New UC’er

me with my daughter!

me with my daughter!


My name is Brandy Kummerow and I am 28 years old. I am recently married to my best friend. I have 2 children ages 6 and 9. I am a certified caregiver and currently care for adults with physical and mental disabilities. My twitter URL is and my Facebook URL is

Some more about Brandy:

My family and I are huge outdoor enthusiasts. We love going fishing, hiking and camping. When we are all together our life is an adventure and I don’t let my UC get in the way of that. In my quiet time I love to crochet blankets. It relaxes me after working a 12 hour shift.

My family and I are from a small north central town in Wisconsin. Nothing really special around here besides deer season and drinking.


diarrhea, bloody mucous, severe cramping, rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, fever’s, and loss of body fluids, joint pain in knees and hips, headaches, fatigue.

New UC’er

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative proctitis during my 2nd colonoscopy 3 weeks ago; however when my biopsy results came back they confirmed that I actually have Pan-Ulcerative Colitis.

I have been battling for the last 3 years with bouts of diarrhea, bloody mucous, severe cramping, rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, fever’s, and loss of body fluids.

I started having all of my symptoms 3 years ago while I was still married to my previous husband. I had made an appointment while having bloody mucous stools and the doctors could not give me an answer to what it was. They suggested it was my hemorrhoid and told me it would resolve on its own.

I moved 1 hour away and got divorced from my previous husband. In the middle of all this I had started all of these symptoms of severe cramping bloody stools, fevers, weight loss, and fluid loss again. This time I seen a new doctor in my new town who wanted to do a colonoscopy.

During my 1st colonoscopy 2 years ago, the general surgeon had cam back and said he could not find any reason why I was passing so much blood with every bowel movement or having such painful cramping. His suggestion was I had acid reflux and to continue taking a new medication called Aciphex twice daily.

After being on Aciphex twice daily for 2 years the symptoms have only gotten worse. This time however; I wised up and asked for a referral to see a GI specialist.

It took 6 months to finally reach a GI specialist. I had my 2nd colonoscopy after I had severe bleeding with stools again. The Colonoscopy and The correct doctor accurately diagnosed me with no hesitations. I am currently on Balsalazide 750mg, 3 capsules, twice daily to help with the symptoms.

I have weaned myself down from coffee to green tea and cut out all salad, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, wheat, and anything spicy. So far, there really is no difference in my symptoms except the blood is gone.

Medications and Supplements:

In the past I had no idea that I had UC. I was told I just had acid reflux and was put on omeprazole or they couldn’t find a reason why I was bleeding and to wait it out. I tried anti-diarrhea pills in the past with no luck and they only make it worse.

written by Brandy

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5 thoughts on “New UC’er”

  1. Brandy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, and super proud of you for finding an actual GI doctor to see. Great move, and although getting diagnosed with UC isn’t “great news”, sure beats not knowing whats wrong and having doctors mis/non diagnosis you for years to come. So you’ve made a HUGE first step, and pat yourself on the back for that:)

    And, if you’ve been able to reduce/eliminate the bleeding after dealing with that for so long, that’s also a great second step. Feel free to watch a video I recorded a few months ago that explains in detail what I did on the food side of things to come out of a minor flare that tried to begin. The link is here:

    Best of luck to you and please keep up posted on your progress, and good luck fishing this winter(you do go ice fishing up in Wisconsin right:??)))


  2. Hi Brandy,
    Sounds tuff, and I know it can be all too overwhelming to understand and move forward from. But you will find a happy median. At first I was hit for 6 and felt like that was my future down the pan (excuse the pun).

    But strangely I feel I have a better perspective of life, and I was determined to turn my pancolitis around. And I did, and I feel from reading your post you are stronger than I and confident you will also.

    As of my last colonoscopy, my UC was confirmed as only noticeably effecting my sigmoid zone. I don’t take any Meds but only because none work for me. Diet is key for me. Def no milk, I believe saturated fat and the release of sulfur from the gallbladder is what increasings bad bugs.
    Recently I have introduce kimchi. It has been a journey, and now I am at the point where I am adding some fermentable foods to readdress the microbiota balance. But I am living like anyone else… That is what this is all about…

  3. Welcome, Brandy!

    I am glad you finally have a diagnosis! After years of not knowing or only suspecting what’s wrong, it is a relief! From here, taking control can be difficult, but the more you read, the more you’ll see that it is possible and many people found their own ways. Stay strong, keep researching. You will feel better some day! I was in remission for almost three years. It was such a great time, I lived a completely normal life and was healthier and stronger than ever! Once you have had that feeling, that it can all be normal again, you’ll almost forget the pain, the blood, and the tears!
    Good luck!

  4. If your still having symptoms, perhaps you need a change in medication. There are so many out there and not one works for everyone. If something isn’t working, try another. Good job with your diet. Keep a journal for food. Always write down what bothers you and what doesn’t. Whatever doesn’t bother you can be your “go to” foods when you are in a flare.

  5. Thank you everyone! I was on a steroid treatment to kick start remission however, it did not work as I am still in a flare. Thank you for all the advice. It’s so much to deal with and learn but with the support from my family and everyone here I am not feeling overwhelmed like before.

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