My Ulcerative Colitis is Currently Under Control

Hi I am Eva, a 20 year old student and I have UC, I was diagnosed June 2010 after only two weeks of symptoms! I have really awesome doctors who were really on top of things. I have been really lucky I have never been hospitalized due to my colitis and it is currently under control!

Current Medications:
asacol (3.2 g /day), Cellcept (2g/day), prednisone started off at 50mg now a year later I am down to 17.5mg/ day

My Ulcerative Colitis Story:
I had pretty sudden onset of symptoms, diarrhea 15 times a day, Urgency, fevers cramping. At first I thought it was virus but after a week and a half with no improvement I took a trip to my GP, he told me he thought it was an infection put me on antibiotics and told me to call him if things didn’t improve in the next few days. They didn’t get any better and I was back in there a few days later. I had a stool sample done and I had high white blood cell levels, so my doctor at this point told me about it was probably IBD because I wasn’t responding to antibiotics he couldn’t confirm a diagnosis but he put me on a asacol for 10 days to see if things would improve. they began to get a bit better and I also had a colonoscopy that confirmed colitis.
I was pretty disappointing mostly because I was pretty uncomfortable with the nature of the disease and didn’t like being anally probed and describing my bowel movements regularly as most people haha.
I was diagnosed with another autoimmune disease 6 months earlier so I was used to doctors hospitals and medications and was already on an aggressive steroid treatment (I was on 30mg prednisone when I had my fist colitis flare) I am also now immuno-surpressants for my other autoimmune disease but they have the added benefit of controlling my UC! Since my original flare things have been pretty good although I am still not in full remission but symptoms are minimal and do not significantly interfere with my life.


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