New Experience – My Father’s Ulcerative Colitis


I’m currently living In New York, helping out my father, a victim of UC for over 12 years, to get better. Hoping for great results and support.

My Father’s Ulcerative Colitis Story:

Hi! My father was diagnosed with UC 13 years ago. Ive seen him suffer and it broke my heart. I’ve prayed every night for some miracle. A couple of weeks ago I met a client who accidentally heard about my father’s condition and decided to help. She talked with such inspiration and belief that we immediately scheduled a family meeting with her.  She introduced us to the SCD (Specific carbohydrate diet) and explained that is our only way out without continuing medicine. Prednisone has been in our medicine cabinet for over a year now and although my dad has been trying to lower it gradually, it has proved a difficult task. I personally saw that the effects of this drug were not beneficial and only caused worse side effects.

I am most concerned about my father’s well being

and the happiness it provided our family.

This disease has caused great sadness and pain for all of our family members and I’d do anything to fix the problem . More research on the SCD allowed me to understand the human organism much better and helped me plan a sustainable and effective plan on what to do next. As a family, we are now supporting my father with the SCD diet we’ve discovered recently.  Its only been 3 days and I would greatly appreciate responses from anyone who has been on the diet and saw results.
Also, there are several questions I have to the public.
  • What are some suggestions/methods of relaxation for people who are very stressed and have limited time of resting?
  • Does the SCD diet include only food intake or involves other aspects such as psychology?
  • Does the diet work for everyone? and lastly
  • How long on average is the healing process and does it guarantee permanent solution?
Thank You!
Where I’d like to be in 1 year:
Have my normal life back . Seeing my dad’s gorgeous smile again.

written by Liora

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3 thoughts on “New Experience – My Father’s Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. HI Liora,

    Here are some ideas for relaxation:
    -read a good book…often
    (if your dad doesn’t like books, go and buy him some nice magazines to read)
    -the SCD diet involves food and drinks, although I also believe that reducing stress and cortisol and adrenaline releases in the body is a pretty big factor in how I handle my UC
    -does the diet work for everyone? tough question and the answer is NO. It works for lots of people, but not everyone
    -the healing process is different for everyone, but you might like to read an article I wrote a while back after talking with one of the worlds leading gut microbiologists, here’s the link:

    You are an incredible person for looking out for your pops so well, I wish you and him both the very best:)


  2. I am so sorry your dad is having such bad problems. A great way to relax is drinking a good cup of herbal tea such as chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, and especially ginger, sweetened with honey if desired. All are really good for the gut. I haven’t done it yet but there’s yoga, and meditation I’ve tried, it helps one to relax a lot. Good luck to you, your family, and especially your dad.

    1. I’ve been doing Hot Yoga for about a month now and I see a real difference in my ability to manage stress. First of all, it really helps those of us with sore joints. Give it a try.

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