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recent picture of Sharon

recent picture of Sharon

meet Sharon:

Walkingshaz7(social media handle) I try as much herbal medication as I can. was diagnosed with UC in 1995 and had 2 years of hell in and out of hospital. Me and my family thought u was dieing. I was on prednisalone for 6 months but to no avail. So my brother researched everything and he found a story for aloe Vera juice I took this for about 4 weeks and to my astonishment it worked it completely cleared it up. I carried on taking it every morning for year’s but then fizzled it out. But I didn’t have a flare up for 15 years. I’ve just started taking it again.

some more about her:

I’m from the UK, I’m a dental nurse full time. And in my spare tine I handcraft greeting cards and make cupcakes.x


I’m just getting over my 2nd flare up in 4 months. Symptoms were bleeding and mucus bloating. Just had a colonoscopy today.

Natural Helpers

It’s all my family talked about for years bowels and poo and just trying to get me well. The main thing I struggle with is what I can and can’t eat I never find a happy medium.  I think bread is not good for me, I get so bloated with large portions of food. It would be nice to know what diet is best to eat for colitis. I always tend to go herbal if I can.

I hate having steroids but sometimes it has to be.

My colitis has flared up due to stress, the big key to this is to stay calm. When I first was diagnosed in 1995 I couldn’t get it under control.  I dropped down to 6 st 10 I looked deathly my mum was so worried so we went to see the consultant my mum said please do some thing she’s failing in front of our eyes. They put me on a course of diazepam for 2 weeks within 3 days the UC symptoms had stopped. I think it was because I was relaxed with the medications.

I know it was drastic but the key is to be relaxed.

How She’s a Treating the UC:

Aloe vera colon cleansers 15 yrs
aloe vera juice 2 years.
I suffer with constipation when I get colitis the colon cleanser are fantastic I’ve used them years and still do.

written by Sharon K

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4 thoughts on “Natural Helpers”

  1. Sharon,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about staying calm. I can feel my colitis symptoms triggered by other people’s nervous vibes. This is where spiritual practice plays a big part in my life.

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you well.


    1. Hi, they are herbal tablets from Holland and Barratts Aloe vera colon cleanser in 30 or 60 tablets.x ive took them for about 15 years.

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