Newly Diagnosed, Need Help with Diet

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Hi, my name is Mira, born and raised in Bulgaria but came to the USA when I was 19. I am a stay-at-home mom of three under 6 and work as a counselor part time. I am married to my wonderful French husband and our older children both speak 3 languages. I have a BA in Political Science and an MA in Forensic Psychology.

Some more about me:

I like to read, am very proactive about health, like to go out with friends, movies, socialize.


Currently I have a little mucus on stool, one stool a day from 4-5 a day, formed most of the time, occasion al blood as I wipe, left-sided intermittent pain in belly area.

Newly Diagnosed, Need Help with Diet

I was diagnosed with proctitis (mild, whatever that means) 3 weeks ago. I suspected I had UC and have probably had it always: remeber how easily my stomach always got upset, how easily I had diarrhea, the cramps from slightest indulgence in food and drink. I begged the GI doctor to give me a colonoscopy as I had been having diarrhea and loose stools, mucus and slight bleeding when whiping for 3 months. I had done research and suspected it was colitis. I am very in tune with my body so I knew it was in the rectal area as I get this tingling and slight urgency in the rectal area when things are moving along down there. Doc wanted to prescribe suppositories right away, I denied and told him I am going to try the SCD diet to cure myself. He said there is no cure and diet will not help. I beg to differ!!

I started the SCD diet a week ago, have 1 formed stool a day, no diarrhea, some mucus still, stil feel the tingling and urgency in rectal area. When do these sysmptoms go away?

Also, I feel very tired, muscle pain at slightest effort, cant sleep enough, am irritable and just generally have no energy. Is this die-off or something else?

I made and tried the yoghurt, being from Bulgaria where yoghurt originated and growing up making my own yoghurt it was not a stretch, just had to leave it to cook longer :). I’m waiting to see if I can tolerate it as I eat yoghurt normally several times a day, for as long as I can remember and will be very upset if I cant have it.

I need help with the diet. Not sure when to add things and if I will ever be able to go back to eating all fruits and veggies raw. I have always cooked my own food from scratch, eat very healthy (but have indulged in starch), eat tons of fruits and veggies and just want to be able to go back to that! I don’t mind cutting out sugar and starch just want to eat all fruits and veggies raw like I used to!


I have never been on any medications and hope will never have to be. I found the SCD diet before I was even diagnosed and planned on following it. I believe in natural ways of healing and living and dont think that masking the problem is the solution. I am in the beginning of the SCD diet: been on it about a week. Diarrhea is gone and mucus is decreasing, so is blood.

I am taking a raw probiotic, 50 billion, enzymes, l-glutamine, multivitamin as I am breastfeeding, calcium, vit d, vit b complex, all vegan, raw, from health food store, only cellulose as ingredient.

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  1. Hi Mira,
    My name is Nina, and I was borned and rised in Bulgaria, but came to USA when I was 26, 7 years ago. I’ve been on this site for a lil over a year and it is a godsend, thenk you Adam. I’ve been on SCD diet for almost a year and it helps a lot, unfortunatelly I take Pentasa as well, cause my case was really bad. I was in and out of the hospital for 3 months before the doctors realised that I had C-DIFF as well. My opinion is that you are on the right way with the SCD Diet, but it will take a while before you get used to it, it took me several months to stop thinking about bread and “Banitsa”;) I had to give up dairy products, even home made yogurt bothers me. I take VSL#3 probiotic and L-GLUTAMINE, also couple chinese herbal tea extracts I got from Dr. George Zdravkov, bulgarian Integrative Medicine doctor. I will be more then happy to talk to you on the phone or you can email( me if you feel like talking to another Bulgerian UC sufferer.

  2. Hi Nina, I will email you later today, on kid duty till nap time around 1 pm central time. I still have a little gas at night and some mucus, no blood, no diarrhea. It is very hard to give up the banitza :) and feta and lutenitza :). Im not sure though, how do I know something is giving me a reaction: i still see a little mucus but if im not having diarrhea, do I assume foods are ok? I have had some of the yoghurt and dont see an increase in symptoms…stools are pretty much formed all the time now, some gas still after dinner but nothing painful…im just anxious to add veggies and fruits and more variety of stuff to my diet. I used to eat very healthy and I miss all food. I used to juice fruits and veggies and be vegetarian and now i have to eat so much meat and cant eat any veggies hardly. its hard….so, how do I know if a food is not agreeing with me? Thank you and Ill take to you soon!

  3. Hi!

    I’m not sure about the diet…but you are doing everything else right!

    Good for you.

    I take a good probiotic and L-glutamine as well. No meds for ne either!


  4. Seems like everyone has their own triggers, but I definitely recommend starting with SCD, see if it works for you. Once you’re stable maybe try adding foods back in one at a time a week apart. Good luck!

  5. Hi Mira,
    Glad to see that you are doing better already. You are smart to be in tune with your body and recognize immediately when things don’t seem right. I would have to guess that the earlier the SCD diet is started, the faster a person would see results. I just wanted to mention that I was reading recently (stayed up way too late one night) about uc and yeast and all the implications of candida overgrowth. Adam did bring up this topic at the end of last year – maybe it would be worth revisiting again. I think it makes sense since it’s a big part of bacteria imbalance. A couple of websites with some really helpful diet information are: and also Dr. Myhill is, obviously, a physician in the U.K. I just stumbled on her website. She has an interesting bio and she has lots of information about various ailments, not just gi issues. Both sites led me to further reading about how our cells use (food) energy and that only cancer cells get energy from sugar, so it is actually possible to starve them. Very informative!

    Good luck to you.

    1. Hi Mira,

      I’m sure you will find the websites informative, especially Dr. Myhill. She was a “mainstream”physician but started her own private practice which is a more holistic approach. Read “about me” on her site, it’s very interesting. I am doing well after changing my diet, however, I hadn’t personally been afflicted with uc but my husband had it (had his colon removed in the 90’s) and now my oldest son has it and is currently on remicade. I have a sister with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia and a nephew with schizophrenia, just to name a few but I can’t convince them that diet plays a part in disease. Mine was a skin issue and, by coincidence, I see that Manon has posted her story today. I will reply to her.

      I’m sure you are on the right track by paying attention to your diet (always read labels when buying anything manufactured) and get the right supplements. As Bev says, l-glutamine heals and a good probiotic will keep the gut in proper balance, along with vitamins for general good health.

  6. Try to review what you have eaten recently. Maybe keep a food diary and make note if you had a good bm that day. Use this day as a menu to fall back on when you get diarrhea to find out if it was diet related or if you think you are about to flare. Just a suggestion.

  7. Its funny how we all examine our bms, I always cross my fingers hoping I dont see blood or mucus. Its even better if it is solid! Bad news just ruins your day especially if you been following your diet. Stay strong and don’t fall off the wagon.

  8. Thank u all, i had started magnesium and i think thats what caused it. Do any of u know of another way to get magnesium besides pills or baths?

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