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New Diagnonis; Typical Symptoms and SCD Diet


My husband, age 43, was recently diagnosed with UC, in July of 2013. We live in Florida and have a 10 year old son. I tend to eat a fairly healthy diet and exercise regularly, however, my husband is and has always been inclined toward eating “junk,” and has a great fondness for food, especially Italian. As you can all relate to, he is feeling quite discouraged and depressed right now, and I am feeling helpless.

He is currently on 1,500 mg of Colazol 3X per day, and we are starting the SCD diet right now.

I have been reading a lot of the personal stories on this site, and while there is a lot of hope, there is also a lot of fear as we move forward with this disease. When the doctor diagnosed my husband, I was in the room, as it was just after his colonoscopy and he was still groggy. So, the doctor said it was Ulcerative Colitis (the way he said it implied it was no big deal) and hubby would get some meds and could continue to eat as he always had.

Based on what I have now seen we are up against, it seems like the Dr. should have had a serious sit down discussion with us about this disease, its long term effects, and what we could anticipate in day to day struggles. But, that did not happen. Hubby still is hung up on “…but the Dr. SAID…”, while I am far more inclined to educating myself and searching for alternative treatments.

He is now 3 days into the SCD diet cleanse phase, and we will start on phase 1 in another day or two. He is also on 750mg colazol (2 tabs at a time, so 1,500 mg per dose, with three 1,500 mg doses daily.) This is an increase over what he began on, as the original dosage was providing no relief at his one month follow up w/ the GI Dr.

The cleanse period seems to have reduced soiling “accidents, ” however, he is very tender on the left side of his abdomen. Also, he continues to feel urgency and cramping frequently, but usually nothing is coming out except for the occasional blood/mucous.

My question right now is (and I am sure I will have MANY more as time goes on), it the cramping and urgency with either nothing coming out or just blood/mucous a typical symptom? My concern is that there could be some sort of blockage??

Now, granted, he has had ONLY the SCD intro diet for almost 3 days now. (Broth, pure cider, 100% grape juice jello, weak iced tea, farmers cheese with honey, broiled fish; he did have some broiled beef patties at first, but was not tolerating them, so we removed them.) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

written by Jen

submitted in the “Family Members and Friends of UC’ers” section

11 thoughts on “New Diagnonis; Typical Symptoms and SCD Diet”

  1. Hi Jen,

    In my experience from several years ago when symptoms were at their worst(which was the months immediately following my diagnosis after Oct. 2008) I for sure remember cramping, urgency, and then lots of blood (both bright red and not so bright red) mucus and sometimes nothing but gas coming out. And this would sometimes go on for 5-6 bowel movements in a row. It was super depressing, and to me at the time, it seemed impossible that absolutely no “poop” could come out…

    I’m thinking you/your husband are in that same boat at the moment.

    Is it normal? I think so (when people are in a time of heavy active colitis symptoms)

    Does it go on forever? Of course not. It will most definitely end, exactly when is impossible to say, but it does end for everyone.

    I’m glad to hear you folks are giving diet a try, and I hope it brings you much success in getting out of this flare up your husband’s in at the moment.

    Best to all of you,


  2. believe me, if your gut wants to get sick, it will despite what you eat. I always had salad, fruit, nuts, seeds etc. Things you get told to eat but are in fact danger foods to colitis. But I find junk food was digestible. So its weird the total opposite. Now I have had my colon out I can eat anything again. Just during flares I ate chicken in gravy, white bread, white rice. Vary plain boring foods. But I dont think food causes UC.

  3. Hi,
    I was in remission for almost 2.5 years, I was doing some variation of the SCD diet, but somehow, work was so insane busy, I started eat “crap” and that did me no good. I am currently in a flare up stage, it is so annoying and painful, I have been eating only chicken with spinach, eggs in the morning, farmers cheese with honey, no bread, rice, fruits or anything. I am getting so worried because it should have cleared up by NOW.

    Back to your situation, every body heals differently, it sounds like he sounds like he is doing everything right. Just give it time. Is he drinking lots of water? I find that for myself, the last time, my flare up cleared, it was weird, like the blood color changes, less gas occurs and more self control in terms of going to the bathroom. I suggest he takes it easy, get lots of rest and water. Hopefully it will clear soon.

  4. Thank you for the replies. Adam, your experience is reassuring. Right now he understandably feels like this will never end. He has been sticking to the diet like a champ though. I will report on his progress and struggles as we move forward.

  5. I agree with Adam that it all sounds normal and familiar. Of course, when you aren’t eating much, there isn’t much to pass in the way of solid stool. I tend to be mostly mucous and blood when I flare. The tenderness on his left side is probably where his disease is located. For me, mine is also left-sided and I can’t stand anything tight or even laying on that side. It does get better :)

  6. Yes, it is totally normal to feel as if you really have to go (and quick I might add), and then nothing coming out except blood and/or mucsus. This is one of the worst symptoms of absolute un-favorit-est. There’s a word!

    Adam is so right. This cannot and does not go on forever, although every day it happens, it seems like forever..

    US is a nasty nasty condition, especially when in a flare. We all just hope the flares don’t last long.

    I’d say hang in there, but you and your husband already know that you have to and will.


  7. hey jen!!

    it’s great you are helping your husband get better. i’m sure he needs the support!

    as for symptoms, cramping and small bowel movements are just part of UC. feeling like you have to go and then nothing comes out is really annoying but happens a lot when there is inflammation.

    for diet, I think it’s good to try SCD. I’ve been on it for a year but still have severe inflammation in my entire colon. food doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in my disease. I drink a lot of Absorb Plus shakes- those would be a great thing to look into. it’s just pure protein/carbs (no fat) and there is no fiber at all. this is pretty helpful since fiber is one of the things that makes up your stool. the less you consume, the better!

  8. The urgency has a medical name and it is Tenesmus. Very painful and distressing. As Stephanie said i’m not sure diet has much to do with UC either. I no longer have my colon apart from the last 20 cms and food isnt going through it and im still experiencing colitis flare ups. That is until the rest is removed next year. but thats just my experience. Good luck with everything

  9. Thank you so much for all the comments. It’s good to know there is support out there and that what is going on is “normal” for typical UC symptoms according to those who have dealt with this disease long term. As you all know, it can be scary when you are not sure if what is happening is normal, worse than normal, or something else entirely!

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