My trip to the ASPCA

I had to share this story with some people who could understand and maybe even help.

My boyfriend and I are toying with the idea of getting a pet. We went to the ASPCA yesterday to look at the puppies And cats. I accidentally fell in love with a beautiful cat named Cupcake. I say accidentally because I don’t really live in a pet-friendly building and I’m allergic!

As soon as I stepped into the room, Cupcake started calling to us and she was so playful and friendly. She is an amazing animal! the woman that took us around told me that Cupcake had IBS. Because of that, she is now on steroids and will always be on a special prescription diet. This diet is a little more expensive than regular food which has turned a lot of people off of adopting her.

This just broke my heart and I can’t stop thinking about her! I hate the thought of such an amazing animal being without a home because she’s sick. It makes me think what if nobody wanted me because my Remicade is expensive!

I wish I could adopt Cupcake but my allergies are a lot worse than I thought . If there’s anybody in the NYC area looking for a gorgeous cat that needs to be taken care of, Cupcake is looking for a home!

2 thoughts on “My trip to the ASPCA”

  1. hi Sarah,
    I surely wasn’t expecting to see cats make their way onto the site, but you bring up a massively important point(quite possibly more important than anything ever written on this site before) when you relate this situation to people, and UC people in specific.

    How bad would life completely suck if people didn’t want to hang out with us, work with us, sleep with us, eat with us, talk with us, be family with us, drink with us, dance with us, go camping with us, all because we had this ulcerative colitis DISEASE??

    If that was the case, I think we’d all have broken hearts too.

    LUCKILY, it’s not the case. It’s not the case at all. I think more stories need to be written on this topic, and I am going to try to do just that in the future. But for now, I hope you get your wish of someone adopting the cat soon.

    1. It’s weird… one of my cats has IBD as well. She used to be fine when I only fed her dry food, then my living situation changed and some of my house mates gave her wet food. After that, she developed D all the time. Poor baby. I tried to remove the wet food from her diet, but she starved herself. She is so particular now. She refused to eat the dry food that she had eaten for years. So… if I don’t want her to starve herself to death (and she came very, very close to doing that last year—she was nothing but a bag of bones) she has to eat the wet food and have D all the time.

      The vet gave me some medicine with probiotics in it that helps somewhat, it’s called probiasin or probiasid or something. It helps for a little while, but then the D comes back. the poor thing will get a pink swollen butthole and growl and hiss when she’s in the littler box, then growl when she licks her butt. That’s when she needs a trip to the vet.

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