New to UC and Have Some Maybe Dumb Questions


I was diagnosed about 8 months ago with UC. I am nearing 40 years old and have two great young boys and a more than full time career in Marketing.

Some more about me:

In my former career as a tv reporter, I covered three Michael Jackson trials.

New to Colitis and Here are My “Maybe” Dumb Questions

Since I am new to the UC Diagnosis, I am still learning the ropes. I have done well on Sulfasalazine after some initial few months with Asacol. I am currently an SCD’er. I have two questions and I hope these don’t sound too lame, honestly, I am just trying to figure this all out.

My first question is, I have to take 4 Sulfa pills a day. Before my diagnosis, I never got pains in my stomach. Now, if I miss one dose by more than about 3 hours, I will get a severe pain in my gut, not really inside, but on the surface. If I actually touch my stomach, it is really painful. Anyone else ever had similar symptoms?

My second question, is after two children and lots of wear and tear in my nearly 40 years, the body is not as perky as it used to be. Before the UC diagnosis, I had been considering some surgical help for the “girls”. I read some posts awhile back wherein people were discussing healing and how after UC, our bodies don’t heal very well or quickly anymore. I can certainly attest to seeing that first hand since I have had more colds these last several months than ever before and what used to take a couple of days to get over, now takes weeks. (I took some advice posted here and although I really wanted to, I resisted antibiotics).

I did have foot surgery several months ago, but it turned out to be pretty minor, with only a few days taking pain pills and fortunately, I was not in a flare. So does anyone have any experience with elective surgeries and how UC bodies respond? Again, so sorry if my questions are lame and I am taking up valuable space that would better be served by you all that have real problems, but I am just not sure who else to ask, and as many of you know, some of these doctors know little to nothing about UC treatments and healing. I appreciate any information you may have. Thank you

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  1. Hi UC Mom,

    Smart call of the antibiotics. Colds are caused by viruses and so antibiotics are completely useless on them. Antibiotics only work on bacterial infections. As far as the healing question. UC shouldn’t cause healing problems unless you’re anemic. I think a lot of people talk about how you need to give your colon specifically time to heal. The problem for UC’ers though are the drugs which are what can cause poor healing and more susceptibility to infections. That’s what you should discuss with your doctor, however, it would probably be wiser to wait until you get the UC healed up before surgery (your body doesn’t need to be trying to heal two traumas unnecessarily). Good luck!


  2. I am 30 and have been living with uc for over 12 years. I have a 2yr old and a 3yr old both c-sections and my dr marveled at how quickly I healed. Everyone responds differently, I am quick to rebound in general.

  3. I had a mommy makeover (breast augmentation and tummy tuck) and I was one year into my diagnosis. I had no problem healing with the girls but the tummy tuck did me in. I didn’t heal right and actually have to go back to have the scar revised and it kicked me into a monster flair that I am slowly getting under control. I was on a round of antibiotics which I am sure did not help and just my body and the stress on it really made my uc worse. Just wanted to share my experience. However I will say I love my results and would do it again!

  4. I had 4 c-sections and healed amazingly well with all of them. I had minor flares in the first trimesters but was not actively flaring after delivery. My last son was born when I was 35. In all cases, I was on Asacol or sulfasalizine so the meds didn’t slow my healing.

    By the way, there is no such thing as a stupid question. We do not get paid by the hour like doctors and our lives are far more complex than “just” dealing with symptoms in a bubble. If someone reading your question, doesn’t have anything to add, they will not respond. Sometimes, I read a post that doesn’t pertain to me but in most cases, I gain information or perspective.

  5. I have constant pain on the left side of my gut (descending sigmoid colon) but it does feel “inside” me and doesn’t hurt to prod.
    There are no dumb questions with UC; good luck with it.

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