trying the oil and i look forward to good news, however, you will need 3 x 10 ml doses (all on an empty stomach) for it to work best. Apparently peppery oil contains the most oleocanthal and this also helps with the taste.

        Interesting that you mention Phosphatidylcholine and Lecithin as I came across this recently. The 1st link reports on the same study you mention but the 2nd and 3rd relate to Dr Ed and his wife Dr Patricia Kane who are already experts on the subject of PC. They also state how crucial it is to get the correct fatty acid ratio in relation to human health (Omega 6 4:1 Omega 3). Generally it is about optimising human cells and they cannot stress enough how important PC and lipids are in our well being. I have included only two links surrounding their work, though my previous post is also from them. Now you have their names, they are easy to find if you would like to know more. The final Wikipedia link suggests 2 eggs (yolks) will provide half of your RDA of PC. The egg should be runny, I usually take 1 raw with a protein shake but beat it in as a blender can apparently damage the protein. I’ve always believed in eggs, ever since going a bit caveman with the diet. We must have been eating these things for ever, even longer than olive oil (extra virgin obviously)!,_fats_and_essential_fatty_acids

  119. Also I wanted to add and ask if somebody has experience with Limotherapy. I have read in some books that in 20th 21th day of limotherapy the colon microflora is regenerated to the stage like for babies, and the bad bacterias just killed out and new better bacterias are arrising. I am willing to try, but it needs a specific clinic where you would be 24hours under control.
    What you think? I have already tries 1-day limotherapy, and would continue with small steps 2-day, 3-day, 6-7-day but for 21day we need a specific conditions and medical control, because it’s dangarous.
    I would like to hear your experiences and knolegde about that

  120. For any of you using M+S Italian (fruity with peppery finish) the newer harvest oil is now available. I had to sort through to get 2013/2014 harvest as some 2012/2013 bottles were still on sale.

    There will be a greater benefit from the newer oil so probably worth disposing of the the 2012 asap.‎

  121. Hi, just came across this site. I was diagnosed with UC in march, and was prescribed apriso. Since I’ve been on it, my symptoms have only worsened with blood in every bowel movement. I just stopped taking it yesterday. I’m trying alternative treatments….probiotics, fenugreek, aloe vera juice, soluble fiber and I just started taking evoo 2 days ago. I’m desperate to find something that will stop the bleeding. I don’t know if its the UC, hemorrhoids, or a side effect of the apriso. I’ve tried suppositories and that doesn’t work either.

    1. Yes, this is oh so typical of the drugs prescribed for UC. They often do exacerbate the symptoms! Strange, really, that they are still being used…but the doctors seem to HAVE to go through the very exact same drug merry-go-round on every one of us, until every single one of them either does not work, or ceases to…

      What a joke medical treatment is for bowel conditions. A huge freaking joke. We are so afraid when we are diagnosed, that we often do whatever the doctor tells us to, as we have no idea on our own how to help ourselves. This is one of the most tragic conditions in that there is no perfect way to treat it.

      Cheers to you for figuring it out Chad. We all seem to have to eventually. Otherwise, it seems the end of the road is either colon removal or cancer. This need not be! Another tragic consequence of so called modern medicine, and one they will never admit to is that the meds are what causes the UC to spread, thus resulting in the colectomies and cancer, not the condition itself! I really believe this to be true.

      Our colons need to be taken care of, or babied, if you will, for the rest of our lives (I know it’s sometimes difficult, but we must learn to take care of ourselves, whether through diet, probiotics, olive oil, aloe vera…whatever works for each of us) and not treated with harsh medications! Imagine shutting our immune systems down to quelch inflammation…or to give us cancer drugs…seems like overkill to me…no?

      How very sad.

    2. Hi Chad, you are very wise to realise the Apriso has made you worse. I wish I realised the same when my son was diagnosed 6 years ago with proctitis and prescribed mesalazine and salofalk – he became anaemic and developed low platelets. Although my son has never been tested, i believe he is allergic to sulphate, which is in the medication prescribed him. He also reacts to foods/alcohol which contain sulfides? It may be worth checking the active and inactive ingredients of the Apriso to check if there might be something like sulphate which you could be allergic to. We then changed Gastroenterologists and he prescribed a different mesalazine (Pentasa) which gave him an ulcer and further suffering . Each time we mentioned the problems my son was having, his gastro increased the Pentasa., prescribed more salofalk and gave him a 40 mg prednisone taper. What he shoukd have realised that my son is allergic to Mesalamines , but he didn’t! He then prescrubed 6 mp which hasn’t helped. I have been the nagging mother who begged him to change to a gluten and dairy free diet, give up junk food, try aloe vera, slippery elm, probiotics and bromelain, which have helped him a lot. But, the best options for my son are vsl 3, l glutamjne and astaxanthin. He is seeing another gastroenterologist who believes colitis is caused by bacteria and has
      him on a low dose, non absorbable antibiotic which targets the GI tract and this has
      enabled him to get off prednisone. I hope you avoid the roller coaster ride my son has experienced and find a gastroenterologist who also thinks outside the box and is aware that diet and probiotics do make a difference to most who suffer from colitis.

      1. What a fabulous post Mary! How far we have all come, right? Isn’t it just the best that we are learning that the medications are not the way to go? That we can have a voice and speak up for ourselves when we do not agree with what the doctor is doing? Wow. Times, they are a’changin!!

        Graham and Shelley are very wise when it comes to UC, Chad. Heed what they are saying. If you try TOO many things at one time, if you start to see good results, you won’t know which thing, or combination of things, is actually working. I sort of made the same mistake when I started probiotics, L-glutamine, and astaxanthin all at the very same time. Now…I am STUCK on all of them (and they aren’t cheap), because I don’t want to backslide at all! I do not want to eliminate anything as I am quite well, these days, after 15 STINKING years on meds that were making me even sicker and absolutey ruining my quality of life.

        That is why it’s best to try one thing at a time. Give it a couple of weeks…if it isn’t working, then try something else, etc. It can be a long, slow process, but a necessary one. When you get to where you want to be, you will give the same advice to the ‘newbies’ that find this site seeking advice!

        1. Hi Bev, I do not know where my son (or my sanity!) would be without the wonderful people and their experiences/ knowledge from this site. The doctors out there simply do not know what causes ulcerative colitis and yet they throw toxic medications with dreadful side effects at people and paint fearful scenarios if they decide not to take them! I am grateful for the wonderful work his new gastroenterologist does and I know he is working hard with a small group of gastroenteroligists from around the world to invent a cure for uc – he is a fascinating person to talk to and I have great respect for him.

          1. Hi again Mary,

            I have no words for how happy I am that I found this site. Thank you Adam. We are all able to share and even, perhaps, help each other, It is a gift! I am so happy for your son, and for all of us who have sort of figured things out when it comes to UC. I just wish that everyone could find their ‘thing’….

            I love this gastro of which you speak. I am confident that there will soon be a so called ‘cure’ or at least a natural treatment that REALLY works. I literally cannot wait to hear that news:)

            Cheers Mary!!

          2. Thank you so much Adam for your hard work and dedication to this wonderful site – you have made a difference to the lives of many who were running out of options! Also, love hearing about the many places you have visited and safe travels to your wife and yourself in your new adventure!

          3. Thanks Bev, I will keep you informed as to his progress. He still has gastric upsets though – wakes up in the middle of the night with stomach pain, which is relieved by vomiting. I can only assume it is the 6 mp, as he had an endoscopy late last year, which was normal. I hope my son can be convinced to stop taking this drug, but, he is too scared to get off it! I went to his last (final) visit (it was an appointment made ages ago, so he kept it) with the old gastro and I mentioned whether he could lower the dose of 6 mp, considering my son was feeling better (it was lovely to hear my son say the medication from the new gastroenterologist is working for his colitis) and he was still having problems with gastric upsets. He
            yelled at me (the patients waiting outside would have heard him!) and said you want
            him to have stools, how disgusting is that? Anyway, I kept calm and explained all the problems his medications have caused and could he explain why he kept prescribing a mesalazine when clearly he is allergic to it and 6 mp appears to give him issues with gastric upsets, so I have a problem with the chemicals in that drug too. I therefore prefer something a little more natural. He ignored me and only spoke to my son for the whole session – it was disgusting behaviour by a professional! I stopped going to my son’s visits when he was 19, because he felt he should manage his condition him
            self, but I think it is a good thing to have another person in the room, because doctors like this one let problems slip. Also, there is always a clinical trial with a toxic drug waiting for recruitment of patients and this guy has mentioned my son is eligible for one if his (thanks to his drugs making his condition worse!) . Thank goodness we had the new gastroenterologist lined up!

  122. Chad,

    We all feel your desperation and frustration… Bev rightly reported the well trodden path of meds and over dependence on doctors. This “If you can’t trust a doctor then who can you trust” thinking is often a school boy error. I let a flare go last year and left my condition to the NHS, I ended up with an immune system in overdrive, inflammation of the spinal cord and very lucky not to be paralysed from the neck down.

    So this disease has been the greatest challenge of my life so far but I know beyond any doubt that the day I began to take control of this myself was the 1st day of really hitting back. There will be set backs but we must do this for ourselves.

    It can’t all be done at once, we’ve all tried right? One thing at a time and with a period allowed for assessment so we know what is helping or otherwise. Get the UC learn on and never give up, we’ll maybe the odd day off but in time you will be helping yourself live a normal life once again.

    It looks like my dear brother has developed this disease but he is still not ready or not desperate enough to do the work required. Necessity is the mother of invention and we are lucky to have so much information available from the web. Much of this information is well ahead of what doctors seem to be doing, they have to be so guarded and appear to be behind the curve a lot of the time.

    I use twitter as a personally tailored newspaper, I’ve easily found the latest information and research relating to the immune system, gut bacteria, inflammation, diet, smoking, even UC support.

    We wish you well and hope to hear from you soon….

    1. As always, Graham, perfectly put!

      Thank goodness for people like you, and this wonderful site. Where would we all be without all of this…

      All the best


    2. Wow, Mary, that old gastro sure sounds like a piece of work. It’s almost unbelievable, but not, really, because I have had similar reactions from two of them (gastros that is). Why do we even deserve to be treated like that or talked down to? It is certainly beyond me. I know that I could never treat a patient like that, were I a doctor. Perhaps they are getting frustrated in that so many of us know so much more about UC, and often refuse the treatments they try and give us. Still, there is a word, namely…RESPECT, that every human being deserves.

      Please do keep us all informed. I do hope that your son works up the courage to discontinue that drug. I know that it can cause nausea and vomiting. That tells you something about the drug.


      1. You are spot on Bev, they are frustrated – I touched a nerve with this pig and I had no intentions of bringing myself down to his level. Outstanding Gastroenterologists like the new one we have are not liked because they are about to crumble the financial gains these doctors are making, not to mention the pharmaceutical firms!

  123. What is NHS? The only symptom I have is bloody stools. I don’t have any pain… not yet anyway. So I guess I’m in the middle of a “flare.” I’m new at this, so I don’t even really know what that means. My GI sucks, he doesn’t return my calls, so I’m seeing a new one on Tuesday. I went to the ER last night because I was bleeding. My wife was afraid I was anemic, which didn’t turn out to be the case. They just took some blood, told me to find a better GI and sent me home. I’ve been bleeding like this for a month now, and it feels like the doctors just don’t care.

    I went out and bought some more supplements today…bromelain and L Glutamine. I’m doing it all at once, like you said graham. I just want something to work. What kind of diet do you suggest during a flare? I’m not really sure what I should be eating at this point. Thanks!

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