Need Some Advice with my Colitis


I am a single mother of 1 and a full time college student on my way to a bachelors degree. I am 29 years old and have struggled with this disease for 4 years. I am currently in a flare (for about 2 years now :( ) and have not been able to find what will help put me into remission.

Some more about me:

Overall, I have always been pretty health for the most part, always had great blood tests, never really felt the need for anything really (as in multivitamins), ate healthy for the most part (except for being a broke single mother/student, Ive gone through times where I couldn’t afford to eat very much healthy choices or had time to prepare meals). It puzzles me how I could have ended up with this, but after reading a lot over the last few weeks about this condition, I’m pretty certain I ended up with it after taking antibiotics 4 years ago. My sons birth was very hard, he was born with a condition that nearly took his life and he was int he NICU for awhile. Being a single mother, I had to deal with this all on my own, so, understandably so, I was extremely and still am extremely stressed out. During labor, I ended up with a fever, and shortly after his birth, I ended up with bronchitis, I was put on antibiotics and it was during this time, i s tarted noticing blood in stool. I and the nurse automatically took it as hemorrhoids (seeing as I had just given birth) so I was put on some medication, which seemed to do something because the bleeding stopped (for awhile), a few months later, I started to notice the tissue and then it all went on from there..


Right now, I am in the middle of a flare. I have come to know that dairy and sugar is very bad for me (which makes me so sad because I LOVE dairy, anything dairy :( ) My main symptom is bleeding, a bit of mucus, hardly any diarrhea, but I have to keep up with my fiber intake otherwise i get constipated which in turn results in more bleeding. Its hard for me to say whether I have proctitis or colitis now.

I’m pretty sure I have UC now. I have noticed a change in my symptoms when I am irritated. Ive never really experienced the pain or cramping that Ive read about, but lately when I do eat badly (like with dairy), I cramp a bit and have to keep going to the washroom, and before this, I wouldn’t have diarrhea but now it has been starting to show, along with the blood and tissue.

My Story:

I have had two sigmoidoscopies and both had shown at the time that it was proctitis limited to a few inches of the lower, rectum area. I’m just going ot be honest and say that at the time, the way my doctor talked about it, it didnt seem like that big of a deal, I was given salofalk suppositories, took them for a month and instantly my symptoms were gone (this was after the initial diagnosis), I took this as me being completely healed and cured (I hadn’t taken much time at the time to google anything about it because I took what my doc said about simply keeping up with my fiber intake and drinking alot of fluids, and basically eating healthy). Well, being a single mother and a student, I couldn’t really afford the “healthier” foods that I would have loved to so I have eaten some pretty unhealthy meals because it was what I can afford at the time. Not long after (just about 4 months later), the symptoms came back. I got another sigmoid done and showed that it hadn’t progressed but that it was obviously inflamed again, so… I was given another medication, corti-foam. This instantly worsened the bleeding, I was having crazy symptoms after only 2 doses! (abnormal heart palpitations as well as others), and it scared me! so I stopped the corti-foam only after 2 doses and since then, I have not been able to get the bleeding under control. I am due for a full colonoscopy and am terrified. I just don’t know what to do, what to eat, what I should be taking :( I feel like im starving because Im afraid to eat anything, I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, and I’m already tiny to begin with :(

4 days ago, I started on taking L-glutamine daily, and because I had read somewhere that we should start new supplements slowly, I waited a couple of days and then started on 8 billion acidophilus and bifudus and taking only 1 capsule a day. I also have not had much dairy (1 little easter egg last night), and also have recently gotten into using unrefined virgin coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil. But, I am confused. Throughout the day, I have pretty much little to no urge to run to the washroom, which to me would be a good thing right? But when I do have a bowel movement (which is pretty much once a day for the normal kind of bm), there’s so much blood! Blood has always been my main symptom! It really scares me to see the red bowl of blood and water in the toilet every morning! Is there a possibility that the supplements I have taken can be making this worse? I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m making too many changes all at once (eliminating dairy and sugar, changing my diet, starting on supplements all in a span of a couple of weeks) and it could be putting too much much stress on my colon?


After spending a couple of weeks browsing this site, commenting here and there, I have noticed that quite a few of you have seemed to do well with getting your UC under control by going the natural/diet route! I have never taken any other meds other than the salofalk suppository (which only worked wonderfully the first time, have tried it a couple of times since, and it suppressed the symptoms only while I’m on it) and the corti-foam (which ill never take again). After doing the corti-foam and reading about other types of medications, I am terrified of them and refuse to have to resort to medication. I have very little knowledge of probiotics/supplements so any type of advice would be helpful.

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  1. Hi Maria,

    OMG…antibiotics YET again! Isn’t it sad that some of us obviously cannot handle taking antibiotics. It must strip our guts of the good bacteria, and the problems begin…if I had a nickel for every time it seems that someone has acquired UC from antibiotic or drug use…or food poisoning…I don’t know why the medical profession cannot agree that these things CAN and DO cause UC!! Duh!!

    I am one of those people on this site who will not take medications at all for UC. I did, for 14 years, and it made me feel so much sicker, that I finally took the reins to my own health and went the probiotic, L-glutamine route. Thanks to a clerk at a vitamin/supplement store, I am once again amongst the living! She deserves my eternal gratitude….wish I could say the same for my doctor…tragic…

    You know, the L-glutamine was the only thing that got rid of my bleeding. Maybe you aren’t taking enough of it. I started on a higher dose (two scoops) at first, and a year later (now), I only take one scoop per day. At times, I have played with the dose…like once when I ate a bowl of natural all wheat cereal (never again) and I had bleeding out of the blue the very next morning. I took 4 scoops, and the next day, the blood was gone again. On my L-glutamine, it says you can take up to eight scoops per day! I’ve never had to take that much, but I certainly would if I had to. Don’t be afraid to play with the dose until you find what dose stops the bleeding.

    Man, I hope this helps you!


  2. Oh, and the probiotic should be taken on an empty stomach, with plenty of water, and then try not to eat for at least a half an hour to an hour.

    1. Hi Bev,
      What type of L-glutamine do you take? I have bought some recently from a health store, but it is in a capsule form, not powder. Have you noticed a difference? I’m on the VSL pro-biotic, too. It seems to irritate me though at times (I’m just taking one/day).

      Thanks for your help!

      1. Hey Jessica,

        I take fermented L-glutamine powder by North Coast Naturals. I’ve never taken the pill form, so I can’t tell you id there is any difference.

        The probiotic that I take is ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE. Once a day. It has never bothered me. It is a 50 billion strain. Not as high as VSL, I don’t think, but it works great for me!


        1. Bev, I received my order of astaxanthin and the ultimate flora care by renew life today. Any tips on whether I should start them slowly? and which I should start with? Im usually very cautious in how my body might react to even natural supplements. I’m also still on the mesalemene (sp?) Salofalk suppository so Im worried about interactions (if even possible)…

          I am on the salofalk, l glumatine and vitamin D so far, so Im praying that things will go as well for me with these two supplements as they have for you.

          Thanks Bev!

          1. Hi Maria,

            Just going on my own experience, I started the probiotic first, actually, and when it took all of me UC symptoms away, except for the bleeding, I added the L-glutamine.

            I don’t think adding the probiotic and astaxanthin will hurt anything at all. They are very benign things in the big picture.

            Just take the probiotic on an empty stomach with water, either at bedtime, after not eating anything for at least two hours, or first thing in the am, and the try not to eat for at least half an hour. I take the L-0glutamine, also on an empty stomach, at about 10:30 or 11 in the morning, a few hours after I’ve eaten breakfast. The vitamin D and astaxanthin can be taken together (I take them with lunch for better absorption with fats).

            I don’t believe there will be any sort of interaction with the medications at all!

            I hope you have a whole new life, soon…like I do!! UC free!!


        1. Do it Tim…do it!

          Let us know how it works. Remember, you can ‘tweak’ the dose if you are really bleeding a lot. You can take from one to eight scoops per day. I only need one these days, but I took three in the beginning.


  3. Hi Maria,
    I’m so sorry to hear you are in a flare. I’m surprised your doctor hasn’t suggested one of the many maintenance meds out there for you (Lialda, etc). I think the colonoscopy will be a great source of information and perhaps can guide you on treatment options. The good news is that you are not running to the bathroom countless times a day, but you definitely need to get the bleeding under control before it gets any worse. I have found the diet to be a huge influence over symptoms (I’ve had UC for 25 years, but have just now been in a horrible flare for months). I’ve heard the supplements are good too, but agree with you; it is hard to tell if they are helping or hurting at times. Maybe it just takes the body a few doses to adjust.

    Wishing you well! Oh, and after countless colonoscopies, I recommend the Gatorade prep for sure!


  4. Hi, Maria. Sorry you’re flaring. I’ve learned that any time anyone takes an antibiotic, they should always take probiotics with it, especially if we have a tendency toward IBD. My mom and sister have both taken antibotics for one reason or another and got diarrhea and they don’t have IBD. I think doctors who prescribe them should also tell their patients to take it with, it prevents a lot of problems. I’ve had to have dental work done in the last 3 years that’s required me take antibiotics so I took probiotics with it and didn’t get in a flare or have diarrhea. Iron is a good supplement to take if your bleeding. Sometimes it takes awhile for a flare to stop so don’t give up and keep up what you’re doing. Have you given up caffeine and alchohol…they are both huge triggers, especially when you’re already in a flare. Hope this helps and best of luck to you.

  5. Hi guys, thanks for your comments. Well as it happens, before sending in my story, I had already taken Bev’s advice after a previous post on somebody elses thread and started taking the exact same l-glutamine that she takes. I also went back to using the salofalk suppository, have eliminated dairy and sugar (except for a splash of lactose free milk and honey in my coffee in the mornings), as well as other foods I know are triggers for me, AND upped my coconut oil intake (Ive read wonderful stories about how it has helped many people with UC), and also have been eating more spinach and sunflower butter, as well as EVOO and guess what?? The symptoms have all disappeared!!!!!!! INCLUDING THE BLEEDING!! Even though I was in a flare for almost 2 years, the other times I was on the salofalk, it helped abit, but not with the bleeding, I guess I just had to face this and learn to feed my body what it needs as well as what it DOES NOT want (like dairy). I am really hoping and praying that this will be it for flares as bad as this almost 2 year flare. I have an appointment to see my doctor in 2 days, and this is the first time I am excited to see him haha. I am going ask for blood work etc to see if i am low on anything (where I come from, we dont get much sun at all so I wouldnt be surprised if I am low on Vitamin D).

    I have to say thank you to you all, and especially Bev for the advice/support you have given me, and Bev for recommending the L-glutmaine. I did take an 8 billion probiotic for 2 days but it seemed to make the bleeding worse, so I panicked and stopped it, however, it is definitely something I will keep in mind again if I feel the need to try it again.

    1. Aha!! That good old L-glutamine!! It is a wonder!!!

      Remember…the probiotic that I take is called ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE. I also swear by IT. It is a 50 billion strain one, and it’s fabulous. It never made me bleed more. The L-glutamine and the probiotic saved my life, so to speak!! Got me off those terrible UC medications! Also, I was low on vitamin D , I found out after a blood test, so I take it every day, as well as a 4mg capsule of that natural powerful little anti inflammatory, astaxanthin. Just for good measure!

      I am thrilled for you Maria!! The more people that this helps, the better. We can live normal again, and a lot healthier than what those awful UC meds do to us!!



      1. Yes that l-glutamine has to be whats working for the awful bleeding I was having. In the beginning after a few days, I was starting to feel down on myself thinking it wasnt working because I still had a significant amount of blood, but I remembered seeing one of your posts saying you had increased your dosage to basically give your colon a boost, and so I did just that and took two 5g at separate times of the day on an empty stomach, and sure enough, NO blood the very next day!! Amazing!

        1. No, Maria, I follow no special diet. I eat whatever I want. I don’t have any problems with dairy…but I do tend to bleed a bit the next day, if I eat TOO much real wheat. Not like a whole wheat bagel (I seem to be able to handle that), but if I eat a bowl of shredded wheat cereal.

          That’s it! That’s the only thing that seems to even give me any problem.


  6. My 3rd day on North Coast Fermented L-Glutamine and instead of 6-7 bathroom trips, I’ve had only 3 today. Two scoops first thing in the morning, two at mid-day, & two before bed. I may tweak it a little tomorrow due to some nausea. But, I’m thrilled that something is FINALLY making a difference for me. Thanks for recommending it, Bev! :)

  7. Hi Bev and All, I swear by the L-Glutamine too…My bleeding dissappeared after I started taking evoo in February 14, 2013. EVOO and lglutamine seem to be working for me. No probiotic yet but eat yogurt once a day. I do, however, get some cramping, especially at night, low in the pelvic area. I think it is caused from gas or my colon is sensitive…no kidding…Any comments about that? Bev, can I ask you about the picture of the guy and girl on your posts? Looks like one of the Beatles to me?

  8. LOL…yes, Ann, it’s George and Patti Harrison circa 1968! Yes, he was a ‘Beatle’…but I was a big fan of his even after those years.

    Not sure why I live the pic so…it’s just so cool…two super cool people…George was always my man!

    I think that all of our colons are sensitive…they’ve been through a lot, after all. I’m not sure why you’re cramping. Hopefully you aren’t milk sensitive (yogurt)…I like to think that probiotics help with cramping. They did with me.


    1. Hi Bev, Thanks for getting back to me right away. I am not sure if I am lactose sensitive or not but always in the back of my mind. I think I should try laying off the yogurt and taking the supplement instead and see what happens, I will let you know the results…PS I Get By With A Litte Help From My Friends…

      Maria, I just read your full story and can totally relate to the hemmoroid thing…I thought I had those after my first son was born in 1988…I went to a doc who did diagnose me with colitis and he said I would for sure have cancer in 10 years…can you belive that! I switched docs immediately…Here I am now 25 years later with this god awful disease and No Cancer Yet…needless to say my trust in docs in very low…even the one I have now…he only wants to contol the uc with meds…If you read grahams posts from November 2nd, I am ready to tell my doc to shove something up his a#@*&(! Never once has he mentioned L-Glutamine, Vitamin D, Probiotics, EVOO or Diet…Now that I have started that program I feel the best I’ve felt in years. Oh and btw I took myself off my meds in September 2012. Not for everyone but it’s working for me. I’d say talk to your doc but I know more now with what I have learned on Adam’s website than ever! Thanks again Adam! ;)

      1. Hi Ann, laying off the yogourt might be a good idea because itll give you a chance to test it out. Ive come to find out that I dfinitely do have a sensitivity to dairy, and have cut it out (for the most part, I ocassionally have a small piece of cheese or a taste of yogourt, but overall doesnt affect me as much as it did when I ate it regularly), the dairy as well is what cause some of my cramping/bloating.

  9. I wonder what would happen if I switched from VSL#3 to Ultimate Flora probiotics. The VSL#3 is very potent, & I currently take six of them daily. Yet, I’m not necessarily convinced that taking such a high potency is altogether good. I suspect that ‘probiotics overkill’ could upset things, too. It would be a risk to switch, tho.

    Unfortunately, yesterday was a bad day for me. I seem to have a new urgency that I didn’t have so much before. A very good day followed by a very bad day is hard to take. I struggle to remain hopeful.

    On another note, how can I upload my picture?? :)


    1. I hear you Lynne. Things used to be like that for me.,..I’d have a fairly ‘good’ day, and the next thing I knew, I’d need to run to the bathroom again, barely making it…lots of blood…I never have ‘bad’ days any more, now, thank goodness. It did seem like I was NEVER going to get better, though. I remember feeling hopeless…

      Anyway, I do swear by the probiotic that I take. It seems to be just the right strength, somehow. Another person on this site, Lane, started taking it and is right where I am now…at least last I heard…are you there Lane? I think probiotics can most definitely be different and the one that I am on seems to really do a great job on UC.

      To upload a pic, you just have to go on the web to ‘gravatar’. It’s easy to follow the directions once you are on the site.


  10. Hi Lynne, I haven’t bought my probiotic yet…waiting for May and pay to do that…I was going to buy Ultimate Flora Critical Care by Renew Life. I think this is the one Bev or Maggie recommend…I want to upload my picture too…Maybe Adam will read our requests and let us know.

    1. Yes, Ann, that’s the right probiotic. It’s a great one.

      To upload a pic, go to GRAVATAR on the web, and follow the simple directions. You’ll be up and running in no time!


  11. Thanks Bev. I will try uploading my pic…I’m not as good looking as George and Patti though!

    Maria, I will try laying off the yogurt. I didn’t have any yesterday and didn’t have any cramping last night either…yeah!

  12. Thanks, I did have a closer up shot but not ready to put my face all over the web…the far away shot is a little more anonymous…

  13. Well I had my appointment this morning. First one in awhile (I avoided the doctors for abit when I was in denial about this condition). I brought with me all of the information Ive learnt from this site, my story about changing my diet etc, and she was in awe , she even told me that I have inspired her to start eating healthier haha. As I was telling her about what Ive learnt about the l-glutamine, EVOO and so on, she admitted that she didnt know very much about UC and so was online checking things out as I was talking and sure enough, finding evidence of what I listed as being beneficial for UC patients. She couldnt believe how big of a shift I have gone through just in the last couple of weeks (from bleeding extensively to very little to no blood at all!). She will be checking in with me every 6 months and also got some blood work done on me to check all levels of whatever should be monitored and got me started on Vitamin D. I really feel grateful to you all for giving me your tips, ideas, and sharing with me your support and experiences because before I discovered this website, I was a total mess (depressed, crying, exhausted and just felt overall lost).

    Btw this is a new doctor I had never seen before and so I will definitely be sticking with this one. It was like a breath of fresh air being seen by one who was positive about the condition and not al negative about it, and was actually pushing for me to continue with going the natural route (she even shared a fish recipe of hers with me as we were talking about omega 3’s haha)

    1. Oh Maria….this is all so positive!

      First, as for being grateful…that’s what we are all here for…to help one another. The doctors really don’t know how to treat UC, as you stated.

      Second…what a GREAT doctor…yes…stick with her!!

      Any doctor that is open to what is REALLY WORKING for UCX is a good doctor indeed! Mine refuses to listen or believe in my remission that I attained from probiotics and L-glutamine.

      What a wonderful post…everything you said made my day!!


  14. Sorry…that was UC…not UCX…???

    Even with concrete evidence slapping my doctor in the face (me), he still won’t endorse what I have done to heal myself. How sad…

      1. bev I ended up buying the Source Natural lglutamine there’s no scooper in it so I ended up measuring 2 tsps. im also on d vsl#3 double strength I’m currently taking 4 packets. I’m do tired of this flare up! I wanted to buy the namebrand you’re using but I can’t seem to find it here in Houston.

          1. Lynne,

            I can’t find it here in Houston I bought the Source Natural thru Amazon. I looked up the North Coast but it looks like its in Canada only. I looked at the reviews for the Source Natural online before I ordered it and they were good reviews (people mentioned they took it for GI problems and it was helping them). I’m hoping ill notice a difference soon I’m ready to get off 35mg prednisone (it’s no longer helping).

  15. Good day. Bad day. Good day. Bad day. Welcome to my world. Actually, my good days are not exactly ‘good’ yet, but they are better days & I am thankful for that. I’ve been faithfully taking 2 heaping scoops of fermented L-glut three times a day – each about 30-60 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner (it’s been one week now). I do feel like it’s helping me, but I seem to always have both good things & bad, balancing each other out. The bad thing is that I have a new urgency I didn’t have a few weeks ago, which has me running to the bathroom & not always making it in time. That is pretty intolerable for me, & I hope it will resolve over time. On the up side, my bleeding has lessened. A good thing! I attribute this to the L-glut. I mostly have d these days, but a little bit of solidity is returning now, which I attribute to taking iron supplements again. I’m still taking six VSL#3 probiotics daily but continue to wonder if the Ultimate Flora Critical Care might be worth trying. VSL is so very potent that I feel it would be a risk to try switching. On the other hand, what if VSL is just too darned potent? I know one thing for sure … it’s WAY expensive when taking 6/day! I really can’t afford it but am too afraid to stop & possibly get worse. :/

    I see my picture uploaded ok. It’s funny, because I’m old enough to be the parent of many of you at this site … which makes me sad to know that so many young people struggle with this icky uc. I was an older adult when I was diagnosed.

    Hey Bev, I already know what the Beatles look like. But, I don’t know what YOU look like … hint, hint. :)

    Libby, the first time, I ordered the North Coast Fermented L-Glut through a link that is posted above by Tim. I was just wondering where others order from (I’m in the U.S.). I ended up ordering from the same place again. I believe the North Coast L-glut is helping me, particularly with the bleeding. On my better days, my visits to the bathroom are slowly decreasing.

    In a few days, I’m going to experiment with drinking aloe vera juice. Everyday feels like an experiment! Can’t wait to land on the recipe that works perfect for me. :)


    1. LOL…of course you know what those four lads look ;like…and you are not old enough to be MY mother!! No way!

      Anyway, like I said before, I have never taken VSL, but I do know that the probiotic that I take (the good old Ultimate Flora Critical Care) has been nothing but great for me. I wonder why you have this new urgency? I have to remind myself that we are all different…I’m so tired of saying that…lol…and perhaps your body IS just adjusting. I would not think that it would be the L-glut making your urgent, though. But, what do I know? I wish I knew it all…again, lol…

      Hang in there, Lynne…maybe I’ll put my actual pic up again for a bit…I used to have it on here…but I like George and Patti SO much more:)

  16. Bev,

    Have you heard of Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 billion? It has 14 strains. It looks to me like it’s just a little more intense than what you take. I’m thinking it might be worth a try, and I can buy it locally.

    My North Coast L-glut is almost gone. I ordered 3 more, but I’m afraid I’ll run out before my next order arrives. This is concerning me. I’m taking a little less now to make it last as long as possible!


    1. Lynne,

      That probiotic sounds even better! I wonder if I can get that one here. It sounds like the Renew Life company is listening to all the claims about how much their probiotic is helping people with UC. I had emailed them about a year ago and told them hpw their product ‘saved’ me…and they sent me a free bottle of probiotics! Nice, huh?

      Anyway, I’m like you…when I get low on my L-glut, I have often gone to buy more, and they are all out of stock…so I take less until I can get some more. I always ask the clerk at the store to hold one for me, now.

      Please let me know how that ‘new’ Ultimate Flora probiotic works!


    2. Lynne,
      Can you please post the link on where you order the lglutamine from? Also i wanted to ask you all when you say a scoop how much does that measure? ive bn using 1 tsp at the most 3 times a day. Im feeling so frustrated still having some diarrhea and blood.

  17. Libby,

    Try this:

    I’ve called a couple of places in Canada, & they said there are many restrictions on what they can ship to the U.S. This fermented l-glut seems to be one of them. I ordered from a different place (where I ordered before), & they said there’s a delay of one week before they can ship. This happened last time, too. So, now, I scrambled & ordered from the link above hoping that they can get it to me right away. All together, I have 4 of the L-glut’s ordered. I suggest you order more than one, because I’m finding it’s not so easy to get this stuff into the U.S. Crazy. It’s just a supplement!

    Good luck, & let us know how it goes.


  18. Bev,

    You’re lucky you can get the L-glut at your local store! I will let you know if I start the Ultimate Flora Critical Colon probiotics.

    Btw, thanks for sticking around on this site with us. Since you’re doing so well, it would be easy to slip away from this website & stop thinking about uc all the time. It’s awfully nice of you to keep caring about others who are still struggling with the symptoms. Thank you. :)


  19. Lynne, that is the sweetest thing to say…I agree, though…lots of ‘us’ who have attained remission have ‘disappeared’ from the site entirely. Hopefully they will never NEED to come back and vent.

    I sometimes think of it as, perhaps they are afraid to keep coming to the site, in case they get sick again. Maybe they just want to forget UC. It does suck, to have it.

    Thank you, Lynne. I’m not ever going to go anywhere. There are too many newly diagnosed people that need to know that they can take the reins in their own health and choose medication OR natural ways to treat their UC. Also, that the doctor’s word is not the final one. We are the boss of ourselves!


    1. i agree with you Bev…I’m the other side of the coin that is still waiting for that Grimm Reaper UC to keep finding me, but I didn’t leave when I was in my remission. I feel we need to stick together and keep sharing what is and isn’t working until we find more answers and hopefully, eventually a cure! And this I not a one size fits all as we know. I’m still working my flare out…going to try and mix it up again.
      By the way, I even tried acupuncture and had some strange muscle cramping and took about 2 1/2 weeks to get back to “normal” :-) .forgot if i mentioned that or not. I didn’t want to scare others away from it. Just can’t trust my body any more!
      Anyway, keep up the soapbox. If i had more answers I would rant from mine! :-)

    2. bev,
      I have to agree with Lynne, I keep thinking that one day I will be feeling like you because of how positive you are! thank you for being there for all of us, we all need it!!!

  20. Even tho I’ve been having a couple of bad days, I still recognize improvement. I’ve had a little more cramping but a little more solidity. (Perhaps the two are related?) I’ve needed the bathroom a little more, but the bleeding isn’t as prominent. So, I’m not completely discouraged, yet. At work, though, I’m getting an impatient vibe. My mornings are pretty rough. I get up quite early, because I know I’ll have a couple of episodes while getting ready for work that will leave me feeling drained. I liken it to vomiting. I have intestinal nausea that builds. Sometimes I nearly break out into a cold sweat. Afterwards, I seriously need to lay down for awhile. I’m spent before I even get to work. Today, I left work early because I was so exhausted. A few people seem like they’re frustrated with me. They know I won’t take prednisone. I can tell they are judging me, suggesting that I should just take the prednisone & get myself better. It’s a pressure that I don’t need right now. One gal has taken prednisone herself & thought it wasn’t a big deal. So, I suppose they see me as someone who refuses to get well & that it affects them at work. I worked 8 straight days in a row (tax season) & finally had one day off (yesterday). That has taken a toll on me. Wish I could take a paid leave of absence so I could rest & get better. Anyway, just venting. Blah.

    1. On boy, Lynne…do I hear you! When you say ‘they see me as a person who refuses or does not want to get well’….man, does that bring it all back. Drugs are such a Band-Aid and I detest that some people think that’s the ONLY way to get better. BULL****…sorry…this just pees me right off…

      The stress of tax season does not help, first off. It’s like we need total quiet…like a desert island…so that we can take our natural stuff and calmly let out=r bodies heal…such a dream, I guess. It’s extremely difficult to heal, and it takes time.

      I just want to hug you right now. I’ve been where you are. Everyone just wants you to be another workhorse, Lynne. They are all stressed out, and want you at 100%….immediately!! Well, too bad for them…that ain’t gonna happen when they want it to.

      You just stick to what is true for you. You are to be admired, not admonished, okay? Don’t be bullied or guilt-ed into something that you do not want. Prednisone is NO joke. It has awful side effects and some are lasting. Not everyone metabolizes drugs the same way. It may have been no big deal for MISS THING, but it may be for you.

      I wish I could do more…but I’m too far away. Like, tell some people where to go…lol…


  21. Bev,

    Thanks. Nice to have someone who understands. I will stay true to what I know is right for me. Thanks for the encouragement. :’) Even tho I’m not one of the accountants, these last few weeks I’ve been working a LOT. Tough to do while being sick. I’m exhausted. But, I’m taking Monday off so am looking forward to a 3-day wknd.

    I’m out of VSL, so I bought the Ultimate Flora Critical Colon today. VSL is 225 billion & Critical Colon is only 80. I’m almost out of the fermented L-glut & will be taking a different brand for now. These two temporary changes concern me a little for the next few days until my packages arrive. I would hate to go backwards. I must order more promptly next time. I’ve also started drinking unflavored aloe vera juice today. We’ll see how it goes. With three changes at once, I may not know what is what, but I feel like I need to keep pressing forward.

    I wish I could hug you for giving me all the encouragement! It means so much. Thanks again, Bev.


    p.s. I’m partial to John Lennon. :)

    1. Aww, Lynne…I really do feel for you. Life can be hellish sometimes, for sure.

      Keep taking whatever you have to until you get the other stuff. It will probably be alright. I think that critical colon stuff will be good! You might be surprised.


    2. hey Lynne,
      First, you should not worry about what others think. OK easier said than done. You could print off the survey Adam did with all the comments and leave that hanging around or go to one of the Med sites and print off al those live side effects or better yet…all the above and highlight all the extra pleasant ones especially for women from hair growth, to messing up yur cortisol reg, to moon face, to cramping and bone loss, etc…..maybe some catchy phrase on top like -sounds great, huh? Necessary evil? Or? I’m sure there are some clever comments in the survey!
      One thing I’ve be trying lately is mixing things up so maybe it is a good thing. I think our UC innards/immune systems start building up tolerances to even the natural stuff. Our bodies get confused at what it needs to fight so he of my new theories is to mix it u and coinfuse our bodies a bit…especially if yur symptoms are staying the same or worsening. Aloe has a side effect of gastro issue so go easy and monitor that. I use it for a while in my smoothie and then take a break. I think mixing up the probiotics is probably going to pay off. They are just touching the tip of the iceberg with all that. I take the vsl 3 Rx DS 1-4 sachets and have added the Ult flora a couple of months ago.
      Anyway, hang in there and remember stress or some bad food choice could be the difference…don’t panic and embrace the change in the natural stuff…we uc’ers get scared of that, but the research is just beginning in this area and mostly right here on Adam’s great site!
      Best, Shelly :-)

  22. Thanks, Shelly. Yes, sometimes when we’re forced to try something different, we end up liking it better. I do consider that possibility, esp with the probiotics. Thanks, too, for the caution on the aloe vera juice. I tend to go all out with things, but I suspect I should go easy with the aloe. No worries on the typos – didn’t even notice them. I pay more attention to the content! :)


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