My Name is Rosie…Colitis Sucks!


I’m 32 years old. I have a beautiful daughter. I am married to a wonderful man and I just found that I have colitis.

My Colitis Story:

My symptoms started showing up at the end of July 2011 this was when after I got back from a family trip in Mexico. The symptoms were abdominal pain, nausea and vomitting, going to the bathroom frequently and pooping blood. I couldn’t eat, I lost weight, and just felt very, very weak. Family doctor said it’s just a virus that a got from Mexico and so the Dr. prescribed me with Antibiotic. A week after taking my antibiotic my symptoms got worst, but I was still hoping to get better from the Antibiotic.
One night I told my husband to take me to the hospital, I was so weak that I couldn’t hold a glass of water! turned out my hemoglobin was sitting at 40. (supposed to be at 135?) I lost a lot of blood over the weeks and I had 4 bags of blood transfusion done on me! While I was at the hospital a group of GI team doctors was also looking after me. They did a lot of test on me and also colonoscopy to see what my bowels look like, sure enough my bowels were really inflamed. GI doctor told me that i have colitis. I was confused and angry at the same time. They give me hydrocortisone for a few days while I was in the hospital. I didn’t really like the side effects that gave me. I was getting depressed. I never thought that this could happened to me. Prior to all of this, I was very active – I went gym regulary, eat healthy food and I joined couple marathon.
So the hydrocortisone that they gave me didn’t work on me. I was still pooping blood and still get on/off symptoms, the other alternative I was told was to go on Remicade treatment. So I did that. The Remicade treatment seems to be working for me right now. I am schedule for another Remicade treatment in 2 weeks time. I’m still adjusting and learning about Colitis and taking pills is sometimes could be overwhelming for me. One thing that I hear about this is that, this thing can come back at you at any time and that scares me but I am trying to stay positive. :)

My Ulcerative Colitis Medications:

Hydrocortisone (- didn’t work- bad side effects)
Remicade (seems to be okay- schedule for 2nd time)
Potassium drinks
Novo-Prednisone (5mg- I take 6 tablets a day -for now)
Mesalamine ( 1.2gm- I take 3 tablets a day- this are big pills!)
Side effects with all this pills: I get dizzy, shaky, muscle sore, sometimes nausea, headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, hair loss, but hopefully -it’ll get better!

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5 thoughts on “My Name is Rosie…Colitis Sucks!”

  1. Hey Rosie, Hang in there, it sure sounds like your UC came on fast and furious, Im so sorry about that. I really hope you can get it contained as fast as it came on. I think you are the third or fourth person now on this site who has a similar story about going to Mexico and feeling sick right afterwards, taking antibiotics and then getting diagnosed with UC.
    Please try to stay positive, and realize that its very possible for you to start feeling better soon:). Also, its really great that you didn’t try to tough it out for months and months at home with such horrible symptoms. Great decision on your part to seek treatment. Let us know how things go for you with your future remicade infusions. That stuff has worked miracles for many people here, and has allowed many to get back to normal.
    thx for sharing your story here too. any questions you have, feel free to ask anyone else here as well. we all got the same disease.

  2. Hey Rosie, so sorry to hear that you have gone through so much the last few months and have been diagnosed with colitis. Have you been tested for C-diff at all? Taking antibiotics can cause it. I was diagnosed with UC a few months ago after having the same symptoms as you, dramatic weight loss, loss of lots of blood etc and a colonoscopy showed I had inflammation and many many ulcers throughout my colon. Was prescribed tablets for UC and was told this would be a lifelong illness but my symptoms didn’t seem to be getting any better so about a month ago had another colonoscopy where they did a small biopsy as well as a poop test both of which came back as C-diff (believed to be caused by constantly taking antibiotics over the last few years due to tonsillitis). Had a 10 day course of vancocymin and am now almost back to normal…! Just a bit more healing to do! The gasterologist misdiagnosed me purely because my colon was typical looking of UC and not what a C-diff infection looks like…so if you find that things aren’t getting any better for you, maybe you could get checked out for it, since your colitis started after antibiotics…wishing you good health!

  3. Rosie, sorry to hear that you have had such a harsh experience with UC. I have had UC for 10 years now, and the hardest thing is the unpredictability of the disease. I have been fortunate to have had several years of remission. However, I am currently fighting a flare up and am more then likely going to have to go the remicade route that you had to as well. Hang in there, and I hope your experience with UC improves.

  4. Rosie
    Hang in there and read and research as much can it will only help you find what helps.. I have UC since 2007 and have been in and out of remission and hosptals a few times. I just started remicade after using up all other pill form options.
    I pray all is well for you.
    Eagles :)

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