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New Science Regarding Ulcerative Colitis

I was researching PubMed today and wanted to post up several studies that have recently been published.

Below is a list of several I hope you read and maybe learn something from:) (I’ve included some extracts in a few of them, but the links will take you the full study to read more.)

For those of you interested in learning how to use the free pubmed resource, there is a posting I made here on that.

mucosal layers

This list above is just a very small sample of the large amount of research that is being conducted right now for treating and managing ulcerative colitis.

I would highly encourage you to go and check out the pubmed website to learn more about other studies that might interest you which you can learn from and read about (right now if you wish). There was a link above but here it is again for how to use pubmed…its very easy.

Have a great day, and wishing you the best,





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