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My Teenager Has Colitis

I’m looking for information from others or from parents whose child has UC and what medication successes they have had. Also if the child/teen has tried SCD diet and if so with what success? My daughter was diagnosed last October at 14 years old. Prescribed Asacol and prednisone. After about 4 months she was weaned from the prednisone. First flare up was in July 2011 and in August was hospitalized for 11 days. In addition to Asacol, Imuran was added as well as prednisone again. The bleeding has still continued and seems to be getting worse again. Lab tests show no problems with her liver handling the meds. Her Dr. will either increase the Imuran or possible change to Remicade.
Any thoughts/input?
With teenage years being so challenging, the best coping skill is denial for her at this time and lashing out.
I feel very strongly about implementing the SCD diet from all my research and would love feedback from other teens or their parents in similar situation.

Submitted by “Listening Mom” in the Colitis Venting Area

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  1. Hi! My situation isn’t very similar, but maybe has some parallels. I didn’t have UC as a kid, but I had IBS and some allergy problems – nothing too serious, but intractable enough that I was put on various diets against which I rebelled. To the extent I accepted them, the main things that helped were 1) experiencing positive results and 2) participation of the rest of the family. The allergy diet was roughly as restrictive as SCD, but it never seemed to me to help. Yet I was supposed to stick with it, while others in the family ate normally. That was pretty miserable. On the other hand, I was diagnosed lactose intolerant at some point. I discovered fairly quickly I really could avoid a lot of problems by avoiding dairy, so I didn’t mind so much. And when the rest of the family also switched to lactose-free milk so we wouldn’t have to buy 2 milks, or ate tofu ice-cream because it tasted good, then I didn’t feel so deprived.

    Don’t know if any of that will be of use… but good luck and hope your daughter feels better soon!

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