New to UC and Curious


I am a 42 y/o woman with a wonderful husband and an amazing 4 y/o little girl and a 1 1/2 y/o son. I am a Physical Therapist working very part time and loving it.

Some more about me:

I was born in Canada but now live in the US. I am an avid sports fan, love to play soccer, softball and watch pretty much any sport! I love yoga and spending time with my family outdoors!


I am in a bad flare. I have lost 10-12 lbs from my 115 lb frame. Bloody and mucousy diarrhea. These have been getting better with the GAPS diet, a branch of the SCD.

New to Colitis and Curious

I was Not officially diagnosed with ulcerative colitis until July 2012 after dealing with symptoms from 1996-2003. at that time, i had returned from a 4 ‘month holiday in Europe and had terrible stomach bloating, gas, constipation/diarrhea which ultimately turned into diarrhea that was relentless. i had a colonoscopy and they said there may have been a “touch of colitis” but gave me the diagnosis of IBS. i managed things by completely restricting my diet until 2003 when a friend told me about a juice called “xango”. It is made from the mangosteen fruit and has many healing properties. i drank 3oz a day for 1 month and low and behold, an interesting occurrence happened when i had a BM one day and I never had symptoms after that day in early 2003. I guess, I went into remission unknowingly. until, i gave birth to my daughter….symptoms which i chalked up to hemorrhoids showed up and a prescription steroid cream took care of things ….lucky me! Then, I gave birth to my son and ended up with two bouts of mastitis which required antibiotics…well, that set me into a bad flare. Hoping once again that it was hemorrhoids I went to my primary doc. She thought it sounded suspicious and referred me to a GI. The colonoscopy revealed ulcerative colitis in my rectum. I tried masala mine enemas which didn’t work and hydrocortisone acetate and Canada suppositories which only worked when combined with prednisone. I was close to remission in February of this year on hydrocortisone suppositories. We went on a trip to Hawaii, where I caught a stomach bug and am now in the worst flare I have yet experienced.

I am curious about medications that have helped others induce remission along with diet options, fecal transplants, lifestyle changes, etc. I do not want to go on immuno suppressors and/or bio genetics.

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  1. Hi Casper,

    Regarding your question about medications along with diet etc…, you might want to talk to your GI doc about prednisone steroids if you have not already as an option.

    There is a great page here with many reviews from other UC’ers who have also used this here:

    Steroids as you will see in the reviews are both positive and negative, but it is an option for many. I myself have used prednisone in the past with some good success, I can remember a flare several years ago where it worked great, and I know many others here have had a similar experience.

    I myself am not big on drugs, and certainly not the biologics, however, like all treatments, medications, diets… some folks have had great responses to them as well.

    I wish you the best and good luck with diet and however you decide to move forward.


    1. Thanks for the support Adam! Unfortunately prednisone did not work this time and the oral mesalamine has now caused kidney issues. I am committed to diet and natural treatments, just trying to research everything….it is tough being a DIY patient….my GI does not seem to have Ny other answer but more medication….I am surprised if my body responded like this to the “safe”one!

    1. Sorry forgot to write, this might help one of your main questions on the end there
      And worth a read for all of us. Believe it or not…it discusses UCers being cured!!

      1. Thank you for the article! I have been in touch with Dr. Davis at the Bright Medical Clinic in Portland, OR…I will keep you posted! Have you tried this form of treatment?

  2. Hi Casper,

    I am attempting this in June. I spend alot of time on researching the digestive system. So a lot of the understanding I have established really leads to FT. For example the brain gut axis is a bidirectional communication. Alot of the immune cells being located to site of danger is presented by the brain rather than the gut. The brain wraps its nerve system around the immune system so it is fed back the info via these paths. The thing is, the brain itself is not on site, so relies on the communication back from the site. And the site itself? its response is based on the actions of the bacteria. For example, if you ate prebiotic foods which create SCFA from bacteria, these acids are absord by the epitheicial cells and are sending smoothing messages to the brain, in return this manages the cortisol release from the brain into the gut. In this we see the best rection in our emotion, mood, prebiotic foods improve our state fully, emotional and internally. In the same sense, you see a immune response when the toxins are produced by bacteria.

    So all of this response behaviour is coming from the bacteria that is within us. So for all the supplements, magic solutions us UCers come across, it is nothing more than remision. FT could be a cure, why not? it cured C. Diff.

    1. Alot of the research I came across had no end purpose other than open to finding the solution we need. It just became apparent FT was so key or even a solution.

      On here there is a few FT stories you can read up on. I have been following a few threads on healingwell.
      Some key points I have found is it is key to doing this aggressively firstly, maybe one a day for 5 days and than maybe once a week. I found the reason for this is due to the hard to deal with biofilm. I think it is why some people have found success at first but symptoms return once FT has been stopped. But of all the stories I have read, 80% have been successful. All of whom have done the procedure themself.

      My plan is to get my dad screened – liver, blood test and stool tests. He will eat a prebiotic based diet atleast 2 weeks prior to FT, whilst I will stick to SCDiet.
      Take some enyzmes for the biofilm 7 days prior to FT
      Go 5 days on FT and than once a week. All symptoms depending
      When I move to once a week I will increase my prebiotic intake encouraging Good bacteria

      I have read about people with UC for years and at the stage of Remicade and done this successfully. I am 14months diagnosed, possibly 3/4 years with IBD and on Asacol (casually), so hoping I can achieve good results. The answer to that would be when I have my scope later this year.

      I am starting to see alot of people getting IBD after antibiotic use. I drowned in Miami 4 years ago and was on aggressive antiobiotic for 3 days. Ever since than my symptoms have come on slowly but surely.

      1. Let me know how you get on with Dr. Davis
        I really hope this is a good solution for us and people will start really considering it.
        transplant is all variable, depending on State of UC and strangth of Donor sample

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