My Son’s Colitis – Cured by Staying Positive

Hi, my healthy wishes to all my friends here.  As much as you undergo the stress and pain so do the ones close to you who actually care for you and also in a lot of stress being deeply concerned about you. But nothing is impossible to overcome if there is complete positivity and a proper diet and medications start getting reduced and clinical reports show a complete cure.  Family and loved ones can surely be your biggest medication.

My Son’s Colitis

My son was diagnosed with UC over 15 months ago and only after the second flare up which was three months after the first one we all got to realize what exactly ulcerative colitis was.  Due treatment was started and results were good and slowly over a period of two months he was completely off steroids.  Salofalk continued and probiotics were also continued.  From this while onwards the family got completely involved in his right diet and being vegetarian it was quiet easy to plan a very healthy diet. We also started some Ayurvedic medicines and this also have helped a lot. The third flare up happened after about 2 months but without any additional medication it subsided in a week and the fourth was again just for 4 days.

I am not here to advise on the medication but i can assure you the positivity that was created at home was terrific and we made sure that my son was completely stress free and the best part was that our family bonding has increased greatly and my son is now hugely into fitness and takes care of his diet and the family has also in the bargain learned to eat healthy.

His reports since then have shown complete cure and medication is very minimal.

I am putting this up only to share with you all that being positive plays a huge role and would request family and loved ones to participate with the affected ones very closely and treat this as very casual and be extremely supportive in their diet and please ensure the person feels calm and composed even during flare ups and when he is mentally relaxed and positive then remedies are bound to get quicker results.

Please do not read others stories and co-relate your case to theirs and start thinking of what more worse is going to happen. Instead take up a fighter spirit and start to treat your case only and request your family support and with a planned diet trust me you will recover very very soon.

All the best. Stay positive, eat healthy and feel blessed.

written by “Lucky Charm”

submitted in the parents of UC’ers venting section


11 thoughts on “My Son’s Colitis – Cured by Staying Positive”

  1. Hi Lucky Charm,
    Great to know that your son is cured now . Our son also has been suffering for the past 6 years and we are trying everything under the sun. You have mentioned Ayurvedic medicine. could you please let us know which one it is and where you get it. Also which probiotic do you use. Is he currently on any medication? Your response will help us immensely.
    Thank you and I hope your son continues to be healthy and happy.

  2. It’s great news your son is in remission.

    Be careful of your use of the word “cured” however because there is no cure for this disease. yet.

    I’ve maintained positive throughout my whole diagnosis and treatment as much as I could (it’s hard to stay positive when on immunosuppressants and steroids, a total of 26 tablets a day) but that was never going to stop my colon from needing to be removed.

    I hope your sons remission continues

  3. True, there is no known cure for UC. Positive thinking is key to managing symptoms and dealing with the ups and downs of this disease. I suffered for almost 30 years with active UC and recently went through surgery. My UC is no more because my colon has been removed and now I am learning to adjust to the changes in my body due to the effects of this insidious disease.

  4. i am appalled at this website as I thought it was a reputable one for those suffering from ulcerative colitis. While I’m very happy your son is in remission, there is no cure for this disease – unless he had colitis , which is vastly different than the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis. A positive attitude is always great and helpful but only very mild cases are handled through diet and a good attitude alone. I can’t eat most things vegetarians eat (& I am one) because every time I do I have an obstruction. This article is nothing more than “change your lifestyle and all will be fine” when the fact remains that inflammatory bowel disease (both Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) are autoimmune diseases with no known cause or cure.

  5. In response to Marisa….What is so “appalling” about the site?! Because Lucky Charm believes her son is “cured”? Positive vibes, energy and thoughts do count IMHO.

    Lucky Charm, I’d encourage you to continue to believe your son has beaten the odds and got cured. Continue to send your ideas and suggestions. Please do let us know what ayurvedic treatment has helped your son and what probiotic. My son is willing to try anything within his self-imposed limit of staying a vegetarian. I would like him to give it a shot. Thanks.

  6. Suresh, what Marisa was trying to say was, while it’s great Lucky Charm’s son is in remission, the use of the word “cure” should not be thrown about or possibly even published on a website where people with a chronic idiopathic incurable auto immune disease go for advice and guidance.

    Alternatively i’d be interested to hear how you think despite my positive vibes, energy and thoughts I have ended up with a bag?

  7. I can agree with everything Lucky Charm said! My ulcerative colitis has gotten better with prayer and keeping a positive attitude. Let me give you a brief background of my situation. I have been what you would call “sickly” my whole life. I had to have a spinal tap when I was 7 months old because my pediatrician suspected meningitis. 80% of my childhood memories are of me being sick and/or hospitalized. My immune system has never been strong and my weight has never been heavy. My pediatrician somehow figured it was a tapeworm and treated me. Around junior high age I started having occasional stomach pains and tenderness. I can remember when I would go days at a time with no appetite. But my mother would always refer to the old tapeworm diagnosis and blame it on that. Now fast forwarding to January 2012, my symptoms hit me like a canon. In the beginning I thought it was a stomach bug. After that 2nd week I went to the DR and was told I had a stomach virus or food poisoning. I was prescribed strong antibiotics and told it would pass. When it didn’t I was given even stronger antibiotics. Of course it got worse. After 5 months of experimenting I was finally refered to a GI. I was officially diagnosed with UC in June if 2012. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if my pediatrician would have properly investigated that “tapeworm” diagnosis back then. The pains I had then are the same pains I experience now. After being diagnosed I fell into a deep state if depression. I didn’t understand what was happening or why it was happening to me. I watched my weight just fall off and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I take the usual Lialda, Prednisone, Imuran, Gabapentin (my uc caused fibromyalgia), Iron, Vitamins C, D, B-12, and Phenergan. But there is a medication called Cyproheptadine that is usually prescribed for allergies but my family Dr (not my GI) prescribes it to me for appetite and weight gain. I take one 4mg tablet at bedtime because it makes me sleepy. It works wonders. It keeps my weight healthy even when I’m too sick to eat. Confidence is powerful. If you look better, you feel better about yourself.

  8. In response to Tom…. First of all, I am not professing positive vibes, energy and thoughts is a panacea for all issues. Then there won’t be a need for doctors or medicine. All I am saying is not to discourage someone that believes they have got “cured” to use the right word “remission”. (Perhaps they have not worked in your case since you have the positive vibes, etc. but don’t believe you’ve got cured? This is a genuine, sincere question and not to have a dig at you.) More importantly, IMO, this site is to help each other and we should work with that purpose in mind, without taking stuff off on a tangent.

    1. Suresh

      Surgery is the only known “cure” so in that respect, yes i supposed I am cured.

      As UC is an autoimmune disease caused by mutations in DNA, i still have those mutations and as they are also implicated in other autoimmune conditions such as Arthiritis, skin problems etc they may appear in my future. But as far as having no colon for my immune system to attack, yes i no longer have UC.

  9. I have read the original article and subsequent responses and I need to remind people that this is, as I understand it, the parents section. The place where parents of UC patients go to seek understanding, advice, information and hope….parents of children who have been diagnosed with UC. So if you have a lot of reality to vent please keep it off of the parents page as we often cry moment by moment and have no need of negative encouragement to do so. The sad realities are just clicks away and shouldn’t be on the parents section, in my humble parents opinion as I cry daily in my searches.

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