New to This Ulcerative Colitis IBD Thing

My Ulcerative Colitis Experience So Far:

I was diagnosed in January 2011 with ulcerative colitis. Spent a week in the hospital on IV and after tests was told I had it. Because they said it was a mild case I thought if I was careful with what I ate I would be okay! Well after losing 45 pounds since then I finally got in to see a gastroenterologist specialist. He did another colonoscopy and gave me a prescription to start when I left the hospital. I am now taking something called Tecta EC 40 mg(pantoprazole magnesium) every morning and Salofalk suppositories every night. The only problem is I am afraid to eat because it seems like everything other than chicken or poached salmon goes right through me.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me on what to eat or how to go about figuring it out?  Thanks, Palmtree

Submitted by “PalmTree” in the Colitis Venting Area

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3 thoughts on “New to This Ulcerative Colitis IBD Thing”

  1. Hello,

    I am a UC patient for last 6 years… And I personally feel that the diet depends on how your body react to some foods…This is what worked for me during flare up i avoid high fiber food like whole meal bread, spicy food, dry fruits, dairy products, lentil, peas, banana, onion, raw fruit, meat, etc this can make your flare up worst. Its not like i don’t eat any of these thing mentioned above its just like i avoid eating this during the flareup only…
    Drink plenty of water…eat light soft rice and clear soup..(this is what i eat mostly during flareup)or may be have little bit of chicken…

    Try to find whats best for you so u need to try couple of diffident things and see whats best suits you…

    Hope this will help…


  2. Check out the SCD diet. You can adapt it to work for you. It seems to work for me but I take the meds too. You have to find what works for you. This disease is different for each one of us. I was told my UC was mild to moderate the diet is a big key to getting well. Just google SCD diet and good luck to you.

  3. Sour dough bread is a must during colitis attacks. It has miraculous effects on stopping an attack–don’t know why=—but it works. Also eat rice. Avoid dairy products, meats, tomatoes, tomato products, vegetables and seafood. I take TECTA as a preventative and to keep my colitis in check. MAKE SURE YOU ARE TAKING A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN –AS COLITIS ATTACKS DEPLETE THE MINERALS IN YOUR BODY AND CAN COMPLETELY DEPLETE YOUR POTASSIUM DURING SEVERE AND LONG ATTACKS. Acidophilus is also an essential for anyone with colitis. Good luck

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