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My UC New Years Resolution

Evan R fullMy name is Evan. I am a 26-year-old from Columbus, Ohio. I was diagnosed with UC a little over a year ago and have been dealing with the symptoms for about a year and half. I have recently switched my GI doctor and currently see a chirporactor to help alleviate some symptoms.

Some more about me:

Before I was dianosed with UC, I was an avid runner, enjoyed going to the gym. I enjoy working on/restoring furniture in my spare time. I am engaged and will be married in May 2014. We have a 1-year-old Pug named Kirby. I like the outdoors and relaxing at home.

My Symptoms right now:

It seems that my symptoms have lessened since seeing the chiropractor and changing my diet. I often experience lose BM, blood loss, fatigue, going 10+ times a day, cramps, dizziness.

My UC New Years Resolution

My story with UC begins in late 2012, shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday. My fiancé and I had just got our new pug puppy and celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I began to notice that I was going to the bathroom more often and there was mucus in my stool. I thought that the stress of the new puppy, moving to a new apartment and the upcoming holiday was just causing some increased stress and causing my GI to act up. I decided to go to the Urgent Care to see what was going on. The doctor mentioned that I might have a IBD, or IBS and prescribed me Bentil to calm down my GI. It seemed to work for the short-term, but symptoms quickly came back after the prescription ran out. After visiting my family doctor, he had suggested to run a few blood tests, stool tests, and referred me to a GI doctor.

After meeting with my GI doctor, it became apparent that I needed a colonoscopy to see what was happening. At this point, I was experiencing blood and mucus in my stool, extreme fatigue, and extreme weight loss. The procedure revealed that I had UC. Relieved that I had an answer to my issues, I began a regimen of Mesalamine enemas and Apriso. About a month passes and I felt like I was in remission. Soon after that, I had a set back and the medication was not working anymore. 6 months after my first colonoscopy, I had a follow up colonoscopy which revealed worsening symptoms.

My GI prescribed me Humira and I began the interesting journey that this drug offers. 3 months after taking Humira, I was not seeing any improvement. At this point, I had lost a total of 50 lbs and was a shell of my previously healthy self. I set an appointment with my GI to discuss the next steps but prior to that meeting I checked myself into the local hospital after having 2 of the worst days of my life with UC. I was going 20+ times a day, couldn’t focus at work and my fiancé was very concerned. The hospital ran a scan that revealed acute UC (big surprise right?). The hospital doctor prescribed a 5-day regimen of Prednisone to knock out this extreme flare.

I met with my GI a few days later, and he decided that my Humira was not working and wanted to explore the possibility of surgery. At this point, I was experiencing UC for less than a year and did not like the direction these conversations were going. I ended my relationship with my GI (thank god). Among other things, he didn’t seem to understand the condition and I felt like I was just another patient he wanted to get money from.

I have not seen a new GI in about two months, but was able to secure a meeting with a top GI group in Columbus for 2014. In the interim, I decided to visit a Chiropractor at the recommendation of a friend. I was adjusted in December and immediately noticed an improvement in symptoms. Less frequency, less urgency, overall improvement. Not perfect, but better.

UC has definitely changed my life immensely. I have lost 50 lbs, I cannot exercise without being winded. My family and friends, although supportive, do not understand UC. I don’t blame them, it isn’t exactly relatable unless you go through it. The worst part of UC (for me) is the urgency and waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. There have been may times that I wanted to just give up, quit work, and lay in bed until the flare subsided. Luckily, I didn’t allow myself to do that.

For 2014, I have made my goal to beat UC.

I am sure that many of you have the same goal and it seems fitting with the New Year. I am fully committing myself to the SCD diet, seeing a new GI, continuing the Chiropractic treatment. I won’t let UC beat me. 2014 is a huge year for me. I am getting married, I will be in line for a promotion, and if UC wants to stand in the way of my success…let it try, UC won’t stop me.

My journey has just began, but I feel that staying positive is key to beating UC. It has been extremely difficult for me personally to deal with UC, but with the support of my fiancé, friends, and family…there are more positive days than negative ones. Remission could be just around the corner, and you have to keep up that hope.

Medications / Treatments / Supplements:

Past medications: Mesalamine enemas, Apriso, Bentil

Current medications: Humira

Supplements: Aloe Vera, Apple Cidar Vinegar, Bee Pollen

written by Evan R

submitted in the colitis venting area

10 thoughts on “My UC New Years Resolution”

  1. What up Evan!

    Hey man, I love love love reading stories like yours. Super happy that you’re taking this whole UC deal on with a positive attitude, as you know all too well, staying positive and believing in your body and yourself is going to get you on the road you want to be on.

    I’m sure 2014 is going to be an awesome year for you and your lady! Keep on with that apple cider vinegar, it works wonders for a bunch of us along with the diet changes you’re making.

    Best of luck buddy and thanks for sharing,


    (and stay warm thru this arctic blast show that’s a coming)

  2. Evan,

    Finding this site and having the support of others going through similar situations is the best thing! Sometimes when I am feeling my worst I come to this site and read other people’s stories and feel better just knowing I’m not alone. You will have good days ahead! Changing my diet was the thing that helped most after being on every drug GI’s can offer, I had little to no improvement on them. Research all you can, some supplements are great, but not all work for everyone. Remember to take things one day at a time… be good to your body, and relax as much as possible :-)

  3. Caroline


    Good for you – that’s the right attitude to have! I treat my UC with the partnership of a fantastic GI guy (not the one that diagnosed me; if it’s not working make a change!) and an acupuncturist. The weight loss sucks but it will come back- I gained back all of mine and then maybe a little extra. I was so happy when I was able to get back to the gym – that will be in your future too. Diet is so key to healing your gut from this and I am thrilled that you are on the SCD train! If you aren’t already, keep a food journal so that you can keep up with what works/doesn’t work for you – everyone is different, and then we all change along the way too.

    If you aren’t taking a good quality probiotic, I would recommend checking into that as well – but if you are getting into the probiotic foods of the SCD you may already be covered. I just started making the yogurt a couple months ago and am really liking it.

    You’ll turn this corner – I am sure of it. And the most important thing is that you are not alone! Keep us posted!

  4. Sarah A

    Hi Evan,
    Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming wedding and your possible promotion! Despite having a horror of a time with UC, you’re really positive and seem to be handling everything that comes your way with grace and a sense of humor. Like you, I’ve had a roller-coaster ride with UC, and I’ve only been dealing with this since the end of July/beginning of August 2013. I actually had a CT scan and bloodwork today because it looks like my body is rejecting yet another drug. The fun never ends, it’s always an adventure. But as you said, the good days outweigh the bad. And nonetheless, when you have a bad day–even if it’s just a down-in-the-dumps day–realize that’s okay too. You’re human, and you’re dealing with an immense amount of physical and emotional stress (and you’re doing so well in spite of it all)! Thanks, too, for the tip on trying a Chiropractor. I’d never considered one but after your experience, it sounds like it’s definitely worth a try! I wish you the very best and continued success in 2014!

  5. Hey Evan,
    Good for you! I have seen a dietition for the last half of 1013 and the Fodmap diet is working wonders for me! Worth looking at.
    Cheers to a great 2014!
    Bec :)

  6. Hi Evan,
    Glad to see that you are in control and not the UC and that you are committed to a change in diet. I was going to respond to Fred’s comment to Kelly that I agree with Fred 110%. Try cutting out gluten and dairy and all processed foods. Like Fred, I always read labels. It can be a real eye opener. I also would suggest food intolerance testing so that you can pinpoint problem foods easier and eliminate some of the guessing. If are able to have that done, I highly recommend it. Make sure you will get accurate results though (not just skin prick test, have a blood sample taken). Diet is vitally important – we are what we eat and we have to eat what will keep our bodies in proper balance in order to be healthy.

    Good luck and keep this site posted with your results.

  7. Steve R


    Find a good GI doctor and you’ll have a good chance of beating this horrible disease. My doc is wonderful and it took awhile, but I’m flare-free now for a year. Don’t give up and have surgery unless you absolutely have to… I have spoken to a few people that have had the surgery and life is ok, but far from normal.

    Find the right mix of diet and medication and you’ll have a good chance of beating UC without having your colon removed!

  8. You go! Love to hear the upbeat tone! I was diagnosed with uc many years ago as sophomore in college. Suffered miserable for 9 years then major surgeries. Only recently have I revisited the journey and uncovered wild truth about the disease and the body. Quite a journey! Only wish I knew then what I now am 100% convinced of… the gut needs to be healed with nutrient dense foods. KEFIR, KEFIR, KEFIR! bone broths!! excellent fats!! might need to start with serious herbal parasite cleanse.
    That simple really.
    Consider reading up on Weston Price teachings. Phenomenal! And I would love to have you visit my blog… I share my story and my regrets. May you find complete healing! God Bless You!

  9. Totally confused here. I was having stomach problems in June 2013, had the scope and colonoscopy. The colon was fine but I had 2 spots on in my stomach. Three days later started watery stools 4-5 daily for three weeks and I lost 10 lbs. I went to different GI dr and I was put on Flagyl for 10 days. H e then did another colonoscopy and said UC. No past UC and colon was clear after 1st colonoscopy but 2nd one showed UC.

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