Need Help Getting Started on the SCD Diet

Introduction to Keith:

Have had UC for the past ten years, have taken Asacol when my symptoms flair up, but stop when they stop. I am now looking to start the SCD, and am looking for answers.

Keith’s Ulcerative Colitis Story:

I started having symtoms 10 years ago, and after several doctor visits was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Have been on and off medication for the past 10 years also. I have worked with diet, but have avoided the S C D. Did not think it was doable or necessary. A friend of mine just had a large part of his digestive tract removed due to ulcerative colitis, and this was a wake up call to me.

My doctor says there is no relationship

to the food we eat,

but I am confident from the feed back I get from others

that there is.


As I get started on this diet I have a tremendous amount of questions that are not answered by the book or I am not seeing them . I am using the New Year as a jumping off point to get started . So here are some of my questions :

Are there any support groups for UC? (

Can anyone give me any feedback/experience on starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet while I am on Asacol ( symptom free today ) ?

Can you juice on the diet ?

How are the first few months, it seems I can only eat protein and vegetables , is this doable?

Are there other resources in Southern California or anywhere that I should be looking into?

Is there a store or restaurant in Orange County , CA or online that has food that works with SCD ?

Any help or comments are appreciated. thank you to every one who has spent so much time helping people with U C.

I a m v e r y g r a t e f u l f o r e v e r y o n e s s u p p o r t.

**written by Keith**

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4 thoughts on “Need Help Getting Started on the SCD Diet”

  1. Hey Keith,
    If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out this website:

    It has alot of good information from the person who came up with the diet.

    As for restaurants, if you like FatBurger (which I think is the best, way better than In/Out…in my opinion, most people disagree, but anyways) I get a burger there with egg and instead of a bun I get it with tomato for the bun on the top and bottom. That’s a bit more advanced on the diet, but if i lived in so cal, i’d be hiting up fat burg all the time.

    juicing on the diet…heck yeah. but you probably don’t want to do that right of the bat. wait until you see some good healing maybe for several months even.

    Is it doable?….HECK YES. I’ve re-done the introductory dieting on my own schedule several times.
    You can check out for some more info if you haven’t already.

    talk to you soon,

  2. Hi Keith,
    I was juicing for about a year before I started the SCD diet. I mostly juice red cabbage, carrots with a little bit of ginger.
    When I started the SCD diet, I continued with my juicing. I don’t recall the SCD book addressing the juicing issue. As along as the stuff you are juicing is on the books approved list, wheres the harm?
    I think the stuff that I have been juicing makes me feel better, so I will continue doing it.
    I also recently started making smoothies. They help me maintain my weight.
    I think its all about balance. If something agrees with me, I try not to overboard with it.
    Juicing may work for me but it might put someone else in a tailspin.
    I think that the SCD diet is a good diet and I follow quit a bit of it, but (for various reasons) it doesn’t work for everyone.

    George in Napa

  3. My name is Kathleen.I’ve been dealing with IBS-D or pancreas malabsorption syndrome for the last 21 yrs now.I’m tired ,wore out,no energy everything I eat comes out whole.I take immodium daily just to get out of the house.I ate pizza last night and had a stomach ache that goes all the way around the lower back and belly I get very pale I can feel the color go out of me.I feel like I’m going to pass out on the toilet.I turn very cold all the way through.Then I sweat.

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