New Research about Milk Fat and a Colitis Connection

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Hey UC’ers,

Good day to all of you.  I received an email from Peter a few hours ago with some interesting new research that has been published which shows some potential links between milk and colitis which many of you might find very interesting.

Milk Fats and Bowel Disease Article

As so many people know, there is quite a bit of controversy in the world of “Inflammatory Bowel Disease”.  There are so many conflicting view, reports, and ideas about what the heck might be the cause or “trigger” of this disease.  Some of you might even know scientists (or maybe even be a scientist or researcher) who’s working to solve this exact medical mystery right now.

I myself am firmly on the side of the field that believes diet plays a major role in the disease for many people who have IBD, and for quite some time this seemed to be a very unpopular view.

It’s 2012 now, and I think it is almost time to say that the medical world is beginning to recognize how important, and how much a factor diet and gut bacteria really is to a condition such as ulcerative colitis.  As you may already be noticing, there’s going to be a huge surge in research and news articles covering our disease and the links with our gut bacteria (maybe the words microbiome, microbiota, flora etc…) coming up. And to top this all off, as part of my visit with the new GI doctor I saw last week (I needed to have this visit before getting a colonoscopy, not because I’m having symptoms, but their office requires a consult prior to having a scope done…) he told me that at the biggest GI doctors conference in the US which was just a few weeks prior, the most talked about topic the whole week was….you guessed it…. Gut Bacteria and the microbiome.

For those of you who like reading up on some of the latest developments, here’s an article about some news from yesterday on the current Microbiome projects that are happening. – Human Microbiome Decodes Bacteria

Whether or not you believe that your diet plays a part in your disease, or your family members disease is always going to be your decision.  But for those of you who do believe there is a connection, and or people with UC who have listened to your GI doctors tell you over and over again that “Diet Doesn’t Play Any Part in It!”, well, times seem to be a changing.

The world of Western medicine historically has been and probably always will be an industry/profession which is very resistant to change.  But that’s alright.  Science, research, and positive patient outcomes don’t go un-noticed forever.  Whether there ends up being a new colon removal surgery that allows UC’ers to pop straight out of their fingers someday into a toilet…I’m not sure what’s gonna happen of course, but there’s always going to be options for everyone, and I hope that’s exciting to all of you.

Have a great day everyone,


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25 thoughts on “New Research about Milk Fat and a Colitis Connection”

    1. Yo Princess!!


      (“SS” stands for sometimes smelly)

      I have to thank you and Jennifer for pointing this out…HAHA, I think that has been up there like that for 4-5 months now, and you were the first person to say something!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!! all fixed for now… I’m sure i’ve missed it somewhere else though…:((

      thx again,

  1. Adam, Thank you for your article. I agree that diet plays an important role in keeping the ulcerative colitis in remission. I have experimented with foods and know what I can eat without pain and problems. Milk is definetly a “no,no”, so I use only silk soy milk. I eat no red meat which is not hard for me, but might be for others. I have, also, been told that alcohol is something we should give up, but I think a drink socially (not often) is ok. I do know alcohol bothers the gut.

    Wouldn’t it be great if they found a cure for us!!

  2. Man…how exciting and interesting!

    Can’t wait for more research…can you?

    I am a firm believer in the whole gut bacteria thing, as you all know.


  3. First of all, thank you so much for this wonderful site!
    Second, I’m french, so forgive me for my bad written english…

    I’ve been diagnose in 2007 with UC. I’ve tried de SCD diet, making my yogurt, etc., but it wasn’t working for me (or maybe I wasn’t patient enough). But last fall, on the advise of my naturopath, I stopped eating and drinking cow’s milk products. The day after my symptoms were gone!

    I’m now making my yogurt with goat milk, and eating goat cheese’s. I have also stopped eating gluten, and it had a good impact on my lungs, since I don’t need to use my pumps anymore! The good news is, after my last visit to my lung specialist, I have no more asthma!

    So yes, I believe diet has an impact on our health. Food may be not the cause of the diseases, but eating properly (or should I say “wisely”) helps a lot!

    Again, thank you very much for this inspiring site. After I found it, I instantly felt better, knowing I wasn’t alone with that crap!


    1. Dear Luce,

      Wow, that’s some incredible news for you!!! Great job with figuring out what was causing you problems!! That’s simply awesome.

      I’m so happy you like the website, please make use of it as much as you like, and if you get really inspired, feel free to share your story as well!! WE need more stories here from French People!


  4. Oh, and by the way Adam…nice pic, but can’t you find ‘better’ places to hang out? You’d think you’d seem enough porcelain in your lifetime to choke a horse!

    …just kidding…hahaha


  5. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    Where can one read in more depth about this study? I am very interested particularly because I was never a person to drink milk. Many, many, many years ago I tried it but even if it was skim milk it would cause me to pack on weight very quickly so I just didn’t drink it. Plus I would like more details such as the quantities required to be consumed before they got the results they did. The sources of milk fat would also be good to learn more about. Additionally, what other items were put into the diets. Then, once the disease has ‘activated’ does changing milk fat consumption matter any longer? They also noted a genetic component. Did they determine how rare or prevalent that component is?

    1. Hey, I don’t know all the answers to your questions regarding the details of the study, but I suspect that if you do some searching around on the internet for the contact details for the lead author in the study: Dr. Eugene Chang, a professor of medicine at the University of Chicago,

      you should be able to have him send you a full PDF file of the actual study which should have answers to all your questions. Or, you could probably as that doctor yoru questions and I’d bet he’d respond to all of them as well. I’ve had great success in the past emailing doctors who have submitted studies to PUBMEd and other online places, and the response is usually within a day or two with complete answers.

      ***Remember, many of these studies are funded by taxpayer dollars/pounds/Euro’s etc… so the people conductiong the studies have somewhat of a “duty” to follow up with the general publics questions.

      Good luck,


  6. Be careful dude, I cured my UC 3 years ago by eating whole foods (fruits and veggies) and lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish) for 6 weeks. In January I went in for a colonoscopy and I’ve been on my death bed since – sick as a dog with UC. Whatever good balance I had built up that had me fine for 3 years straight, the colonoscopy destroyed. I started to get sick towards the end of the bowel prep. So, not only did the UC come back, it came back with fury. I had never been hospitalized before, but have been twice since the colonoscopy. If you haven’t had it already man, I’d seriously considering skipping. They seriously ucked my shi up. Keep poopin normal bro.

    1. Hey Scott,

      Thanks for your concerns. I really appreciate it.

      That’s way too bad that you had such a bad time post your most recent scoping. That pretty much licks a big fatty dude.

      Well, I wish I could skip it, but I’m possibly going to be out of the country for a while and simply want to get a camera up in there to see for sure if everything is fine to get some piece of mind. I wonder if the bowel prep is the reason for your current problems or if the stress of the whole deal just got you out of wack again..? Either way, I wish you the best with getting out of the flare.


      1. I too worry about what Scott is throwin down Adam. A girl that I knew was fine and seemingly in remission. She then had her ‘annual’ colonoscopy, got a bad flare (don’t know whether it was from the prep, or the actual scope), and a few years later, had her colon removed! It was just awful. It definitely made me think…

        I didn’t really believe that could happen, and it freaks me out, because we are supposed to get scoped more often than the general public. I have not been scoped in almost two years, and I know the doctor is going to want me to at some point in the near future, just to have a look see.

        I don’t know what I’ll do when the situation arises…

        It must be fairly rare that a colonoscopy can start a flare, right? Man, I hope so. I would think and hope that it must be a fairly rare occurence that something like that could happen, but what the heck are we supposed to do?? Have a colonoscopy or not have one? The specialist says it can’t cause a flare, but do they even know for sure? Just like the meds…they don’t seem to know any more than we do.

        Either way, Adam…we are all with you, whatever goes down!

  7. Looks like colonoscopies do cause flares in 1 of 8 UC patients…
    “1 in 8 subjects had UC relapse by SCCAI immediately postcolonoscopy, and 1 in 10 subjects required an increase in their 5-ASA medications. Clinicians should be cognizant of this effect of colonoscopy in patients with UC.”

  8. (BTW… Adam, an echo to Princess PP’s comment about your book title… is one of the crappy’s supposed to be a happy? :-)

  9. Mind officially blown. Scientists have just linked fungus to IBD. Dr. Hoffman has been advocating an anti-fungal diet to treat IBD. Dr. Hoffman also wrote the introduction to SCD Diet. WTF? Okay, SCD is basically an anti-fungal diet and maybe that is why it’s been working? Are we UC’ers of the world on the SCD diet just been vindicated?

    1. Hey Therese, thanks for your follow up. Vindicated…well, I guess that’s one way to look at things, but on an even bigger level, I think no matter what you, me, or anyone else is doing to treat colitis successfully has been vindicated. No matter what, what works for some people doesn’t work for everyone, whether its UC medications or AIDS medications, or vaccinations for that matter. But it sure is pretty cool to see some “scientific” stuff along the lines of diet/UC connections. Take care, and great to hear from you!


    2. Well, I read this study, and, as USUAL, it is not definitive. Also, apparently, fungus isn’t the cause of everyone’s UC or bowel disorder. And the anti fungal ‘drug’ does not work in everybody. Just another bloody possibility!

      Is it just me, or is everyone getting tired of the million different causes and/or treatments for us???

      I want to hear the cause, and the cure. Not even the cause…JUST THE FLIPPING CURE!!! All these all over the board studies do is get our hopes up, and smash them to pieces. That’s how I feel, anyway. I know that there has to be research, but for the love of freakin’ pete, I’m so sick of the wild goose chases.

      Sorry, everyone. Just venting!!

  10. Hi Fellow UCers. This is not actually a comment to the above, but a new topic on need for health care help/ideas. I don’t see a category for that issue on this site, so I thought best to post my questions here.

    I’m 41 and was diagnosed almost 1 year ago with UC. I

    Well, I am writing about the issue of Health Care. I am one of those Americans who has a really crappy health care plan as I am self-employed. Most procedures and all medicines end up coming out of my pocket and I just really can’t afford it! I have been living off of Lialdia Samples from my GI, and who knows how long that’s going to last until he says-PAY UP. He also wants me to have another procedure (the sig one which is going to cost $400 that I don’t have).

    What I am wondering is, are there any resources for UCers to get the much needed health care-perhaps as part of a study group or something. Of course, I fantasize about not having to depend on the health professionals at all and curing myself entirely through diet, but that just isn’t happening right now and it’s just too scary and stressful to think about being left hanging when I really need the meds.

    Okay, any thoughts you have are much appreciated. BTW, I make too much to qualify for medicaid so that’s not an option.

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      Your post almost got lost! I’m not exactly sure, but CCFA may have some options. I think Adam recently posted about this because he also has his own insurance can’t remember the post-you may be able to search it? Or repost or email Adam.
      Good luck, Shelly

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