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My Upcoming Colectomy Surgery

So after many months waiting and trying to get funding and paperwork ready for surgery…. it’s finally come together.  I haven’t been writing much because things have basically been the same – cramps, blood, joint pain, etc. But as of today, May 5, 2010 I am now ready to schedule the J-Pouch surgery and colectomy and ileostomy and be able to document it and detail it for all of you. I’ll write more details when I know them!

6 thoughts on “My Upcoming Colectomy Surgery”

  1. Ashley,
    best wishes on your upcoming surgery. I have heard many people who have had the operation come out and say they had wished they’d done the surgery sooner. Let us know how everything goes.

    all the best,

  2. Good luck! I have an ileostomy and also a J-Pouch. I tried the reversal once and it failed. My surgeon left the J-Pouch just in case I wanted to try it again.

  3. I agree, all the best to you. I am new to all of this too because my mom was just diagnosed. I hope everything goes perfect and that you find relief!


  4. Wonderful to hear from all of you. I have been to see a surgeon X 1 so far, I have a polyp in my rectum, in the anal verge, that needs to be removed, it has dysphasia, have had UC for 50 years have had urgency, bleeding and mucus, and constant flare for past 30 years. Should have been referred to surgeon at Mgh sooner
    I have to have something done. He suggests a J Pouch in 2 steps. Kind of overwhelming. I will have ileostomy for 6 weeks then pouch
    How are the results and care and quality of life? I am 64 and would appreciate hearing from all, especially someone near my age
    Thanks, and best wishes to all of you

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