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Hi, My name is Luis and I have UC, I was diagnosed with UC when I was 15 yrs. old, I have tried all known conventional medications for treating UC with little to no success as yet. I have done research on the treatment with the whipworm and would like to try it myself.

Some more about me:

I don’t have to many hobbies and like to study and because of my medical condition I am unable to attend school on a regular basis, the school have made some arrangements for me , but I would rather attend classes as any other normal kid does.


My symptoms are the usual one, pain, bloody stool, nausea, tiredness, just feel real crappie most of the time.

My Story:

Since having been diagnosed with this disease, I have been on every know medication to treat this condition. The disease has limited me in just about every aspect of my life, as a teenager, I’m even afraid to go to the movies with my friends or any other activity. This disease is having a devastating effect not only on me, but also on my family, not just in terms of the suffering that my parents see me going through, but also the financial hardship it has brought us, the cost of some of the medications are practically prohibitive, that is why I want to know about the success stories for those with UC that have been using the whipworm, how long after starting the treatment did they start to see results. What side effects if any did they experience. I feel that if this treatment where to have been put out their by the pharmaceutical companies that it would be approved by the FDA in a heart beat. I think that once these pharmaceutical companies see the positive results that this treatment are having on people and the real potential for monetary profit that they stand to gain, they will come up with some medication based on the helminthic therapy. Until then we have to keep suffering with this terrible disease. I think that the medical profession should start to think out of the box and look at alternative medicine more seriously, both alternative and traditional medicine have a role to play in treating people for various diseases, Doctors are more prone to prescribing traditional medicine because they have more to gain by doing so, the pharmaceutical companies gives them incentives for doing so, that the Croix here. Greed is a powerful temptation and we are of the flesh. The end.



written by Luis M

4 thoughts on “Now on Simponi”

  1. You said what millions of us think Luis!

    The drug companies seem to run and manipulate the way these things work…perhaps someday they won’t. We can only hope!

  2. Hmmmm, seems like a lot to still discover with IBD.
    “It is well established that genetic factors contribute to susceptibility to IBD and much recent work has centred on identifying specific loci involved. A recent meta-analysis of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis genome-wide association studies, followed by validation of significant findings in 75,000 patients and controls, identified a total of 163 IBD loci, more than that reported for any other complex disease to date. Over two-thirds of these susceptibility loci are associated with both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis”

    Let’s not forget our microbiota help monitor gene expression. I’m sure there’s genes that make someone prone to diabetes, but without triggering it’s fine. So after trigger, can balance be brought back?!! If a gene was ‘undeveloped’ before and things was fine, can things go back to being fine?!!!

    I do have sympathy for Pharm Corps, bless them, they don’t really know what going on but they try to help.

  3. Luis, you are very profound for a 15 year old! Have you tried the SCD diet? It’s working for me. Visit the pecanbread site, also recommend antifungals.

  4. Correction: seems you are not 15 any more. Still profound and gave me much to think about. Let us know how you go.

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