My UC is Getting Worse Day by Day

Ahmed 1Introduction:

My name is Ahmed; I was diagnosed with UC almost 2 years ago at the age of 33. Never had any stomach/digestion issues of any kind my entire life, and no one else in my family has shown symptoms of UC.

I belong to Pakistan, Married 5 years ago and 3-yr old son. I have always been a very active and healthy guy. Due to working full time, the time for exercising obviously decreased a bit, but I’d say I have stayed in good shape for the most part.

The GI doctor preformed a colonoscopy in April 2012 which revealed that I had UC in my entire colon.

Some more about me:

By profession I’m a CG Generalist with a decade of experience in Multimedia Design and Motion Graphics. I love hill station journeys and believe that traveling satisfies all demands of a good hobby; it is absorbing education and refreshment to the mind, body and soul.

I also like to study religions and history. Moreover, watching movie is the way I usually collect knowledge from different majors.

Having UC has impacted my activities on several occasions.


My first flare up was controlled by steroid + Sulfasalazine therapy then I had been taking 2 Imuran + 4 Sulfasalazine for last 9 months while started a severe flare up which is not being controlled by 60 mg prednisolone + 2400 mg Masacol (per day) yet.

I still have mucus + blood per movement…. Movement frequency varies from 2 to 6 per day.

Some of my pictures:

My UC is Getting Worse Day by Day

Here are my questions:

  1. Flaxseed oil is helpful or not ?
  2. Any other helpful vitamins or oils ?
  3. What should I eat during a flare-up of ulcerative colitis symptoms ?
  4. Should I keep a diary of food and ulcerative colitis symptoms ?
  5. Should I change my diet because of ulcerative colitis ?
  6. Do I need to be concerned about nutritional deficiencies in my diet because of ulcerative colitis ?
  7. Are there other risks to ulcerative colitis ?
  8. What else can I do to improve my health with ulcerative colitis ?
  9. Is surgery an option ?
  10. In addition to diet changes, is there any need of supplements: Probiotics, B12, Fish oil. From what I’ve read, it sounds like there are a few others that have worked well for other people: Slippery Elm Bark Powder, VSL#3 probiotic, L-glutamine, LDN, to name a few. any help regarding it ?
  11. How do I know if I need surgery ?
  12. If I do need surgery, how do I know if I will be a candidate for a “pouch” ?
  13. Will stress make me sick ?
  14. What can I expect during remissions ?
  15. Does ulcerative colitis get worse over time ?
  16. Does diet control helps during severe flare ups ?
  17. Because I have inflammatory bowel disease, are my children at a greater risk for developing it ?
  18. What are the risks and benefits associated with this treatment plan ?
  19. What will I need to change in my daily routine ?
  20. What are my chances of developing colon cancer ?
  21. What’s my risk of developing other complications ?
  22. Will I still be able to have children ?
  23. Will I be able to live a normal life ?
  24. Is Oil Pulling Safe for Those with Ulcerative Colitis ?
  25. Green Tea Leaves and Coffee beans are favorable during a flare up ?
  26. Does smoking helps to reduce the amount of flare ups ?

written by Ahmed

submitted in the colitis venting area

8 thoughts on “My UC is Getting Worse Day by Day”

  1. Hi Ahmed,

    So many questions and I’m probably not the best person to answer all or even some of these. A couple of things come to mind though.

    If you are on Asacol do not drink too much green tea, it is supposed to be good (as is peppermint tea) but Asacol + colitis will make you Folate deficient and green tea will block the absorption of folic acid further. Serious complications from this deficiency including stroke.

    Omega 3 oils for sure, search EVOO or olive oil on this site and all the information will be there. The same can be said for smoking, another huge post here on this subject.

    Good luck and don’t try everything at once, moderation..

  2. What up Ahmed, (Graham from above is an awesome resource BTW, don’t get scared off by his shinny bald head, that will be me too someday:)

    THx for so many good questions, below are my feelings on some of them and I’ll list your questions’s number next to my response:

    3. a video I created with foods that I ate for a whole week during a flare:
    4. Keeping a diary of foods and symptoms…great idea!
    5. change diet or not…? Up to you, but for many of us, great results results have been achieved with modifying diet
    6. Nutritional deficiencies…the human body is pretty amazing, and looking back on evolution and the diets hundreds/thousands of years ago…I don’t think nutritional deficiencies are something to be concerned about (at least not with the diet I follow) veggies, meats, fruit sometimes, all good stuff, and food people have been chowing for thousands of years
    7. Of course, but the same is true of almost anything and the risks or “what if’s” I don’t think are worth worrying about or spending time dwelling on. too much good stuff can happen when UC is under control to get freaked on the risks.
    9. Surgery is of course an option. read the surgery survey, lots of VERY happy people who opted for that:
    10. Need for supplements or probiotics ? that’s a matter of who you ask. Thousands of people who follow the site would say yes. I myself am in a different group that says no, but the reality is that I’m wrong in saying no. Reason being, what works for me may not be the best deal for you. And vice versa. So guess and check is a good rule of thumb. It’s the same thing the medical doctors do with prescribing western medications. They are only making educated guesses on what will work best, and unfortunately no doctor is right with treatment decisions all of the time.
    11. Everybody is different there. No birdie is going to fly into the window and tell you, but maybe you’ll just know, or get the feeling. I’ve got no clue there, anybody? Blake..? when did you know. Of course if your colon ruptures, that’s probably a sign, and luckily, that happens VERY VERY VERY RARELY.
    13. Stress make you sick…I think it’s most certainly possible: (read the stress survey: )
    14: What’s remission like: different for everyone. for me, it’s times where I take 1 hard poop in the morning and use 3-5 sheets of toilet paper to wipe my doodie-man instead of 30. And then going the whole day not really thinking about UC or having any urgency. No bleeding, no cramping, and getting good sleep. It’s as close to “normal life” as you can pretty much get except of course you still have UC. And depending on how you go about it, for me its not taking any medications and not going to the doctor’s office for anything (except for getting a tooth filling and getting yacked out on Novocaine)
    17. UC often runs in families, I don’t have the hard stats on it, but my family for example is riddled with IBD type of stuff on my paternal side
    22. Yes, you can have as many children as you want (no need to have 20 kids though Ahmed, that will for sure stress you out:)
    23. Normal life??? ummmmm….YES SIR. I’d say you walking around in those crazy tall mountains in Paki land is pretty much better than normal. And if you have the chance to take national geographic type pictures of the old dude near the river…well, that’s actually way better than normal. (when you want to trade, just message me amigo:)
    24. Oil pulling….um…not sure what you’re talking about. If’ your talking about pulling a tanker truck filled with oil with your bare hands, I’m gonna say hell no

    Best of luck to you Ahmed, I wish you and your familia the best, and thanks for sending in the SUPER KICK buttie pictures, I’m not joking, those made my day seeing some pics from you and your homeland.


  3. i think the best thing so far for my wife who has uc is the SCD diet. i think it’s done her more good than all the different medications she has taken over time.

  4. Even though surgery is by no means something that will happen to you, I’ve mostly addressed those questions, since I’m currently recovering from a partial colectomy myself :) And a lot of the other things seem to be covered already!

    2. Iron supplements can be quite important, as blood loss from the active UC symptoms can make you pretty anaemic. This is something you’d probably want to check with your doctor, though.
    11. Generally speaking, surgery will become an option when you’ve gone through all drugs available and nothing has quite fixed things properly. I had the first part of my surgery three weeks ago today, and while I’m still healing, I’m SO glad that I did. Or, as Adam says, if you get into an emergency situation of toxic megacolon (very unusual) then surgery 100% necessary!
    12. Pretty much everyone with UC will be able to have a jpouch, since the small intestine isn’t inflamed and can be attached to the rectal stump or anus (it’s also called an ileoanal pouch for a reason :D). Some people will have complications and need to change to a permanent ostomy, but this isn’t terribly common.
    20. The statistics I have heard with regard to colon cancer are basically that if you have active disease for ten years or more, your chances of getting colon cancer are significantly increased – however, if your symptoms are controlled, you are at no more risk than the average person. Plus I’ve always tended to think of it as ‘if anyone is going to be checked often enough to pick up anything cancerous in there early on, it’s me!’

  5. i also found to hv UC recently by GI specialist in may 2013. and had been asked to take mesacol 2400 mg per day . I had no much relief.I was suggested a few ayurvedic medicines by a local ayurvedacharya. I ahd beed asked to take Gound Katira ( a local indian gum like substance ) , and nearly after about 1 month my UC was quite under control i used to go to BM for two times a day once morning and once evening. Further i was asked to stop taking non veg food and alohol.Moreover i had severe allergy with curd but i am highly benefited by buttermilk (lassi ) and i take 2- 3 glasses .

    1. Hi Neil,
      Thanks for telling about Goond Katiraa. I’ve already been told about it by some vedaa but I never tried. But now I’ll. Actually my UC acute than yours but hope for good ….. I must try this.

      In your case please eat atleast one pomegranate daily. It’s very effective regarding reducing inflamation.

      And do try shake of these ingredients it reduce the toxicity of belly and make you feel better instantly.
      6 Almonds (boiled without skin) + 1 tea spoon of Sonf (fennel) + 1 tea spoon Gulkand + sugar

      Keep intouch … take care.

  6. Hi Ahmed!
    Looks like most of your questions were answered but I just wanted to share my experience with the smoking cigarettes thing.
    I am a smoker…not something I am terribly proud of, but I smoke. My Dr recently asked me if I smoke, and I said yes. He said, “Good! Don’t quit!” Not something you hear everyday from a medical professional, but he explained that UC patients who smoke and then try to quit will flare 9 times out of 10.
    Now, maybe you’re wondering…what kind of whacko Dr is treating you, Richele?
    Well, he is a Dr I totally trust at the University of Michigan, he spends half of his time with patients and half of his time doing research…he’s a pretty straightforward guy.
    I’m just saying, I have been reluctant to quit because I don’t want to flare, but obviously there are many factors to consider. Who really knows? I have cut down on my smoking, and haven’t noticed any changes in bowel movements good or bad.
    Take care. Be well.

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