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Nearly SCD Legal Dinner of Beef Kebab, Almost Rated G

So tonight was a bit different, tonight we had a little bit of cow for dinner. No, but actually yes. We decided to grill up some beef kebabs. If you are anything like me, you eat about 5 or six different meals and that’s about it. Sounds pretty boring right? Well, yes it is. But, having this IBD disease has led me to one bigtime realization, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!”. That’s something that seems to hold true to me following the SCD and keeping the UC symptoms dormant. Without further delay, please watch the video, my hope was that it might be funny for someone.
Here is the actual video from just moments ago when we made up the beef kebab dinner:

One little side comment: If you are new to this site and wondering what SCD is, please refer to the SCD section up top to read about it from other stories. If you know what it is and have tried it to fix your UC symptoms and did not have the results you were hoping for, I apologize, as this video might tick you off. But at the end of the day, some of the ulcerative colitis treatments work for some, and not for others. As I am now coming on my year anniversary next month of starting the SCD, I am not as naive to think that its a SAVE ALL FOR EVERYONE the SCD diet. But more realistically, its a big helping hand for a decent percentage who use it to treat their colons.

The ingredients needed for the Beef Kebab dinner we had plus side salad came in at about $15 for two people:
.74 pounds of ground beef
1 $2 bag of mixed greens(iceberg, carrots, red cabage etc…)
2 tomato
1 white onion(wife grated it up and put it in the beef before going on skewer)
some cucumber dressing(probably not 100% SCD legal, but I only had a small dab)

that was pretty much it, a tiny bit of salt and pepper on the meat too.

3 thoughts on “Nearly SCD Legal Dinner of Beef Kebab, Almost Rated G”

  1. Adam,

    Congrats on getting off the humira i think its more trouble then its worth i heard nothings but bad side effects ..hell i took one dose and im glad thats all i took. but listen to what happen right after i took the dose … like 2 weeks later or a little less i got really sick and ended up with MRSA and my blood count was wacked think my white blood count was like 28 thousand the normal is 13… anyways yea pardon my language but EFFFFthat humira dude …i think remicade might be a lilttle better then that.

    1. wow Bryan, that’s pretty crazy about your blood ount stuff skyrocketing like that! Geez. You know, I’ve heard several people on the site talk now about MRSA. I wonder if its not more common in ulcerative colitis people compared to others….??? Might be interesting to try and find that out. for sure for me, the humira was defniitely not the answer.. later buddy, adam

  2. Dudes!
    New to the site. Riding the UC train since this time last year. Want to fire up my story and do the proper intros but saw this post and had to jump. I’ll try to be brief, but she’s a doozy.
    In October 2011 I got hit with an sudden abscess. Never had one before, walk in doc thought it was a spider bite. Never swabbed. Road out novalexin for 2 weeks but the abscess closed back up. Reopened, novalexin for another two. Went to my family doctor a week later because it still felt like it wasn’t healed. One more week of novo. Week later, another abcess appeared (this one in my nose) then another. Tested and swabbed by family doc and MRSA positive. Never had that before! . Heathly thirtysome guy, ridiculously handsome, Barely ever went to the doctor.I was put on CLINDAMYACIN for the MRSA and it healed up. Two weeks later I started feeling nauseous and sore. Figured it was the flu. BM’s started changing, still thought it was the flu. I finally blew mid march (bloodfest!) and ended up in the hospital for three weeks on IV prednisone, diagnosed with UC. ….the road in between’s been a roller and I’ll share that in my intro post, but its a year later, I’ve been in remission for eight months (healed up super fast to doc’s amazement) and feeling great. UNTIL two months ago, when I am abscess appeared on my side. Novalexin, 2weeks. Then another abscess. Novalexin. Wouldn’t heal. Swab. MRSA. This time it had gone cepsis and spread across my abdomen pretty fast and bad so I hit the hospital for IV VANCOMYACIN for 5 days followed by…CLINDAMYACIN. And what happened? Two weeks later, flu, nausea, sore, and today I’m right back where I started last year (only avoiding the hospital like the plague).
    When I googled CLINDAMYCIN it’s insane the number of people who’ve had flare up’s anywhere from one to four months after the medication, and its the main drug used to treat MRSA infections. And it’s EVIL. I’ll never take it again and I’m pretty sure it’s the roof of what activated my UC.
    And that’s just the short end of my story. ;)
    You hang in there with the MRSA. If you haven’t been colonized you can see an infectious disease doc and they’ll have you special soap it up for a few weeks and use a Bactroban nose salve for a bit. It should kill the psycho staph. But from what all the doctors told me at the hosp (and there were quite a few, they rotated every VANCO drip visit) MRSA is simply becoming the rage and soon it will simply be the new standard infection. I felt like a Lepor until they told me that. It’s no big deal. The CLINDAMYACIN? That’s a different story.
    Phew! Long ramble, but two cents worthy I think. Hangin in there! You?

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