Nicotine Therapy For Ulcerative Colitis

Hi all, advice and experience needed….

Been doing a lot of internet research, familiar story eh? And came across something that my GI mentioned ages ago. Nicotine has a positive influence on UC. I have read all the advantages and disadvantages but I am willing to and have tries just about everything!

What I am seeking is anyone, positive or negative who has actually tried nicotine patches, I’m not willing to start lighting up just yet!!!

Thanks all,

Katherine, UK


* Infliximab (remicade)

* Prednisolone

* Balsalazide

* 6-mp

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  1. Hi Katherine, I’ve also heard that smoking suppresses the symptoms of UC, in fact I believe with some people UC only shows itself after they give up but then again I’ve heard that for some people with Crohn’s, smoking is definitely bad.

    I use to smoke about 10 or so years ago, when I gave up everything seemed to go wrong with me, I was quite ill but I think it was just my body protesting because it wasn’t getting its regular fix.

    As for nicotine patches you could give it a try but I suspect the chemicals would just make you feel ill.

    I have UC and Crohn’s so smoking is definitely out for me although sometimes I would really love a good cigar, the smell is just so beautiful.

  2. Hi Katherine,

    None of my UC problems started until I quit smoking. My GI Doctor told me the nicotine patches won’t work, you have to actually smoke cigarettes. It’s not the nicotine, they actually don’t know what chemical works to stop UC. He recommended cigarettes like a drug, 3-5 per day, if I don’t get any help from the drugs I’m on. After 6 yrs of not smoking, I don’t want to go back, but I will to stop this flare. Hope this helps.

  3. Update: week and a half on the patches at 14mg, studies suggest 6. Few minor side effects, bit of a drunk feeling when diet applied, but putting it on before bed is the trick, need to drink more fluids but other than that…. Nothing major in a negative way. On the positive, down to 10mg prednisolone, and bleeding is much improved as is frequency. For early days… 5 weeks to go, I’m hopeful! : )

    Dangers of prednisolone has been made very clear this week, ive had a bad cough for 3 weeks and the force of it has cracked my rib, the doctor made it clear steroids are to blame, at 33, that’s scary, so anything we can all do to get off this awful drug has to be worth a try!

    I’ll update progress again soon……. Keep smiling!

    1. Hello Katherine , my name is Emy. I was actually looking to start the nicotine patches after every drug I tried has failed. I never smoked before and a doctor suggested I did some reasearch on the patches. I had UC for 8 yrs now. The only thing that works is prednisone but that is eating me inside. (I feel ). I’m determined to stop suffering.

      I will really appreciate any suggestions .

  4. I have started on 2mg of nicotine lozenges with last flare. It seems to have calmed the symptoms some. So far I am a believer in the treatment.

  5. Update: I am doing real well on nicotine therapy. I apply the patches in the morning now as it was disturbing my sleep. I now feel more predictable, and not to put too finer point on it, when I do go I can see the bottom of the pan with now fantastic UC rainbow shades of pink. Bleeding has stopped, and I feel and look healthier than I’ve done for ages! I would say the only negative is slight drowsiness when first applied and tiredness (whats new!!??!!)

    I urge anyone struggling on the never ending circle of meds to try them. What makes this more and more surprising is that I have just been taken off 6-mp by my GI doctor as my White cells went down, and normally this would trigger an almighty flare, but instead, I am the opposite! I think I have reacted to 6-mp as the nicotine is healing my bowel and I no longer need to knock out the nasties!

    I am a realist, and know with UC things can change, but for once I’m enjoying more freedom and more predictability, anyone who would like more details of brand and dose or anything, drop me an email:


    1. Further update:

      Another 3 weeks later and still feeling and looking healthy. Looks like it’s still working. Saw my GP and she was very interested in my self study and fully supports me. She could see the difference in me immediately, steroid weight has gone, I look healthy and have more energy.

      It’s looking good for the time being…. Till my colon decides other wise! Blood work also reflects a big improvement.
      I can’t remember the last blood report that has so few red concern dots against each item!

      Just thought an update may help anyone considering my path

      Best wishes to all uc’ers


      1. Super great news for you Katherine!!! Can’t wait to hear the next update!!! COngrats on finding something that works for you, would be great if it works for others too, thx so much for sharing!!!!!! -Adam

      2. Hi Katherine
        Ive read all your posts. How are you getting on now on the nicotine patches? Im going to get some for my 20 year old son who, a bit like you, is on infliximab, and tho he’s well he is going to the loo too much so the doctors want to add azathiaprin to the mix which Im worried about.
        Please can you tell me how long you were on 7mg for and how often you upped the dose. Im in the UK too!
        Also do you stay on this permanently or wean yourself off at some point?

  6. All sounding positive Katherine, I hope its a success for you and that other people listen and try the patches too.
    Best wishes,


  7. Hi Katherine,
    Hope things still going well with you and the nicotine patches. Would be grateful for an update. I am an UC sufferer and have bought some nicotinell gum and am heading toward it. I am giving the salofalk mesalazine enemas a chance (I started them last Friday).

    I take mesalazine (pentasa) 4g daily. In recent months I have had run ins with azathioprine and mercaptopurine (6mp) horrible times, bloods were all over the place. Stopped the mercapturine on 29/4 less than 3 weeks later began to go into current flare.

    I look forward with interest to your next update.
    Good luck

  8. Hi,

    Great to hear that someone else is giving it a try. My bloods are now normal, I have control back at last and my life has returned. I have cut back on the patches too and seen no down turn in my health. I am really convinced that it is the combination that’s worked for me, I still take all my meds religiously, but after 4 long years of ups and downs, I’m pleased to report that it’s all ups at the moment. I’m a nicotine patch convert. I would be interested to know how the gum works in comparison, as I haven’t tried it, the studies by the Mayo clinic seemed to say patches were more effective, so I went straight for the big guns.
    Let me know how you get on…. Anyone else out there who was as frustrated and as “who cares” as me, I urge you to try it!!! The rubbish we take on prescription has much worse of an impact than nicotine. My own GP fully supports my trial and that gave me even more focus to continue! 

  9. Hi Katherine, thats great news.
    I was diagnosed with UC 3 months after giving up smoking. May I ask what meds are you taking currently?

    I am considering trying everything to avoid going back on steroid again to calm this flare – like you I feel the side effects and consequences of taking these drugs and other immune suppressants is a serious factor, although I accept they are life-saving in many cases.

    At moment I have 4g oral mesalazine and 2g foam enema per day.

    I am so pleased you have had success – long may it continue.
    Brenda x

  10. Hi Brenda
    I am currently on:

    Infliximab infusions (8 weekly) weren’t wrkimg well anymore, now as a combination is!
    Prednisolone 10mg, but reducing by 1mg every 2 weeks
    Balsalazide 750mg 3 tablets 3 times a day (bit of a pain cos they are HUGE!!!)
    6-mercaptopurine 50mg per day (any higher and I react)

    Hope this helps!

  11. Hi Katherine,
    Yesterday morning I decided enough is enough, having struggled out on Saturday and had 2 glasses of red wine (with liberal amounts of water) and suffered so badly. Not a wise choice, I know, but after so much time this year spent in the house either symptomatic or struggling with side effects of azathioprine or mercaptopurine -I threw caution to the wind.

    So I started yesterdayn on 2mg per day nicotine via lozenges – I thought I had bought gum but cant see there would be much difference between gum and lozenges – which I will gradually raise till hopefully there is improvement.

    There is a chap on another forum who is holding his own and has his life back and undercontrol at 2 x 4mg per day gum. But I am in now in to win it against this flare and will go big guns if I have to and meet and raise you at 14mg!!
    And I will continue to take the mesalazine as well………..

    Hope you are continuing to be fine.
    Thanks for sharing your trial.

  12. Bit confused because just posted but it hasnt come up??
    Anyway Hi Katherine,
    I have started on 2 x 1mg lozenges nicotine per day which will gradually increase till hopefully improvement.
    there is chap on another forum who is maintaining on 2 x 4mg per day gum so thats encouraging. Fingers crossed I can report success – I am in it to win it against this flare now and am prepared to up my game and meet and see you at 14mg patches if needs be. You say you have cut back what to? Any deterioration?
    Good to have you leading the fight!!

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Not noticed any back steps as yet! Ive just got my blood results back today too and there’s no deterioration on their either!!! So in my opinion it’s still going strong….. Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope
      More people give it a try…


      1. Hi Katherine,

        you go girl!! thats great news!
        Had another lady post on another forum who is fighting the fight and seemingly winning with 10mg patches after 3 weeks.

        May I ask what you level of nicotine you have cut back to? Trying to gather information about how high I am likely to have to go to achieve results.


  13. Hi Brenda,

    I started on 7mg so my body didn’t think I was on overnight chain smoker! Then I gradually stepped up. I saw improvements on 14, and then upped to 21, and then 28mg. I noticed complete improvement on 28. I am cutting back slowly, hopefully to 14mg, but as it’s a self study, I’m a bit unsure myself. I’m on 21 now, which is good cos 28mg means 2 patches a day and it’s expensive!!!
    I will just go with the flow, I want a safety net of somewhere to go up to, should I flare up at any point, so I thought 14mg would give me 2 upward steps!
    Hope this helps

  14. Hi Katherine,
    That is very useful information – yes its scary doing this cos I feel a little like Im “breaking the rules” or at least “going against the grain” cos I cant find any advice out there on the best way to approach this, all we have really to go on are other similar folk’s experiences to judge by and thats no golden rule……….

    I am up to 5mg of lozenges today, I am trying to increase 1mg per day so my body doesnt get too shocked. No signs of improvement yet, but your last post has given me heart again that Im not taking in anywhere near enough nicotine to even be able to expect that.

    I did send you an email the other day when I thought my posts were not being accepted on this forum for some reason (actually there was a delay) and they did appear , hope you dont mind. If you ever need a private contact there it is in your email box.

    All the very best,

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Upped to 15mg patches yesterday. I am hesitant to say it but feel there is change afoot – I have everything crossed.

      I know what you mean about expense. I spend time in Spain and the patches are 46,90€ for 14. But I have ordered a month´s supply from Boots online to my UK address, which my son will bring to me next week, – they have a buy one, get second half price on their own brand patches working out about 19 pounds for 2 weeks – less than half the cost in Spain.

      Hope all is still going well for you. Question, roughly how long did you stay on the different steps up of 7, 14, 21 to 28 – and how long did you stay at 28 before dropping back to 21? Sorry to pick your brains so much, am really interested in other people´s experiences and its proving difficult to find anyone to talk about it with.

      I had a heartening discussion with my IBD nurse this week – she is very interested in my “self study” and encouraged me greatly – I cant believe of all the patients going through a very busy IBD clinic in a top London teaching hospital I appear to be the only one that has bitten the nicotine bullet so to speak.

      Onwards and upwards.
      All the best,

  15. Hi Katherine,
    I have been reading your post and find them most enlightening.
    I was wondering if you had any symptoms or concerns with nicotine addiction?
    Best of luck,

  16. HI steve,

    No side Effects, addiction signs or concerns whatsoever. I am more concerned about the damaging effects that predisolone has had on my heart and bones. My doctor fully supportsy trial and I am still in full remission after 4 months.
    To me it’s a no brainer…..


  17. Thank you for your reply.
    The reason I asked was that I had the same problems as you after I tried to quit smoking. Maybe that is one reason I was never successful quitting. I finally came to the point that it was either death by smoking or life with the aftereffects. I smoked for over 40 years and for whatever reason I just could not quit for any extended period of time and I tried everything on the market. Finally as of today I haven’t had a cigarette in fifteen months and I have had no side affects like UC. I am convinced that while I no longer smoke my continued use of nicotine didn’t allow the UC to flare up. I am concerned about the addictive properties with nicotine however and I am happy that is not a problem for you.
    Again, thank you,

  18. Would the “comment person” please edit YOUR sentence from my last post. It looks like I made that crude comment and I do not appreciate it.

  19. Hi
    I have just started on the patches – three weeks in and had to wean myself on – started on 7mg and now on 14mg. So far so good – my tummy is flatter, symptoms lessened and my tum feels calmer and less reactive. My disease presented first when I gave up smoking for 3 months which caused me to be hospitalised with suspected appendicitis – started smoking again and symptoms disappeared. Gave up smoking for good a few years ago and got quite sick until diagnosed with UC. Am on pentasa which I am continuing as all the studies I have seen regarding nicotine say it seems to work well in conjunction with other meds. Have been on steroids a few times as seemed only way to halt a flare but didn’t last long. Am hoping the nicotine continues to improve things. Thanks all for sharing your experiences – you gave me the confidence to give the nicotine a go. :-)

  20. Hi all,

    November update…. Still sticking with patches (no pun intended!) and still all good!
    If your in doubt, give it a try, my colitis is more controlled than ever. I am even enjoying a full nights sleep each night. I’d forgotten how good that is!!!


    1. Sounds encouraging. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and currently on pentasa and prednisone.has been a nightmare at times with blood mucous multiple bm’ specialist was wanting to start 6mp I read your messages and am now going on four days of patches. Sleeping better and more formed stool with no blood and my Dr is happy

  21. Hello Katherine,
    I am also very intrigued by your information. I have been battling this last flare up of UC for over a year now. I was on Remicade but my body no longer responded to that, so we switched to 6MP but now my liver enzymes are high. I have been on and off (currently back on) of the prednisone for the past year (and those both short and long term effects are lovely), as well as enemas and suppositories, you know, all the goodies. Recently I have taken up acupuncture to try to alleviate some of the symptoms as well as mega-dosing on vitamins B,C, and omega-3’s per my acupuncturist. We have been talking back and forth about smoking/nicotine patches and the effects. I feel that my GI doctor is NOT interested in discussing that therapy but I am at the point that I am open for any suggestions. I noticed you used the patch, others have tried the gums and lozenges, but have you ever heard of/thought about the ‘fake’ e-cigs with a nicotine additive? Its similar to smoking, fake cigarette and all, but just the nicotine is administered. I am just dabbling in what I should try next, I have never been a smoker, but I agree with your thought that nicotine can’t be as bad as all of the meds!
    Any advice would be great and I hope you are still doing well!

  22. Hi all, just stumbled across this thread whilst having a good old UC google session.

    I have also decided to bite the bullet with the nicotine patches after hearing so much about the link between smoking and UC. I have been on 10mg patches for almost a week now after deciding to come off azathioprine as I just did not like the side effects, both long and short term.

    I was in full remission with aza but wasn’t willing to stay on them as they were making me feel just as fatigued and ill as when I had UC. So far, I’m doing fine on the nicotine and still have no blood or mucus. I’m not on mesalazine at the moment but I’ve heard that it works well in conjunction with the nicotine so will be going back on that asap.

    I will keep you all updated with my progress, fingers crossed.

    1. Good Luck with the Nicotine Danny! KEEP US Posted on how things go once you have a better idea if they are working longer term for you. BEst of luck! gosh would be great to hear another success story with this stuff!!

  23. Hey Kathrine .. Been reading all your update .. My UC is out of control right now and going to try the Patches … Going to start with 7mg and would my way up to 28mg and hopefully have the same response as you.. thanks for taking the time with all the updates..

    Rob in Florida

  24. All,

    I have stumbled on all these posts and appreciate the sharing. I have been in a uc flare for 6 months. I went through an aggressive prednisone therapy which made my uc symptoms subside and I felt great for a part of the 3 months. Unfortunately, as soon as I stopped it the symptoms all came back but this time with predesone withdrawal. This has been awful as I am usually stuck in my house all morning and can’t go to work. I am all commission so that’s been a real challenge. I started to read about nicotine and being a former smoker and chewer of snuf, I was really proud of conquering nicotine in the past so I wasn’t ready to go back. After more symptoms and tough days my wife showed up with a can of my former favorite snuff and a pack of cigars. So I tried it and after only a week I feel like my symptoms have about all gone. I have also been staying away from sugar, spicy foods, anything with hidden refined sugar (peanut butter, ketchup, etc.) so my symptoms have gotten much better before I tried the nicotine. Between the diet and my rekindled love of peach skoal snuff I feel symptom free. Hope it lasts. I have not considered how to measure the amount of nicotine so I can’t comment about the amount but I have been having one snuff in the evening.

    Thank you all for sharing and commenting.

    Tim in PA

  25. Hi all.

    I am intrigued by your use of nicotine patches to handle UC and may try it myself. One question though, are all who tried it previous smokers? I’m 17 and have never smoked in my life so am wondering if it would work for me!


    1. Hi Jamie
      Have you tried the nicotine yet? My son’s 20 like you and doesnt smoke so interested to know if youve had any success?

  26. Kathrine, Just some info for you all. When I went back to smoking I knew the UC would leave and it did I stopped all medications for UC because I knew I would not need them. But I quit smoking again and went to lozenges and now the patch. I have been on the nicotine patches and lozenges before that for 10 years without one flare up. Doctor’s for the most part will not tell you to start nicotine theropy due to the war on smoking. But I can tell you that NO meds other than nicotine are needed. You Kathrine will not have another flare up as long as you continue with nicotine.

  27. My UC showed after quitting smoking. I researched on the web and found the info with the nicotine patches. I was bleeding a lot at the time and started smoking again to relieve the UC. I’m drug free, smoking only. It took several weeks, but I went into remission. I bleed occasionally now, but it seldom lasts for more than a day. I’ve been smoking again for a few years. I’m in the US and they keep raising taxes on tobacco. It’s a witch hunt! I’d prefer not to smoke, but it’s medicine that works for me.
    I’ve read the testimonials here and am very happy that you all are finding relief with patches / Rx’s combined. I can’t understand why the people of this country are so against smoking. Many places won’t even hire a smoker and blatantly put it in their job descriptions! I refuse to use their services or products when I find the companies that do discriminate against smokers because they are discriminating against us. (Those with a medical condition that smoking is medicine for.) You all know how bad the side effects of UC drugs are. I’m not going to sue anyone if I get cancer from smoking.

  28. Hi Everyone,
    I have been on nicotine gum for many years for my UC and it has helped greatly. I have also tried the patches but the gum seems to work better for me. I have always been a non-smoker and could quit the nicotine if I wanted to. In fact, I have for a few months but I had a relapse. Currently only on Asacol, nicotine gum, and Fish Oil. Used to be on high dose of prednisone but haven’t been on that for years. I believe the nicotine is the reason. I had an immediate and drastic improvement when I started the gum.
    I was shocked to read how expensive nicotine therapy is in Europe. Here in the US I can get 170 pieces of gum for $32.00 USD. Those in Europe may want to consider visiting friends or family from the USA to pick them up some.
    Good Luck to all

    1. I have been on nicotine therapy (nicotine lozenges) for my problems since 2010 or 2009. Really, it’s been a miracle not having to worry about horrible smelling shit, bloody stools, and constant dystension and reflux. I am currently trying out again going off the nicotine lozenges. (Almost a week now) I’m really committed to testing the scientific validity of my self treatment, and I’m half hoping that since I’ve moved to NY and started exercising a lot more and eating more variety, that maybe I won’t regress.

      Here’s some things I’ve learned. If you go through lozenges too fast, you’ll get diarrhea. Nicotine is an anti-bacterial (antibiotic in legacy nomenclature) and the constant presence in the gut appears to suppress the natural bacteria that antagonize my immune system. When you quit lozenges, make sure to wash your mouth out with listerine or antiseptic mouthwash every night. If you don’t, you may develop some cavities or temporary tooth sensitivity.

      When doing any experiments with your GI problems, it always takes two days to see the full effect of your treatment.

      I got my UC-like illness after having a heat stroke back in 2008. For whatever reason, heat strokes can cause your immune system to respond in bad ways to normal stuff.

      My theory is that either some of your normal gut bacteria got expunged or didn’t thrive and that this allows for other bacteria to grow more and cause an adverse reaction. Or that my immune system decided it didn’t like a perfectly normal bacteria and every time I feed this bacteria (like the starch diet hypothesis), it can cause flare-ups.

      Anyhow, it’s a two edged sword when it comes to social stigma. Thanks to the smoking industry, we can buy nicotine over the counter. Thanks to non-smoking campaigns, people only view nicotine as a bad thing.

  29. I have out of control UC and I’m going to try the patch. I’m pregnant though, and am worried about the baby. I don’t think I’m wrong that prednisone would be worse for the baby than nicotine? I’ve had very bad reactions to prednisone so far. It didn’t help at all, and just gave me elevated blood pressure for the period of some months. Any thoughts? Any similar experiences anywhere? I’d appreciate any input.

  30. I’m submitting an additional comment to preserve a link to this forum, I forgot to click the box asking to notify me of followup comments :-P

  31. Hi all, I have been dealing with a flare for almost a year now. Have done the steroid regiment and every time I get down to 10mg or less the symptoms return. I’m afraid of 6mp so would like to give the nicotine patch a try. I’ve never smoked in my life so was wondering what dose of the patch and the duration you all recommend?

    Thank you.

  32. I smoked most of my teen years and early adult life. At age 50 I started having problems. First time I was diagnosed was too late, my bowel was so inflamed it ruptured and I had a total resection. Illeostomy for 8 months. I only have 6 inches remaining of my large bowel. I had a flair about a year ago hgb down to 7 surgery they told me was the only option and a permanent bag not going to happen. did research, I actually started chewing once or twice a day. Bleeding stopped in 3 days bowel healed. I also was started on a remicade regime every 8 weeks. In remission for a year. I am a believer and tell everyone I know who has a problem.

  33. This is so cool!! Im pumped to try this since im trying to get off prednisone. Been up and down for six months and really feeling the effects.

  34. You name it I have tried it, crushed it up, used it in an enema or whatever. Been through remi for 3 years every 6 weeks, few rounds of pred which I won’t do again, and become friends with immodium over the years. Hydrocortisone enemas are one of the few things that seem to make a difference but doesn’t last long. Diagnosed in 1997 so the disease has worn me down over the years. On humira 1x week, may move to some of the newer biologics if this doesn’t contribute. Started with lozenges and will move over to patch and give this about a 3 month shot. Tried taking up smoking but just can’t do it. Makes me sick. I’ll try and follow up here but will keep more details over on healingwell’s website.

  35. Hi Everyone. Noticed that the thread seems a little quiet lately …Ive just stumbled on it…makes for an interesting read ive lived with UC sice 97, ive just had the best five years after the last flare up in 2009, im just experiencing the blockage and blood scenario as my condition is flaring..Ive been off all meds in that period ..i am tempted to take up on the patches and see if it has any real effect…so watch this space…

  36. Can any one tell me if the nicotine patches stop the urgency and loss of control? I have mild conditions in terms of blood and consistency (some days lots some days none) – my worry is the random urgency and loss of control which happens so out of the blue and is so upsetting and embarrassing x

  37. Hi Joanna (sorry me again)…

    Patches did provide a benefit to me but only to double the time it took a flare to arrive. Years ago (whenever I quit) a flare came within 3 weeks but the patches extended this to 6 weeks.

    Though not a big problem, I had nightmares and dizzy spells with patches so gum may be better alternative, though again not greatly beneficial.

    If anyone else is interested I have found e cigarettes pretty good. I believe it delivers nicotine in the same and most effective way as cigarettes do. Into the throat/lungs and direct to the Vagus nerve which links the brain to the gut, it is directly involved with the immune system and suppressing the inflammatory response.

  38. Hi All. Dave here, from the USA. Inspired by reading the studies and this thread, tonight I bought a few weeks supply of patches. I just pray that this helps. I’ll certainly follow up with results.

  39. Let me know how it goes, Dave. I’ve been flaring six months and not much seems to help. Would rather try patches than remicade if it could work.

  40. Katherine,

    You have been on this therapy for 4 years, are you still having success ? I have been battling UC for 15 years and have been thru all of the drugs with very little success. This really sounds promising and I would like to try this method. My UC is now affecting my liver. Would love to hear from and get your help if possible.

  41. Gave it a fair shot until Jan. No results so stopped. Although now I crave sticking a nicotine patch on my foot every blue moon.

  42. I was diagnosed with UC 6 years ago after I quit smoking for about a year, saw the NIH study and went back to smoking four years ago; have been flare up free a week or 2 after I starting smoking again. Now looking to stop smoking AND not have flare ups :)

    I’m going to try the 4mg of gum first “soon”, since I’m a pretty heavy smoker (pack a day) and report back with results.

  43. Hi Jon,

    Unfortunately nicotine gum and patches probably wont be enough, it will delay the inevitable flare but that’s it. I’ve been through this many times and it is hard to go through all the quitting then being forced to start again.

    I had a massive improvement with Extra virgin olive oil. I usually flared within 3 weeks, doubled to 6 with NRT but 14 months with EVOO. You can search extra virgin olive oil on this site or EVOO Colitis on Google for the full story.

    Good luck!

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