Newly Diagnosed And Pregnant!


Hi I’m Raquel. I’m 30 years old 17 weeks pregnant and finally diagnosed with UC this past Tuesday. Have a great support system but still am very scared.

My Symptoms:

For the last 4 weeks I have had diarrhea, extreme cramping and spasms, mucus and blood. Losing lots of weight, not good especially pregnant.

My Story:

My story begins 2 1/2 years ago when I first started having colon problems. I was having diarrhea, cramps, blood but also a strong odor and lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks. I didn’t have insurance so I didn’t see a doctor right away finally my parents paid out of pocket and we found out I had C Diff. I went on Flagyl and got better.

Forward to December 2011. I started with my same symptoms and again I had no insurance so I put it off but I was sure I had C Diff again. I finally saw a doctor and my test came back negative for C Diff. I was stumped as to why I had this horrible pain and diarrhea and the doctor referred me to a GI thinking I might have IBD. I went home and researched IBD and UC was very similar to my symptoms. I eventually saw the GI who agreed it sounded like UC but without a colonoscopy we couldn’t be sure (mind you I didn’t have insurance so that was out of the question). He prescribed me Ascol anyways and with the help of my parents who paid the full amount of it I started the meds and they sorta helped but not really.

January of this year I finally got insurance but my GI didn’t take my insurance so I put off the colonoscopy and continued with my meds. After ending in the ER for dehydration I finally saw my doctor with my insurance (HMO) who immediately referred me to a GI doctor and within that week I had my colonoscopy. After the procedure he informed my family that my colon was like raw meat with sores and was screaming UC. I was put on prednisone and of course felt better. Results came back that I didn’t have UC that I had C Diff!!? I was shocked. I started vancomycin and was better.

For the next few months I was ok. My BM were never the same just painful and I thought because of the C Diff my colon was damaged and I’d have to deal with it. I got pregnant in June (unplanned) and the pregnancy was good until constipation hit around week 8. The cramping was there but again it’s part of pregnancy and constipation.

On August 16 is when everything changed. I started with horrible cramping and diarrhea and my OB wasn’t worried but after a week with no improvement I started thinking, is this C Diff again? So I had my stool sampled and a week later Aug 30 came back negative for C Diff but positive for E Coli. That night I was admitted to the hospital for E Coli, UTI, dehydration, and anemia. I was seen by my OB, a GI, and an infectious disease dr. The GI got my colonoscopy results from the previous hospital and was convinced that although the biopsys came back negative based on the notes it sounded like UC. I was treated for the infection and on the 4th was released. The GI had blood work done to see if it was UC and so I waited for the results but I went home diarrhea free (now was constipated) all was good until the weekend when I had a fever and knew I had my infection again and Monday it was confirmed I did have my infection. Monday also brought back the diarrhea and the cramping.

I saw my GI dr on Tuesday who let me know my results which came back I do have UC. Since I’m pregnant he doesn’t want to start prednisone unless I have to. I’m now on lialda and still on antibiotics for the infection. My diarrhea is still bad and the cramping and spasms are horrible.

Anybody had healthy pregnancy and baby while on meds? I’m scared of the unknown but have great family. Oh and I get married Sunday and hope I survive the day. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated it.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

I would like to be in remission and able to be there 100% for my baby. I would like to work again and enjoy a semi normal life where I’m not afraid to be away from a toilet.

written by Raquel

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4 thoughts on “Newly Diagnosed And Pregnant!”

  1. Hi Raquel,

    Definitely take a look at some of the previous stories in the “Pregnant with UC” section right here:

    There are an awful lot of stories very similar to yours, and some great comments from others on many of them which I think could be useful for you and others who are pregnant with UC.

    Besides all this, CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING Raquel!!!!

    Wishing you a long happy marriage, and a happy healthy baby,


  2. Hi,

    I got UC while prego and went on prednisone and Asacol and my son is perfectly healthy. I believe my son is healthy because of prednisone! I wasn’t gaining weight and was so worried about his health. He ended up being 8lbs 10oz and I still believe it’s because of the prednisone because I finally gained weight near the end of my pregnancy. That’s just my experience and I wish you the best of luck :)

  3. Hi Raquel,

    There is a non-profit specifically looking at IBD during pregnancy as well as the medications to treat it. I know the group can provide some of the most up-to-date research on it for you and they have a great counseling service- all for FREE. It’s called the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists or OTIS. Learn more about them at or call them at 866-626-6847. They can also help provide information on medications should you decide to breastfeed. Best of luck Raquel!

  4. Hi Raquel,
    Hang in there!
    I have dealt with many flare ups since being UC diagnosed in 2006. I had been in remissison (medicine free, on SCD diet), for 2 years, but had a significant flare up during my pregnancy. I went back on Lialda, that didn’t work, so did a round of prednisone. My son was born perfectly healthy (8 lbs) and is now 1 1/2 and is a totally normal, busy, toddler! My dr. did warn about being on Lialda if nursing, since they know it does pass through breast milk, but not sure of the impacts. I tapered off the Lialda when nursing, thankfully my UC cooperated. I have been most successful managing my UC when sticking to the SCD diet. Not necessarily friendly with pregnancy cravings, but healthy for you and baby!
    Best of luck with your pregnancy, uc, and wedding! Try not to stress if they do put you on prednisone, or continue with Lialda…in my opinion, if you can get your body healthy, that will be best for your baby in the long run, most likely outweighing any potential risks. Take care!

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