Nursing and Medications with Colitis

I am pregnant and would love to nurse however due to the medications I am not sure if I can?

I imagine after my pregnancy I will go into a colitis flare up and be put back on Prednisone and Remicade.  I am already taking Lialda daily too.

Does anybody nurse or know of anyone who nursed while on colitis medications?  Which are safe or not safe?

Thank you!

Submitted by “NikGal”

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5 thoughts on “Nursing and Medications with Colitis”

  1. i actually was pregnant while having uc. i was undiagnosed at the time.(no meds) but i was flaring. about two months after i had my baby i was sceduled for a scope. I just quit nursing due to iron being so low, knowing that the meds i was going to go on were probably not good for the baby. I know it is important to you to be able to nurse but sometimes it is better not to. it was hard for me to realize this but it was better for the baby , that i be healthy to take care of her than to try to continue to nurse. sorry. that is the best info i have to offer. :(

  2. hi NikGal,

    I nursed my baby while taking Asacol, Apriso, Prednisone and Rowasa. I chose to, however, wean the day before (actually, the morning of) my first Remicade infusion. According to Dr. Hale who is the premiere physician who studies medication and lactation, the molecule in Remicade is too large to pass through to breast milk but *I* was not comfortable nursing my child with it. The studies weren’t on a large enough scale *for me*.

    I suggest Googling Dr. Hale Remicade and doing some reading. *YOU* have to be comfortable with the decision. Good luck, mama.

  3. I second the advice to check out Dr. Hale as he is considered the authority on breast feeding and medications. I personally have taken Lialda, Prednisone, and Rowasa during either pregnancy or nursing with no issues. I was facing starting up Remicade, and I personally would have continued to nurse while on it based on the findings from Dr. Hale. Ultimately, I ended up having surgery to have my colon removed and weaned my youngest as it was too much to maintain my supply through the recovery process.

    Once you do your own research, you will probably find a certain feeling or comfort level settles in. You have to trust that instinct and don’t let anyone make you feel bad regardless of which way you ultimately decide to go. Yes, nursing is important, but it’s also important that you are healthy and happy to be the best mom you can be.

    Good luck to you!

  4. Hi there!
    After reading the stories above, I will say I agree. U need to do what’s best for u and ur family. I was in a flare and was on prednisone for almost 3 months with my third child….asacol as well. I nursed him for about 8wks, but I found that my production was low…and that my little guy was hungry so I stopped. I have never been on remicade thru or after a pregnancy…Dr. hale will have to have better info for u.
    Good luck…we are all here for u.

  5. I was only on sulfasalazine when i had my children but due to lack of reasearch of how they effect baby when breast feeding i chose to go off my meds long enough for baby to get the cholostrum he needed. I stayed breastfeeding mabey a week or 2 after that untill i found myself slipping than put baby on formula and went back on my meds. i did not want to risk our health when there was no need. I loved breastfeeding and it hurt my heart to have to stop but i feel i did the right thing.

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