My Ulcerative Colitis 30 Months Ago – During Remicade Infusions

My name is Adam, and I have ulcerative colitis.  I was diagnosed in October of 2008, and just a few months later, actually it was January 2009, I was taking Remicade infusions to hopefully treat successfully my out of control colitis symptoms.  It was one of those times where many people with UC know all too well, the last medication just wasn’t working well or at all, and it was time to go up a level on the treatments.  For me that meant Remicade.

Had you told me right after I was diagnosed that I would be getting an intravenous infusion of medication to treat this new, strange, colitis disease…well, I think I would have told you to go fly a kite.  But it was my time, the Prednisone, Asacol, Colazal and Sulfasalazine simply were not getting me any better.  It was time for some Infliximab which is the trade name for Remicade.

Today, now about 30 months after my Remicade infusions started and ended, I thought it might be fun to make another ulcerative colitis video for the website.  This time, instead of showing a cooking video in the kitchen, or some other random act, I simply decided to read out loud my gastroenterologist’s clinical notes from my March 3, 2009 office visit.  This GI doctor had met with me several times, probably more like 10-15 times before this meeting, so he knew me, my wife, and my entire colitis situation very well.  He’s a great gastro doctor too, and I respect much of what he stands for.  Geez, I allowed him to look up my butt hole with the sigmoidoscopy equipment 3 times for someone’s sake… You must trust your doc to allow him/her to pull that one on you right?

My goal with this video, is to show to each of you who is feeling down and out, and losing sight of hope for your health, that SURELY, a healthy life is possible.  I’m living proof of that.  Although I was really beginning to wonder if my colon could return to functioning normally, I now know it is possible.

Our bodies are amazing things.  Don’t lose sight of that.  And please enjoy the video.  As a brief warning, there is some tribal nudity for a few seconds here and there.


7 thoughts on “My Ulcerative Colitis 30 Months Ago – During Remicade Infusions”

  1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    Hi Adam,
    I always wonder who else besides me doesn’t do well omitting carbs. I tried removing all flour based products from my diet. Over the course of two weeks, I got progressively worse. I was still eating very little in the way of variety. Well, well cooked carrots and french style green beans, still eating potatoes, and proteins like beef, chicken, and tuna. I decided to put flour based products back in my diet since I was doing better with those. Within 3 days I had improved dramatically. By day 5, my BMs were completely normal in every aspect. I have never been able to eat anything whole grain or whole wheat but as long as I include breads or pastas, I seem to do much better. More like what the standard books on the subject expect. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hey OWWRU,
      That’s pretty interesting and from what I gather from most others, quite unique. I think you should consider yourself really lucky to be able to eat all that and not have any symptoms. Were/are you taking any medications along with these changes to your diet?

      1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

        I have completed 3 Remicade infusions and still take Asacol 3×3. I did read a couple of books about IBD and other materials that expected that most IBD patients would never be able to go low carb or no carb so against those authors, I fit their expectations. I still cannot eat anything like what you can such as the variety of veggies. I am hopeful that with time, that will change. I had hoped that maybe you had heard or read of others that seem to fall in this same boat.

      2. Hey Adam,
        I’ve seen you on youtube (video where you’re talking about SCD diet) and now saw you on here. I just turned 30,married, father of a 2 year old boy, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and Celiacs disease not to long ago, we’ll say 10 months. I’m currently on my 2nd flare and it’s a bad one. I’d say take about 12-16 bloody poops a day. My butthole always hurts and am depressed as ever. You’re video made me think about the SCD diet a lot more and I have been on it for about 8 days now with not much luck yet. Don’t worry, I’m gonna stick it out longer. I’m on 40mg of Prednisone (for over a month now) and taking Lialda which hasn’t done a damn thing for me. I have only been eating what’s legal on SCD, havent started the probiotic yogurt yet cause I’m waiting on Amazon to send me my damn yogurt maker still. Anyways, just thought I’d tell you I enjoyed your videos and hope I can experience some success like yourself. I heard you talking about hitting the gym in your videos, which I’m a gym rat and on this diet I’m finding it hard to get through a workout with my energy level. I’ve went from 195lbs, pretty lean, to about 183lbs very lean in a matter of weeks, I’m really hoping I don’t lose too much more. Anyway bro, thanks for giving hope.


        1. Hey There Blake,
          Whats up buddy!

          Hey, couple of things. First off, I just a few days ago started a little flare. Nothing crazy, and I’m hoping to turn it around to healed colon again by this time next week. That’s the goal for me.
          But, looking out over the past 7 months of healthy symptom free living, i’m doing pretty good.
          So happy you like the videos, I’m actually making one up right now, of exactly what i’m doing food wise, down to every little bit, and I started filming it today, so once I’m taking hard poops again, I’ll publish it up for everyone, and maybe it will give you some ideas on that end.

          Here’s my thoughts thoughs about your current situation(and take them as my own unprofessional opinion, since I’m just an average joe with UC) If I were you, I’d completely cut out the gym until you are symptom free for starters. I know how tempting it is to want to be lifting weights and doing the excercise, but when you’re sick with UC symptoms, I think its really best to heal everything down there first, and gym stuff second. Also, I think you should take a few steps back and do an evaluation of what you’ve beeen eating so far on the SCD. Actually if you want to, feel free to write up a story about it for this site, or you can send me an email and I could give you some feedback on it if you like. But what I’m saying is write down every single thing you eat & drink, as there just might be some things that you’re putting down which are definite no no’s when dealing with active UC. For example, when I have a flare up, I try to cut down and better yet Eliminate things like orange juice, and peanut butter completely. Also, stuff like HOney which I regularly pound all day long, I try to cut out if I see symptoms showing etc… I guess what I’m saying(and of course I have no idea what you’ve been eating) is that some SCD legal foods are things you still don’t want to be eating if you are in the introductory/Intro diet phase of the SCD Diet.

          So, on the super bright side, i’d bet that with the combination of tapered prednisone and SCD, you should be able to see some great results like so many of us.

          Finally, sorry for the ramble, but I got about 1 hour until my baked chicken is going to be ready to come out of the kitchen(and my wife isn’t paying me any attention tonight) and I was really pumped to see your comment and that you are giviing a go to the SCD diet which has been so great for me! Stay in Touch (my email is )


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